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Bowery Annual Rpt 09 1st Draft
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Bowery Annual Rpt 09 1st Draft


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  • 1. RESTORATION The Bowery Mission & Kids wiTh A ProMise 2 0 0 9 A n n uA l R e p o Rt
  • 2. P Y President’s Letter 1 Who We Are 2 Transforming Lives: The Bowery Mission 4 Changing Life Direction: Kids With A Promise 10 Special Events 2009 14 2010 and Beyond Our Purpose 16 Our Goals 19 Our Partnership 20 Financial Summary 23 Our Board of Directors 24 Our Senior Management 25 Y
  • 3. PRESIDENT’S LETTER X in 2009, The Bowery Mission 1,200 homeless individuals with care. And Kids wiTh A ProMise And Kids with A Promise prepared experienced the gracious hand of God to move its children’s services toward protecting our work – leading us to an integrated model of year-round take substantial costs out in the fall of services to the same children with 2008, but also to add core services and measurable outcomes. fundraising capabilities at the same The aftershocks of the financial time. The result was a 2009 in which crisis remain with us, and new threats we were able to relieve suffering for to the homeless and at-risk children thousands more new yorkers caught loom on the horizon. homelessness in in a disastrous economy, raise as many new york City is at levels unseen since resources as in 2008 and finish the 2001, and every day more children year positioned to play an increasing and their families slip into crippling role in helping the least fortunate of poverty. Together, i believe we can new york. transform lives – because every child The Bowery Mission expanded its deserves a chance, and every man or residential recovery programs by 15% woman a second chance. in 2009 to help more of the home- we will need your help if we are to less; reinforced meal services to meet reach our goals and transform lives. an 11% jump in demand; and best of This Annual report is more than a all, graduated 150 formerly homeless record of accomplishments – it is a men and women to transformed lives call to action. your partnership with us of spiritual growth, sobriety, employ- can and will make a difference. i invite ment and independent living. Through you to be a part of our vision. summer camping, mentoring and a new scholarship program, Kids with sincerely, A Promise influenced the life direc- tion of a thousand children and youth, and created a new adventure-based program for developing leaders. The Bowery Mission also launched a new collaboration of faith-based edward Morgan providers in new york City: the President & Ceo rescue Alliance of nyC. in January 2009, its first project – the Don’t Walk By campaign – united seven partners, scores of churches and over 1,300 volunteers to canvass every street in Manhattan, reaching more than
  • 4. WHO WE ARE The Bowery Mission and Kids With A Promise is an impactful, results-oriented organization with one of the most respected and widely renowned compas- sionate care programs in New York City, three resi- dential recovery programs annually graduating 150 formerly homeless men and women, and two youth development programs serving nearly 1,000 children. The Bowery Mission and Kids With A Promise comprise Christian Herald Association, a $10.8M faith-based charity that has served men, women and children across New York City for 130 years.
  • 5. transforming lives: THE BOWERy MISSION The Bowery Mission is most known for its compassionate care services, but that is not all we do to help homeless men and women. hot meals, safe shelter, medical care, even haircuts are acts of compassion that invite homeless men and women to be restored to sobriety, employment and housing in our residential recovery programs: The Bowery Mission Discipleship Institute, The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at heartsease home, and The Bowery Mission Transitional Center. our residential recovery programs incorporate addiction and personal counseling, as well as education and vocational training within a faith-based context. each site offers long-term, practical solutions to chronic homelessness through life and employ- ment skills training, continuing education opportunities, single and group counseling, legal aid, job-readiness training and housing placement. in 2009, we increased our number of graduates by 10% over the previous year: 150 men and women with a transformed life. each one is now connected to God and family, committed to sobriety, employed, living independently, and implementing a plan for the future. Compassionate Care The Bowery Mission staff worked alongside thousands of volunteers and received $2.9M in food, clothing and other items donated by nyC businesses, religious com- munities and churches from new york, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and ohio. This overflow of generosity helped us serve 840 hot, nutritious meals every day, give away 46,900 articles of clothing, host 73,700 nights of shelter, and provide 574 patient visits and 85 new pairs of eyeglasses through Bowery Medical services. The Bowery Mission Discipleship Institute restoring broken men to a transformed life, the discipleship institute expanded bed capacity by a third to help more homeless men recover, resulting in 84 graduates. The Bowery Mission Transitional Center Operated in partnership with, and fully funded by, the City of New York since 1994, the Transitional Center has been among the city’s highest-ranked substance abuse recovery programs for nine years, and graduated 56 men to a stable, recovered life. The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at Heartsease Home Entering its fifth year of service, the Women’s Center at Heartsease Home expanded bed capacity to accommodate twenty women at a time, and created a cooperative referral system with walter hoving home to better serve homeless women, resulting in 10 graduates.
  • 6. transformed life WILMON FebRuARy 2010 was a big deal assaulted or robbed. then I slept for me, when I was asked to be a couple of nights in the bowery supervisor of transportation at Mission Chapel, and here I saw the bowery Mission. It was very how different people were – they emotional. I was being trusted. didn’t talk down to me, but spoke And to think, that only 14 months respectfully and really cared for ago I was driving for the devil – me. that encouraged me to get but now I’m driving for the lord. into the Discipleship Institute. December 2008 was a different In the Institute’s classes and with time, and I was different. I had the counselors, I learned how to just come up from South Caroli- deal with my addiction and pain- na, where I used to drive for drug ful past. My relationship with God dealers, delivering drugs to sup- grew. through the Career Center port my cocaine habit. I almost I earned my commercial driver’s got caught by the police and so I license. I started driving for the came to the bronx but ended up Mission – me, a man who used to homeless. deliver drugs is now delivering I rode the 6 train up and down food and hope. I’ve driven over for a week, and stayed away 3,000 miles already for the bowery from the shelters. I didn’t have Mission. From now on, I just want anybody here to help me and felt to help others, and pass on the op- so isolated. on the streets, you portunity that was given to me. don’t know who to trust, and all I’m Wilmon, and my life was trans- the time you’re afraid of being formed at the bowery Mission.
  • 7. transformed life ROSIE DuRInG one oF My visits home, I looked at my 11-year old relationship with Him. I found common ground with the other daughter and said “Honey, again women in the home who had I know I said it a thousand times, similar struggles. My counselors but I’m sorry.” She immediately helped instill a discipline and said “Mom! Stop that, stop that! structure I desperately needed It’s behind us, its over. It’s ok.” in my life. they inspired me with To hear her say that just affirmed their own stories of overcoming how restored I truly am. adversity. one on one counseling A series of storms pushed me and classes helped me change my to the edge: my husband’s depor- way of thinking, equipping me to tation, the loss of my marriage… overcome my past. I was depressed and began using I used to think my life was harder drugs to cope. I was like wasted away in all those years of that for seven years. It seemed drugs and depression. but now, like only drugs could numb the I’m looking forward to all the pain, the helplessness, the loneli- years I have to serve God. I have ness. Fear repressed me, kept a more intimate, tighter relation- me from having a relationship ship with my kids now than I ever with the God I loved. I felt like He had before, and we plan to be could never love me, could never reunited. I’m going to pursue my forgive me. eventually, every- bachelor’s degree and I want to thing fell apart – I lost custody of start a family business with my my children and my home. children. I’m committed to giving At the bowery Mission Wom- my children the same uncondi- en’s Center, I found a mercy and tional love God gave me. a forgiveness in God I never knew I’m Rosie and my life was trans- existed, and regained a strong formed at the bowery Mission.
  • 8. changing life direction: KIDSPROMISE WITH A A weAK suPPorT sysTeM, an inadequate education and other disadvan- tages in childhood can often lead to homelessness. With a better first chance, homeless men and women may not have needed a second chance. Kids With A Promise exists to provide that better first chance by empowering at-risk children and youth with the community of support, educational opportu- nity, and spiritual foundation they need to achieve a promising future. in its 115th year Kids with A Promise worked with nearly 1,000 underprivileged children and youth in our two youth development programs – Mont Lawn Camp and Leader- ship Academy. Kids with A Promise is developing programming to shift its resources from church-based After school Programs to providing students with scholarships, men- toring and the comprehensive support they need to succeed. This renewed focus on educational achievement and year-round involvement will deepen our year- round commitment to the most at-risk children, and ensure the 1,000 children and youth with whom we work have a plan for the future, are committed to graduating, and are connected to Christ, a caring adult and a positive peer group. Kids With A Promise Mont Lawn Camp Changing the life direction of at-risk youth since 1894, Mont Lawn Camp hosted 792 children for a week at summer camp, teaching them valuable lessons that connected them to their Creator and strengthened their faith and character. At our new Leadership Hill, 78 teenagers camped out under the stars, exercised leadership and self-discipline, hiked the Poconos’ peaks and canoed down the delaware river. Kids With A Promise Leadership Academy instilling leadership qualities in teenage graduates of Mont Lawn Camp, the Leadership Academy connected 76 teenagers with 25 volunteers in group mentorship. in 2009, we gave 15 Promising Leader Awards to participants who demonstrated commitment to our core values through their volunteering, char- acter and achievements.
  • 9. C
  • 10. CHANgED LIfE DIRECTION TATIANA, ELIjAH AND LAuRA GRoWInG up In SoMe parts of on us, and we’ve made friendships new york City can be tough. our that are bound to last. our mentors neighborhoods and schools are not are great too – they’re understand- as bad as some think, but we do ing, easy to talk to and give helpful worry about our safety sometimes. advice. the Kids With A promise We’ve all seen drug dealers selling staff taught us to stay focused on on our corners, and smelled pot in our education, and to be leaders at our buildings. Gang members walk school and in our neighborhoods. our halls and graffiti our schools. It’s like Kids With A promise as It’s hard to have to watch your a whole is saying to us “you can back in your own school, your own live your own life above and apart neighborhood. It can really be a lot from all the violence, drugs and to deal with. other stuff around you. And here Mont lawn Camp is really great are some people to back you up because it took us away from all and be there for you.” We don’t that for a while. It was good to be know any other program like it. able to go outside for once without because of Kids With A promise, being wary, to just be free to have we don’t feel disadvantaged. today fun. learning about God in a way we’re ready to graduate, to further that made sense helped us connect our education and go on to do great to Him. Having a real relationship things – like being a surgeon, an with God has strengthened us when eMt, and a journalist. home and school got tough. Mont We’re tatiana, elijah and laura lawn Camp and leadership Acad- and we found the direction of emy also introduced us to good our lives changed at Kids With A kids who are a positive influence promise.
  • 11. SPECIAL EvENTS 2009 X Celebration of Hope Auction celebrated independence day with Our fifth annual silent and live auction live entertainment, delicious food and this fall raised $100,000 to benefit The front row seats to fantastic fireworks Bowery Mission Women’s Center at on the hudson river. These generous heartsease home. Cat Greenleaf of supporters also celebrated Mont Lawn nBC news emceed the event for our 200 Camp’s 115th anniversary, raising guests, who also enjoyed fine food pro- $60,000. vided by legendary Chef Larry Forgione. Bowery Mission Chapel 100th valentine gala Anniversary Celebration The Bowery Mission’s 10th Annual To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Valentine Gala honored John Catsi- the Bowery Mission Chapel, we hosted matidis, Founder & Ceo of The red a 5-night Anniversary Arts series, Apple Group, and Margo Catsimatidis, featuring local photographers, musi- President of MCV Advertising. A cians, poets, historians and filmmakers crowd of 350 filled the iconic Rainbow to honor our Bowery community and room, danced and dined the night history. Festivities concluded novem- away, and raised nearly $600,000. ber 6th with a public ceremony hosted by Paula Zahn and attended by NYC’s Broadway at The Boathouse government and business leaders A brand new benefit dinner at The Loeb Central Park Boathouse raised $100,000 Thanksgiving for Mont Lawn Camp. our 180 guests The Bowery Mission joined forces were entertained by Broadway cast with Mercy Chefs and 720 volunteers members from illustrious shows such as to serve a record 3,481 meals on wicked and Les Miserables. Thanksgiving. This was also the first year The Bowery Mission served in all july fourth yacht Party 5 boroughs through our Thanksgiving Aboard the Valiant yacht, 80 guests outreach dinners.
  • 12. 9
  • 13. OuR PuRPOSE V As we LooK To 2010 And Beyond, The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise continues to minister to men, women and children in new york City caught in cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds, seeing their lives transformed to hope, joy, lasting productivity and eternal life through the power of Jesus Christ. Thousands of new yorkers are trapped in a vicious cycle of low educational at- tainment, substance abuse dependency, broken support systems and deep, spiritual despair. They have the capacity for growth, change, productivity and spiritual wholeness, but the cycle of poverty is hard to escape. The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise offer the space and opportunity for God to restore and empower men, women and children. God brings restora- tion and vitality to troubled hearts and minds, changing the very course of our lives. we work with God in the midst of transformation, empowering the individu- al with practical solutions, such as education, vocational opportunity and mentor- ing to ensure self-sufficiency, strength of character and stability. Broken men and women are restored when we accomplish these things, and the next generation of children grows in character and competence. depen- dency turns into freedom, disconnected families rejoin, the fruit of labors are enjoyed, home is a safe and good place, and productive, prosperous futures are assured. This is the vision we have for every man, woman and child we help through The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise.
  • 14. E
  • 15. O
  • 16. OuR gOALS in 2010, our ministry will be moving forward strongly on four fronts: W We will be working on ways to expand the number of beds in The Bowery Mission’s residential recovery programs to see more transformed lives. We will offer further compassionate alternatives to the large number of guests we serve daily at The Bowery Mission who are not physically or mentally able to enter residential recovery. We will move our children’s ministries toward a model which works with children year-round to measurably change their life direction. We will expand our partnership with other like- minded homeless service providers, through the initiative we founded – the Rescue Alliance of NYC.
  • 17. OuR PARTNERSHIP Y we AsK For your partnership to help us see our vision become reality and our goals accomplished. your investment in The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise will reap the return of transformed lives. To involve, inform, and honor our investors, we have established the new york hope Partners, red door Giving society, women of impact and Bowery Mission young Philanthropists. New york Hope Partners The Bowery Mission is almost entirely funded by private donations, grants, and a special group of friends called new york hope Partners who give regular, monthly gifts to The Bowery Mission. new york hope Partners help us save time and money on mailings, so that more resources go directly to homeless men and women, and at-risk children and youth. hope Partners enjoy invitations to local events, a ViP tour of The Bowery Mission, and an annual invitation to the President’s Breakfast. The Red Door giving Society Red Door Giving Society honors an influential league of donors who have made an annual contribution of $1,000 or more, as well as lifetime donors of 200 gifts or $250,000 cumulatively. Giving society members have the opportunity to network with other highly- committed donors and hear firsthand from men, women and children whose lives have been transformed and affected by The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise.
  • 18. Women of Impact In 2004 a group of hopeful, energetic and influential women helped renovate an upper east side townhouse and raise the funds to begin the only faith- based women’s residential recovery center in Manhattan: The Bowery Mission Women’s Center at Heartsease Home. Today that group of women has blossomed into the women of impact, a group of powerful women who each year seek to see the Women’s Center fully funded and thriving. women of impact advocate for the Center, recruit others, volunteer their time and expertise, and pray with and for the women. They form an integral part of the annual auction, graduation ceremonies, Christmas parties and other events to benefit the Women’s Center and the women it serves. young Philanthropists only in its second year, the 200-person strong young Philanthropists has hosted four events to raise nearly $10,000 for The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise and volunteered on two service-learning projects. The young Philanthropists draw from civic-minded 20 to 30-something leaders in a variety of fields who want to use their time, talent, resources and connections to transform lives. Their mission is to raise a new generation of leaders committed to the work of The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise. with the gracious hand of God protecting our work, 2009 was a successful year for The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise. we saw 150 lives trans- formed from hopelessness to hope, and 1,000 children and youth with a changed life direction. our partnership can do so much more for thousands of suffering new yorkers in 2010 and beyond. we hope you will join us.
  • 19. CHRISTIAN HERALD ASSOCIATION, INC. fINANCIAL SuMMARy & RATIOS1 2% program fees 2% investments & trusts 15% Kids With A Promise programs 4% special events 17% gifts in kind 60% individual 58% Bowery contributions Mission programs 9% government contracts & grants 16% development & public awareness 6% foundations & corporations 11% management & general Support & Revenue (In the thousands) fy 2009 fy 2008 Individual Contributions2 $10,555 60% $4,561 40% Foundations & Corporations $1,084 6% $885 8% Government Contracts & Grants $1,579 9% $1,535 13% Gifts in Kind $2,904 17% $2,338 20% Special Events $692 4% $1,096 10% Investments & Trusts $329 2% $438 4% Program Fees3 $285 2% $402 4% Volunteer Services $85 0% $71 1% Other $27 0% $86 1% Total Support & Revenue $17,540 100% $11,412 100% Expenses (In the thousands) fy 2009 fy 2008 Program Services The Bowery Mission Programs4 $6,313 58% $5,972 54% Kids With A Promise Programs5 $1,591 15% $1,859 17% Total Program Services $7,904 73% $7,831 71% Development & Public Awareness $1,784 16% $1,767 16% Management & General $1,159 11% $1,453 13% Total Expenses $10,847 100% $11,051 100% 1 Consolidated summary for Christian Herald Association (The Bowery Mission & Kids With A Promise), Heartsease Home, and Christian Herald Housing Development Fund Corporation (operating The Bowery Mission Transitional Center). This includes all operating activities and excludes non-operating impacts (i.e., return on investments and depreciation expense). 2 Includes a significant unrestricted legacy gift of $6,536,000. A joint task force of Directors and Management has been formed to recommend to the Board of Directors how these funds should be used, both wisely and for the benefit of the individuals Christian Herald serves for years to come. 3 Includes fees for outside groups using Mont Lawn Camp and Retreat Center and nominal fees for Kids With A Promise programs. 4 Includes The Bowery Mission, The Bowery Mission Women’s Center, The Bowery Mission Transitional Center and Gift-in-Kind Operations. 5 Includes Kids With A Promise in-city programs and Mont Lawn Camp and Retreat Center.
  • 20. OuR BOARD Of DIRECTORS O Jan Nagel, Chairman Bruce Maasbach Partner Managing Director KPMG-LLP Luxury Mortgage New York, NY New York, NY Nicholas J. DeMarco Edward H. Morgan CEO President and CEO Active Brands Christian Herald Association New York, NY New York, NY Dudley G. Diebold Daniel Ness Investor Administrator, Retired Roxbury, CT Lancaster, PA Henry Higdon Miguel Sanchez Managing Partner Associate Professor Higdon Partners LLC Nyack College New York, NY Nyack, NY Victor J. Huebner Beverly Ann Sloan Managing Director, Retired Business Representative TD Securities Actor’s Equity Association Dobbs Ferry, NY New York, NY Stacy Hock Charles W. Veth Volunteer Founder and President New York, NY CVM, Inc. Madison, CT Douglas John Founder and President Thomas R. Vogeley Connecticut Marketing Associates Investor Wilton, CT Doylestown, PA Donald Kolowsky Vaughn Weimer Division President, Retired Managing Director Pfizer Inc. Oaktree Asset Management, LLC Niantic, CT New York, NY Pamela Leggett Volunteer Upper Montclair, NJ
  • 21. S OuR SENIOR MANAgEMENT President & CEO Edward Morgan Vice President of Operations Brian Johansson Chief Financial Officer Robert Depue Director of Development James Winans Contact: Administrative Headquarters 132 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016 1-800-BOWERY-1 design, photography & art direction: Corey Hayes special events photo, page 17: Jeffrey B. Calenberg writing and production: Regis A. Saxton The Bowery Mission and Kids with A Promise are ministries of Christian KWAP LogoFinalFormat.indd 1 4/29/2004, 3:05 PM herald Association, inc.
  • 22. Administrative Headquarters 132 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016 8 0 0 - B O W E R Y- 1 w w w. b o w e r y. o r g i n f o @ b o w e r y. o r g