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CMO Communty Sponsorship deck

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  • The cmo site

    1. 1. A Review
    2. 2. The CMO Site: OverviewThe CMO Site Launched December1, 2010. This is a summary of the site’sperformance over the past 15 months. Average Page Views/mo: 137,521 Average Unique Visitors/mo: 95,645 Average Messages Posted/mo: 3,153 Total Site Registrants: 8,548 Facebook Likes: 2,438 Twitter Followers: 2,671 LinkedIn Group Members: 829
    3. 3. A Snapshot of The CMO Site’s Highly Qualified Audience CMO of Treasury CMO CMO Services CMO CMO CMO CMO CMO CMO VP Marketing VP Integrated CMO Marketing VP Loyalty & VP Global Customer Digital Intelligence VP Worldwide Marketing Marketing VP Brand Strategy VP Marketing, Corporate Card Head of Social Media VP Marketing VP Marketing VP Segment Head of Marketing Planning , Marketing, Manager & Communications Kmart Commercial Banking The CMO Site comprises a select and qualified audience ofCMOs, VPs, and Marketing Execs from a plethora of Fortune 500 companies
    4. 4. Site Registrants9,000 3378,000 309 4687,000 502 5456,000 617 6015,000 681 6584,000 7902 8211 New Reg 7,434 766 6,932 Previous Reg 6,3873,000 5,770 712 5,169 4,4882,000 648 3,830 247 3,064 457 2,3521,000 1,457 1,704 1,000 0
    5. 5. 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 160000 180000 0Dec-10Jan-11Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11 Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11 Monthly Page ViewsDec-11Jan-12Feb-12
    6. 6. 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 140,000 120,000 0Jan-11Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11 Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11 Monthly Unique VisitorsDec-11Jan-12Feb-12
    7. 7. 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 5000 0Dec-10Jan-11Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11 Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11 Monthly MessagesDec-11Jan-12Feb-12
    8. 8. Site Registrants: Job Title Breakdown C-Level Execs & VPs make up 56% of The CMO Site’s audience 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% CMO, CIO, CEO, SVP, EVP, VP Marketing & Communications Directors Marketing, Brand & Product Managers Sales executive Media Director, Supervisor, Manager & Planners Other
    9. 9. Social Network Recap 12/1/10 – 3/1/12 Social networking is a huge focus of The CMO Site. In just 14 months The CMO Site has gained a massive following on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. With more than 800 group members on Linkedin, this is the largest LinkedIn CiaB community.• Total Followers – 2,671• Mentions – 2,378• Retweets – 1,259• Total Clicks – 7,740• Post Views – 372,834• Total Likes – 2,438• 829 Group Members
    10. 10. CMO University’s SuccessThe CMO Sites CMO University is an online educational resource where executive and seniormarketing personnel can listen, learn, and discuss. Our faculty of expert lecturers will tacklemarketings thorniest issues, and show participants new ways to address common problemsand devise new techniques for getting closer to valued customers.• Semester One attracted nearly 650 students, generating more than 2,000 messages on the CMO University boards. The average number of chat comments posted per lecture was more than 350 messages.• Semester Two attracted nearly 1,100 students, generating more than 2,725 messages on the CMO University boards. The average number of chat comments posted per lecture was 340 messages.
    11. 11. User Testimonials “The CMO Site provides valuable insight into  “The CMO Site excels at marrying creative marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing with hard-edged metrics to help marketing, and making effective use of metrics.” executive marketers provide and prove return on – CMO investment.” “The CMO Site cuts through the hype about social – CMO media marketing to deliver business value.”  “You do a great job helping us navigate a changing landscape of marketing technology.” – Social Media Marketing Director – VP Marketing “The CMO Site does a great job covering the  “You do a great job telling marketers what we intersection of technology and marketing.” need to know.” – CMO – Marketing VP “I like the way The CMO Site focuses on social  “The CMO Site’s discussions are informative, media, mobile, and analytics. They’re the future lively, useful, and enjoyable.” of marketing.” – Marketing Director – Executive VP Marketing  “Filled with great information on how to “I love the blogs and other compelling leverage the latest technology to drive branding.” information about metrics and analytics.” – CMO ̶ CMO  “Excellent insights, tailor-made for my needs in “The CMO Site community delivers a valuable marketing upper management.” perspective on the top issues – Executive VP Marketing of the day.” ̶ Marketing Director
    12. 12. The CMO Site’s WebAward In less than a year since the site’s launch The CMO Site has won a WebAward for Outstanding Achievement inWeb Development from the Web Marketing Association for: Marketing Standard of Excellence This is the Web Marketing Association’s 15th annual WebAwards Competition for Website development. This year’s WebAwards competition included more than 2,000 entries from 45 countries in 96 industry categories.