Annex 4 Presentation RAIN Strategy 2014-2017


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Annex 4 Presentation RAIN Strategy 2014-2017

  1. 1. RAIN’s Strategy 2014 - 2017 Guus Paardekooper December 9th, 2013
  2. 2. Major drivers behind our strategy •Our ambition •Anticipate to market changes •Our current portfolio base: partners, funders & services •RAIN’s brand position > RAIN = Rainwater Harvesting Implementation Network
  3. 3. Our market strategy pillars 1. Keep focus on RWH as our niche > RAIN is about Rainwater Harvesting 2. Broaden our value proposition > Add new services with higher added value 3. Focus on specific markets > Creates stronger client base & sustainable income 4. Develop strategic partnerships > Strengthen our network & deliver full service offer RAIN’s new Brand Identity will support us •in becoming a top of mind organization •In marketing our strategic pillars
  4. 4. Focus on RWH as our niche – applying it In Themes Energy WASH – Food Security – Climate Change – Renewable In Approaches Chains 3R – MUS – Sustainable Business Development – Value In Environments •Existing •New unreachable In Regions Latin America Asals – Hills – Tropical Zones Islands – (peri)Urban – Areas with undrinkable / groundwater West Africa – East Africa – South-East Asia and
  5. 5. Broaden our value proposition (1) Creates •A more balanced income (95% current income = programme management) •More income by delivering services with a higher perceived value •A clear range of interconnected services that complement each other Core business = Programme Management in Implementation Programmes Invest in •our services on Knowledge Sharing & Innovation •Our Advisory services •Lobby and promotion of RWH
  6. 6. Broaden our value proposition (2) RAIN 3 main services are called 1. RAIN Advice 2. RAIN Intelligence 3. RAIN Implementation Turnover distribution RAIN’s services 2012 2017 RAIN Advice 2% 30% RAIN Intelligence 2% 10% RAIN Implementation 96% 60%
  7. 7. RAIN Advice Services/activities 1. Programme Design 2. Programme & Project Support 3. Technical support 4. Programme & Project Monitoring & Evaluation 5. Network facilitation / creation 6. Lobby & promotion Unique Selling Point’s •10 years of hands-on experience from RAIN Implementation (e.g. design, management and M&E) •Knowing how to translate concepts into sustainable water supply •Innovative approaches/tools/technologies from RAIN Intelligence & practices from RAIN Implementation •A large international network: Funders <> Knowledge Institutes <> Partners •Our partners & RAIN co-develop sustainable solutions i.e. business models/climate change resilient
  8. 8. RAIN Intelligence Services/activities Services/activities Knowledge Sharing Innovation •Guest lectures •Course development •Facilitating training courses •Publications: i.e. Best Practices/guidelines/manuals •Curricula development •Pooling knowledge •Linking knowledge partners •Tools •Technologies •Pilots Unique Selling Point’s •Network with knowledge institutes/universities/practitioners/decision makers •Hands-on fields experience & strong partner network: linking theory (Intelligence) <> practice (Implementation)
  9. 9. RAIN Implementation Services/activities 1. Programme Management 2. Project Coordination 3. Monitoring & Evaluation Unique Selling Point’s •10 years international track record within RWH-niche •Strong local and international partner network •Link between Funding <> Implementation •Combination of Expert Knowledge <> Programme/Project Managerial skills •Hands-on experience in realizing RWH-structures
  10. 10. Our Markets Who are we targeting? Multilateral Funders Government al Funders International Knowledge Institutes Private sector companies i.e. IFAD/World Bank i.e. DGIS & Dutch/EU Embassies i.e. ICRAF/IGAD/CAPnet i.e. subcontractor/partner of engineering consultancies/SME’s
  11. 11. RAIN’s strategic partnerships Why strategic partnering? •Entrance to more diverse (nature of) funding •Increased scale and outreach/network •Strengthen our knowledge base and impact through others: enable a Rainwater Movement •Integrated approach requires a full service offer, each partner a distinctive value •Improve efficiency i.e. joint proposal writing
  12. 12. What is unique about RAIN? RAIN is a one-stop partner that •manages your implementation programmes •supports you in your design, management, M&E of programmes & projects •connects you to other organisations as a networker •shares and develops knowledge on RWH •supports learning at global level Our partners & RAIN know how to get the job done based upon our extensive experiences in managing implementation of RWH-programmes & -structures and our extensive network We will further strengthen innovations in tools, approaches and technologies and available expertise
  13. 13. RAIN’s New Brand Identity How? •Change from – – RAIN = Programme Management & Implementation (monolithic brand) TO RAIN = RWH Advice + Intelligence + Implementation (semi-monolithic brand) •RAIN has an offering of a clear range of 3 connected services •Decentralised approach: hubs in Ethiopia, Uganda …. •By creating the right RAIN brand feeling: – – – – Mission: Rainwater belongs to everyone Vision: A world in which rainwater is globally used, in balance with the environment, to ensure healthy living now and in the future. Role: Global partner by connecting – advising – designing – implementing (role) Feeling: Open – transparent – authentic – intelligent – professional – creative -… •New design marketing/communication tools like new website, house style etc. •Launch RAIN’s brand December 12th, 2013
  14. 14. Questions? Clarifications? 1st remarks and input?
  15. 15. 3 work groups 3 questions: a)What do you think of this strategy and why do you think so? b)How do you envision your future role as a partner and ‘co-creator’? c)What are the main opportunities/leads on your (local) market(s)?
  16. 16. Thank you & Let’s start co-creating!