Man made Environmental Disasters


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Man made Environmental Disasters

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY: 110416,17,20,24
  2. 2. Environment: Environment is the sum total of the elements of the earth system where we born, brought up and survive. Pollution: Pollution is derived from Latin word "polluere" which means to defile. Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of our air, land and water that can harmfully affect human life or that of other species, our industrial processes, living conditions and cultural assets. Forms of pollution: Air Pollution, light Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil Contamination, Radioactive contamination, Thermal Pollution, Water Pollution, Visual Pollution Environmental pollution: Environmental pollution is the introduction of harmful pollutants into a certain environment that make an environment unhealthy to live in. The widespread pollutants are usually chemicals, garbage, and wastewater. Environmental pollution is happening in multifold parts of Earth usually in the form of air and water pollution. pollution: Manmade When something harmful for mankind is done by their own and that affects the entire environment that is called man made pollution.
  3. 3. Occurring Date: On April 20, 2010. Place: Cause: Gulf of Mexico. An explosion on BP's Deep-water Horizon left the well gushing oil. Impact: 11 workers killed & injured 17 others instantly. BP claimed the leak was just 1,000 barrels per day, concealing the reality that the well was leaking anywhere from 40,000 to 162,000 barrels a day. It took 47,829 people 89 days to finally cap the well. Meanwhile, 3,500 of workers and volunteers on the clean-up site are suffering liver and kidney damage from their exposure to the 1.8 million gallons of toxic oil dispersant. Ongoing or ended: It's too early to know the full extent of the environmental impact the spill had, the Gulf fishing industry has yet to rebound, oil still washes ashore beaches along the coast, and the surrounding coral and wetlands are a long way from recovery Danger Zone Indication map Explosion at site Impact on sea life Oil in hand from Gulf
  4. 4. Occurring Date: On March 11, 2011 Place: Cause: In Fukushima, Japan. A 9.0 earthquake created a tsunami that resulted in the damage of three nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that had violated safety requirements. This led to the only other Level 7 nuclear meltdown besides Chernobyl.. Over 100,000 were evacuated and displaced from the surrounding areas with 600 people dying during the evacuation. 300 cleanup workers received excessive exposure to radioactive waste including 6 workers who exceeded the lifetime radiation dose limits in the first few months after the cleanup began Impact: Ongoing or ended: Geo-Location It will be at least decades before to know all of the complications resulting from the meltdown. Spreading of Radiation Initiation of Meltdown Attempt to reduce meltdown
  5. 5. Occurring Date: On December 22, 2008 Place: In Kingston, Tennessee, USA. Over a billion gallons of toxic sludge (a byproduct of the ash from coal combustion ) was unleashed from the TN Valley Authority’s Fossil Plant . Cause: Impact: Ongoing or ended: Aerial View At least 300 acres of surrounding land were affected and 15 homes destroyed. It was the largest fly ash release in United States history. The land is now contaminated with arsenic, mercury and lead. Contamination in Map Sign of the spill Sign of the spill
  6. 6. Occurring Date: In May 2006. Place: Cause: On the island of Java in Indonesia. Gas drilling on the earth surface . Impact: At least 25 people were killed by the erupted volcano instantly and more later. Nearly 6000 people have to evacuate their residence for the eruption. . Ongoing or ended: Aerial View Hot sulfuric mud has been gushing from the ground in Sidoarjo and is expected to expand and erupt for 30 more years. Mud Eruption Affected Area
  7. 7. Occurring Date: Place: In November 13, 2005 Cause: Polluting the Songhua River with an estimated 100 tons of pollutants containing benzene and nitrobenzene entering the water by an explosion in a chemical plant. Impact: Ongoing or ended: . Geo-Location Jilin City, China At least 10,000 residents were evacuated and some were died in the explosion. Overcome though there are some elements of doubt of contamination in the river. Explosion and fire in the chemical plant
  8. 8. Occurring Date: In between October 20 and November 6, 2007 Place: Southern California, USA. Cause: 18 separate fires were burning, at least one was deliberately set, while two others were caused by downed power lines that ignited surrounding brush. Impact: Killed at least 10 people and forcing at least half a million more from their homes. Ongoing or ended: California has been ravaged by wildfires for thousands of years; they're an essential part of the natural ecosystem. So this fire is some sort of periodical. Fire in the Forest People evacuating Fireman trying to reduce the fire
  9. 9. Occurring Date: On October, 2000 Place: West Virginia & Kentucky, USA. Cause: 300 million gallons of coal sludge from mining operations flooded land, polluted rivers and destroyed property in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Impact: Massive amounts of property lose of people and destroyed everything in 100 miles of stream all the way to the Ohio River Ongoing or ended: Investigations were stopped short by the Bush Administration. But it is now recovered. Location Indication Effect in the surrounding area of the pollution
  10. 10. Occurring Date: On January 30, 2000 Place: In Romania, in the town of Baia Mare, Broke Cause: The water was contaminated with 55-110 tons of cyanide and other heavy metals from a gold mine and travelled through several rivers in Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia, eventually reaching the Danube river Impact: Massive amounts of fish and aquatic plants were killed and up to 100 people were hospitalized after eating contaminated fish.. Ongoing or ended: Still affecting the surrounding areas. Contaminated Area Geographic Location Dead fish due to contamination
  11. 11. AL-MISHRAQ FIRE Occurring Date: In 2000 Place: Near Mosul, Iraq Cause: Sulphur plant released 21 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere each day for nearly a month. Impact: Many people were hospitalized and most of the area's vegetation was destroyed as a result. Ongoing or ended: Still affecting the surrounding areas. Aerial View Geographic Location Intensity of Fire Fire in the pipelines
  12. 12. Occurring Date: In 1991 Place: Persian Gulf, near Kuwait and Iraq Cause: Impact: Iraqi soldiers leaving Kuwait purposely spilled eight million barrels of oil into the Persian Gulf to prevent a landing by the U.S. Marines. Wildlife was damaged in the Gulf and in surrounding areas in Iraq and Kuwait Ongoing or ended: Still affecting the surrounding areas in some extent. Iraqi Soldiers leaving oils in the gulf Contaminated Area Effect of contamination
  13. 13. After analyzing the cases and more contaminations in human history we can conclude that the main causes of pollutions are• • • • • • Violation of safety requirements Release of industrial waste directly in the environment Burning of fuel that directly releases hazardous chemicals into the air. Direct incorporation of hazardous pollutants By moving vehicles, man made machines and loud music War and conflict.