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Map for visionaries

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  1. 1. Envisioning emerging technology Research & visualization for 2012 and beyond by Michell Zappa mz@envisioningtech Understanding where technology is heading is more than guesswork. Looking at emerging trends mz@envisioningtech.com and research, one can predict and draw conclusions about how the technological sphere is developing, mz@envisioningtech.com and which technologies should become mainstream in the coming years. Envisioning technology is meant to facilitate these observations by taking a step back and seeing the wider context. By speculating about what lies beyond the horizon we can make better decisions of what to create today. ARTIFICIAL INTERNET INTERFACES SENSORS UBICOMP ROBOTICS BIOTECH MATERIALS ENERGY SPACE GEOENGINEERING INTELLIGENCE QUANTITATIVE FORECASTS Global online population: ± 2 billion High-frequency Cloud Multi Depth Tablets Rapid personal Additive2012 trading computing touch imaging gene sequencing manufacturing 2012 Connected devices: ±10 billion World population: 7 billion2013 Inductive 2013 chargers Cyber- Gesture Near-field2014 warfare recognition communication 2014 Software agents Volumetric Self-healing (3D) screens Appliance materials robots Tidal turbines Global online population: ± 2.5 billion2015 2015 Connected devices: ±15 billion Speech Pervasive Sources: recognition video Intel – http://intel.ly/pWbH04 4G capture Flexible screens Telematics Fuel cells InternetWorldStats – http:/ /bit.ly/AKbO5 Organ Commercial Source: U.N. – http://bit.ly/7nqQkS printing spaceflight2016 2016 Natural language interpretation Boards Graphene Mesh networking Augmented Biometric reality Smart sensors toys2017 2017 Bio-enhanced fuels Photonics 4K Modular computers Robotic Synthetic surgery blood Smart power meters2018 Personal fabricators Virtual Biomarkers Pico- Machine currencies Haptics projectors Self-driving Sub-orbital translation vehicles Smart drugs Multi-segmented smart grids spaceflight2019 2019 Global online population: 4-5 billion Connected devices: 30-50 billion Machine Meta- Space 5G vision tourism $150 Hard disk: ±200 Tb materials Photovoltaic Standard RAM: ±750Gb Powered glass Procedural exoskeleton Sources: storytelling Eyewear-embedded Intel – http:/ /intel.ly/pWbH04 screens Ericsson – http://bit.ly/avvVok Alan Conroy – http:/ /bit.ly/pofHp52020 2020 FutureTimeline – http:/ /bit.ly/qz4ben Personalized medicine Holography Optical invisibility cloaks Piezo- Weather Context-aware electricity computing engineering In-vitro meat Reputation Commercial economy UAVs Computational photography Synthetic Petabyte storage standard Fabric-embedded biology Carbon screens nanotubes Source: http:/ /bit.ly/r9BYQc VR-only Telepresence lifeforms $ 1.000 computer reaches the capacity of the human brain (± 1015 calculations per second) Stem-cell Vertical Source: http:/ /bit.ly/6MoQJc treatments farming World population: 8 billion Interplanetary Reprogrammable Domestic Biomaterials Biomechanical Source: U.N. – http:/ /bit.ly/7nqQkS internet chips robots harvesting BRICs GDP overtakes the G7 Source: Goldman Sachs – http:/ /bit.ly/nc9Wqj Sea- Nano- steading generators Optogenetics Gene therapy Artificial2030 photosynthesis 2030 Skin-embedded Molecular Terabit internet speed standard screens Swarm assembler Source: http:/ /bit.ly/kPMKMb robotics Immersive virtual reality Desalination Hybrid Lunar assisted limbs Enernet outpost Remote presence Retinal screens Exabyte storage standard Nanowires Source: http:/ /bit.ly/kPMKMb Artificial Mars Carbon retinas mission sequestration Neuro- Thorium informatics reactor Embodied avatars Nanomedicine Climate Exocortex engineering Programmable Space matter elevator Machine- augmented cognition Anti- Traveling aging wave reactor drugs Utility fog Space-based Solar Arcologies solar power sail World population: 9 billion Source: U.N. – http:/ /bit.ly/7nqQkS2040 2040 BITS ATOMS RELATIVE IMPORTANCE CONSUMER IMPACT CLUSTER OF TECHNOLOGIES The node size indicates the predicted The outline of a node indicates a consumer A jagged outline indicates a cluster of importance of a technology. impact larger than the technological novelty. similar technologies grouped together. Last updated: 2012-02-10 BY SA