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StarTuned Magazine August 2012
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StarTuned Magazine August 2012


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StarTuned Magazine August 2012. Featured content: Scan Tools, TPC: The Pressure is Controlled, Mobil 1.

StarTuned Magazine August 2012. Featured content: Scan Tools, TPC: The Pressure is Controlled, Mobil 1.

Published in: Automotive, Sports, Technology

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  • 1. STARTUNEDInformation for the Independent Mercedes-Benz Service ProfessionalAugust 2012 U.S. s6.00 €9.00 Volume 12 Number 3 GETTING THE MOST SECOND TIME AROUND Hi Mercedes-Benz •
  • 2. . . getting you in gear since 2002. • . • • : • .; : : • • •Your Workshop Resource to Get the Job Done • WIS-net (Workshop Information • Maintenance Sheets System) • Star Diagnosis System (SDS) • Wiring Diagrams • Mercedes-Benz Workshop • Technical Bulletins Equipment • Mercedes-Benz Special Tools Mercedes-Benz
  • 3. TO OUR READERS: IN THIS ISSUEWelcome to STARTUNED, the magazine for independent servicetechnicians working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Your Mercedes-Benz dealer sponsors STARTUNED and provides the information 4 GETTING THE MOSTcoming your way in each issue.Mercedes-Benz wants to present the information you need to know Nowhere is technological sophisticationto diagnose and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles accurately, quickly more evident than in automotiveand the first time; text, graphics, on-line and other technicalsources combine to make this possible. entertainment systems. These days, aFeature articles, derived from approved company sources, focus on Mercedes-Benz has so much more than abeing useful and interesting. radio and CD player. Interconnectivity withOur digest of technical information can help you solveunanticipated problems quickly and expertly. peripherals, DVD, GPS, and Navigation makeWe want STARTUNED to be both helpful and informative, a lot of information available to the vehiclesso please let us know just what kinds of features and other occupants. How do we keep this going?diagnostic services youd like to see in it. Well continue to bringyou selected service bulletins from Mercedes-Benz and articlescovering the different systems on these vehicles.Send your suggestions, questions or comments to us at:STARTUNEDOne Mercedes DriveMontvale, New Jersey 07645Phone: 1 800 225 6262, ext. 7112 12 SCAN TOOLSE-mail: Is your choice of diagnostic tooling inSTARTUNED is a publication of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC ("MBUSA"). No part of this collision repair helping or limiting you?magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission of MBUSA.Editorial and Circulation Offices: 134B River Road, Montague, NJ 07827.CAUTION: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained persons could result in serious injury tothose persons or others. Information contained in this magazine is intended for use by trained,professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these techniciansof conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist themin proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safetyinstructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctlyandsafely. If a ccndition is described, DONOT assume that a topic covered in these pages automatically applies to your vehicle or that yourvehicle has that condition. STARTUNED is a registered trademark of MBUSA. 20 SECOND TIME AROUND Secondary air systems are designed to helpGroup Publisher Contributing Editor the catalytic converter get up to operatingChristopher M. Ayers, Jr. Tom Nash temperature faster. When the develops a problem, the ME control unit isEditorial Director MBUSA Technical Content Advisor capable of defining the fault. Its our job toBob Freudenberger Donald figure out the cause.Contributing Editor MBUSA Project ManagerBob Chabot Adam Editor Art Director & Circulation Mgr.Kerry Jonsson Christopher M. Ayers 30 TPC: THE PRESSURE IS CONTROLLED In an effort to increase the safety of the Visit us at our web site driving public, Tire Pressure Monitoring to view this issue and all past Systems (TPMS, Mercedes-Benz TPC) warn issues of StarTuned, along with a wealth of information on the driver when tire pressure is low and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. may cause tire failure. When the system needs maintenance, its our responsibility To locate a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you, to repair this important safety tool. go to
  • 4. GETTING THEMOST Nowhere is technological sophistication more evident than in automotive entertainment systems. These days, a Mercedes-Benz has so much more than a radio and CD player. Interconnectivity with peripherals, DVD, GPS, and Navigation make a lot of information available to the vehicles occupants. How do we keep this going? M M !
  • 5. People who purchase Mercedes-Benz vehicles needs are different. You know from you digitaldo so because they want something exceptional. camera and video recorder that high-resolutionExceptional performance, exceptional safety, and files are huge. It is not critical that the informationexceptional technology are only some of the reasons run at real-time speeds because buffers can storebehind this. Nowhere is this more evident than in the information temporarily. But there is a lot ofthe entertainment and navigation systems. Engine information that needs to move around. A new formmanagement, ABS, stability control, etc. all have of transporting this information was necessary forto process information at high speed to make them these systems to function the way Mercedes-Benzfunction as closely to real-time as possible. When owners comes to media-based information systems, the LIGHT SPEED The answer to this digital data transfer problem is fiber-optics, which can channel large amounts of data quickly and accurately. They can operate in temperatures from -40 deg. to 85 deg. C, so they can easily withstand the interior environment of a vehicle. A fiber-optic cable can handle up to 20MB of data per second through light pulses, which must be shielded or the light will refract out of the path. Reflective cladding protects the light signal, and is also insulated with an orange outer jacket. This ensures that the pulses of light stay within the confines of the cable core. Using a fiber-optic network has more benefits than just being able to move around large amounts of data. Light pulses are impervious to electro- magnetic interference. This means the cables can be run through the vehicle with the wiring harness and high current flow will not distort the signal. Fiber-optic cable is lighter than metal wiring and requires fewer connections. Unfortunately, fewer connections means the cables are not easily serviceable. It takes special equipment to sever a connection and re-attach it. Most of the time, it is easier to replace the entire cable rather than repair it, depending on the extent of the damage. Mercedes-Benz implemented its version of a fiber-optic network called the Domestic Digital Bus (D2B). D2B operates the sound system, CD Changer, cellular telephone (now digital), voice recognition (if the car is so equipped), and Tele Aid control units. These features communicate with one another through an optical and electrical network. D2B transfers data at 5.6MB per second, well within the limits of the cable. This network follows slightly different rules from the electrical networks you are used to. Most August 2012 5
  • 6. KCMLconventional CAN systems are wired in parallelwith each control unit transmitting and receivingdata according to priority. The D2B bus, like allfiber-optic networks, is not connected in parallel.It is connected in a "ring." The optical signaloriginates from a master and is sent to the secondcomponent in the ring through the cable. A secondfiber-optic cable leaves the second component andcarries the signal on to the third component, andso on. The final component sends the signal backto the master to complete the ring. A completering is required for the D2B to function. If thereis a break anywhere in the ring, none of thecomponents will function.EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE Fiber-optic components draw a high amount ofelectrical current to operate. Not only do they have Here are two MOST connectors that plug into the CDto perform their function, but they also have to changer. There is a three-pin electrical connectorconvert electrical signals to light pulses and send for power, ground, and wake-up signal. The two-pinthem to the next component. It also has to receive plug is for the fiber-optic cable. One cable brings thesignals and interpret these light pulses coming from light-pulse message in, and the second cable sends it out to the next component. 6 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 7. the previous component. When the system is shut put out on both the fiber and electrical networks.down, each component has to be put into sleep mode. Each control unit that wakes up sends a responseThis requires a wake-up signal when the ignition signal on both networks as well. The master of thekey is turned on. This wake-up is achieved with D2B monitors the response from the control units onboth a fiber-optic signal and through the electrical the electrical network and compares it to the fiber-star network. Each component needs to be signaled optic side. If all the control units respond on thein its order in the ring. This is important when electrical network, but only two out of five respondreplacing or retrofitting components. When the on the fiber-optic network, the master can determinemaster is coded, it is vital that each component is that the failure is between components 3 and 4 oradded in order starting from when the ring leaves component number 3 has failed to issue a fiber-opticthe master. This will affect how the master wakes signal. Remember, the fiber-optic wake-up signalup the D2B network. If the coding is incorrect, must have made it to components 2 and 3 becausenone of the components in the system will work. On they responded on the electrical network, but couldolder vehicle, the master can be the radio, Command not respond on the fiber-optic. Components 4 and 5Console, or the navigation MCS unit. responded on the fiber-optic network, but 3 did not. Therefore, the problem with the fiber-optic network In an effort to assist with self-diagnostics, both must be between component 3 and 4.the fiber-optic network and the electrical networkare not only awakened by the master, but each ONWARD AND UPWARDcomponent also answers back on both networks. The next evolution of the fiber-optic networkSpecialized equipment is required to monitor the is referred to as the MOST (Media Orientedfiber-optic signal. Mercedes-Benz dealerships use System Transport) bus. The layout of the systema D2B tester manufactured by Berger Electronics. has changed to incorporate more sophisticatedIt is capable of testing the integrity of the light electronics, but the basic structure and principlessignal at the connector. In the absence of this tool, are still the same. The MOST bus incorporatedyou can use the vehicles existing self-diagnostic a whole host of improvements. It is a standardcapability to help find the problem component or protocol that is used by multiple manufacturers forcable. As mentioned earlier, the wake up signal is their entertainment systems. This means a greater Vehicle 170.447 Control unit AUDIO Specified configuration D2B components Coding Component 1 Vacant Note: The existing D2B components are coded in the specified Sound system configuration. CD changer Radio Voice control system Cellular telephone 1 Cellular telephone 2 SDAR VacantUsing the SDS, you can add a CD changer in the second slot of the D2B. With the SDS, go into the audiomaster, which in this case is the radio, and under the retrofitting heading select the components youwant to add to the fiber-optic ring. Otherwise, the audio master will not wake up the CD changer and startcommunicating with it. August 2012 7
  • 8. number of component options are available from A new development with the MOST bus is thenumerous manufacturers of electronics. Mercedes- watchdog function. If a component on the ring hasBenz started integrating this new protocol with the a failure, it is possible to put that component in211 chassis in 2003. Not all Mercedes-Benz vehicles watchdog mode. This mode allows the malfunctioningconverted to the MOST bus, but it is being added to unit to serve as a repeater and allow the opticalmore and more vehicles as they develop. The D2B signal to continue on and complete the ring.bus was limited to a maximum of six components inthe ring. With the MOST system, it currently runs On the older D2B network, the control unit head isabout 16 components, but you can have up to 64 the master of the entire network. Now, for the firstin the ring. Also, network speed has improved to generation of the MOST network an Audio Gateway24.8Mbps, but can handle speeds up to 50Mbps. Module (AGW). or an Audio 20 is in charge of all the other components. The Audio 20 is the display ®Mrmxksfk-n/ < Home i Back w Star Finder» • . . . . - • • - • —, • .-, •• 1U703 Valid for portable CTEL preinstallation[ http:/^/webetm/230/fmenu.html- I PE82.00-U-2700KA D2B bus 1ercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 9. head in the vehicle, but the AGW can be mounted bus and the star configuration electrical network.anywhere. After 2005, the second generation of the The master monitors the ring performance and setsMOST bus incorporates the master back into the self-diagnostic fault codes if problems are found. Thehead unit as in the Audio 20. Either unit holds the master is also responsible for transmitting this self-ring configuration in its coding. This means you diagnostic information to the other CAN networks.can retrofit or remove components from the ring Your SDS does not directly connect to the MOST bus,as your customer desires. There are many more but it can communicate with the master and accesscomponents on the ring, and therefore there are it for diagnostic purposes. The master also hasmany more options. Like the D2B bus, the master many other functions.still sends an optic and electrical wake-up signalto each component in the ring. Each component WHO IS I N CONTROL?still responds back both through the fiber-optic The AGW has many different configurations depending on the equipment level of the vehicle. As an example, the AGW may } Sitemap • H*lp have the sound amplifier built ? Abbreviations into it, or the vehicle may have a separate sound amplifier. If the amplifier is built into the unit, the speakers will be wired to it. It will also have the radio tuner built into it. The radio tuner is not built into the display as with the older D2B network. The head unit only functions as a display and operator interface. When the driver changes the radio station or volume through the head unit, this information is passed onto the AGW through the fiber-optic network. The electrical network is only to wake up the system, put it to sleep, and assist in self- diagnostic functions. With a paid subscription to, you can access a fiber-optic cable diagram. This allows you to see the possible connections and the order the components are supposed to be in illustrated by the orange wires. The lower part of the diagram illustrates the electrical Model 230 star wake-up network with the blue wiring. August 2012 9
  • 10. The AGW can be "reflashed" as changes and goes down. You need to know all of the differentimprovement are made to the MOST bus. If you have components in the vehicle, but if they are notintermittent problems with MOST bus components, communicating then you cannot use the SDS to tellyou should check for software updates under you the layout of the ring. You can get a fiber-opticdiagnostic technical bulletins on the Mercedes-Benz diagram in the ETM on website With a paidsubscription to Startekinfo and your SDS, you can You should start off by quickly checking thereprogram the AGW as updates become available. power supply to the D2B or MOST master. CheckingIf the system is malfunctioning, you will still need fuses first makes sense. The next step would be toto look at self-diagnostic information and verify see if the master is transmitting data on the fiber-that you have power and ground to any component optic network. You can physically go to the nextmalfunctioning on the MOST bus. component on the list and unplug the fiber-optic connector. Look at the connector and turn on the Other components on the MOST network are the ignition key.Head Unit, multiple disc CD changer, navigation,satellite radio receiver, hands free module/voice In the case of the D2B network, the mastercontrol system, TeleAid including GPS, and optional attempts to start the ring up to four times. Thisexternal amplifier. These components are sometimes means you should see four light pulses at the secondreferred to as bus slaves, taking their orders from component in the ring. Once you have verified thisthe master. All of these units are capable of putting you can move onto the next component and performout an electrical wake-up signal unlike the D2B the same test. Move onto the next component until you no longer see the red light pulse at thenetwork. They are also all capable of performing connector. This means either the fiber-optic cableself-diagnosis of their own operation and report is damaged, the component it is coming from hastheir findings to the master unit. This way, the failed or has lost its power or ground supply. InSDS can interrogate the master for problems in the the case of the MOST bus, the ring start from theMOST bus. Within the software of the SDS and all master is nine pulses of red light. Move onto theof the components of the MOST bus is a diagnostic next component in the ring and recheck the opticalwake-up feature that checks the entire system. As start signal. Obviously, since there are many morementioned earlier, the master and you both need to components in the MOST network this can be quiteknow the order of each of these slaves relative to time-consuming, which is why the SDS is suchthe master unit. You can find this information by an invaluable tool when diagnosing MOST buslooking at the coding of the master with your SDS. problems. There are two special tools available fromEach of these components has a built-in temperature Mercedes-Benz to bypass components in both thesensor. They will not function over 194 deg. R, D2B and MOST networks. These bypass connectorsso the MOST system may not work right away if plug into the fiber-optic plug of the component youthe vehicle has been parked out in the sun where want to bypass. This will keep the ring completeinterior temperatures can get quite hot during the and allow it to function without the bad component.summer months. If you find you have a problem with the electrical bus, you can unplug the buss bar that links thisHow ARE W E GOING TO FIX I T ? network together and test each wire individually for Now that you know the basic layout, function, a short to power or ground, or an open circuit.and operation of the D2B and MOST bus networks,you will need to have a diagnostic plan if you are Although the D2B and MOST bus systems areto proceed in a cost-effective manner. Since these technologically advanced, understanding the basicsystems are complicated, self-diagnostics with a layout of a fiber-optic network and the electricalcapable SDS scan tool are essential to speed up network that supports it will help you isolatetroubleshooting. There are some basic steps you can problems . If you use your SDS, you can reduceperform as well. Remember, when any component your diagnostic time and come up with a morefails on the fiber-optic network the entire network accurate answer. I 10 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 11. ^^mmm i 0 •*mr •• ;i tsmfept ESR * % A r- .43 fM — MM BijBI tt ""? AS u KV ** is« e f Like Chip Foose, Jr* **!**?" BASF Brings A Little Extra To The Party. BASF has been doing the same with its unique color management system, led by COLOR-MAX®, the industrys most precise color matching tool. The paint-sprayed chips of COLOR-MAX ensure a perfect match the first time, every time, reducing comebacks and increasing productivity. And BASF Refinish coatings are approved by Mercedes-Benz and most major OEMs across North America. Beautiful color. Speedy matches. Its why Chip Foose sprays only BASF in his shop and hasThe C h e m i c a l C o m p a m for over ten years. To learn more, visit or call 1 -800-825-3000.
  • 12. r- an Tools An Essential Part Of Collision Repair V I I I I I B m SB mm Is your choice of diagnostic tooling in collision repair helping or limiting you? Start Subscribe Site Preview Content Overview Tech Requirements Forgot Password? Star Bulletins MB Workshop Resources MB Special Tools MB Equipment California Key Ordering Theft-Relevant Parts Info TAR Teklnfo is an official Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC site for Help sting service and repair technical documentation for srcedes-Benz vehicles. Please be advised that you need to install the necessary plugins to view the site content. The plugins can be found under Help / Tech Requirements. Please be sure to Install all plugins and review areas such as Help, Site Preview or Content Overview before subscribing. Coverage Includes Information starting with Model Year 1994. Access our ONLINE STOR T h e information c o i l a ned he-e is is User ID: i t e a u e . special toos and a q u p r v e Existing User M e r c e d e s - B e n z von eaaa, and a n o t A l t h o u g h this inforoation can be us* (8 Characters) Renew Subscription for use by se-vice personnel proper! access to. a n d expenence n us no. Password: ••vonc a c c u a t o y a n d safeiy New User (5-10 Characters) Please see the message Warning Fa. i r e to use proper parts taken b y a trained, certified, a u t o m o above and Site Preview nubi cations. m a y r o s u i t n p r o p e r t y , GO section before you repairing or sen/icing of M e r c e d e s - B Subscribe repa n n g anc servic ng of M e r c e d e s •oss d u e t o the use c misuse of t*v& M e r c e d e s - B e n s USA. LLC a s s u - n e s 0 M e r c e d e s - B e n z USA. LLC. 2C03 mechanical, or trans atipn in w h o l e c Copyright© 2003 - 2012 by Mercedes-Benz USA. LLC. LLC- S C o o y r g h t 20CV- M e r c e d e s - B e n z LThe STAR Tek Info website is the official Mercedes-Benz USA LLC MBUSA also makes training(MBUSA) site for hosting service and repair technical documentation, information available at itsbulletins, recommended tools and equipment, training, and other Technical Training website.resources for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Visit www, for Visit www.mercedestechstore.more information. com for a list of free model- 12 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 13. If youre in the business of repairing Mercedes- post-repair vehicle performance and occupant safety Benz vehicles following an accident, you are now in can be seriously compromised. the vehicle diagnostics business - like it or not. Like your mechanical brethren, being repair-ready and Lets have a look at diagnostic scan tools basics, competitive in the marketplace today requires it. Its some Mercedes-Benz resources available and several that simple. But that doesnt make it easy. case studies specific to the marque that will help collision facilities better understand why proper If you are not already using - or relying on tooling is critical to their survival and future growth. someone who is - the M-B Star Diagnostic System (SDS), Xentry Diagnostics subscription-based ELECTRONIC COMPLEXITY DRIVES SCAN software, and other factory-approved diagnostic tools TOOLS INTO THE COLLISION REPAIR PROCESS during Mercedes-Benz collision repairs, the ability Many aspects of modern collision repair of of your facility and technicians to provide customers Mercedes-Benz vehicles require access to and the with a complete job is limited, regardless of your use of genuine resources for service information, experience and accumulated skillsets. Moreover training, collision repair procedures, equipment and HB^Bi AG [ FAQ I Contact j T&C | Sprache/lar>guao« » Star Diagnosis basic Star Diagnosis products Star Diagnosis compact " • Star Diagnosis SDconnoct BBSEBI Password • Onlino Maximum Speed > Login j 1 Forgotten your password? » Service & Supper. • Rogister » Orrfor Contacts • Xontry Diagnosis solutions • Access DS8 t- Access WobPans Professional troubleshooting and diagnosis • Access to "Special Tools" Star Diagnosis offers a broad spectrum of the most modem vehicle diagnosis and maintenance features for a wide • Access Tochlnfo-Shop range of vehicles • Find a Renter • Mercedes-Benz passenger cars • National Information • Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles {trucks UNIMOG. vans, buses) • smart • EvoBus fW^Ht - !**Q ;lpwp«Bj|«pMMM| • Maybach and SLR With Star Diagnosis compact . we provide a versatile high-performance diagnostic device for implementation • Compare Star Diagrosrs basic ond Star Diagnosis compacM according to your needs! The Star Diagnosis basic* version has reached the end of its product life cycle and can Access our therefore no longer be ordered as of May 2010. TRAINING PRINT FILES! The advantages of our Star Diagnosis products at a glance:.06 by Mercedes-Bor-z USA LLC. for use in conjunct on with d&m w * v ce • Fast and reliable troubleshooting of vehicle faults and malfunctions • High-performance software appicanons thai aid in the repair of faultsand parts specified by Vorcedes-Benz f c use m d--agnosis a^d repair of - Intelligent diagnostics system specially designed for work with Mercedes-Benz original parts:ondod to represent e : ; available information portajrvng to models referene&d her&ti • Simple, user-friendly operation•fo- r.execes-Benz o w r o 3 a n d i r d e p e n c e n t r e p a t a c r t e s , A 5 ntended s o e l y • Comprehensive support and service featuresraned and qua f . e d to pe r form work or. f / e c e c e s - B o r z v e n u e s anc w h o havei necessary tools, gcu^pmert a n d required to o o t o r r t service and reoa JOS and e o j p m e r t . a^d ta<o al necessary and p r v a e r ! p o c a u t o ^ s . tnatwoukJ 0©B lechncian. and failure io follow sfl safety g j i c e nes .n these ar-d other sorVrce^Bgo. per&onol Hjury of death Th 3 pub cation is not intended for n s t r v c i o r ns vehicles by persons wi/>out appropriate p r o f e s s e s ! t r a c i n g and e x p e r e n c e insnz veh cles Mercedes-Benz USA. LLC assumes no iiabi ty for m;ury. damage orf o m a t o i a^d the right l o revise th.s information at any t m e w.thout not coD respons b ; ty for erros a^d/or om &s on5 n ins n f o r m a t o n contameo r<o-o -.: rghts reserved Reproduction or iransmiss.on by any means, electronic or>art. is not permitted without the prior written authorization of M e x e d o s - B e n z USA. specific PDFs or access to the The Mercedes-Benz Portal describes various Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostic Mercedes-BenzUSA Online System (SDS) hardware and software products, as well as the advantages Store for model-specific CDs provided to technicians. Visit http://service-pajts.mercedes-benz.cgm, then with more detailed information. click the "Diagnostics" tab to learn more. (Images -Mercedes-BenzUSA LLC) August 2012 13
  • 14. .".-.{fflsumt--&.tools are essential to effect a complete, safe repair. This trend is also gaining traction. EmergingFor example, recent changes in the mix of materials electronic systems will continue to push the needused to manufacture vehicle structures (e.g. for scan tools and other diagnostic equipment.advanced high-strength metals and carbon fiber- Examples include engine management, passivereinforced plastic) have resulted in Mercedes-Benz- and active safety, electrified drivetrains, electronicspecific changes in repair techniques, procedures, power steering, alignment, sophisticatedtools, and more. communication networks, and other vehicle systems that may be damaged in an accident. Because these However, accelerating vehicle complexity is not vehicle systems are interconnected, their properjust limited to structure. Vehicles just a decade operation and performance post-repair requires anago were composed of mostly mild steel; they early and accurate diagnosis for collision-inducedalso contained only a few electronic control units damage to these systems.(ECUs) - those computerized modules that controlfunctionality of various vehicle systems. Today, But unlike replacing a structural part, even ifhowever, its not uncommon for new Mercedes-Benz an electronic part is properly diagnosed as beingvehicles to have 50 or more electronic modules faulty, replaced, and properly positioned it will oftenonboard; some high-end luxury models may even require initialization, reprogramming, or some otherexceed 70 units. This proliferation of ECUs, as well specified procedure to complete the repair. Thisas associated sensors, actuators, and other devices requires proper diagnostic equipment and driving the collision industry to join the scantool revolution. WHATS IN YOUR SCAN TOOL? A recent survey by the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) reported that approximately two-thirds of all collision facilities own and use at least one scan tool. For those who dont know ETI, it is the industry organization that communicates with Mercedes-Benz and other automakers to acquire and archive scan tool data - algorithms, protocol documents, parameter identifier matrices, diagnostic trouble codes, etc. Aftermarket tool and equipment manufacturers pay a licensing fee or annual dues to ETI to useThe Mercedes-Benz STAR Diagnostic System (SDS) Compact4 scan tool (above) selected data to develop andalong with SDS Flash subscriptions are essential to providing a complete build aftermarket electroniccollision repair. The Compact4 uses a vehicles VIN to register and verify test equipment and othervehicle-specific hardware and software data into Mercedes-Benzs server, sothat Mercedes-Benz knows exactly the configuration of each vehicle. This is tools used for diagnosticscrucial, since there are often various recall-based issues that require such and repair. Whenknowledge and the company requires it of all electronic modules to provide genuine gaps in scan toolrecalibration, reprogramming, and other services, (image - continental imports) information are discerned, 14 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 15. ETI works with Mercedes-Benz, as it does with other the aftermarket has become a greater focus of whatautomakers, to gather the data and pass it on. ETI does," Gorman adds. "In the case of diagnostic scan tools, were talking about the computer data "Be it Mercedes-Benz or any other OEM, factory that needs to be integrated into an aftermarket scanscan tools are the most expensive diagnostic tools tool so that technicians can talk to the vehicle andavailable, but they also have the most diagnostic emulate an automakers factory tool.and repair functionality for any automakersvehicles," explains Charlie Gorman, ETI executive Its important that facilities and techniciansdirector. "In the case of Mercedes-Benz and some understand that scan tool functionality is almostother automakers, subscription-based diagnostic always the result of choices made by aftermarketsoftware is also required in addition to the scan tool manufacturers, not the lack of data being availablehardware. Its often the software that needs to be from automakers," he notes. "On rare occasions whenfixed during a repair - whether by reinitializing, bona fide data gaps are identified, ETI works withreprogramming or recalibrating functionality. Mercedes-Benz to resolve them for everyones benefit. "With the advent of more ECUs on vehicles, the "While aftermarket scan tool manufacturersprovision of scan tool information by automakers to all get access to the same data streams as the REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS SCHEMATIC Hluelmk Software Tools Diagnostics at a Fraction of the CostBody shops and collision technicians can get bogged down by a lack of knowledge, technical resources,the time clock, and the customer. Typically, problematic vehicles are sent to a dealer or a mobile diagnosticservice provider is called in. Both can add time and cost to the collision repair."Remote diagnostics" is a new alternative that might be the right fit for collision facilities seeking torecapture the time and revenue lost by sending vehicles out to dealers or waiting for a mobile diagnosticianto arrive. Robert Beckman, CEO of Blue Link Diagnostic Solutions Inc. says the "just in time" solution,developed in conjunction with IBM: • Leverages J-2534 interface devices, which Mercedes-Benz supports, to connect Mercedes-Benz vehicles in your body shop digitally to Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tools, software and equipment at a remote location, at a fraction of the capital costs that tooling up to factory level capability would entail. • Allows vehicles in a body shop to be diagnosed and repaired immediately onsite. • Provides affordable access to genuine Mercedes-Benz service information and other resources. • Utilizes the expertise of highly specialized technicians who have a thorough understanding of and experience using Mercedes-Benz service diagnostics.More information about this service can be found at www.bluelinkdiag. com, (images - BiueUnk Diagnostic solution August 2012 15
  • 16. Mercedes-Benz Rem m { Mercedes-Benz The best or nothing. uality, Reliability ana vameReman A/C Compressors are not rebuilt or refurbished, they are brought back tothe exact Mercedes-Benz approved specifications and tolerances, thus ensuringoptimal performance.Additionally, these units come preassembled with the clutch attached, so atechnician can get right to installing the entire assembly, saving time and money.By using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Compressors, you could save40% or more when compared to the cost of new. And like all of our remanufacturedparts, its covered by the Mercedes-Benz limited parts warranty.Genuine Remanufactured installed. Mercedes-Bar ?SHfiS3B?«*»Problem solved!For more information, visit
  • 17. GENUINE MERCEDES-BENZ REMAN A/C COMPRESSORS REMAN PART MODEL REMAN PART VEHICLE MODEL VEHICLE MODEL NUMBER YEAR NUMBER1984-1992 190D2.2 A000230121180 CL600, CL65 AMG, 2000-2006 A001230011180 S65 AMG, S600 260E, 190D2.5, 300TD,1984-2002 A000230241180 2000-2009 E320, S350 A000230911180 300D,300CE, SL500 420SEL, 560SEC/SEL, 2002-2007 C32 AMG A0002307811801986-1991 A000230251180 560SL A000230971180 2002-2007 C230 CL 1.81986-1995 190/300 series, E300D A000230111180 CLK-Class, C55 AMG, 2002-2010 A001230191180 300E, 300CE, 600SL, SLK55 AMG1986-2002 A000230051180 SL600 2003-2009 CLK500 A0012301611801990-2002 500SL, SL500 A000230061180 2003-2010 SL55 AMG A0012300211801992-1993 A119230111180 E55 AMG, E320, E500, 2003-2010 A00123012U80 CLS500 400SE, 400SEL, 500SEC;1992-1995 A11923000I180 E-Class, CLS55 AMG, S420,S500 2003-2010 A001230141180 CLS550 600SEL, S320, S600,1992-1999 A000230171180 300SEL 2003-2010 A001230551180 300SE, 600SEC, S600, SLK280, SLK300,1992-1999 A000230221180 2005-2010 A001230541180 S320, CL600 SLK350 CL500, 300/400/500 R350, R500, ML350,1992-2004 series, S/SLK/C/CLK/ A000230701180 2006-2010 ML500, ML550, GL450, A001230871180 GL5501994-2000 C220, C280, €36 AMG A000230131180 R350, R500, ML350, 2006-2010 ML500, ML550, GL450, A002230521180 ML320, ML430, GL5501998-2005 A000230681180 ML55 AMG 2009-2010 C300, C350 A0012305011801998-2010 ML500, ML350 A001230281180 2010 GLK350 A002230311180 ML350, ML500, E500,1998-2010 A000230901180 A002230381180 SL500, C/CL/S/G-Clas! 2010 E350, E550 *Made with the same OE components as original factory parts *Assembled to original Mercedes-Benz specifications * Results: Mercedes-Benz Quality, Reliability and Value Remanufactured for Mercedes-Benz by Available only through your local Mercedes-Benz Dealei
  • 18. Mercedes-Benz factory tool uses, they cannot remote diagnostic service providers toeffectively replicate the full Mercedes-Benz tool assist with more complex diagnosticsand still be price-competitive. Instead, each and software programming. Thismanufacturer makes its own marketing decisions enables a complete repair, but doesntabout what features, data, and functionality goes in provide a facility with direct control oftheir tools and what doesnt - based on niche, price its time or destiny.point, and other factors," says Gorman. • Own Mercedes-Benz tooling and software, "For example, some companies will build a but may not have mastered the fullgeneric scan tool that covers a wide range of capability of the tools yet. Training fromOEMs for the most common fixes; some may offer Mercedes-Benz can help grow expertise.slightly more comprehensive functionality for anarrower specific group of OEMs (European, Asian • Own Mercedes-Benz tooling andor domestic automakers); some will concentrate on software, and acquired the expertisea specific automaker and provide greater, although through Mercedes-Benz training to usenot complete, functionality; and others will focus the tooling to its full capability.on specific functions such as diagnostic tools for These scenarios prompt three questions. First,alignment or tire pressure monitoring systems." does a collision facility know what necessary functionality its aftermarket scan tool does not haveWHATS A BODY SHOP TO DO? before making repairs? Second, if an outside source While a Mercedes-Benz factory scan tool and for Mercedes-Benz tooling is used, does that sourcesubscription-based software provide the most have the understanding, expertise, and access tocomplete functionality for electronic-related collision software updates to make full use of the tools?repairs, not every facility can afford them. Given the Third, if no Mercedes-Benz tooling is used, eitherhigh cost of factory versus aftermarket tooling, the directly or indirectly, what hasnt a collision facilitypurchase of a scan tool by a collision facility needs fully repaired?to fit the body shops business model. The challengeis for a collision facility to use the best scan tool There is also a caveat to keep in mind: Usingstrategy it can afford, then fill any collision service stop-gap measures may work for the short-term.gaps with sources that have Mercedes-Benz factory However, in addition to giving up direct control,diagnostic tools and software and the expertise to it does not diminish the full responsibility for ause them. complete repair. In addition, because diagnostic- related repairs are not readily visible during the With respect to scan tools and diagnostics, estimating stage, supplemental approvals for workcollision facility scan tool practices generally fall and parts beyond the original estimate may beinto one of five broad categories. A body shop may: necessary, which may mean a delay in total repair • Own no scan tools, electing to farm all time. For collision facilities and their technicians, related work out to a nearby independent its becoming increasingly critical to be able to not shops or dealers with the access to just make all structural repairs, but all electronic service information, tooling, training, repairs as well. and expertise. "Radical change began in 1981 when the computer • Own aftermarket scan tools only, but came onboard on every vehicle," one senior trainer be unaware that certain functionality is tells us. "Yet only 10 percent of body shops that I missing, thus limiting the ability to make have surveyed recently actually use OEM factory a complete repair. tools; and just five percent of shops own and use a J-2534 interface tool to reflash electronic modules." • Own aftermarket scan tools only, but be aware of what specific functionality is While the cost of Mercedes-Benz tooling is a lacking, and rely on "expert" mobile or serious consideration, the opportunities lost and 18 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 19. the assumed risks of choosing not to invest in such talked with two expert technicians to provide a fewtools to be fully competent and in direct control of examples to demonstrate this. They are:ones expertise should not be neglected, either. Forexample, outsourced expertise must be invoiced at • Robert Beckmann, who is the CEO offace value, without any up-charge, But with in-house BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. Hediagnostics, body shops can charge for diagnostic also provides training in diagnosingtime and equipment, which can increase revenue. and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles at various industry events and is well-versed The challenge for collision facilities is clear: Each in Mercedes-Benz diagnostics methodologymust strive to be capable of providing customers and equipment for both regular and theft-with a complete and safe repair by employing the related parts.highest level of tools and expertise possible. Andthey must strive to gain more direct control and • Steve Brotherton, who owns Continentaldiagnostic expertise. Imports, an independent shop located in Gainesville, Fla., that specializes in "Today and going forward, body shops and servicing Mercedes-Benz vehicles andtechnicians are in for a really rough ride if they several other brands. He owns OEMdont embrace vehicle electronics and electrification factory diagnostic tools and purchasesas realities today, and then tool and train properly," service information subscriptions for eachthe trainer cautions. "Many aftermarket independent automaker that he services. In addition, herepair facilities are increasingly less productive requires his Mercedes-Benz team of fourtoday because they continue to farm out too many technicians to complete Mercedes-Benzopportunities, rather than tool and train to manage training and to use the Star Diagnosticschange. Like a slippery slope, the refusal by some System (SDS) Compact 4 diagnosticof these facilities to recognize, embrace, adapt, and scan tool (above), software, and otherprepare will ultimately seal their fate and pre-empt Mercedes-Benz-approved tools. Besides hisa sustainable, profitable future." mechanical-based business, Continental Imports works with nearby collisionA FEW BODY SHOP EXAMPLES facilities that recognize when they need the There are many examples of repairs in which expertise his shop can provide.Mercedes-Benz factory tooling and softwarecapability, along with the expertise to use them, are "Mercedes-Benz has some of the most advancedessential to providing a full, safe collision repair. We safety equipment in the world, which makes theConfiguring the deployment characteristics of new airbags installed during collision repair requires the use ofWSS equipment, an SDS scanner and subscription-based diagnostic software, (image-continentalimports) August 2012 19
  • 20. use of the companys diagnostic equipment an • Many ECUs are VIN-locked (vehicleessential part of most collision-related repairs identification number) within the SRStoday," Beckmann says. "For example, many ECUs system. Aftermarket scan tools simplyassociated with vehicle safety systems are coded cannot do all that the Mercedes-Benz scanand configured to very specific applications. These tool can.include components such as seat weight sensingsystems (WSS), electrically operated reversible • Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipmentseat belt tensioners, airbag control units, and maintains log files and providesothers, all of which need programming after traceability into how things weredeployment or replacement." programmed and coded. "Collision professionals must be aware that these • Accountability is provided by a loginand other Mercedes-Benz safety-related components system that identifies who did the- especially if part of a vehicles Supplemental programming of any ECU.Restraint System (SRS) - need to be properly • The information provided by Mercedes-Benzprogrammed and configured after deployment or resources that support factory diagnosticreplacement for them to operate correctly. Because tooling includes guidance that enables athey are part of most collision-related repairs level of repair aftermarket tools may not betoday, the failure to do so may cause unsafe or able to provide.unpredictable operation post-repair." "For example, PDFs are available from STARTek Beckmann cites a number of reasons why tooling Info that provide schematic diagrams andand proper software programming is essential configuration instructions for the restraint andfor safe predictable operation post-repair. Among other safety systems," Beckmann tells us. "Inothers, these include the following: particular, these resources denote the data for items that need coding. The use of Mercedes-Benz scan tools and software is essential to taking advantage of this data to properly configure Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) and other safety systems. Its part of performing a complete collision repair for your customers." "The WSS is used to continuously monitor the passenger seat for the size and weight of the occupant and then configure the deployment characteristics of the airbag in the event of an accident," notes Brotherton. "The WSS involves three weights and requires a calibration process that can only be done completely using theThe Romess electronic inclinometer is a Mercedes-Benz-approved tool SDS scan tool and subscription-used to perform wheel alignments. (Image - Continental Imports) based diagnostic software." 20 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 21. "When a wheel alignment needs to be performed "Mercedes-Benz also employs SCN coding whenas part of a collision repair, Mercedes-Benz servicing modules," Brotherton says. "The conceptrequires the use of a certain approved tools and of SCN is for the tech to program a module andprocedures," Brotherton explains. "Any Mercedes- then hook to the Mercedes-Benz server locatedBenz model, but especially those with Airmatic in Germany. The VIN, hardware and softwareand Active Body Control (ABC) systems, requires numbers are verified and basically a calibrationthe use of the approved Romess tool, which is an ID is performed. It also registers new softwareelectronic inclinometer." and hardware into the server for the car so the company knows exactly the configuration of each. In "The concept of the tool is to gauge and calibrate addition, there could be various recall-based issuesride height," Brotherton continues. "Romess data is that require such knowledge, and Mercedes-Benzused to establish proper alignment specs. In the case requires it of all modules that get programming.of Airmatic or ABC, the suspension height must be The complete function by its very nature makescalibrated before the alignment is performed. This is a Mercedes-Benz tool and SDS Flash subscriptiondone by first adjusting the height with the SDS scan necessary, if a collision facility truly wants to betool until it is the right Romess angle specification, able to provide complete repairs.and then entering those numbers (representing eachcorner of vehicle) to set the calibration. Clearly, it is neither easy nor cheap to tool- up for diagnostic service as part of a collision repair. Diagnosis Assistance System Copyright 1999 Daimler AG Improving vehicle serviceability means that OEMs and the Model series/model 209.365 designation aftermarket need to collaborate Order number License plate meaningfully. Mercedes- Benz does that, notably Documentation for repair order WDBTJ65J14F0 through its involvement with Control unit p r o g r a m m i n g w a s c o m p l e t e d successfully. ETI, the National Automotive The SCN c o d i n g sequence h a s been c o m p l e t e d successfully. AR input fields mist be filed out Service Task Force, and other ftirs tog with function Itey F11 vanenu<temftintc»f.of test step. organizations. That cooperation A prrwoji of thetogw *h the repair order nurrfcer entered rrust afw ays be f tea along w * the repar documents for any polenta) check of w arranty and gccdw I clams by the M=C The ordertogis no longer avalable after exingth-s screen helps tool and equipment Repair c r e w number Name of tester Steve Brotherton makers build the stuff that D&aJWIHffrlMr TDM technicians want to use. UMrtttnOtr C "scr Date 201O.05-20O9.2C (09:20 am} DAS data vers^n 03-2O10(201O-02-11) + AddOn 1333.1391.13B7.1403.1406.*)40Q.1408.13&7.1412.14- But collision facilities must 15.1417.14te.1428.l426.H35.1440.1443.1404.1445.1455.t4c3 STARDWGNOStS SDConpacHsor be cognizant that when factory- System number STARK 3 level diagnostics are needed, Vehfcte-dentno.Vl* Version Control mocute prograirmng: woeTae5Ji4Fce O3f2010(2010-02-(M) nothing beats OEM diagnostic fctter etectrones 2 8 tooling. At the end of the day, it Rfcrf omned. Centre) rroSuie prcgrammng Ccnrol unt iSer.f cation: is the shop owners, technicians, »«B object nurrber 1121533570 fNVvefston 3502 SWversion 3 Q M Dagnoss.version 1?11 Suppier Bosch Datecf rrarufacta-e 10/03 Version (interna!) M l 12_oFFV_F9 . K B 8 . KE23 and service advisors who Ccnro! urn software: Ccntroi u n i progrannrQ n as conpteed succcs^uly. customers identify as the Ongrval centre^ unit software verscn: 1121535476 ^ f o r m e d control urtt programrinQ: CO544&5502_001 Current controi unit softw are version-1121538579 human interface when it comes SCNcodog- Tne SCNcodrfl sequence has b e e i conptaed s u c c e s s f u l . Rart number queried 112153S576 to collision repair. So, ask SCN 112153857V-15-0028 yourself one acid-test question: Filename: FAProgramm eDastreespkwftashenzentrallibetriebnahme s "Is my choice of diagnostic Cell coordinate: 35.41 tooling in collision repairMercedes-Benz requires SCN coding whenever ECUs are serviced. helping me or limiting me inThe coding provides the automaker, technicians, and vehicle owners growing my business?"with a secure means to identify, verify, and update the calibration andprogramming when servicing electronic modules, (image - continental imports) August 2012 21
  • 22. rwF^rawnw ©fit-mmMercedes-Benz Mobil 1Product Name Part Number Quantity Product Description Recommended Consumer ApplicationsMercedes-Benz SPEC. BtQ 1 09 0144 Bulk - No EquipmentMobil 1 Fully synthetic formulas designed BQ 1 09 0162 6/1 Quart Cases Low SPAsh. Available at most MB dealersFormula M 5W-40 specifically for gasoline passenger cars BQ 1 09 0151 55 Gallon Drum BQ 1 09 0010 Bulk- No Equipment Fully synthetic formulation designed Porsche A40. Many European vehicles.Mobil 1 OW-40 BQ 1 09 0015 6/1 Quart Cases to meet the requirements of many HT/TS applications. European vehicles BQ 1 09 0016 55 Gallon DrumMobil 1 ESP BQ 1 09 0135 Bulk-No Equipment Advanced full synthetic formulasFormula M 5W-40 designed specifically for diesel Low SPAsh. Available at most MB dealers BQ 1 09 0142 6/1 Quart Cases passenger cars that have particulate filters BQ 1 09 0143 55 Gallon DrumMobil 1 5W-50 BQ 109 0133 16 Gallon Keg Higher viscosity, advanced full synthetic "~ ________ formula designed for performance Porsche A40. HT/HS applications. BQ 109 0134 6/1 Quart Cases vehicles Extra high performance automatic Recommended for use in Mercedes-BenzMobil ATF 134 BQ 1 09 0166 55 Gallon Drum transmission fluid formulated with automatic gearboxes selected HVI base oils Advanced full synthetic formulasMobil 1 ESP Low SPAsh. Available at many Chrysler BQ 1 09 0165 12x1 Liter Cases designed specifically for passenger carFormula MB 5W-30 dealers diesels that have particulate filtersAdBlue® 1/2 Gal. A 000 583 0107 1 / 2 Gallon Bottle Non-toxic solution that transforms Recommended for use in Mercedes- harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions from Benz, Volkswagen + BMW AdBlue® (DEF)Diesel Exhaust Fluid BQ 1 47 0002 55 Gallon Drum diesel-powered vehicles into applicationsso ^ai harmless water vapor and nitrogen BQ 1 09 0017 6/1 Quart Cases Advanced full synthetic formulation designed to meet the requirements Vehicles that require 5W-30. CorvetteMobil 1 5W-30 of m a n v BQ 1 09 0018 55 Gallon Drum domestic, including GM, and approved. imported vehicles BQ 1 09 0019 6/1 Quart Cases Advanced full synthetic formulaMobil 1 10W-30 BQ 1 09 0020 16 Gallon Keg Vehicles that require 5W-30 or 10W-30 designed for domestics and imports BQ 1 09 0021 55 Gallon Drum BQ 1 09 0083 6/1 Quart Cases Advanced full synthetic formulationMobil 1 5W-20 ~~ designed to meet the requirements of Vehicles that require 5W-20 manv newer BQ 1 09 0084 55 Gallon Drum vehicles including Hondas, Fords, Chryslers, and newer Toyotas BQ 1 09 0169 6/1 Quart Cases Advanced full synthetic formulation Most vehicles that specify OW-20 (newerMobil 1 0W-20 AFE • • designed for enhanced fuel economy Toyotas and Hondas), 5W-20 and certain BQ 1 09 0168 55 Gallon Drum and cold weather performance hybrids Advanced full synthetic formulation Most vehicles that specify 5W-30 orMobil 1 OW-30 AFE BQ 1 09 0174 6/1 Quart Cases designed for enhanced fuel economy 10W-30 and cold weather performance BQ 1 09 0164 6/1 Quart Cases Multi-vehicle, fully synthetic fluid Vehicles that require Dexron III, FordMobil 1 Synthetic ATF designed to meet the demanding Mercon and Mercon V performance BQ 1 09 0163 55 Gallon Drum requirements of modern passenger levels vehicles Boosted, higher viscosity, advancedMobil 1 15W-50 BQ 1 09 0023 55 Gallon Drum HT/HS applications. Racing and Flat full synthetic formula designed for tappet applications performance vehiclesMobil 1 Gear Oil SUITABLE for use in modern high Exceeds the most severe service(Mobil 1 Gear Lube BQ 1 09 0085 performance automobiles like SUVs, 12/1 Quart Cases requirements in both conventional and75W-90) Vans and Light duty trucks requiring API limited slip applications GL-5 level performance BQ 1 09 002464 Bulk - No Equipment Formulated from quality base stocks 12/1 Quart Cases combined with modern performance Recommended for gasoline fueledMobil Special 5W-30 BQ 1 09 0171 additives to give the engine the expected automobiles and light duty trucks protection and performance under a requiring an API SN/SM/SL/SJ BQ 1 09 003064 55 Gallon Drum wide variety of operating conditions
  • 23. M, .ercedes-Benz automobiles aredesigned to perform on the mostchallenging roads and conditions.Shouldnt the oil used in Mercedes-Benzengines do the same? We think so.Thats why Mercedes-Benz and Mobil 1have partnered to offer an unbeatablecombination of total engine performanceand driving luxury.Please have a look at our oil portfoliowhich is available through your localMercedes-Benz dealer. Our dealers areable to offer you a wide variety of oilgrades at competitive prices.Product Name Part Numb Quantity Product Description Recommended Consumer ApplicationsMercedes-Benz SPEC. BQ 1 09 003164 Bulk - No Equipment Formulated from quality base stocks combined with modern performance Recommended for gasoline fueledMobil Special 10W-30 BQ 1 09 0172 12/1 Quart Cases additives to give the engine the expected automobiles and light duty trucks protection and performance under a requiring an API SN/SM/SL/SJ BQ 1 09 003764 55 Gallon Drum wide variety of operating conditions BQ 1 09 003864 Bulk - No Equipment Formulated from quality base stocks Recommended for gasoline fueled combined with modern performanceMobil Special 10W-40 BQ 1 09 0173 12/1 Quart Cases automobiles and light duty trucks where additives to give the engine the expected a higher viscosity API SN/SMSL/SJ oil is protection and performance under a BQ 1 09 004464 55 Gallon Drum preferred or recommended wide variety of operating conditions BQ 1 09 012464 Bulk - No Equipment Formulated from quality base stocks combined with modern performance Recommended for gasoline fueledMobil Special 5W-20 BQ 1 09 0170 12/1 Quart Cases additives to give the engine the expected automobiles and light duty trucks protection and performance under a requiring an API SN/SM/SL/SJ BQ 1 09 013264 55 Gallon Drum wide variety of operating conditions Formulated from quality base stocks Recommended for gasoline fueled combined with modern performance automobiles and light duty trucks whereMobil Special 20W-50 BQ 1 09 004664 55 Gallon Drum additives to give the engine the expected a higher viscosity API SN/SMSL/SJ oil is protection and performance under a preferred or recommended wide variety of operating conditions BQ1 09 0053 Bulk - No Equipment Extra high performance diesel engine oils that help extend engine life inDelvac 1300 BQ 1 09 0058 12/1 Quart Cases the most severe on and off-highway Specifically recommended for theSuper 15W40 applications while delivering outstanding latest low-emissions, high performance BQ 1 09 0059 4 / 1 Gallon Cases diesel applications equipped with performance in modern, high-output, BQ 1 09 0060 55 Gallon Drum low-emission engines including those aftertreatment systems using Diesel with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel and Aftertreatment Systems with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologiesDelvac 1300 Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Diesel BQ 1 09 0086 Bulk - No EquipmentSuper 10W30 Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) BQ 1 09 0051 4 / 1 Gallon Cases Fully synthetic supreme performance Recommended for use in all super heavy duty diesel engine oil that helps high performance diesel applications, extend engine life while providing long including modern low emission engine Delvac 1 5W40 drain capability and fuel economy for BQ 1 09 0052 55 Gallon Drum designs with Exhaust Gas Recirculation modern diesel engines operating in (EGR) severe applications BQ 1 09 0078 60/14 oz Cartridge Formulated to provide excellent high Recommended for industrial and marine BQ 1 09 0079 120 lb Keg temperature performance with superb Mobil Grease applications, chassis components and XHP222 adhesion, structural stability and farm equipment BQ 1 09 0080 400 lb Drum resistance to water contamination BQ 1 09 0098 40/14 oz Cartridge BQ 1 09 0096 120 lb Keg Extra high performance, automotive Recommended for use in limited-slip Mobil Lube HD lubricant formulated from select base differentials, axles, and final drives Plus 80W90 oils and an advanced additive system requiring API GL-5 level performance BQ 1 09 0097 400 lb Drum specifically for limited-slip differentials
  • 24. Second .•-••""TimeAroundSecondary air systems aredesigned to help the catalyticconverter get up to operatingtemperature faster. When thesystem develops a problem, theME control unit is capable ofdefining the fault Its our job tofigure out the cause. H • I i•••;,•!»:--1
  • 25. The internal combustion engine has been with usfor a very long time, and although electric motorsare being designed into more and more vehiclesbattery technology needs to improve before thebuying public is convinced. This means hybridsare a more viable choice, but they still need agenerator. A gasoline engine can be used to generateelectricity and also provide power directly to propelthe vehicle down the road. But neither is anywherenear 100% efficient. Much of the energy producedby combustion is still lost as heat, which is why wehave a cooling system. We have the same problemwith combustion itself. Atmospheric pressure fillsthe cylinders and we inject fuel to create a burnablemixture. This is then compressed until it is on theverge of igniting. We then add a spark at the propertime and the combustion process begins. As thegases expand, they push down on a piston thatturns a crankshaft and power is produced. Thisprocess is not perfect, however.W E CAN ONLY STRIVE FOR PERFECTION In an ideal world, the internal combustion enginewould convert the air/fuel charge into carbondioxide (C02), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and water(H20) as a result of the combustion process. This Vehicle 209.365 Control Unit ME-SFI 2.8 Actuations Y32 (Air pump switchover valve), M33 (electric air pump) (USA, EURO 3, EURO 4, D4) Y62 (Fuel injectors) M16/6 (Throttle valve actuator) M3 (Fuel pump) Y58/1 (Purge control valve) Y58/4 (Activated charcoal canister shut-off valve) (USA) Y31/1 (EGR vacuum transducer) Mixture adaptation Electric suction fan for engine or air conditioning Fuel tank leak test (USA) Ignition circuit shutoff T1 / x (ignition coil(s)) Y22/6 (variable intake manifold switchover valve)With an SDS, you can enter the engine control unitand command the secondary air injection test. Here,all of the hard work is done for you. The air pumpand air injection solenoid are activated and fuel triminformation is displayed so you can see if the systemis functioning properly. August 2012 25
  • 26. is not an ideal world. Hydrocarbons (HC) are not intake manifold, diluting the mixture and coolingcompletely burned, and carbon monoxide (CO) is the fire to cut NOx production, but it couldnt doformed from incomplete combustion. These gases enough. The three-way catalytic converter hasare toxic. As a result of the Clean Air Act of 1970, a reduction section upstream of the oxidationand its later manifestations, greater and greater section, which when combined with a closed-loopefforts had to be made to reduce these harmful fuel system, breaks NOx down very efficienly. Weemissions that came out of the increasing number of should mention right here that the washcoat on thecars on the road. ceramic honeycomb contains precious metals such as cerium, rhodium, palladium, and platinum. This Various anti-pollution devices were fitted to is why high-quality OEM replacement converters arevehicles. Fuel vapors (HC) have to go somewhere, so expensive. Cheaper aftermarket replacements dopreferably not into the atmosphere, so we got the not contain the proper quantities of these preciousevaporative emissions system (EVAP) with its metals, so do not work as effectively, or for verycharcoal canister to store these vapors until they long.were burned in the cylinders. But somethingneeded to be done about the byproducts of inefficient CLEANING U P THE A I Rcombustion exiting the tailpipe. The function of a catalytic converter is not limitless. You cannot have an extremely rich mixture In 1975, automobiles sold in the U.S. were required in your exhaust and expect the converter to cleanto have a catalytic converter fitted in the exhaust up all of the exhaust gas. The NOx reduction sectionsystem. This converted raw HC and partially-burned of a modern catalytic converter is designed to workCO into C02, NOx, and H20, significantly reducing with a 14.7:1 "stoichiometric" air/fuel ratio. In theharmful exhaust. Early catalytic converters were days of carburetors, mixtures were set by means ofonly two-stage (HC and CO), but about 30 years adjustments, or relatively crude jet sizes. When fuelago, the three-stage type appeared in an effort injection with feedback appeared, it became possibleto control NOx emissions. Lean mixtures lead to to achieve and maintain this ideal blend.high combustion chamber temperatures, whichincrease the formation of NOx. EGR (Exhaust Gas One of the important characteristics of a catalyticRecirculation) recycles inert exhaust gases into the converter is its ability to store oxygen. DuringThe modern secondary air pump on this 112/113 engine is mounted in front of the intake manifold so heat willevaporate any moisture that has condensed in the lines. It also makes manual testing easy. To the left of thepump is the air injection solenoid, and on the upper left and right are the air injection valves. 26 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 27. lean conditions there is excess oxygen in the oxygen sensors are working to control the mixture.exhaust stream. This is stored on the surface of By pumping in fresh air, the ME can monitor thethe substrate. In the exhaust stream the oxygen oxygen sensors and verify that they indicate a leansensor reads this lean condition and switches to a condition while the secondary air is flowing.slightly richer condition. During this rich condition,the converter gives off the oxygen it has stored to Whenever you pump air, you compress it. Thisoxidize the HC and CO passing by. condenses the moisture in the air. This can work its way in to the air pump motor causing it to fail The oxidizing process requires plenty of heat, prematurely. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz hasand a catalytic converter needs to be in its optimum chosen to install the air pump in a hot environment,temperature range to function properly. This means which helps the moisture to evaporate while theoxidation doesnt occur immediately after the engine pump is not being used. Typically, pumps areis started — it takes a certain amount of time for mounted on the front of the engine, just in front ofthe exhaust to heat the catalytic converter up to the intake manifold, or on the passenger side of theoperating temperature. During this warm-up period, block, toward the front of the engine.the exhaust stream contains the highest quantity ofharmful emissions. Stricter and stricter regulations Mercedes-Benz pumps are supplied voltageare being implemented by the government every directly by a secondary air pump relay. They drawyear, so manufacturers must come up with ways to in the range of 25 to 30 amps, so it is importantmeet these guidelines. This includes reducing the to verify that you have a good relay. Voltage dropharmful emissions released during the converters across relay contacts can reduce available voltage,warm-up period. Although it has been around since thereby increasing the amp draw. This can lead tothe 70s, air injection is still one way to reduce HC blown fuses or premature pump failure. If you needand CO while the converter is reaching operating to replace a pump, you should always replace thetemperature. Oxygen-rich fresh air is pumped relay as well.into the exhaust stream to help burn HC and CO. CONTROLLING THE FLOWEarly air pumps were belt-driven off the engine,but modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles use an electric When the pump is working, it supplies airpump. The pump only comes on for the first few through tubes to the secondary air injection valves.minutes after the engine is started, and serves no These vacuum-controlled valves allow the air intoreal purpose during the rest of the drive cycle. the ports cast into the cylinder head that lead to the exhaust ports. A secondary air injectionINJECTING A I R INTO THE EQUATION In this system, the fresh air is aimed at exhaustports as close as possible to the combustion chamberto start the oxidizing process. Even though therest of the engine and the converter are still cold,the exhaust gases are instantly hot and addingoxygen at this point helps complete the combustionprocess of HC and CO. The extra heat generatedin the exhaust stream helps to rapidly raisethe temperature of the catalytic converter to itsoperating temperature. The electric air pump is only turned on in two You should measure the amperage draw of theinstances. The first is when the engine is in the pump if you have found a blown fuse for the system.warm-up phase, and the second is when the ME Normal draw is between 25 and 30 amps. Highercontrol unit wants to check the system. It activates than that and the pump may be seizing. Any lowerthe air pump and the secondary air valve solenoid and the pump may be worn and not be producingwhile the engine is fully warmed up. At this point, the enough air flow. August 2012 27
  • 28. solenoid is switched on by the ME control unit. The on-time. If you watch the fuel trims while the test issolenoid supplies vacuum to the air injection valves happening, you will see the additive fuel trim go upto open them. There is also a reed valve mounted to 25%. If the fuel trim does not increase enough, theunderneath the air injection valve. The pumped air ME will set a code P0410. It is your job to determinecan push the reed valves open to allow the air to which part of the system is not functioning properly.continue on to the exhaust ports. Once the pump You can access a wiring diagram with a paidstops, the reed valves close, preventing hot exhaust subscription to If you havegases from backing up into the air injection control invested in a Star SDS system, you can test thevalves. Also, the ME control unit de-energizes the system dynamically. You can monitor the data whileair injection solenoid. This blocks vacuum to the the SDS puts the ME control unit into the secondarycontrol valves allowing them to close. This further air test. Watch the Additive fuel trim readings whileprevents exhaust from getting into the pump. When in the test and verify they increase over 25%.the system is working properly you will notice theair pump come on after a few minutes and run for I F YOU HAVE MANUAL CONTROLup to two minutes. You may also notice the system If you have to perform the test manually, there arecheck itself after an extended idle. a few steps you need to do before you can complete the test. First, you have to activate the secondary air To test the system, the ME control unit monitors pump. You can do this by locating the pump relay,the oxygen sensor signal voltage. With the air then you can either apply a ground to the relay,injection system pumping fresh air into the exhaust or simply jump past the switched contacts. Theseports, the 02 sensor reads the false lean condition. are always terminal 30 (DIN for constant power)The ME control unit will try to compensate for this and 87 (DIN for relay output). You should hear theby increasing injector pulse width. The fuel trim air pump come on and feel air being pumped outreadings will indicate this increase in fuel injector toward the air injection valve. You should also measure the voltage to the pump and its amperage draw. As mentioned earlier, poor relay contacts will drop the available voltage supply to the pump. With low voltage to the pump, the amperage draw has to increase, which can electrically overheat File Options Help Vehicle ontro Model $ ME1 Act ivat ions R A I R pump AIR pump 230 BK1/OFF 129 ( Aso 02S voltage EBEBE right mV 107 left mV SLR 199 SLK 02S voltage drops 171 b e l o w 4 0 mV w i t h i n 170 ( 16-pj 60 s e c o n d s 170 ( 38-pS ON til OFFThe air injection solenoid supplies the vacuum it On older vehicles, the HHTWIN system can allow yougets from the intake manifold to the air injection to dynamically test the secondary air system. Herevalves. It is only energized when the engine is in the the pump and solenoid are activated and the SDSwarm-up phase and when the monitor runs. If the displays the oxygen sensor signal voltage to verifysolenoid malfunctions, the valves will not open and that pumped air is making it into the exhaust streampumped air will not make it to the ports. and creating a false lean condition. 28 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 29. a pump until the fuse for the relay blows. If you injection valves, reed valves, and cylinder headget the pump to run, you now have to activate the exhaust ports. If everything is in order, you cansecondary air injection solenoid. You can back- check the system dynamically.probe the ground side of the solenoid and apply atemporary ground. You should now measure vacuum WORKING O N YOUR OWNto the secondary air injection valves. You can use a generic scan tool to monitor the short-term fuel trim while the engine is running. If The valves should be open at this point. If you you have a Star SDS, you should monitor the additiveremove the air injection supply hose, you should fuel trim. Now, activate the pump and secondary airnot feel exhaust gas coming out of the open end of solenoid and watch the fuel trim readings or watchthe valve. The reed valve mentioned earlier should the oxygen sensor signal voltages. The 02 sensorsbe held closed blocking exhaust gas from coming should drop to under 100 millivolts indicating thethrough the valve backwards. If you feel exhaust lean condition. The short-term fuel trim shouldgases, you will need to remove the secondary increase to 20 to 25% while the pump is running.air valve and inspect the reed valve to see if it is If the percentage is not changing enough, you willdamaged. While you have the valve removed, you need to determine if the passages are clogged or thecan apply vacuum to it with a hand pump and air pump output is too weak.see if the valve opens mechanically. With the airvalve and reed valve removed, the secondary air A properly functioning system should have aninjection ports are exposed. If you run the engine easy time passing the OBD II monitor providing theyou should feel exhaust gas flowing out of the ports oxygen sensor monitor has already run. If youvein the cylinder head. If you do not, the ports in the performed diagnosis and repair properly, you havecylinder head are blocked. The proper repair for this provided the level of service your customer expectsproblem is to remove the cylinder heads and clean from you. You have helped reduce harmful emissionsout the secondary air ports, although there may be from the engine exhaust and helped assure that thealternative means. At this point, you have checked vehicle will pass state or local emissions inspection.the operation of the air pump, injection solenoids, That should lead to a happy customer. |Here we are manually applying vacuum to the secondary air valve. The valve should hold vacuum. If not, thevalves diaphragm is torn and the valve needs to be replaced. You should activate the solenoid and verifyvacuum is making it to the valve as well. August 2012 29
  • 30. The Pressure is Controlled In an effort to increase the safety of the driving public, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS, Mercedes- Benz TPC) warn the driver when tire pressure is low and may cause tire failure. When the system needs maintenance, its our responsibility to repair this important safety tool. In this feature, we cover the Beru system that first appeared in model year 2006, and will cover the newer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems in the November issue. Mercedes-Benz has always been an innovator becomes vitally important with rain and snow.when it comes to safety systems. In almost every Tread design channels water out of the way of thechassis, high-strength alloys are used to protect the rubber meeting the road. A good snow tire willpassengers in the event of a collision. Electronically- keep the channels clean, but the sidewalls have tocontrolled drivers aids help maintain traction when flex properly for the tread to conform to the roadthe tires are about to lose their grip on the road. surface. Proper pressure is necessary to assure allThese systems are designed to work at their peak these characteristics. In the case of under-inflation,efficiency with proper tire size, tread depth, and there is also the danger of the tire overheating frominflation pressure. If any of these characteristics excessive flexing, which can lead to tread separationdoes not meet the necessary standards, optimal and catastrophic failure. A blowout at Interstateperformance will not be available. Tire size is speeds can easily result in a serious accident.important and owners should stick to the samesize replacement tire to maintain the road- In 2000, recognition of these factors led theholding ability they are used to. Tread depth Clinton administration to push through the TREAD Act (Transportation Recall Enhancement and
  • 31. >ocumentation). This required that allbuilt for the 2008 model year have a tire Fmonitoring system as an early warning to lthat the air pressure in one or more tires is low.Besides leading to unsafe driving conditions, uncle,inflation reduces fuel efficiency. While thiramount to a large percentage of an individtvehicles overall MPG, on the national levelbecomes significant.IN THE BEGINNING Tire inflation can be monitored two ways. Thefirst is the direct method. This uses a pressure To find the recommended tire pressures, look at thesensor mounted inside the tire that reads the psi placard either mounted in the drivers side door jamb,and transmits a radio signal to a control unit. Tire glove box, or inside the fuel filler door. These are the settings you can see with your SDS if you look inpressure can also be monitored by the indirect Actual Values.method. Since air pressure supports the weightof the car, any reduction in it will reduce the recommended safe life of a tire, so the sensors cancircumference of the tire. ABS and the traction be renewed during tire replacement.control system already monitor and compare tiresspeeds in order to perform their functions. A tire WHAT KIND OF PRESSURE ARE W E UNDER?with a smaller diameter will put out a different Under TPMS guidelines, sensors must transmitnumber of pulses over a given distance. If the either a 433MHz, or a 315MHz signal. The Mercedes-difference is significant, the control unit can Benz TPC system uses 315MHz on North Americaninfer that that tire must be underinflated. This vehicles, and 433MHz for European. The signalsystem relies on the wheel speed signals of the is not sent continuously because that would drainother three tires to help make the determination, the internal battery prematurely. Instead, theand uneven tread wear can throw it off. Direct sensor reads the pressure every three seconds,measurement, which all Mercedes-Benz vehicles and transmits the reading every 55 seconds whileuse, is more inherently accurate, but brings the the vehicle is being driven. If inflation drops byadded complication of needing batteries for the three psi, the sensor will begin transmittingsensors/transmitters. Even the advanced lithium- this information every .8 of a second. So, drivingion batteries used will only function reliably for with chronic low tire pressures causes signalabout seven years. Of course, that is longer than the transmission roughly once a second instead of once a minute, which will shortenVehicle 220.175 Control unit RDK battery life significantly.Tire pressure actual values , Tire pressure set values , Tire temperature Explain to your customers No. Name Actual values Unit 024 Front left wheel assignment has been found. H3S/NO that when they see the tire 001 Tire pressure of left front wheel 2475 f mbar 140 Set value of tire pressure at left front wheel 2100 mbar O 014 Tire temperature of left front wheel 73 °F 0 023 Front right wheel assignment has been found. BBS/NO 010 Tire pressure of right front wheel 2450 mbar o You can use your SDS to read 150 Set value of tire pressure at right front wheel 2075 mbar 0 015 Tire temperature of right front wheel 72 °F o the sensor identification, tire 022 Rear left wheel assignment has been found. SHI/NO o pressure and tire temperature. 011 Tire pressure of left rear wheel 2375 mbar o You can also see the properI 151 016 Set value of tire pressure at left rear wheel Tire temperature of left rear wheel 2250 66 mbar •F ° o tire pressure settings. Thi 021 Rear right wheel assignment has been found. fl^/NO 0 a quick way to make sure the 012 Tire pressure of right rear wheel 2375 mbar o ! TPC control unit can read all 152 Set value of tire pressure at right rear wheel 2200 mbar o| 017 Tire temperature of right rear wheel 68 i °F o the sensors.
  • 32. f- button for a few seconds and you will be asked if fr ((§)) you want to activate the TPC system for the new chepk pressure measurements. Using the "+" or "-" keys, engine scroll to highlight "Yes" and wait. The message in x100 the cluster should indicate that tire pressure is now r X 1/mir being monitored. Drive the vehicle over 20 mph for about 20 minutes. The instrument cluster will then display a pictogram of the vehicle and the individual Monitor current H tire pressure? "p iBi r tire pressures (one Bar =14.7psi), and the warning message should go off.You can reactivate the TPC system though theinstrument cluster. Use the folder keys to get WARNING THE DRIVERto mph, then the arrow keys to choose TPC If a failure occurs in the system, a warningreactivation, and use the + or - keys to toggle to message will be displayed instead of the tire"Yes." Then you have to drive the car for about 20 pressures. If it is in red lettering, it means thereminutes over 20 mph. is an actual problem with a loss of air pressure in one of the tires. Immediately stop the vehicle andpressure warning light come on, they should correct manually check and correct inflation. You can thenthe tire pressure as soon as possible not only for return to your shop if the tires maintain concerns, but also to extending the life of If not, have the vehicle towed in. If the warningthe sensor batteries. After inflation is corrected, message is in white lettering, it means there is athe instrument cluster will instruct the driver to problem in one of the three major components ofreactivate the TPC (a.k.a. RDK) system to check the the TPC system. With the system being mandatednew pressures. This does not require a scan tool, in 2008 (Mercedes-Benz started using this systembut can be done through the instrument cluster. much earlier), the sensors could be getting low onConsult the owners manual to find the specific battery life. There is also the possibility of damageprocedure for the vehicle at hand, but essentially to the antenna in the wheel well that receives theyou will be using the folder keys to scroll through signals and passes them on to the TPC controluntil vehicle speed is displayed. Then, use the arrow unit. The control unit sends any warning messagesbuttons until a question referring to reactivating through CAN-B to the instrument cluster to warntire pressure is displayed. Hold down the reset the driver. With an SDS Star diagnostic system, Here, the bead is being broken at the three oclock position with the valve stem at the nine oclock position. This prevents damage to the sensor when the bead makes it over the safety lip of the rim. 32 lercedes-Benz StarTuned
  • 33. you can interrogate the TPC control unit, pulldiagnostic trouble codes, look at live data, andperform service procedures.TIRE SERVICE WITH SENSORS The presence of the sensors requires extra careduring tire service. When breaking the bead, alwayshave the tire stem 180 degrees from the anvil ofthe tire machine to prevent sensor damage. Also,when removing the tire, make sure the sensor isjust in front of the anvil. This way the sensor rotatesclockwise away from the anvil and the tire should notcome in contact with the sensor while being removed. Whenever you replace a sensor, record the identification number pictured here vertically on the You should follow a few simple rules when right. The number reads 600279933 on this sensor.servicing tires and the TPC system. First, replace The mounting screw should be tightened to 4NM.any sensor that is over five years old. Next, inspectthe underside of the sensor. There is a white filter with the ID number printed on it, which you canthat covers the sensor element. If the filter is dirty, tape to the wheel for future reference.broken, or contaminated with tire sealant, replace If the sensor does need to be replaced, therethe sensor. A damaged filter will shorten the service are still a few service procedures that need to belife of the sensor and/or give incorrect readings. The performed to speed up the reactivation process andsensor sends a signal indicating battery condition prevent a customer from returning and complainingwith every transmission of tire pressure. This that the TPC warning message is still displayedbattery life reading can be called up with the SDS in the cluster. Each sensor has its own electronicsystem. This allows you to accurately inform the identification signal it transmits along with those forcustomer about which sensors should be replaced battery life and tire pressure. This information canalong with the tires. be pulled up with most TPMS tools. You may needREPLACING THE SENSOR to activate the sensor before it will transmit while When installing a new sensor, you should order the vehicle is standing still. Simply remove five psia new valve kit to go along with it. An aluminum from each tire you want to test, and the sensor willvalve stem is used with a lock nut. New sealing transmit the new information. Remember to correctwashers will come in the kit to prevent any valve the pressure after taking the reading for eachstem leaks. The nut for the valve stem needs to be tire. When you drive the vehicle, the sensors willtightened down to 4 NM to form a proper seal. The transmit their ID numbers, battery life, and actualnew sensor also gets mounted to the inside of the tire pressure. The TPC control unit will eventuallyvale stem with a special hollow screw, which also learn the wheel position of each sensor. This will beneeds to be torqued to 4 NM. Always be sure to fit followed by the tire pressure. This process may takethe plastic valve cap to complete the installation. a while, hence the customers possible return. WithThis prevents corrosion in the Schrader valve. the SDS, you can manually enter the ID number forInform your customers not to use metal valve caps each sensor into the TPC control unit. Now that theas different metals will eventually react with the wheel positions have been learned, the learning ofaluminum threads and become very difficult to tire pressure will happen much faster.remove. You should record the sensors ID number THE SDS HAS ITS ADVANTAGESand the wheel it is being installed in. This will be Using your SDS, enter the TPC (Tire Pressureimportant if you need to manually enter the sensors Monitor) system where you will have the optionsposition in the TPC control unit. Your Mercedes- to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes, look at eventBenz parts department supplies an external sticker history, actual values, actuations, initial startup, August 2012 33
  • 34. control unit adaptations, etc.. By choosing either blowout), so you will still need to carefully inspectinitial start-up with manual entering of information, the integrity of the tire with each service. With aor control unit adaptations, and then selecting working knowledge of the TPC system you can dosettings, you can enter the TPC sensor directly more than just keep that warning message off. Youfor each wheel. This speeds up the tire pressure can also provide your customers with the confidencelearning process since wheel position is known. of knowing their vehicles safety systems are readyIt can also be a valuable tool in your diagnostic to work as designed. Its that confidence and trust inprocess. If you suspect that a bad wheel sensor or you that keeps them coming back. |antenna is not transmitting information, you cansimply change the position of the wheel on thevehicle, then reactivate the system and see if theproblem moves to a new wheel location or stays inthe same wheel, which would indicate a bad TPCantenna. Other external characteristics can affecthow the TPC control unit reactivates. If you live ina hot climate, air temperature inside the tire cango above 120 C. This will cause the sensor to stoptransmitting information. Also, if tire pressure isthree psi above specifications, the system will notfinish the reactivation process. The activation process must be performed anytime components have been replaced, and newair pressure values need to be read. With the When you order a new wheel speed sensor, youinitial start up of a new TPC control unit, you can should always replace the tire valve. The stickerautomatically retrieve car information, or manually taped to the sensor has the ID number on it. You canenter the data. As an example of what information tape this to the rim to identify the sensor number ifis necessary, you should know that the TPC control you are going to manually enter it.unit is usually powered up by the Rear SAM. Vehicle 220.184 Control unit RDK Additional weight in the vehicle has an effect on Write wheel electronics identification number.tire pressure. The central gateway gives vehicle- Wheel electronics identification number of leftspecific information and country code to the TPC front wheel 0600350357control unit. The Front SAM sends charging system The wheel electronics identification number is printed on componentvoltage and ambient temperature readings. Tire A69/1 (left front tire pressure monitor sensor).temperatures are affected by ambient and road Wheel electronics identification number of right 0600348488 front wheelsurface temperatures as well. Look for the placard The wheel electronics identification number is printed on componenteither in the fuel door, glove box, or drivers side A69/2 (right front tire pressure monitor sensor).door jamb. These are cold inflation pressures, so the Wheel electronics identification number of left 0600279933tire pressure needs to be checked before driving rear wheelthe vehicle and not after a long trip. These pressure The wheel electronics identification number is printed on component A69/3 (left rear tire pressure monitor sensor).settings can be changed if different tires are fitted Wheel electronics identificaiton number of rightand the tire manufacturer recommends it, but rear wheel 0600262161Mercedes-Benz strongly recommends that only the The wheel electronics identification number is printed on componentoriginal tire construction and size be used to work A69/4 (rear right tire pressure control wheel).with the other electronic systems in the vehicle such Using your SDS, you can enter "Control Unitas ESP, ASR, and ABS. Adaptations," then select "Settings" followed by "Write Wheel Electronics Identification Numbers," The TPC system is not without its limitations. It then you can manually enter the ID numbers tocannot report on a sudden loss of air pressure (a speed up the air pressure learning process. 34 Mercedes-Benz StarTuned I » W , . W P H U U J . U H . . . L I I I I Jim I. njiuum
  • 35. NETSourcing Mercedes-BenzRepair and Parts Information Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Parts Homo Whats New Certified Collision Program Romanufactured Parts Accessories Service Parts Find a Dealer The Advantages of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are competitively priced to help ensure that the premier automobile in the world remains durable, remains pure, and helps retain its value. • Experience (§1 Price Updates @ Tech Support << Tools and Links Order Parts Online i 2012 Mercedes-Ben? USA, MedWairarty | ConlactUs Extensive information on Revamped WebParts Genuine Mercedes-Benz overview page and Service Parts such as refreshed manuals on Brakes, Wipers, Filters, WebParts and the EPC Batteries and Oil Genuine Mercedes-Benz StarTuned magazine Remanufactured section with archive Parts Catalog and Core search functionality and Return Policy, as well as downloadable articles current price Mercedes-Benz
  • 36. COMPLIMENTS OF RB H OF ATLANTA, INC. 770-390-0601 • gr*/-!iiiiffft • yft/tf/A w. teraades-Ben;repair work, using or recommending non-genuine parts candamage your credibility.With readily-available Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, manufacturedprecisely to original model specifications, you can meet thesuperior standards your customers expect. void making any risky moves and instead rely on Genuine mMMercedes-Benz Collision Parts to get the job done right. MContact your local Mercedes-Benz dealeror learn more at quality • Competitive priceFactory built & tested • Precision fitLimited warranty • Proven reliability Mercedes-Benz