VoLTE & RCS Revolutionizing Enterprise UC


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Service providers are starting deployment of VoLTE and adding RCS as part of the Joyn initiative. As service providers are looking for new sources of revenue and ways to compete with OTT service providers they are starting to provide RCS based UC services to enterprises and SMBs.
The presentation reviews VoLTE and RCS technology and market, drivers for service providers to offer such services to enterprises and RADVISION's offering for building such services with emphasis on clients for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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  • Operator challengesCustomer migration to VoIP over their data networks with 3rd party service providersThe App Store: Services that run on the network are not controlled by the network operatorLTE significantly improves network's quality and operators are becoming "dumb" data pipesNeed to provide new services to stay relevant
  • Operators Value prop in the LTE eraNetworks will not switch overnight from GSM and 3G to LTE. Provide reliable, secure, with QOS services superior to the 3rd party service providersLeveraging on their full control over the networkCapable of providing service continuity over different access networksVCC = Voice Call ContinuitySMS over IP <-> SMS over CSRoaming
  • IMS- The enabler for operators to continue to be the service provider of all services over LTE.Reliable, QoS, Secure, Service Continuity, Roaming.IMS will materialize – the operators simply have no other choice.BUT: IMS will take time, and the operators do not have it….
  • VoLTE & RCS Revolutionizing Enterprise UC

    1. 1. VoLTE & RCS –RevolutionizingEnterprise UCSagi Subocki & Amir ZmoraRADVISION
    2. 2. 2 Types of User Experience ApproachesDedicated application Allows using proprietary methods, signaling, features… UI/experience separate from common phone usage
    3. 3. 2 Types of User Experience ApproachesPart of the phone VoLTE & RCS are changing phone user experience All rich communication services available on contact list Consumer UC can be hooked “joyned” with enterprise UC
    4. 4. VoLTE & RCS Overview
    5. 5. LTE is a new All-IP, mobile access technology thatenables much higher bandwidth with low latency formobile networks
    6. 6. Operators’ challenge:3rd-party service providers willprovide good Voice and Messagingover their LTE network
    7. 7. Operators’ Strengths in the LTE Era Best-quality service• Service continuity• Roaming capabilities• Leveraging their full• control of the network
    8. 8. IMS – The Future of NGN But it will take some time to mature…
    9. 9. VoLTE
    10. 10. VoLTE - Voice over LTE A subset of the IMS standard that covers only basic services and is ready to be deployed NOW.
    11. 11. VoLTE - Voice over LTE IMS profile Starts as “One Voice” Initiative of 18 operators and Handset vendors GSMA adopts it Work continues on the initial “One Voice” draft Renamed to “VoLTE”
    12. 12. VoLTEOperators supporting VoLTE: AT&T SKT Bell Canada SoftBank China Mobile Telecom Italia Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile Telecom New Zealand KDDI Telefónica Mobilkom Austria Telenor MTS TeliaSonera NTT DoCoMo Verizon Wireless Orange Vodafone
    13. 13. VoLTEHandset manufacturers and equipment vendors supportingVoLTE: Acme Packet Motorola Alcatel-Lucent Mu Aylus NEC Cisco Nokia Colibra Nokia Siemens Networks Communigate Qualcomm Comneon RADVISION Ericsson Samsung Fujitsu Sony Ericsson Genband Tekelec Huawei LG
    14. 14. What is RCS 14
    15. 15. Enriched, interoperable, communication services Today, only (switched) voice, SMS or e-mail, are really interoperable Existing enriched communication services are not standard or interoperable There is a need for interoperable enriched communication services with multimedia capabilities, beyond voice and SMS
    16. 16. RCS is an evolution of operator’s legacy services focusingon user experienceAgreed set of protocols and standards, based on IMS,allowing full interoperability with different operators andvendorsStarted off with: Enhanced Phonebook - Contacts enhanced with capabilities and rich presence Enriched Call - Call enriched with multimedia Sharing Enhanced Messaging - Conversational messaging experience
    17. 17. RCS 5 Major AreasBold Font – New Feature, *Source: GSMA – RCS 5.0Italic – updated feature Specifications
    18. 18. Audience PollWhen do you think the major mobile service providers willprovide VoLTE & RCS based voice and messaging services overtheir LTE Networks? With the Launch of their LTE Network 1 Year after the Launch of their LTE Network 2 Years after the Launch of their LTE Network The LTE Networks will never be used for VoLTE & RCS Voiceand Messaging Services
    19. 19. VoLTE & RCSThe Good, the Bad & the Opportunity in the eyes of the SP
    20. 20. LTE is happening 64 commercial LTE networks in 34 countries 312 operators in 98 countries are investing in LTE Source: GSA, April 2012
    21. 21. LTE Devices 269 LTE devices 18 Tablets Many other devices: Notebooks, dongles…. 48 Smartphones 6 times more than number of Smartphones 6 months ago
    22. 22. The LTE Threat LTE makes OTT a bigger threat to the SP SP sees increase in data, decrease in voice & SMS revenue Better & faster network…higher quality OTT services
    23. 23. VoLTE + RCS = Opportunity VoLTE & RCS will bring the rich communication servicesconsumers are looking for In a different way than OTT Interoperable across networks Part of their phone….pre-installed In managed quality Slower rollout 
    24. 24. Consumer ARPU Fighting “free” is a challenge Smartphone adoption and usage are high Increasing consumer ARPU is a challenge SPs are looking for new sources of revenue
    25. 25. VoLTE & RCS for the Enterprise The Enterprise is willing to pay for Quality Availability/Reliability Interoperability Manageability Support B.Y.O.D trend CAPEX reduction Support cloud trendInterests of the SP and Enterprisealign VoLTE & RCS
    26. 26. The Ecosystem IMS Core & RCS infrastructure VoLTE & RCS Clients SP will join them together for a hosted solution Integration with existing UC solutions Interface for 3rd party enterprise applications & developers Device pre-integration
    27. 27. RCS Services for the Enterprise Enhanced Address Book Presence Messaging Chat File Transfer Voice and Video communication Content Sharing Geolocation
    28. 28. Integration with the Enterprise Enabling enterprise UC as part of the regular smartphone experience. Connecting with existing enterprise UC solution. *Source: GSMA RCS API Detailed Requirements 1.1
    29. 29. Audience PollWhich advanced services are most important for hostedEnterprise UC? Presence and Instant Messaging Video communication Content Sharing Geolocation
    30. 30. BEEHD Overview
    31. 31. BEEHD Solution Customizable Multi-platform Management & Controlclients Call control & service creation Mobile Configuration Tablet SW upgrade Desktop Directory service Room-system Protocol agnostic services Testing & Monitoring VoLTE & RCS simulation Media quality monitoring Value Added Services & Datacenter servers Conferencing GW Security FW/NAT
    32. 32. BEEHD Client Family of ProductsBEEHD for Desktop BEEHD for Personal BEEHD for Devices Enterprise BEEHD Core
    33. 33. VoIP Client Architecture V²oIP ClientASF Management module(RCS/e) Call Engine Open Web BEEHD APIs launcher Cloud FW/NAT Call Control MSRP traversal Configuration module Software Call Protocol Media Access Rights XDM Upgrader History Adapters Adapter Settings and Parameters Debug MediaPresence SIP H.323 Engine Optional modules V²oIP Client modules Management plugins BEEHD low-level modules
    34. 34. VOIP Testing for the Lab Audio & Video VoLTE Client & Quality Testing Suite Server Measurement VOIP Complete Video & Audio Terminal and Testing Suite Quality Server Measurement Simulation VideoInsider
    35. 35. eVident Video Monitoring SolutionIntelligent and Easy Way to Monitor your Video network Active Passive Audio & Video Monitoring Monitoring Measurement PreVideo VideoInsider RVMon Pre & Post deployment Video Quality Real Time Video video network readiness Measurement & Analysis Monitoring
    36. 36. API as a Service Connectivity Service Creation & Security Logic Application Management Customization and IntegrationSimply create complex communication services using the tools you already know!
    37. 37. ConclusionHosted VoLTE & RCS based Enterprise Services may be a new revenuesource for the SP LTE is in deployment and growing Big investments in VoLTE & RCS, starting to see trials & deployments SPs are challenged by OTT Bread and butter revenue is declining Looking for new revenue sources and customers The Enterprise requires advanced communications services Quality Availability/Reliability Interoperability Manageability Support B.Y.O.D trend CAPEX reductionand is willing to pay for it Interests of the SP and Enterprise align
    38. 38. Thank you!Sagi Subocki Amir Zmora Carl FordDirector of Product Management, VP Products & Marketing Community Developer, 4GWEHead of IMS Segment Technology Business Unit Crossfire MediaRADVISION RADVISION carl@crossfiremedia.comsagis@radvision.com amirz@radvision.com