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My Favourite Music Magazines

My Favourite Music Magazines






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    My Favourite Music Magazines My Favourite Music Magazines Presentation Transcript

    • My favourite music magazines
    • Rolling Stone Magazine I like this magazine because of the simple layout, you can easily see at one glance everything in this issue. The main reason I like this magazine is they include a lot of my favourite bands on a regular basis and they have a lot of exclusive photo shoots. I like how they’ve presented the band and how they all have a serious expression it makes them seem moody and mysterious. You can tell buy the name of the magazine that one of their values is of classic rock band like the rolling stones and they’re also have a concern about the environment as they are supporting live earth to help global warming. I think this magazine is aimed at true rock fans, probably of the slightly older generation because they would form a synergy between this magazine and the band. “ Rolling Stone is a United States-based magazine devoted to music, politics, and popular culture” – quote about Rolling Stone magazine Circulation figures (as rolling stone is an American magazine I couldn’t find the circulation figures or readers profile anywhere but I did email them so if I get anything back I can add to this slide.
    • NME Magazine “ NME is the most iconic, valuable and essential weekly music magazine in the world, and is at the forefront of new music. NME exists to help you get the most out of music. We know it's the most important thing in your life - it is in ours too.” – quote from NME magazines website I like NME magazine because it’s got a certain persona about it that I really like. It doesn’t seem to conform to the typical conventions of music. The layout of this magazine is quite conventional, it has all the features a typical magazine should have. It has a very strong left third which has almost everything on that side of the magazine. It has a fixed colour scheme which would carry on the whole way through the magazine. The photo of the band on the front gives them a less serious persona, as they are wearing geeky glasses and the girl is standing in the way of the guys behind which anchors the pull quote. I think this is aimed at more of the Indie market as they have bands like arcade fire, gossip and muse featuring in this issue and they would appeal to this audience. Circulation figures NME have sold 40,713 copies of their magazine the UK between 01 Jan 2009 to 30 Jun 2009. Readers Profile The typical reader of NME would go to gigs and live events regularly. They spend £168 on footwear per year and £372 on clothes per year. 21% of them own a digital camera. They bug an average of 6 DVD’s per year and spend £71 on DVDs in that year. 96% of NME readers use the internet and they’re big internet fans and spend on average 19 hours per week on the internet. They’re also into game consoles and digital TV. 69% of NME readers are male with an average age of around 24.
    • Kerrang Magazine “ Kerrang magazine is the world's biggest selling rock magazine, and covers all forms of music with attitude from Slipknot to Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit to The Offspring and everything in between.” – quote about Kerrang magazine I like this magazine because of the bands that feature in it a lot. They also give a lot of space to introducing new bands and I really like being the first to know about new music. In the photo of the band on the front they all have serious facial expression which gives the impression they are serious about the music. You can clearly see the layout of the band from this representation in the photo, you can see they have two lead singers which is not the ordinary band format. Kerrangs attitude is one of rebellion and living life ‘loud’ as their slogan states. Kerrang has an established fan base of people into rock music varying in age who would buy the magazine, watch their music channel and listen to their radio station and this would appeal to them as soon as they saw the name. Circulation figures Kerrang have sold 43,253 issues of Kerrang between 01 Jan 2009 to 30 Jun 2009 in the UK. Readers Profile A typical Kerrang reader is a strong individual who is independent in their thoughts and are experienced when it comes to music knowledge. They will be passionate about music and loyal to Kerrang and their favourite bands. They will also be defined as having an attitude by many.