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September-October 2011 edition of Startuned Magazine. STAR Tekinfo, In this issue: Framed for Success (Repair of integrated safety systems); A Variation on a Theme (Dynamic Valve Timing); How May I ASSYST? (Here is how Mercedes-Benz helps); The Net (Tech info for you).

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Startuned Magazine September/October 2011

  1. 1. STARTUNEDInformation for the Independent Mercedes-Benz Service ProfessionalSeptember/October 201 I U.S. $6.00 € 9.00 Volume I I Number 5 IN THIS ISSUE: 2 FRAMED FOR SUCCESS Repair of integrated safety systems s A VARIATION ON A THEME Dynamic valve timing 1 How MAY IASSYST? 2 Here is how Mercedes-Benz helps 15THE N E T Tech info for you
  2. 2. or Success Repair of integrated safety systems requires more than proper frame alignmentTO OUR READERS:Welcome to StarTuned, the magazine for independent service Group Publisher Contributing Editortechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Your Christopher M. Ayers, Jr. Tom Nash tnash@automotivedatamedia.comMercedes-Benz dealer sponsors StarTuned and provides theinformation coming your way in each issue. Editorial Director MBUSA Technical Content AdvisorMercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need to Bob Freudenberger Donald Rotoloknow to diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately, Donald.Rotolo@mbusa.comquickly and the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other Contributing Editor MBUSA Project Managertechnical sources combine to make this possible. Chip Keen Adam GreenFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, on being useful and interesting.Our digest of technical information can help you solve Contributing Editor Art Director & Circulation Mgr.unanticipated problems quickly and expertly. Kerry Jonsson Christopher M. Ayers III ayersc3@automotivedatamedia.comWe want StarTuned to be both helpful and informative, soplease let us know just what kinds of features and otherdiagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue tobring you selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz and Visit us at our websitearticles covering the different systems on these vehicles.Send your suggestions, questions or comments to us at: w w w . M B W h o l e s a l e P a r t s . c o m t o view this issue and all past issues of StarTuned, along with a wealth ofStarTuned information on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.One Mercedes DriveMontvale, New Jersey 07645Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you,e-mail: go t o w w w . m b u s a . c o m .StarTuned is a publication of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA. Editoiialand Circulation Offices: 486 Pinecrest Rd., Springfield, PA 19064. Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons could result in serious injury to those persons orothers. Information contained in this magazine is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have theequipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pagesautomatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. StarTuned is a registered trademark of MBUSA.
  3. 3. - The best accident is one that doesnt happen Safety is a dynamic evolutionary processat all. Yet the reality is that accidents occur. In a -~As automakers and regulators move toward aperfect world, collision repair would be easy. But shared vision of zero traffic fatalities, innovationthe pace of increasing vehicle complexity continues in vehicle safety systems has evolved. Initiallyto ramp up, which creates both collision repair "passive" safety systems (e.g. airbags, seatbelts,challenges and opportunities. strong body structures) helped to reduce the effects of an accident without any interaction with— Much of this emergent advanced technology the driver. Over time, "active" safety systems (e.g.and innovation shows up first in Mercedes-Benz brake assist, electronic stability control) emerged,vehicles, which offers a competitive edge to the which by factoring in the current state of the vehicleautomakers certified collision centers. But to in milliseconds, helped to avoid or minimize thetransform that opportunity into profitability, a effects of an accident.facility and its staff must commit to four tenets: x — In just the past few years, integrated" safety Be constantly aware of inbound change. systems have begun to show up on many a Source accurate repair information. Mercedes-Benz vehicles that do just that. These x Follow proper repair procedures. emergent safety systems often employ camera-, x ( )Use approved tools and equipment. radar- or laser-based sensors that interpret signals and leverage in-vehicle communication across—Take vehicle safety systems, for example. Just many interconnected systems to help the driveras the introduction of advanced high-strength to control the vehicle via audio, visual, or tactilesteels and alloys required collision professionals prompting, or, if necessary, intervene directly toto change, new safety systems require a control the vehicle should a driver not react to acorresponding shift in knowledge, repair methods, dangerous threat in time.tooling and competencies. —"Our aim is to reduce the number of serious—Proper frame straightening is essential for these accidents even further, and on a broad basis," sayssafety systems to operate as intended post-repair. In Ulrich Mellinghoff, director of safety at Mercedes-addition, components must be properly diagnosed Benz. "Following detailed analyses of accident data,and repositioned during repair. Technicians must we estimate that radar-based technology will bealso be able to analyze safety systems to discern if able to prevent around 20 percent of collisions, andreprogramming or replacement and re-initialization mitigate the other effects of accidents in a furtheris needed. Clearly, your job is becoming more 25 percent of cases." Visual and acoustic warnings Adaptive brake boosting effect and activation of PRE-SAFE** of an imminent rear-end collision. before an imminent accident, when the driver applies the brake. A ——— IH ••• I * . !!« <~
  4. 4. FRAMED FOR SUCCESS Inc. and Car Bench North STAR Teklnfo America. Both work Help Parts Training About Site Content Mercedes-Benz You aro not currently Logged In | Loo In closely with MBUSA parent Daimler AG in start designing and building Subscribe Site Preview dedicated fixture sets Content Overview Tech Requirements specifically for Mercedes- Forgot Password? Star Bulletins Benz and Maybach MB Workshop Resources MB Special Tools vehicles that not only MB Equipment Welcome to STAR Teklnfo California Key Ordering allow for accurate STAR Teklnfo is an official Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC site for Theft-Relevant Parts Info hosting service and repair technical documentation for component location, Help Mercedes-Benz vehicles. but also provide a safe,Repair from an informed perspective. proper anchoring of the vehicle during pullingGive it to me straight operations.-Collision technicians must know and understand,before beginning a repair, what safety systems a For example, Celette Inc. offers a full spectrum ofvehicle has, where theyre located, the correct equipment for frame alignment. Its lineup (with theOEM procedures for repair or replacement, what current pricing) includes the:approved tools and equipment are needed, andhow to test and verify that these systems are —NAJA Computerized Measuring System -There ispositioned and operating as designed once repairs no point in having an accurate measuring systemare completed. Anything less is an erosion of the if the underlying data is not accurate. NAJA isquality of the repair that risks ones business and extremely accurate because it is based on actualprofessional reputation, let alone customer safety. Mercedes-Benz model blueprints.—All Mercedes-Benz certified collision repair "Sevenne Bench and Pulling Unit for framefacilities are required to use current service straightening. Used in conjunction with theinformation, Mercedes-Benz-approved dedicated NAJA, technicians align frames accuratelystraightening equipment and associated fixtures, and more quickly.and to follow Mercedes-Benz work procedures usingapproved materials. Failure to do so may result in -And assorted accessories that include an MZthe decertification of the repair facility. In the event Tower Set, Cross Member Set, and more.that jobs are performed as sublet repairs by othercollision facilities, the dealer is responsible for Safety walks a fine lineproviding proper service information, equipment, —Just like milliseconds can make the differencetools, materials, and procedures to those performing in mitigating or avoiding a crash, millimeters canthe repairs. This information is all available at make a difference in frame straightening. When MBUSAs website. vehicle is in an accident that requires straightening, MBUSAs tolerances may specify a small margin-Mercedes-Benz collision repair procedures are equivalent to approximately 1 millimeter, requiringvery specific concerning the type of equipment precise accuracy. If the actual frame correctionused and reconditioning of bodies following an exceeds this margin, the frame can cause instabilityaccident. In the United States, the only companies and lessen automotive control, a future drivingmarketing straightening equipment that is approved hazard. Improper correction can also lead toby Mercedes-Benz USA LLC (MBUSA) are Celette excessive wear and tear on the vehicles tires and4 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  5. 5. C0L0R-MAX3 METALLIC 4 a ,..••„.: Ill : • il • • M i HMMi No matter what kind of car youve g is always the goal. And thats where BASF Refinish breaks from the field. Only BASF offers the C0L0R-MAX®3 system, which covers every color category in the spectrum and only uses chips sprayed with authentic BASF Refinish paint—not printed with ink. So you are assured a precise match the first time, every time, reducing comebacks and increasing productivity. And remember, BASF Refinish coatings are already approved for use by most major OEMs in North America. BASF For the kind of color matches that also match your customers expectations, call mical Company your local BASF distributo ri1 • P • 1111P < T4*ar* 111 • 11 mil JWiviVtVH = K iin u TEi iKKUl 1 T 1 1 •Ujjif** Fboso". Chip Fooso™, Foose design™ and the Chip Fnose signature n i t registered trademarks ol Foose Design Inc. and used with permission. « 200!! BASF Corporation
  6. 6. FRAMED FOR SUCCESSlower performance of electronic and mechanical components that might be hidden from sight, butparts, possible even resulting in some failure. possibly be damaged indirectly during a collision.-Vehicle frame integrity requires computerized -Vehicle electronic and safety systems need to be measuring systems, which often use laser tested after a collision to ensure they are operating technology. Because these measuring systems as designed. Technicians who use the Mercedes- are very accurate and enable the complete Benz factory scan tool have the most complete measurement of the vehicle during the repair diagnostic and reprogramming functionality available, process, technicians can make frame repairs with which is essential for new and emerging safety the certainty that repairs to one section of the systems. To test safety system components after avehicle dont negatively affect other areas of the collision, locate and disassemble them from the othervehicle. In addition, the website provides wiring damaged parts so that repair procedures to the latter diagrams, images, location and positioning data, do not affect safety components. If the units are still diagnostic reprogramming instructions and more. operational, they may need to be reprogrammed to return to pre-crash capability. If the safety-Because peoples lives depend on it, the repair components have to be replaced, ensure that the of a damaged vehicle requires certainty that the new parts are tested and reinitialized if necessary.frame is structurally sound and properly aligned.The frame affects the accuracy and functionality —Finally, when reassembling, reference wiring of many safety systems and how a vehicle will diagrams to ensure that the safety system react in a subsequent collision. Technicians must components, in particular sensors, are positioned accurately measure and return the frame to pre- properly. Technicians should also check other collision condition before attempting to rebuild procedures. For example, when performing filling the vehicle on top of it. Complete, safe collision and painting work on bumpers, MBUSA procedures repairs must be performed using the most current stipulate that where short-range radar sensors are service information and correct materials, tools located, the maximum paint coat thickness "... and procedures available. Anything short of that is should not exceed two coats of paint (primer, color irresponsible and unprofessional. and clear)." Should the paint application be thicker, the radar sensors will detect the excessive paint coatSafety system damage may not be thickness as an obstacle and react as designed, butapparent at first glance send a false signal. If the short-range radar does not—Getting the frame measured and aligned is just function correctly after overpainting, then the paintthe beginning of the repair process. Collision must be removed or the bumper must be replaced,technicians must also verify the structural integrity neither of which is covered by warranty.of the upper body and passenger safety cage —and ensure that all measurements are within As Mercedes-Benz continues to hone safety,specification because deviations may impair the comfort and driving pleasure through a wholeperformance and activation of vehicle safety series of innovations, these integrated systems aresystems during a subsequent collision. Here, laser being incorporated into a wider range of vehicles,measuring saves technician time. including compacts and, especially overseas, sub- compacts. In other words, less-expensive models—If repairs are required for any upper body now offer a number of the safety systems that havecomponents above the frame, website service been for the most part standard on more luxuriousinformation will advise whether to pull, section, or Mercedes-Benz vehicles. These include Intelligentreplace certain steels. It will also denote safety Lighting System (ILS), Blind Spot Assist, Lanesystem wiring schematics, the location and layout of Keeping Assist, Attention Assist, Active Parkingelectronic sensors and modules, and identify critical Assist, Linguatronic, Distronic Plus, and Pre-Safe. |6 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  7. 7. The radar-based Collision Prevention Assist (CPA) jd. Collision facilities and technicians cansafety system, shown bottom right, combines Distronic find critical Mercedes-Benz information pertainingPlus, Adaptive Brake Assist, Pre-Safe, other active to safety systems, frame alignment and more atand passive safety systems, and the communications their sensors and control modules to enablethe driver and, if necessary, the vehicle to react sooner Repairers need to be aware that safety systemthan the driver acting alone could. sensors, modules, and other components are often are located in "crush zones" and hidden Heres a short brief about what these and other from view. For example, the S-Class front bumperindividual Mercedes-Benz safety systems do: has four radar sensors located inside the front bumper, as shown above. In addition, Distronic Attention Assist gives an early warning of Plus proximity sensors are typically fitted to adriver fatigue. plate in front of the radiator grill. In addition, the control modules for these sensors can be situated Distronic Plus provides more responsive in other crush zones, such as in rear quarter panelproximity control at speeds between zero and structures of many models. Repair, replacement124mph by automatically adjusting the distance to and painting service information, procedures, andthe vehicles in front. other Mercedes-Benz requirements are available at Brake Assist Plus recognizes an impendingcollision using radar sensors, then calculates Sensors for radar- and camera-based safety systemsand provides the necessary degree of braking are typically located in the front and rear bumpers.assistance when the brake pedal is depressed. Control modules, however, are usually positioned on the inside edge of left and right rear quarter panels, Blind Spot Assist warns the driver when areas that are also vulnerable in a collision. Ivehicles are detected in the area of poor visibilityand, with Active Blind Spot Assist, counteracts apossible collision by applying the brakes if necessary. Pre-Safe combines active and passive safetysynergies to reduce the loads exerted by up to 40percent on the vehicle occupants from before anaccident, at the moment of impact, through thecrash and in the moments after the event. LOCATION OF RADAR SENSORS IN FRONT BUMPER (MODEL 221) A86/1b1 — Left Outer Sensor A86/1b3 — Right Inner Sensor Active Lane Keeping Assist warns the A86/1b2 - Left Inner Sensor A86/1b4 — Right Outer Sensordriver as soon as it detects that the driver has There are electronic crush zones, too.unintentionally left a recognized marked lane;if necessary, the system can react with a lane-correcting brake application. Park Assist carries out the steering maneuversrequired for the parking process, leaving the driverto operate the brake and accelerator. Accessing and using the most current andaccurate service information is essential tocomplete, safe repair of a vehicle that has Safety is more than skin deep.
  8. 8. Variation n a Theme Its simple: Retarding the valve timing allows an engine to make more power at low rpm, while advancing it gives more power at high rpm. How can we get the best of both worlds?~Think of an engine as an air pump. The more air (Above) The first step is to look at the procedure forit can move at a given rpm, the more power it will timing chain R & R in WIS with your paid subscription toproduce, and this is determined by the position and Startekinfo. Set up the crankshaft where they have youlift of its camshaft lobes. The trouble is, camshaft set up valve timing. This way if the chain falls off you can always retime the engine.timing and lift thats ideal for optimum horsepoweroutput at high rpm makes for a rough idle, excessive the application. This means when dealing with anyemissions, and poor low-end torque. So, how do variable valve timing issue oil level, pressure, andyou engineer for high-performance throughout the quality all need to be checked before any other testsrange of operation, the best of both worlds? are performed.— Mercedes-Benz Variable Valve Timing has beenwith us for almost 20 years. It has evolved through First Things Firsta few stages, but has remained basically the same -The systems works by energizing anon the 1XX series engines. On these engines, only electromagnetic coil mounted in the camshaftintake valve timing advanced for increased top-end timing case cover. The PCM grounds the coilpower. With the 2XX series engines, both intake that already has ignition-on power. With the coiland exhaust valve timing are varied for increase energized a cup bolted to the end of the camshaftperformance. In both cases, Mercedes-Benz has is pulled forward. This causes the oil flow to stopengineered a system that uses switched oil pressure and pressure to build up, which in turn causesto move the camshaft actuator toward the advanced the actuator to rotate the cam sprocket relativeposition. Timing chain direction and/or spring to the camshaft, thus advancing the timing. Sincetension within the actuator returns it to the retarded the oil trapped in the actuator isnt circulating,position when oil pressure drops, depending on conventional oil can overheat, form sludge, and8 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  9. 9. reduce lubrication. This can cause an actuatorto stick and/or fail. Synthetic oils have a higher 4burn point so they can withstand these highertemperatures. Mercedes-Benz recommends thatyou use synthetic oil even on older models that may pr Am *| %jBnot have used it originally.Testing, Testing And More Testing~-You can use your SDS (available for purchase * * "• - * v {from Mercedes-Benz) to actuate and test the mmvariable valve timing system. There is a test under"Actuations" with steps to follow. Essentially, youwill be asked to accelerate the engine and start IJL .•the test. The PCM will activate the variable valve ^timing solenoid and watch the cam position sensorsignal change relative to the crankshaft position -sensor. You can use an oscilloscope to watch thesewaveform patterns while the test is being performed.Typically, Mercedes-Benz uses an AC pulse S^-m^i*** ^ ±# .vJfc^P-^generator for its crankshaft position sensor. It is athree-wire sensor with an AC signal, signal return, ^^^uc« •Hand a shielded ground. What are you looking for? wrJ^KlL ••rtfriflflflBP*" *V^ -Put your scope on the signal line and you will seean AC "Sine" wave as the slotted ring gear of the w After relocating the alternator and removing the tensioner,flywheel passes by the sensor. There is a missingtooth in the slotted gear to indicate TDC to the you can remove the exhaust sprocket and unbolt the adjuster unit from the intake cam. Be careful to support thePCM. The camshaft position sensor is usually the chain so it does not fall into the engine and disengage theHall-effect type. This is also a three-wire sensor, crankshaft sprocket.but it has a five-volt reference, signal voltage, andground. A square wave is generated on the signal to be replaced as well. Then it is worthwhile toline of the sensor as the shutter wheel of the remove the timing cover and related components.camshaft passes by. Just as the PCM monitors the If you are only replacing an actuator, you must besignals of the cam sensor and the crank sensor, careful not to allow a shaft to spin with the chainyou can do the same while activating the solenoid off. This would alter the valve timing and cause theyourself, or using the SDS to do it. engine to run rough or allow the valves to contact the pistons.Now We Have To Work -The first step is to rotate the crankshaft to TDC."~lf you have diagnosed a sticking actuator, it is This will allow you to retime the engine if somethinggoing to have to be replaced. If it were to fail and moves or comes off during the service. Then, pullphysically come apart, it would lead to severe off the valve covers. You may want to provide your engine damage. You can replace the actuator own paint marks and/or install the same guidewithout removing the entire front timing cover. It pins used to secure the cam sprockets while doingis recommended that you look at the timing chain, a timing belt job. This will help when you reinstallsprockets, guides and tensioner to see if they need everything and keep the timing the same. You may September/October 2011 9
  10. 10. VARIATION ON A THEMEhave to remove the alternator (or at least take offthe top mounting bolt and tilt it back), and removethe tensioner from the side of the timing cover.With slack on the chain you can now rotate thepassenger side exhaust cam sprocket until eitherof the intake cam sprockets can be unbolted andremoved from the camshafts. -You will need to use a wrench to keep thecamshaft from rotating while taking off the camsprocket. When installing the new sprocket, you willhave to collapse the actuator if it has a return springbefore bolting it. Once the actuator is installed andproperly torqued, you can check to see if the valvetiming is correct by rotating the engine by hand twocrankshaft revolutions. With the engine reassembled,you can use the SDS to recheck the variable valvetiming system and verify your repair. Also verify thatthe correct oil viscosity and type is being used. This First, you attach the cam adjuster inner plate to the mountwill help prevent future problems and provide your with new bolts.Then, install the spring.You could use the oldcustomers with the reliability they expect from their nut to temporarily hold the assembly together while youMercedes-Benz vehicles, and that will keep them add the outer cam sprocket.coming back to you for service work. | When changing the camshaft adjuster unit, you should also Hold the assembly together and remove the camshaftreplace the return spring. You will also need to get new adjuster mounting nut.Then, install the new nut with themounting hardware and properly torque it down so there large washer that holds the assembly together.This nutwill be no issues in the future. Since you had to remove the must have the proper torque applied to it, which you cantensioner, you should include a new gasket. get from WIS in Startekinfo.10 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  11. 11. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ R E M A N U F A C T U R E D A/C COMPRESSORS W H Y__BJJ^UG£:JSIJU JINJ E ? E P L A C E —We replace more parts than aftermarket br 3 I N E E R E D —Designed to meet original OEM draw M N u F A C T U R E D — - Made with same OE components a. pry parts. A ; E M B L E D — Completely assembled from components >t just repaired. N wiiit*gt;iiL<>pii*KfITS ALL IN THE PROCESSRemanufacturing Process (Genuine Mercedes-Benz)1. Dismantle core 2. Replace key and clean al components 100% components. with new OE part.Rebuilt Process (Typical Aftermarke
  12. 12. 100 How May I Service Done? ASSYST? Oil Quality 229.5 With any tangible investment, good maintainance will yield a good retum.The same can be said of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. With proper and timely maintenance you can help retain the value. Here is how Mercedes-Benz helps you achieve that goal. lercedes-Benz vehicle is a sound investment to come in for service. It receives this informationin reliability, performace, safety, and status. from the powertrain CAN network. A vehicle thatBut in order to preserve this value the factory- is not driven frequently and has an easy life willrecommended maintenance procedures at specific not require service as often as one that commutesmileage intervals must be followed. All drivers are everyday and is driven hard, or sits in traffic fornot the same, however. Some are Sunday drivers hours at a time. The ASSYST system has evolvedout for a ride on a sunny day, while others commute throughout the years since it was in and day out in congested traffic, and each Starting with early 140 chassis vehicles, a wrenchtype of use requires its own level of maintenance. symbol would show up in the odometer display.Mercedes-Benz understands that individual drivers Now, more elaborate systems indicate multiplehave different needs as far as upkeep is concerned, services and when each one should be performed.So, should have their own maintenance schedulesappropriate to how they drive. ASSYST (ActiveService System, a.k.a. FSS) offers just that. The ASSYSTing Your Customerssystem monitors time, length of use, and how the ~ l n the beginning, only the need for oil changesvehicle is driven to determine how often it needs was monitored. During the late 90s a more sophisticated system indicated whether an "A" service or "B" service was necessary. This Flexible Service System (FSS) split this up. A single wrench symbol in the odometer screen indicates that anOn early systems up to the ML pictured here, after The reset button is usually found in the instrument panelperforming the oil change reset procedure you will see the either on the left or the right. The "R" button is not bezelmileage reset to 10,000 miles.You can change the mileage identified. Sometimes it can be below an up- and alwaysintervals, but you will need your SDS to do it. down-arrow button, or sometimes by itself.12 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  13. 13. "A" service is needed. Two wrenches indicates the ignition switch to the Number 2 position. Thethat the "B" service is due. A "+" symbol after the warning lights in the dash will come on. Within theletter warns that the brakes should be checked as first four seconds, then push the trip meter resetwell. The "A" and "B" services are to be performed button twice within one second. You should see thealternately every 14,000 miles or so, depending on maintenance display wrench symbol come up inhow the vehicle has been driven. The A service is a the odometer screen. Within 10 seconds, shut offfull safety check including charging system, brakes the key. Press and hold down the odometer resetand an oil change. Also check all the fluid levels button and turn the key back on. Continue to holdwhile under the hood and replace the cabin air filter down the reset button for about 10 seconds until(there are two types: a conventional dust/particle the instrument cluster chimes, then release thefilter, and with the enhanced HVAC systems, a button. The new mileage of 10,000 miles should becharcoal-activated filter). A list of the specific displayed in the odometer screen. This is the onlychecks for the "A" and "B" service schedulescan reset you have to perform on this found in WIS, which you can access with a paidsubscription to FSS Evolves -On early 2000 models, you may see one orThe Two (or more) Steps two wrenches displayed in the odometer/driver "Once you perform the necessary services you will information display. You will also see the request forneed to reset ASSYST (FSS) to prepare the vehicle either an "A" or "B" service. On these models startto remind the driver when the next service is due. by turning the ignition switch to the first accessoryThese procedures are all done manually through the position. You will need the total mileage displayedinstrument cluster, although the exact steps vary in the screen. If not, tap the folder buttons on theaccording to the year and model. We will review steering wheel until the mileage comes up. Thena few of the reset procedures on various models push the up- and down-arrow keys on the steeringstarting with the ML-Class, 163 chassis. All of wheel until the maintenance mileage is displayed.these steps need to be performed within a specific Hold down the "R" button on either side of thetimeframe, so read the procedure through first then instrument panel bezel for about five seconds. Inattempt it in the vehicle. The first step is to turn the display, you will be asked the question "DO YOU WANT TO RESET THE SERVICE INTERVAL?" Release the "R" button and press it again to confirm that you want to reset it within 10 seconds. Once again, 10,000 miles should end up in the display screen. Use the same procedure whether it is an "A" or "B" service being performed. If you need to cancel the reset you just performed for whatever reason, you must use the SDS (available for purchase from US SERVICE 9 Mercedes-Benz). US SERVICE 10 US SERVICE 12 ASSYST Gets More Involved ~~By mid-2000, the process had evolved. The ASSYST system now breaks down the maintenance procedures into services "A" through "H." TheseIn this menu, if you select "Items" you will be given a list ofnumbers that correspond to the services that need to be letter designations indicate approximately howperformed. Use or your information many hours it is going to take to perform thesystem to look up what these services are. service. For example, the "A" service will take one •••••••-- - • September/October 2011 13
  14. 14. How MAY I ASSYST? Full Service On later-model systems, you will be asked to select whatYou need to select the "+" or "-" button on the steering oil quality specification you have put in the crankcase. Talkwheel to scroll through the menus. Look in the odometer to your bulk synthetic oil supplier to see if what hes sellingscreen and you will see a symbol of the button you have you meets Mercedes-Benz requirements. Spec 229.5 is thethe choice of selecting. Here, the lower folder button is current one you want to use. Or, contact your Mercedes-used for selecting "Confirmation". Benz dealer to order the correct oil.hour, the "B" service will take two hours, and so engine performance, Mercedes-Benz requires theon. The letter designations only indicate the time use of full synthetic oils. Even among synthetics,involved for the service. When you enter the reset the specifications have to match the requirements.procedure in the instrument cluster, you will see a The oil change reset procedure has you chose thelisting of numbers that represent the services you oils specifications so it can adjust the time intervalneed to perform. Write these down and compare accordingly. Start by turning the ignition key tothem to the services chart. After finishing the work, the Number 1, accessory position. Then, on theyou can reset the system. Turn the key to position right of the steering wheel hold down the "Accept/Number 1 (accessory). If you need to, select the Terminate" phone call button and press the "OK"folder button until the mileage, temperature, or button for over three seconds. Scroll down to tovehicle speed is displayed. Press the "R" button select "ASSYST Plus Workshop" then scroll down tothree times once per second. You should get an "Services Due." After selecting, you will be askedaudible tone from the cluster and the battery if the oil quality meets Mercedes-Benz 229.5. Youvoltage should be displayed. In the Service Menu should look at the back label of the oil containerdisplay use the "+" and "-" buttons to scroll up and to see if this specification is listed. The safest betdown through the menu. If you select "Positions" is to purchase your oil supply for these late modelyou will be given the list of service numbers to vehicles from your Mercedes-Benz parts supplier.perform. If you scroll to "Confirmation," you can If the oil is up to specification, you can select "Yes"reset the service interval. Select what you want by and your reset is now complete.hitting the lower folder button. When the phrase"Complete Service" is highlighted under the —Some general rules to remember: You should have"Confirmation" heading, select the lower folder all doors, hood, and trunk closed. This will keep anybutton to complete the reset, and the phrase warning messages off in the instrument cluster. Be"Service Confirmed" will be displayed. prepared to press buttons as soon as you turn the key on. Remember, within a few seconds you will have to make your next selection, so be prepared.Where We Are Today When all the maintenance procedures have been—The latest ASSYST system takes oil service to the performed and ASSYST reset, your customers willnext level. Mercedes-Benz engines offer power, have the knowledge they need to maintain theirtractability, and fuel efficiency. In order to maintain investment in their vehicle. |14 lercedes-Benz StarTuned
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