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Life cycle of a plant vocabulary interactive

Life cycle of a plant vocabulary interactive






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    Life cycle of a plant vocabulary interactive Life cycle of a plant vocabulary interactive Presentation Transcript

    • Life Cycle of a Plant How living things grow, live, and die 2 nd grade Science
    • A plant’s life cycle starts with a seed.
      • Inside the seed is a tiny new plant.
      • The outside of the seed has a special covering called a seed coat.
      • When the seed gets the right amount of water, warmth, and air, it can begin to grow.
      • If conditions remain just right, after a time the little seed will sprout.
      • The sprout will grow to look like the plant it came from
    • As the sprout continues to develop, it will grow roots, a stem, leaves, and flowers which will form more seeds At this stage, the life cycle of the plant begins again.
    • It Starts With a Seed.
      • From a seed, a small root grows down into the soil.
      • Then, the stem grows up toward the surface of the soil.
      • Soon, the stem breaks through the soil. When this happens, it is called a sprout.
    • The Cycle Continues
      • Later, leaves begin to form on the plant stem.
      • Now it is called a seedling and can make its own food.
      • Finally, the seedling develops into a plant which will look like the plant it came from.
    • Vocabulary
      • Life cycle ___
      • Leaves ___
      • Stem ___
      • Roots ___
      • Seeds ___
      • Fruit ___
      • Pollen ___
      • Flowers___
      • holds up the plant
      • hold the plant in the soil and take in water and minerals
      • make seeds
      • take in air and use light to make food
      • grows around seeds for protection
      • grow into new plants
      • a powder which makes seeds grow inside a flower
      • Shows how a living thing grows, lives, and dies
    • What Am I ?
      • Using the vocabulary worksheet, help your partner learn the names of plant parts by giving clues. For example, “I take in water and minerals from the soil. What am I ?”
      • Give your partner one clue for each vocabulary word. Once you have completed the list with your partner, switch.
    • Identification
      • Draw and label the following parts of a plant.
      • Leaves
      • Roots
      • Flower
      • Fruit
      • Seeds
      • Stem
    • The Life Cycle of a Plant Explain the life cycle of a plant and relate the importance of the proper amount of sunlight to the growth and development of a plant.