FutureComm 2010: Video Client Fundamentals - BEEHD Complete Client Framework


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FutureComm 2010: Video Client Fundamentals - BEEHD Complete Client Framework

  1. 1. Name: Title: Video Client Fundamentals BEEHD Complete Client Framework Amit Lavi Product Manager October 2010
  2. 2. Agenda Challenges of HD Visual Communications RADVISION Solution
  3. 3. Challenges of HD Visual Communications HW DesignReal-Time Processing System IntegrationInteroperability Media Communication Protocol
  4. 4. Resolutions and CPU usage 4 x CIF 20 x CIF 9 x CIF CIF 4CIF 720p 1080p Real-Time Processing Real-Time encode/decode processing Motion estimation on larger resolution Processing much more bits Video quality algorithms required MIPS High Definition
  5. 5. Designing the hardware HW Design
  6. 6. Designing the hardware Multimedia chip On-screen display Camera Display output Audio system Ethernet connectivity Memory management and DMA System bring-up … HW Design
  7. 7. Which protocol? 3G-324M Existing mobile video telephony H.323 Enterprise video conferencing SIP IP PBXs, hosted VoIP XMPP Google Talk Other? Skype, …
  8. 8. Media is much more than a Codec
  9. 9. 3 Aspects of Media Codecs Quality Voice and Video Media
  10. 10. Which Codecs? H.264 High quality video codec H.263 Legacy video codec G.722 Wideband voice codec G.711 Basic voice codec Other? G.723, … Media
  11. 11. Encoder and Decoder AEC – Acoustic Echo Cancellation Video and Audio path Peripherals integration Media processing and Control Media transfer over network Voice and Video processing Media
  12. 12. Quality Maintain Quality over unmanaged networks High Definition video over Internet Overcome network issues such as packet loss Media
  13. 13. Codec Check-list Vendor Chipset Standards Profile/Level Resolution Bitrates Quality (PSNR) measurement Error Correction/Concealment Media
  14. 14. Quality is not just Codec (CC: http://www.wordle.net/) Media
  15. 15. Interoperability is hard work Standard ≠ Implementation Signaling Capabilities Media Technologies Interoperability
  16. 16. Interoperability is…
  17. 17. System Integration: Functionality Configuration and settings System alerts User privileges Corporate address book Software upgrade Internal logging System Integration
  18. 18. System Integration: Interfaces Integration with management systems SNMP TFTP HTTPS User settings GUI Administrator troubleshooting Web UI (HTTP) System Integration
  19. 19. System Integrators: APIs and flexibility Dialing In-call commands System settings Custom messages … System Integration
  20. 20. Working on different network conditions Running over Intranet and Internet Overcome network problems: Packet Loss (Video and audio) Delay NAT and Firewall Network
  21. 21. RADVISION Solution
  22. 22. End-to-End Product Portfolio Client Products & Projects SIP Server Products Turnkey Solutions - Professional Services Client Frameworks SIP Server Frameworks Multimedia Terminal Framework SIP Server Core Presence & Events B2BAF NAT Traversal MSRP A-RTP Protocol Toolkits Diameter IMS SIP Suite H.323 MEGACO XDM 3G-324M Testing Products Testing & Validation Technology BFCP RADVISION Solution
  23. 23. Set-Top-Box Executive Endpoint Digital Picture Frame Room System Videophone Notebook/Netbook Service Provider UC Desktop Solution Mobile VT solution IAD Voice solution Projectors UC Desktop Solution Enterprise SMB Mobile VT solution Residential Mobile Service Provider HD-TV Unified Communications video solution End points Network Management Gateway Conferencing
  24. 24. BEEHD Core BEEHD for Desktop BEEHD for Enterprise BEEHD Client Family of Products BEEHD for Personal Devices
  25. 25. Value proposition Ready-to-use desktop client engine Shortest TTM for customizable UC/visual communication application Quality of Experience (QoE) Resolution (up to HD) QoE over unmanaged networks (SVC) Interoperability
  26. 26. BEEHD Core Complete HD Visual Communication Client Framework Video Telephony Management Integration Application Layer Troubleshooting Customer’s GUI Application Operating System and Hardware Platform BEEHD
  27. 27. SW Architecture HD Camera Display Input Microphone Display Speakers Network BEEHD
  28. 28. SW Architecture BEEHD
  29. 29. BSP, Operating system and drivers Call Control Call Control modules BEEHD SIP Call Control Modules Multi protocol support SIP RFC 3261 ITU H.323 Version 6 Skype And Google Talk – Roadmap OS Abstraction Layer Call Control Call flow Supplementary services (Hold, Mute, Transfer, Forward) Communication Interoperability BEEHD H.323 SIP A-RTPGTalk Skype RADVISION Common Core
  30. 30. Media Framework – Not Just A Codec Media Engine Codecs Advanced-RTP H.264 Encoder/Decoder (with TS) Voice and Video Quality manger SVC Technology Net Sense Bandwidth estimation Forward Error correction Media Interoperability Lip Sync Peripherals Integration Support multiple codecs Integration with Media algorithms Channel Manager SDP Parser Real time Memory Management Nodes Nodes Nodes Nodes Channel
  31. 31. Call Control High level API’s BEEHD Application Layer BEEHD SIP BEEHD Application Layer High Level API’s for customer UI integration Management Remote configuration Software upgrade Statistics Integration of Signaling and Media System interoperability with leading endpoints Customer Application/ UI Management System Interoperability Media Engine Integration
  32. 32. More Information? BEEHD Product Page http://www.radvision.com/BEEHD/ How to Develop Hardware For an HD Endpoint? http://blog.radvision.com/howto-develop-hardware-for-hd-video/ SVC http://www.radvision.com/SVC/
  33. 33. Where to Find Us? Corporate site Community Blogs Newsletter twitter This seminar, online: http://community.radvision.com/page/futurecomm-2010/
  34. 34. Name: Title:Amit Lavi amitl@radvision.com Product Manager Thank you!