rubik’s cube 3 x 3 solution


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this is a powerpoint presentation which will make you to solve a 3 x 3 rubik's cube.......

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rubik’s cube 3 x 3 solution

  1. 1. HOW TO SOLVE RUBIK’S CUBE ?Prepared by,Rajesh @ LEAD
  2. 2. About …..Other names Magic CubeType Combination puzzleInventor Ernő RubikCompany Seven Towns, ltdCountry Hungary
  3. 3. So shall we start …
  4. 4. Corner pieceCenter piece
  5. 5. STEP - 1 Make a cross on any of the side ofRubik’s cube.
  6. 6. STEP - 2 Next step is ,on the edges of the cross inthe sides make two color same, like as thepicture shows
  7. 7. STEP - 3 Now you can fill the top , considering the sides,that means one layer of the cube in the sidesmust be in correct manner.
  8. 8. After step 3 you will get the cube like as thepicture.( not only in one side , but in all sides )did you got? If yes, you can continue….
  9. 9. STEP - 4 Keep the top portion, that means thefilled portion as base.
  10. 10.  Keep red as your base, on the sides you can see ashape like this We the rubik’s cube solvers call it as” T” shape.
  11. 11. On the top of the T shape you can finda color, check that ,in which side itneed to go, that means to the left orright.
  12. 12.  Here we are getting into cubemovements, please note that alwayskeep a side in your front, don’t try tochange the face while doing a step. And main thing is use at least yourcommon sense. All movements drawn in the slides arefrom the front view of yours, not the frontview of cube.
  13. 13.  If is to left side , follow the below picture
  14. 14. Keep on doing the step till you complete two layers ofthe cube from the bottom. If is to Right side follow the below steps1 2 3 4 56 7 8
  15. 15. Did you got your cube like this? , I meanthe two layers from bottom.If yes, please continue……
  16. 16. STEP - 5 Now you look on to the top of Rubik’scube. You can see any of the picture thatI drawn below.1 2 3 4
  17. 17. If you got picture number 4 on the lastslide, you no need to follow these steps. Ifnot follow it, till you get picture number 4. NB:- please take care in holding of the cube, hold thecube as like as the picture, other wise the result maywrong, ok.
  18. 18. Keep doing this step till you get plus sign onthe top. Like as below pictureDid you got? If yes go to next slide…ok
  19. 19. STEP - 6 Please have a look on to the top corners,check that all corners are correct. If not makeany of the corner correct by rotating topportion then keep that correct corner on thetop right hand side, then have look on to theanother corner in the right hand side, checkwhether that corner can go to the left topcorner, if yes only you can do the followingstep
  20. 20. Top view of the cubeThe correct corner.The wrongcorner whichhas to moveto the left handtop cornerThis is a correct corner, that mean theso near colors of the cube should bethere. Here yellow white and green arethere in the corner piece. So it is acorrect corner.
  21. 21.  Keep this correct corner on the top right hand side.Then follow the steps.
  22. 22. Now you can see on the top of your rubik’s any of the picturedrawn above. Is now all corners are correct. It must be correct.Please continue solving the cube with following steps,,,,,,,,,,Top view of the cube
  23. 23. STEP - 7 Keep on doing the step 7 till you get thetop portion filled with one color.
  24. 24. STEP - 8 Now you can see at least 2 sides arecompleted it can be either 3. If there is any side completed, pleasekeep that side on your left hand, andfollow the steps.
  25. 25.  Keep on doing this step till you get a fully solvedrubik’s cube
  26. 26. Yes I solved the cube, didyou?....
  27. 27. Wish you all thebest dearfriends………
  28. 28. Courtesy: Dr. Thomas George K
  29. 29. Slides prepared by,Rajesh P HLEAD college of managementDhoni(PO), Palakkadmob: +91 8086906413