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I wanna hold your hand: Conference mentoring in the Australian LIS sector
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I wanna hold your hand: Conference mentoring in the Australian LIS sector



Presentation by Naomi Doessel at RAILS7, 10 May 2011

Presentation by Naomi Doessel at RAILS7, 10 May 2011



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    I wanna hold your hand: Conference mentoring in the Australian LIS sector I wanna hold your hand: Conference mentoring in the Australian LIS sector Presentation Transcript

    • I want to hold your hand:
      Conference mentoring in the Australian library and information sector
      Naomi Doessel
      Information Literacy Librarian
      Information Services (Learning & Teaching)
      Griffith University
    • Yesterday
      ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC)
      Review of New Librarian’s Symposium in 2008
      support for transitioning new graduates
      mentoring program
      Chair of NGAC, budding researcher
      attended ALIA Information Online in 2009
      interested in professional development for new graduates and mentoring
    • From me to you
      Alyson Dalby attended ALA Annual in 2008
      Presentation on New Librarian’s Symposium
      ALA New Member’s Roundtable (NMRT)
      “Conference Mentoring” program
      a program designed to help first time attendees ... feel at ease at a conference (whose size can often be overwhelming and intimidating!) by pairing them with seasoned conference attendees
      Potential support mechanism for new graduates in the transitional stage of professional maturation
    • Paperback writer
      Inspired to research as a practitioner
      Bang for your buck: getting the best experience and value for money from your library association investment NLS4 presentation by Katy Watson
      Not in jobs that offered research opportunities
      Professional focus on ALIA
      ALIA Study Grant Award 2010
      Conference mentoring: Assisting new professionals to get the most out of ALIA conferences
    • Magical mystery tour
      ALIA Study Grant Award Proposal:
      at a major ALIA conference: Information Online
      short term pairing – conference lead up & duration
      surveys pre- & post-conference, 1 year follow-up
      creation of program guidelines
      evaluation of relevance for Australian context
      provide a model for future conferences
      I didn’t know what I didn’t know
    • Across the universe
      Evidence of mentoring in the Australian LIS sector
      ALIA QLD & QUT
      Curtin group mentoring
      ALIA groups – formal, informal, peer
      IFLA research partnership
      Conference mentoring as a concept
      Creating facilitated mentoring programs
      workplace, schools & universities
      associations: sporting, youth, etc.
    • Help!
      What’s my methodology?
      How do I do data analysis?
      What have I gotten myself into]
      Making the most of your staff: A practical guide to mentoring
      Dr Gillian Hallam, QUT, 1 November 2010
      Research mentor, friend & guide
      QUT staff & ALIA Research Committee
      Personal Learning Network on Twitter
      Supportive & encouraging workplaces (UQ & Griffith)
    • I’m talking about you
      what mentors know
      what mentees want to know
      qualitative research regarding conference attendance & mentoring experience, expectations and outcomes
    • I want to hold your hand
      Online qualitative interviews of LIS professionals
      Experienced conference attendees & potential mentors (156)
      Inexperienced conference attendees & potential mentees (64)
      international & local
      Guidelines for conference mentoring
      Paper at NLS5
      From the sandpit to the deep end:
      Surviving large plenary conferences
    • With a little help from my friends
      ALIA Information Online Group
      extremely supportive
      web hosting, registration support
      First timer’s breakfast – integration of participants
    • I saw her standing there
      Based on ALA NMRT model
      lack of literature on conference mentoring
      information on career mentoring program
      Local context
      different sectors
      potential for group mentoring
      mentor & mentee roles based on attendance at Information Online, not large conferences in general
      weakness – made exceptions
    • Please Mr. Postman
      separate to conference registration
      contact & employment details
      session attendance
      Additional information
      sector experience & interest
      anything else...
    • Come together
      Matching criteria
      session attendance
      professional experience
      job title
      free text responses
    • In my life
    • I call your name
    • Ticket to ride
    • Octopus’s garden
      54 participants
      mentees from 31 down to 28
      mentors from 28 down to 26
      24 pairs
      3 groups of 3
    • All together now
      First timer’s breakfast
      opportunity for matches to meet
      served a larger purpose – additional networking
      anecdotal & qualitative evidence indicates popular
      Encourages connections and networking
    • That’ll be the day
      lack of specific information in registration
      secret weapon
      provide a point of contact
      troubleshoot, liaise
    • She came in through the bathroom window
      Day Trippers
      change in registration to allow for no session attendance
      Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
      self-selection of mentor/mentee
      Let it be
      independence of participants at conference
      no need for volunteers to assist
      Eight days a week
      huge investment in time & energy
    • Ob-la-di ob-la-da
      Pre-survey didn’t ask if you were mentor or mentee
      rectified in post-survey and will match pre & post
      Pre and post surveys were more aligned to mentees
      asked too many questions
      recommend separate sections of future surveys
    • The long and winding road
      56 responses to pre-survey
      1 duplicate, 1 empty
      4 with no match in post-conference
      57 responses to post-survey
      2 duplicates, 2 empty
      3 with no match in pre-conference
      49 valid responses (54 participants)
      watch this space...
    • Here comes the sun
      Expectations vs. Experience
      stayed the same or were exceeded
      encouraging qualitative responses
      Comprehensive guidelines
      Model for future use
    • Revolution
      Registration combined with conference registration
      Collect more matching data - e.g professional interests, not just session attendance, require qualitative information (description helps!)
      Mentors – experienced conference attendees, not necessarily experienced with specific conference
      Mentees – open to all, as established professionals & international guests benefited
    • Hello, Goodbye
      Longer lead time for matches
      Incorporate a networking event
      Potentially more groups, peer support
      Identification “I’m a mentor”
      Pay the facilitator
      Money (That's What I Want)
    • naomidoessel@gmail.com@naomidoessel