2013-03-26 Cloud Based Accounting Systems

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Are you ready to transition your accounting system to a modern cloud based platform that delivers the functionality you need while providing a real return on your investment? You may be ready to …

Are you ready to transition your accounting system to a modern cloud based platform that delivers the functionality you need while providing a real return on your investment? You may be ready to graduate to a full featured financial management and accounting system. Join the Raffa Technology team for an informative seminar reviewing the powerful cloud based financial accounting system Intacct. This educational session will focus on the business drivers for cloud based accounting solutions with a focus on Intacct's award winning software platform. We will take you through a tour of Intacct's key features and functionality.

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  • 1. Intacct Cloud Based Accounting System Buu-Linh Tran – Senior Manager Jeremy Taro – Account ExecutiveThrive. Grow. Achieve. March 26, 2013
  • 2. WHAT’S ON TAP Introduction & Agenda New Options - On Premise v. Cloud What is the Cloud? Attributes, Advantages On Premise – Advantages Mixed Cloud with Traditional ERP Key Decision Points Introduction to Intacct Flexibility & Visibility Multi-Everything Demonstration - Intacct Functions Visibility Flexibility ROI Q&A 2
  • 3. DO YOU NEED THE NEW SOFTWARE?Hint – Sometimes You Need to Change Your Software! 3
  • 4. MUTUAL INTRODUCTIONS • WHO IS IN THE ROOM • YOUR ORGANIZATION – Size – employees – Current Accounting Solutions – Challenges • Raffa – Seth Zarny – Glenn Anstead – Jeremy Taro – Brief Background and Qualifications 4
  • 5. WHAT IS THE CLOUD?NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS AND TECHNOLOGY (NIST) Cloud computing - model for convenient, on-demand network access to shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services). Rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort.[4] Cloud computing provides computation, software, data access, and storage services – does not require end-user knowledge of physical location and configuration of the system that delivers services. 5
  • 6. CLOUD – CLAIMED KEY ATTRIBUTES• Agility – Improved Re-Provisioning• Cost – Claimed to be reduced, costs distributed over many users• Device & Location Independence• Multi-Tenancy – Key Issue for ERP• Reliability – Multiple Redundant Sites• Security – Providers devote more resources• Maintenance – Upgrades Installed Centrally 6
  • 7. ON PREMISE ATTRIBUTES•Control – In your environment•Integration with Organization Applications•Customization – Under Your Control•Security – Pluses & Minuses•Access – Remote Access & Controlled Users•Local Data – Data is Accessible•Known Costs – Traditional Costs•Reputable Mature Vendors 7
  • 8. MIXED CLOUD & TRADITIONAL VENDORS• Existing Software – Hosted in the Cloud• Mature Products – Functionality• Monthly Fees• Single Tenancy – Upgrades, Backups, Customized Attention• Integrations – Traditional• Remote Access - Citrix, Remote Desktop• Known Costs – Traditional Costs• Reputable Mature Vendors 8
  • 9. Key Decision Criteria To Consider• Functionality – Do Cloud Solutions Meet Your Functional Needs?• Sophistication – What level of customization do you require• Infrastructure Support – Committed to On-Premise Infrastructure, Cloud, or Both• Costs – What are the Realistic Costs for Your Organization – On-Premise vs Cloud• Support – Who is Supporting Your Users, Applications, and Infrastructure 9
  • 10. Introduction to Intacct• Newer Cloud Based ERP System – True Cloud Based – Local Partners – Yearly Costs• Strong Functionality• Very Satisfied Client Base• Targeted to Firms – in no particular order – Outgrowing QuickBooks – Multi-Company – Interested in the Cloud – Multi-Currency – Not For Profit – Multi-Organizational Rollup – Project Oriented Firms – Professional Services – Cost Effective – Very Strong Financials 10
  • 11. Intacct’s Relevant ExperienceHELPED HUNDREDS OF Case ExamplesBUSINESSES LIKE YOURSACHIEVE A SIGNIFICANT ROI BY:– Increasing real-time visibility into your software business to deepen leadership insights– Accessible Financials, Multi- Organizational, & Services– Automating complex revenue recognition and billing– Maximizing renewal revenue with proactive and automatic renewals management “Intacct has rich functionality, great– Accelerating financial reporting and it’s tremendously flexible. Intacct makes us more productive, consolidations and close allowing us to strategically redeploy processes some of our staff – ultimately saving the company more than $100,000 annually in– Streamlining the capture of time added salary.” and expenses incurred by your CEO services organization ASP Global Services 11
  • 12. Introducing Intacct’s Core Pillars of SuccessSince we are into financials, let’s do a little math … Best Best in Class Superior YOUR (Cloud) Financials ROI SATISFACTION Deep Visibility Flexibility & Control “Get the Edge” "Youre in Charge” Leadership Insights Maximize the Adapt the PowerValue of Your Data of Our Software 12
  • 13. Best in Class Financials 13
  • 14. 14
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  • 20. Intacct has the most and fastest growing momentumof any firm in the financial software industry • Over 800 net new customers in 2010; 4,000+ in all − ~20,000 entities using Intacct − Very high retention and minimal churn • 80% year over year growth in CQ4, 2010 in total new subscriptions • AICPA preferred financial management application • Customer and industry awards and recognition • 12 years production proven experience and continuous innovation in the cloud 20
  • 21. Our Clients are Enjoying Tremendous SuccessPUBLIC COMPANIES 21
  • 22. Intacct Software Presentation DEMO 22
  • 23. Questions?Buu-Linh Tran – Senior Managerbtran@raffa.com301.279.6511Jeremy Taro – Account Executivejtaro@raffa.com301.279.6504 23