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Building An Open Progressive Community
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Building An Open Progressive Community


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On Line Training For Progressive Politics

On Line Training For Progressive Politics

Published in: News & Politics, Technology

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  • 1. Building an Open Progressive Community August 2nd, 2007 Paid for by Democracy for America,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
  • 2. Tonight’s Trainers Arshad Hasan Chris Bowers Katrina Baker DFA Training Director 2 Questions? Email
  • 3. Objectives for this Session 1) Build a local and active blogosphere 2) Organize offline groups using online tools 3) Engage your local Democratic Party (using 1 & 2) 3 Questions? Email
  • 4. Online and Offline Progressive Communities Democratic Party activism Online tools: Offline action: blogs, social DFA groups, networks, Living Liberally, email lists blogger brunches What is an “Open Left”? 4 Questions? Email
  • 5. Benefits of Your Friendly Local Blogosphere • All politics is local • Amplifies your message • Builds a ‘buzz’ • Open source opposition research • Directs resources to local campaigns – Money – People 5 Questions? Email
  • 6. Creating a Local Blogosphere Getting Noticed Write original content and post often • Be a good news filter • Find a niche and become the expert • Cross-post at other larger blogs • Be easy to find • Have contact info visible • Google & Yahoo searches • Technorati • LeftyBlogs • 6 Questions? Email
  • 7. Creating a Local Blogosphere Building Community • Get together (online & offline) – Create an email list of local bloggers – Have regular caucuses, brunches, etc • Link to each other • Start a local blogroll • Build a community blog 7 Questions? Email
  • 8. Local Blogs Impact in 2006 • Ned Lamont campaign • Jon Tester for Senate • Other examples: Virginia, New York, Northern California, New Hampshire 8 Questions? Email
  • 9. Listener Submitted Questions Get in on the discussion – The Night School Blog: 9 Questions? Email
  • 10. Political Communities • Historical Context – Community is an effective catalyst for change • Cesar Chavez-United Farm Workers • Lois Gibbs-Love Canal – Decline of community groups in America-Late 20th Century • Internet redefines community organizing – Dean Meetups – Emails, listserves, early blogs • The Next Generation – Social Networking sites--DFA-Link – Living Liberally chapters 10 Questions? Email
  • 11. Taking It Offline Getting Started What’s the point? – What is your groups’ purpose – Why should people be interested – For example: Why Drink Liberally? Just do it – Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – Avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ 11 Questions? Email
  • 12. Taking It Offline Building a Community 1) Pick your time and place - Should be open, accessible and fun 2) Recruit, Recruit, Recruit - Be inviting and open to anyone - Low entry barriers = greater participation 3) Be engaging and unique - What sets you apart from other groups? - What is your draw? 12 Questions? Email
  • 13. Taking It Offline Building a Community 4) Open lines of communication - Set up a group blog or email list 5) Ritual and regularity - Avoid rescheduling or moving meetings - What can people expect? - What characterizes your gatherings? 13 Questions? Email
  • 14. The Silent Revolution • Progressive activists winning seats as Democratic Party precinct captains, committeepersons or chairs • Prominent Examples – Kentucky – California – North Carolina – Philadelphia 14 Questions? Email
  • 15. Philadelphia, 2005-2007 • Take back your precinct • 200 progressive activists run • Increased Democratic voter turnout by 74% • Help elect progressive mayor 15 Questions? Email
  • 16. Benefits of Party Office • You’ll make new friends • Precinct captains win primaries • Shape the direction of the party • GOTV! 16 Questions? Email
  • 17. How to do it • 80% is just showing up • Know the rules, Follow the rules • Do your job well • Keep an open mind, but be ready to fight • Have fun! 17 Questions? Email
  • 18. Dean for DNC Chair • A 50 state strategy • Online buzz • Offline actions • Grassroots activists swamped local DNC meetings 18 Questions? Email
  • 19. Listener Submitted Questions Get in on the discussion – The Night School Blog: 19 Questions? Email
  • 20. Homework 1) Engage your local Blogosphere Click Here for a guide 2) Attend the next DFA or Drinking Liberally in your area…or start one up. -Ilya Sheyman: -Kristina Baker: 3) Become a Precinct Captain in your neighborhood 20 Questions? Email
  • 21. Coming Soon from DFA: Attend a DFA Training Academy weekend training near you: Coming in September: DFA Night School on September 8-9 - Atlanta, GA Precinct Organizing September 29-30 - Springfield, IL Want the DFA Training Academy to come to your town? Request a 2008 Training! 21 Questions? Email
  • 22. Thank you for joining us! Need to catch up on earlier Night School presentations? Order previous semesters on DVD (and help keep Night School free) Summer 2007 (Fundraising) now available! 22 Questions? Email