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  • The Internet Influence Program (IIP) is a unique and revolutionary new service from UBM, the leader in business social media.The effectiveness of the IIP campaign is proven by “Before & After” measurements, using a quantitative Internet influence rating system developed by UBM.Dramatically increase awareness of your executives, services, and solutions both across the Internet and around the world!We take high-value content about your business and use an avalanche of social media to amplify it over the Internet – improving and increasing awareness of your company’s executives, services, and solutions.  IIP also takes advantage of PR Newswire’s network to syndicate your content to 5,000 Websites – including Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and Google.IIP can be used for many different applications, including creating awareness of your company as a whole, or of a particular executive. It can even be used to support the announcement of a new product or service!
  • The cornerstone of IIP is content – both from your company and developed by PR Newswire’s expert writers (blogs) and video editors (short-form videos).PR Newswire’s team of highly trained social media coordinators and moderators takes this content and posts it across the Internet within every relevant social media network, service, chat group, and user group. The content is used to generate positive brand awareness of, and to increase engagement around, your company. As well as posting the content, the PR Newswire moderator team also will get involved in developer conversations on these Websites and social media services, creating further engagement and using “linkbacks” to direct interested users/developers back to further information about your company on a specially created page housed on PR Newswire’s site. PR Newswire’s WebMaxPLUS is used to syndicate your company’s blog content to an online syndication network of more than 5,000 Websites. Your content will be seen on the Internet’s largest news sites (such as Yahoo, MSN, and AOL), niche and localized Websites, and news engines – including Yahoo News and Google News. Long-lasting SEO visibility and backlinks will be delivered via PR Newswire’s high-traffic, authoritative Website. The function of each community is to provide a huge amount of high-quality and original content focused on the critical issues that are of prime concern to the site’s audience. ProfNetExecutives will appear in PR Newswire’s ProfNet database of experts. ProfNet is the largest online community of professional communicators, has become a touchstone for reporters and expert sources, and is a key player in distinguishing industry experts worldwide and getting them cited in global media sources.
  • (YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion), driving users to the resources on the landing page.
  • Content and SyndicationAdditional blogs: $750 per blog Additional videos: $1,500 per videoAdditional Live Facebook broadcasts: $3,000 per live broadcastAdditional Google+ Hangouts: $3,000 per HangoutAdditional PR Newswire WebMaxPLUS content syndication: $500 per blog Leads$65 per lead* (50 lead minimum)
  • Pr newswire iip

    1. 1. Introducing UBM’sInternet Influence Program (IIP)
    2. 2. IIP: A Turnkey Approach To Increasing Your Brand AwarenessYou tell us where to increase your influence, we do the rest! IIP is completely turnkey, allowing you to focus on your company’s marketing objectives while we create influence around your company, executives, products, services, orevents. IIP is a measurable solution to generating influence everywhere.
    3. 3. The Power of IIPGenerating Influence across countless global networks
    4. 4. IIP: How It Works Sample Landing PageSocial Media Engagements Awareness Ads running on Facebook Broadcasts, InformationWeek Business Google+ Hangouts, Technology Network Linkedin, Twitter Ads WidgetsContextual Content Insertion Broadcast Interactions Blogs to be posted to Videos syndicated on top 3 relevant groups and sites video networks
    5. 5. IIP Landing Pageblogs client assetsvideos
    6. 6. Proven ROI• Reputation and awareness of your company with executive decision makers across the Internet will be gauged both before and after, using a proprietary system (WebRep) developed by PR Newswire.• WebRep ranks reputation based on a variety of quantitative metrics – including number of social media followers, likes, downloads, streams, comments, tweets, link-backs, and so on.• Your company will receive a detailed reputation report – including a detailed breakdown of before-and-after metrics – as well as advice on how to improve your ranking. Before After
    7. 7. IIP Sample Report
    8. 8. Sample Report From PR Newswire’s Web Max Plus Service
    9. 9. How the IIP Ranking Works Criteria for judging social media performance takes into account 124 different measurements, including:Twitter Score • Mentions of person’s full name • Mentions of person’s business/product/division And your company’s scores for… • Mentions of person’s Twitter name (@ mentions) • LinkedIn • Retweets • Qualified followers • BlogFacebook Engagement Score • Tumblr • Number of people “Subscribing” to your feed • SlideShare • Number of Facebook Friends • Number of comments on your Facebook updates • ScribD • Number of Facebook “Likes” on your blog/content • YouTube • Number of people “Liking” your page • Number of people “Talking About” your page • VimeoGoogle+ Score • DailyMotion • Number of people “Circling” you on Google+ • User Group Influence • Number of people sharing your content on Google+ • Number of comments on your Google+ updatesGoogle Score • Placement on relevant keyword searches (lower number is better here) • Number of +1s on your content
    10. 10. Pricing & Deliverables IIP Base Program Deliverables• Create 2 blogs themed around your company’s key focus areas and post to relevant groups.• Create 2 promotional videos to run on the top 3 social video networks• Run 2 Live Facebook broadcasts• Run 2 Google+ Hangouts• Create Professional Facebook Fan Page with a guarantee of 250 “Likes” over three months.• Guarantee an increase of 150 Twitter followers.• Create Facebook and LinkedIn Advertisements.• Create landing page on PR Newswire, and Facebook page, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn discussion group specifically for your company.• PR Newswire WebMaxPLUS content syndication.• One reputation report – includes detailed breakdown of before-and-after metrics and advice on how to improve ranking.
    11. 11. Price Comparison: Why Work With UBM? UBM’s IIP is less than half the price of outsourcing to a PR firm or freelancers UBM PR Firm/ FreelancersContent creation (2 blogs) Included in monthly fee $2,500 ($1,250 per blog)Video creation, production, and hosting Included in monthly fee $10,000 ($5,000 per video)(2 videos)2 Live Facebook broadcasts Included in monthly fee $8,000 ($4,000 per broadcast)2 Google + Hangouts with edited video clips posted Included in monthly fee $3,000 ($1,500 per Hangout)following the event4 dedicated press release services (content creation Included in monthly fee $9,000 ($1,500 per release)and syndication via PR Newswire’s US 1 distribution)Landing page production and hosting Included in monthly fee $7,500Creation and daily management of social networking Included in monthly fee $12,000 ($4,000 per month)sitesEngagement and activity on social networking sites Included in monthly fee $6,000 ($2,000 per month)(guarantee of 250 additional Likes and 150 Followers)Reputation report and monitoring services ranking your Included in monthly fee $9,000 ($3,000 per month)executive, service, or productCost of IIP over 3 months $30,000 $67,000