Mobile Apps For Your Business


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Mobile Apps For Your Business

  1. 1. How Mobile Apps Can Help YouConnect With Local Consumers Presented by: Ron Mills 965.394.4980
  2. 2. What is a Mobile Application? Mobile applications (also called “mobile apps”) are applications developed for small handheld devices, such as smartphones... Most smartphones today come preloaded with mobile apps and users can download additional apps via the internet…
  3. 3. How Do They Work?
  4. 4. Mobile App Facts & Trends Every Business Should Know About  More than 6 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide  Mobile App Usage Has EXPLODED in Recent Years – and is Not Expected to Slow Down Anytime Soon  Between 2010 and 2011, Mobile App Usage Nearly Doubled. During this Time, the Number of Retail Apps Increased by 350%
  5. 5. Mobile App Facts & Trends Every Business Should Know About  Overall, More Time is Spent on Apps than Internet Browsers  The Average Smartphone has Approximately 40 Apps Installed on it  Mobile Apps Generate More Than Twice as Much Revenue as Facebook  Mobile Apps are Expected to Grow from a $6 Billion Industry Today to Nearly $60 Billion Industry by 2015
  6. 6. Popular Mobile Activities What Are People Doing on Their Mobile Devices? Social Networking Performing SearchesUsing Mobile Apps Listening to MusicBrowsing Websites Watching VideosSending and Reading Emails Checking News and Weather Sending and Reading Text Messages
  7. 7. Mobile has changed the way consumers spend their money… It has also changed the way your business can truly CONNECT with your local target market…
  8. 8. Traditional Advertising Methods Are No Longer as Effective as They Once WereTRADITIONAL METHODS MOBILE METHODS• Yellow Page Books • Mobile Websites• Newspaper Ads • Text Message• TV Commercials Marketing • Mobile Apps & More!
  9. 9. What Does This Mean for Your Business? You Must : 1. Put your business in front of your mobile target audience 1. Spend your marketing dollars where they can yield the best returns 1. Utilize the power of mobile marketing to stay connected to your local market
  10. 10. Could Mobile Apps Be The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for YOUR Small Business?Mobile Apps are NoLonger a Trend…They’re the NEW Way toDo Business!
  11. 11. Why Mobile Apps?They’re POWERFUL For Helping You…  Build Your Brand  Gain the Edge on Your Competitors  Connect with Local Consumers  Generate New Leads & Repeat Loyal Customers
  12. 12. Why Mobile Apps? Your Customers Can Interact with Your Business Easily with One Tap Produces Repeat, Loyal Customers through Engagement Effortlessly Send Out Coupons and Special Announcements with “Push” Notifications Builds Your Brand by Staying in Front of Your Customers
  13. 13. Benefits of Mobile Apps  Enables INSTANT, TARGETED Communication with Consumers  Your Customers Do Not Have to “Wait” for Information to Load Through the Internet  Location-Based Features  They’re Fun and Engaging
  15. 15. Thank You For Viewing Our Mobile Apps Presentation! For More Information About How You Can Lower Advertising Costs and Boost Profits at the Same Time, Contact Me Today! Ron Mills Foot Print Strategies 954.394.4980