Annex 5 Bright Future Lab on the Blue Economy

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  • 1. On the Blauwe Economie 'If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe- Carl Sagan
  • 2. • • • • From Gunter Paulie Blue Economy – 21principles Not the Green Economy but the Blue economy Look at
  • 3. Some principles • Replace something with nothing - whale • Multiple benefits /cash flows (use what is locally available) – tree • Nature: Few species -> rich bio-diversity • Fulfil basic needs with what is locally available , innovations inspired by nature….
  • 4. Systems thinking • Waste does not exist… • Biomimicry…the brew and the best thing in the world ……BEER
  • 5. Guideline • • • • • Output from one input to another Relationships Auto-generation Act locally Man at the centre of the project • (Linear vs the systemic production model) The meat example.
  • 6. Rain • Water cycle…carbon cycle … • Water is the driving force of the whole nature …Da Vinci • Water has to move …to meander (the vortex theory)
  • 7. Summary • • • • Look at things differently Systems thinking Inspiration from nature to solve problems Think about another one???? 
  • 8. Nutrient analysis in progress
  • 9. Farmers have understood the nutrient value
  • 10. The crop
  • 11. The fruits
  • 12. Questions • Behaviour change • Global situations • Legal/Policy framework as in EU
  • 13. The moneyless economy • • • • • …I don’t need money in my pocket Forget the MBA principles Look at what is locally available Starbucks Spain example…freeing cash flows Coffee waste to mushrooms (sold locally don’t forget the 80,000 Euros , half price for mushrooms but upfront payment)
  • 14. The Katshoek Gebouw eg • The fishing example… • Systems thinking • Create a community with different characters (don’t get experts at all) • Don’t start in the centre, start at the periphery • Respond to basic needs…..generate multiple benefits…