UC With High Definition Visual Communications for the Masses


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Watching every expression in your peer’s face can indeed improve the way you communicate, and this is the reason for the increasing demand for High Definition (HD) visual communications and data collaboration:

* Business teams all over the globe make daily sensitive meetings by using video calls or conferences
* Global engineering teams use data collaboration to co-work on diagrams and make remote meetings effective
* Numerous customer service centers migrate to visual communications as part of customer service improvement

While HD visual communications’ advantages are clear, HD systems involve increased costs and
technology barriers.

However, commoditizing of HD visual communication starts now!

By attending this webinar, you will learn:
* What HD visual communication exactly is and its advantages
* How the HD visual communication market is going to be commoditized
* About RADVISION’s revolutionary products:
- VC240: HD video and data collaboration endpoint, embedded in 24" LCD
- BEEDESK: Desktop endpoint engine, with HD video and collaboration
- BEEHD: Hardware endpoint engine, with HD video and collaboration

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UC With High Definition Visual Communications for the Masses

  1. 1. UC with high definition <br />HD Visual communications for the masses<br />Sharon Laivand<br />Product Manager<br />
  2. 2. Expressions are stronger than words!<br />
  3. 3. Interactive Video in the enterprise<br />
  4. 4. Interactive video in the internet<br />Messengers<br />Social networks<br />Service providers<br />36% video calls!<br />
  5. 5. Interactive video in consumer products<br />Connected TV<br />
  6. 6. Interactive video can be embedded in diverse applications <br />E-learning<br />Tele-medicine<br />Remote banking<br />Video call center<br />VoIP operator soft-phone<br />
  7. 7. Kid: “Hey doctor – my left eye is red an itchy, could you have a look at it?”<br />Doctor: “No problem son, can you look closer to your web cam and press the GRAB PICTURE button”<br />[2 minutes later] “Oh, that’s a tiny infection in your eye; I will email your mom the medicine you have to take. <br />BTW son: do you know how do I copy an image to my memory stick??? ”<br />Example: UC in Tele-medicine<br />
  8. 8. In some cases, HD can make the difference<br />
  9. 9. What is HD video?<br />HD<br />SD<br />~100K<br />~8M<br />Pixels/frame:<br />(30 FPS)<br />~2M<br />~400K<br />~1M<br />
  10. 10. What Makes HD Video Complex?<br />Real time experience: <br />less than 400ms delay<br />
  11. 11. Transition to High Definition is Complex<br />Hardware – Silicon change , redesign of the hardware <br />Software optimization – media codecs, application, signaling<br />Bandwidth management<br />Interoperability<br />Quality measurement<br />
  12. 12. VC240<br />
  13. 13. SCOPIA VC240 Desktop System<br />All-in-One Desktop System<br />24” Samsung widescreen LCD<br />HD camera<br />Speakers, dual echo cancelling mics<br />RADVISION’s video conferencing engine<br />High Performance HD Video Conferencing<br />H.264, 720p, 30 fps<br />Up to 2 Mbps<br />Offloads HD Video Processing from Your PC<br />Frees up PC’s processor for other applications<br />Standalone desktop conferencing without booting up PC<br />
  14. 14. SCOPIA VC240 desktop system<br />All-in-One Desktop System<br />High Performance HD Video Conferencing<br />Offloads HD Processing from Your PC<br />Integrated with the SCOPIA Solution<br />Easily Switches to a PC Display<br />
  15. 15.
  16. 16. BEEHD<br />All-in-one video telephony solution<br />Based on TI DM6467 SoC<br />Value Proposition<br />Minimize time to market<br />Superior media quality<br />Interoperability across multiple platforms<br />Designed and optimized for embedded systems<br />
  17. 17. Software Architecture<br />HD Camera<br />Customer Application and UI<br />HD Client<br />Display<br />Media Engine<br />Call Control<br />SIP / H.323<br />Codecs<br />Advanced RTP<br />Speakers<br />Microphone<br />Common Core<br />Hardware Platform and Operating System<br />
  18. 18. Hardware Design (Dual Chip Solution)<br />AIC23<br />SPK<br />TI DM6467 - Decoder<br />DM<br />647<br />(OSD)<br />Ethernet<br />Decoded Video<br />Flash<br />EMIF<br />Display<br />EMIF<br />USB (TUSB6010B)<br />USB<br />GPIO<br />Control & OSD<br />HPI<br />BT1120<br />or<br />Raw RGB<br />TI DM6467 - Encoder<br />HD Camera<br />Self View<br />Flash<br />EMIF<br />AIC23<br />MIC<br />AEC<br />
  19. 19. Benefits<br />
  20. 20. Error Resiliency Using RADVISION SVC<br />
  21. 21. Error Resiliency Using RADVISION SVC<br />
  22. 22. BEEDESK<br />
  23. 23. BEEDESK –Collaboration engine<br />HD video collaboration engine for desktop and notebooks devices<br />Value Proposition<br />Flexible API (not just white-label)<br />Minimize time to market<br />Superior media quality<br />Interoperability across multiple platforms<br />Based on RADVISION BEE technology<br />
  24. 24. Architecture <br />Customer User Interface<br />Desktop client<br />engine<br />Telephony<br />Services<br />Pre-Integration with HW<br />Platform<br />IM/Presence<br />Service Module<br />Hardware Platform<br />
  25. 25. Media<br />H.264/SVC<br />Provides error resiliency through forward error correction<br />QCIF up to 720p @30fps<br />1-2Mbps bandwidth support<br />
  26. 26. Sample GUI Application<br />Provide customers an out of the box GUI sample code as reference<br />
  27. 27. Thank you!<br />Sharon Laivand<br />Product Manager<br />sharonl@radvision.com<br />http://www.radvision.com/Products/Developer/BEE/<br />