Sven-Thore Holm — Global Summit of Innovation Economy Creators


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Global Summit of Innovation Economy Creators.
Sven-Thore Holm.
Гендиректор Lundavision AB, основатель шведского Ideon Science Park. Исполнительный директор Фонда по передаче технологий, Лунд, Швеция (обучение предпринимательству, помощь в создании стартапов, получении патентов на разработки, начальное финансирование). Состоит в рабочей группе «Сколково». В совете директоров ряда инновационных институтов и компаний в Швеции и Дании. Консультировал правительство и компании Австралии и Китая по вопросам инноваций.

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Sven-Thore Holm — Global Summit of Innovation Economy Creators

  1. 1. Global Summit of Innovation Economy Creators April 17-20 2012 Moscow
  2. 2. WELCOMELundavision Ldt.Sven-Thore Holm, CEO
  3. 3. Facts about Sweden• Total population 9 million• GDP 40.000 USD• R&D 3.6% of GDP ( second in the World)
  4. 4. Innovation/CommercialisationStructure of Sweden Department of Industry/Education VINNOVA – R&D Universities,Institutes, Industry Innovationsbron AB – commercialisation Investment Fund of Sweden – financing ALMI – financing/business development SME Private Venture Capital
  5. 5. Industrial activities• Paper/pulp/wood• Metal/iron• Advanced metal engineering• Automotive• Telecom/Information technology• Advanced defense industry
  6. 6. Industrial activities cont.• Pharma industry• Food industry (Functional Food )• Environment protection industry• Packageing industry• Service industry
  7. 7.  How can innovations be turned intobusiness and economic growth?In the following I will introduce ashortcut…
  8. 8. Step 1: Acknowledge that a full scale innovation systemmust be a vital part of modern infrastructure.Step 2: There must be political commitments on central,regional and local level to create an “innovation chain”.Step 3: A committed professional team must be created
  9. 9. Creation of a Working Innovation ChainFeedstream Coaching Soft financing Patent/licensing Equity
  10. 10. Feedstream . Systems for increasing the entrepreneurial spirit• .Creative thinking on all levels• National/regional competition in creating a business plan
  11. 11. Feedstream•. Entrepreneurial education on university level•. Establishment of functional structures for scouting of inventions in all universities and institutes. Technology Transfer Officies (TTO)
  12. 12. Coaching•. Critical mass of professional business coaching
  13. 13. The 18 step program TECHNICAL MARKET BUSINESS CONCEPT PHASE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS MARKET NEEDS ASSESSMENT VENTURE ASSESSMENT STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 • Conduct market • Estimate profit potential • Define conceptStage 1 • Confirm critical overview • Conduct self, enterpriseInvestigation • Id pricing structure and commercialization assumptions • Id market barriers assessments • Survey state of the art •… •… •… DEVELOPMENT PHASE TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY MARKET STUDY ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY STEP 4 STEP 5 STEP 6Stage 2 • Develop working model • Id and quantify: • Formulate financialFeasibility • Test technical features • Market size assumptions •… •… • Develop pro forma •… ENGINEERING PROTOTYPE STRATEGIC MARKET PLAN STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANStage 3 STEP 7 STEP 8 STEP 9Development • Develop prototype • Id marketing team • Decide venture or license • Id materials and processes • Define target market • Finalize intellectual property •… •… •…
  14. 14. Gambro Sony Ericsso Chemical Centre Active Biotech Центр Хімії Ecology Centre Центр ЕкологіїЛікарня при університеті IdeonUniversity Hospital Science LTH Park Astra Zeneca BMC Школа Економіки MAX-lab School of Econom ics 500 m Ideon Science Park Hans
  15. 15. TECHNICAL MARKET BUSINESS PRE-PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE MARKET VALIDATION BUSINESS START-UP STEP 10 STEP 11 STEP 12 Develop production • Conduct market Establish business functionStage 4 prototype overview Hire staffIntroduction Determine production • Id pricing structure Execute contracts process • Id market barriers … … •… COMMERCIAL PHASE PRODUCTION SALES AND DISTRIBUTION ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY STEP 13 STEP 14 STEP 15 Prepare commercial Expand distributionStage 5 Monitor enterprise position design production Analyze competitorGrowth prototype response Hire and train personnel Execute contracts Establish quality control … … … PRODUCTION SUPPORT MARKET DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN STEP 16 STEP 17 STEP 18Stage 6 Maximize production • Develop market Establish SWOT processMaturity Establish after market retention Invest profits support, repairs and spares • Establish market scan Monitor product life cycle … • Id new markets … •…
  16. 16. Patent/licensing•. Professional structure for patenting and global licensing
  17. 17. Creation of a financial toolbox•. Grants• . Verification/Proof of Concept• . Soft loans• . Early stage equity
  18. 18. The Financial Toolbox• Grants 25.000 €• Verification 40.000 €• Public soft loans 40.000 €• Public pre-pre seed equity 50.000 €• Public/private equity 750.000 €• Private equity (institutions/angels)
  19. 19. Equity•. Creation of professional early stage equity structures• . Based on private and public money
  20. 20. Bridging the Financing Gap – A System for Developing Brilliant Ideas to Commercial Success
  21. 21. Technology Transfer to SME:STechnology Transfer to SME:SEstablishment of a Knowledge Bridge Structure providing SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) with new knowledge
  22. 22. Suggestion   Since LundaVision Ltd has been involved in one of the most developed system for knowledge transfer in Europe, LundaVision could be a supplier of an integrated fullscale innovation system .
  23. 23. Thank you for listening!