2013-04-09 Making e-Newsletters Valuable Again


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What's the point of having an e-newsletter? How do you improve your email campaigns each time to achieve better fundraising results? And how should e-newsletters change in this new age of social media and sharing?

In this program, we'll share some best practices and thought leadership on taking your e-newsletter to the next level so you can achieve your stakeholder goals, including:

- Why better donor communications = more money?
- What donors want to see.
- Setting goals for your e-newsletter strategy.
- How to generate better content more easily.
- Increasing open rates, clickthroughs, sharing, and giving.

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2013-04-09 Making e-Newsletters Valuable Again

  1. 1. www.encorehq.com  Making  E-­‐Newsle/ers  Valuable  Again   Photo  and  story  of  new   water  project  in  Ethiopia,   James  Li        Mike  Hauser   2011  –  Charity:  Water   Co-­‐founders,  Encore  
  2. 2. We  didn’t  make  this  up…  Our  learnings  today!  
  3. 3. What  We’re  Talking  About   The  Landscape   1.  The  case  for  beSer  communicaTons   2.  What  donors  want   The  Purpose   3.  SeOng  goals   4.  Content  is  King   Making  It  Happen   5.  Increasing  Opens  and   6.  True  Engagement   7.  Key  Takeaways   Clickthroughs   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  4. 4. A  Fair  Warning…  We’re  moving  fast.  52  slides  in  45  minutes  fast.  It’s  full  of  stats  useful  to  you.  We  did  our  homework  for  you.  AcTonables  are  marked  by  a  thunderbolt.   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  5. 5. The  Landscape  1/3:  Rela]onship  Problems   DONOR  RELATIONS   IS   CRUCIAL  TO  RETENTION   NONPROFITS  CAN  LOSE   LOSS  OF   60%   OF  DONORS   $100,000s   PER  YEAR   BEFORE  A  SECOND  DONATION   IN  LIFETIME  VALUE  /  NEW  FUNDRAISING  Nonprofit  Times   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  6. 6. Why  Are  They  Leaving?     They’re  Not  Engaged!   Many  respondents  (20  to  30  percent)   reported  that  they  had  stopped  making   regular  donaTons  to  an  organizaTon  in   the  past  three  years  ci]ng  their   financial  situa]on  and  lack  of   transparency  on  the  charity’s  part.   Blackbaud  Donor  Perspec]ves  (2012)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  7. 7. The  Landscape  1/3:  Rela]onship  Problems   Millennial  Impact  Report  (2011)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  8. 8. The  Landscape  2/3:  Too  Many  Solicita]ons   59%   OF  DONORS  SAY  IT’S  IMPORTANT     TO  NOT  BE  ASKED  FOR  MONEY     TOO  OFTEN   Money  for  Good  Report  (2010)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  9. 9. The  Landscape  3/3:  Dona]ons  Are  at  End  of  Year   Network  for  Good  Online  Giving  Study  (2009)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           9  
  10. 10. Newsle/ers  take  way  too  long   American  Marke]ng  Associa]on  Survey   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  11. 11. So…  what’s  the   point  of  having  an   e-­‐newsle/er?  (Hint:  it’s  not  because  you  “should”)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           11  
  12. 12. Let’s  write  some  down…   1  Stay  top  of  mind  un]l  year’s  end   =  more  reten]on  =  more  life]me  value  =  $$   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           12  
  13. 13. Let’s  write  some  down…   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           13  
  14. 14. Surprising?   Best  of  all,  email  marke]ng  is   easy,  fast  and  measurable.  With   an  es]mated  Return  on   Investment  of  roughly  $42  for   every  $1  you  spend,  you  can’t   afford  not  to  do  it.   Ver]cal  Response   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           14  
  15. 15. Let’s  write  some  down…   2  Push  content,  pull  traffic,  increase   awareness   You.com   Donor   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           15  
  16. 16. Let’s  write  some  down…   3  Drive  ac]on  throughout  the  year     Millennial  Impact  Report  (2011)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           16  
  17. 17. Let’s  write  some  down…   3  Drive  ac]on  throughout  the  year     -­‐ Sharing  on  Facebook  and  Twi/er  to  their   networks   -­‐ Forwarding  email  to  friends   -­‐ A/ending  events   -­‐ In-­‐kind  dona]ons   -­‐ Matched  dona]ons/small  gims   -­‐ Hold  a  fundraiser   -­‐ Share  their  stories/experiences                                      …and  many  more.   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           17  
  18. 18. If  you  already  have  a   newsle/er…  was  there  a  par]cular  issue  that  stood  out  as  “successful”?  Why?   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           18  
  19. 19. Achieving   Bones   Your  Goal   Making   them  Click   Making   them   Open   Content  Meat   is  King   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           19  
  20. 20. Content  is  King   65%   OF  DONORS  REPORT  GIVING   (AND  RE-­‐GIVING)  PRIMARILY   BECAUSE  OF     BELIEF  IN  THE  CAUSE     NTEN  Benchmark  Report  (2012)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com          
  21. 21. Don’t  Start  from  Scratch:  Crowdsource   Your  own  phone   or  computer   Internal   Your  staff  &   volunteers   Sources  of   News   stories   80%   OF  ORGS  SAY   External   Beneficiaries   Supporters/ social  media  GENERATING  IMPACT   CONTENT  IS  A   Events   CHALLENGE   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           21  
  22. 22. Case  Study:  The  Y  Collects  300  Stories  in  48  Hours   22  
  23. 23. Case  Study:  The  Y  Collects  300  Stories  in  48  Hours   23  
  24. 24. Case  Study:  Collec]ng  Stories  via  Email  (in  Encore)   24  
  25. 25. Case  Study:  Easy  Collec]on  of  Photos  from  Social  Media   25  
  26. 26. Donors  Want  3-­‐5  Stories  Per  Email   Encore  Survey   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           26  
  27. 27. Achieving   Bones   Your  Goal   Making   them  Click   Making   them   Open   Content  Meat   is  King   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           27  
  28. 28. Making  them  Open   Step  into  your  donors’  shoes…   …if  they  don’t  open  it,  they  can’t  read  it.   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           28  
  29. 29. Making  them  Open   20.3%   AVERAGE  NONPROFIT   OPEN  RATE   (OPENS/SENDS)   Mailchimp  Metrics   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           29  
  30. 30. Making  them  Open   From  Name:   Use  a  specific   person’s  name   only  when   recognizable  to   majority  of   readers  (>80%)   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           30  
  31. 31. Making  them  Open   Subject  Line:   •   under  34  characters   •   show  the  benefit   •   describe  the  candy,   not  the  wrapper   •   don’t  keep  the   same   •   don’t  use  “free,   reminder,  percent   off,  help”   •   use  a  verb  if   possible   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           31  
  32. 32. Making  them  Open   Preheader  text:   •   biggest  lost   opportunity…   don’t  use  filler   text   •   describe  what’s   inside   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           32  
  33. 33. Making  them  Open   Send  ]me:   •   generally  most   opens  during  the   dayTme  on   weekdays   •   generally  beSer   Tuesday  &  Thurs  at   9am   •   Prefer  monthly   …but  it  all  depends!     Send  one  the   morning  of  Dec.  31st!   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           33  
  34. 34. Achieving   Bones   Your  Goal   Making   them  Click   Making   them   Open   Content  Meat   is  King   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           34  
  35. 35. Clickthroughs  Measure  Actual  Engagement   “The  largest  difference  between   high  and  low  performing   nonprofit  email  programs  was   in  email  clickthrough  rates.”   2010  eNonprofit  Benchmarks  Study  by  NTEN   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           35  
  36. 36. Clickthroughs  Measure  Actual  Engagement   3.54%   AVERAGE  NONPROFIT   CLICKTHROUGH  RATE   (CLICKS/SENDS)   Fundraising  emails:  0.47%   Mailchimp,  NTEN  eBenchmark  Metrics   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           36  
  37. 37. Making  them  Click  (Case  Study)   The  first   impression:   •   You  have  5   seconds  to  catch   the  person’s   aSenTon   •   Don’t  start  with:   “welcome  to  our   newsleSer…”   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           37  
  38. 38. Making  them  Click  (Case  Study)   The  donor  is  the   hero:   •   Build  the  reader   into  the  narraTve   •   Use  “you,”     not  “we”   •   Have  a  voice     @Encore  james@encorehq.com           38  
  39. 39. Making  them  Click  (Case  Study)   Use  visuals:   •   Visuals  engage  the   reader  more  than   any  text  can   •   Clickthrough  rates   are  2-­‐3  Tmes  higher   when  there  is  a  video   •   Don’t  run  on  too   long   •   “Show  images”   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           39  
  40. 40. Making  them  Click  (Encore)   Power  ]ps:   •   More  ways  to   interact/be  engaged   other  than  giving   money   •   More  links  =  more   clickthroughs   •   ONE  clear  call  to   acTon  –  specific,   relevant,  “filmable   moment”   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           40  
  41. 41. The  “Filmable”  Moment   Encore  Survey   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           41  
  42. 42. Achieving   Bones   Your  Goal   Making   them  Click   Making   them   Open   Content  Meat   is  King   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           42  
  43. 43. Let’s  revisit  our  goals…   1  Stay  top  of  mind  un]l  year’s  end   (=  more  reten]on  =  more  life]me  value  =  $$)   An  investment   of  Tme...     Are  you  ready?     @Encore  james@encorehq.com           43  
  44. 44. Let’s  revisit  our  goals…   2  Push  content,  pull  traffic,  increase   awareness  •   Word  of  mouth  is  stronger  than  FB  page  posts  (16%).  Each  share  =  impressions  Where  you  want  them  to  take  the  desired  acTon     @Encore  james@encorehq.com           44  
  45. 45. Let’s  revisit  our  goals…   3  Drive  ac]on  throughout  the  year     45  
  46. 46. If  You  Remember  Nothing  Else…   Start  with   Come  down  from   Find  your   the  mountain,   the  goal,   put  away  the   stories:   plan  from   megaphone:   crowdsource   there   Truly  engage,   and  curate   don’t  ask,  focus   on  impact   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           46  
  47. 47. If  You  Remember  Nothing  Else…   You’re   What  can   Don’t  be  the   fighTng   needy  friend,  be   your   pa]ent:  the  real   cluSer:     reward  comes  at   the  details   donors   the  end  of  the   are  the  edge   do  now?   year   @Encore  james@encorehq.com           47  
  48. 48. www.encorehq.com  Ques]ons?  James  Li        Mike  Hauser  Co-­‐founder,  Encore  @encore  james@encorehq.com