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Week 7 webquest
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Week 7 webquest

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Ca. Gold Rush WebQuest

Ca. Gold Rush WebQuest

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  • 1. California Gold Rush<br />Introduction <br />Task <br />Process <br />Evaluation <br />Conclusion <br />By Robbie Aldaco<br />This WebQuest will focus on the People who flocked to California during the Gold Rush to find their fortune in gold between the years 1848 and 1855.<br />Introduction<br />What was the date when you decided to leave?<br />What were the people like that decided to go to California?<br />Why did you decide to go?<br />What country or state did you leave from?<br />What city did you decide to be your destination?<br />What route and method did you take to get there?<br />What kind of hardships did you encounter? <br />The students will take on the identity of an American, Native American, Latin American, European, or Asian. They can take either the identity of a man or woman and will research their roles respectively. <br />Task<br />    Welcome to your Journey to the California Gold Rush! <br />Each student will individually explore their journey to California to strike it rich in the hills of California. The students will explore the effects of their journey. (Travels, Weather, etc…)<br />    The students will decide who they want to be and if not, I will assign them a character.   <br /> Within these groups the students will be responsible for learning background information about their specific group. The student will be given tasks which must be completed. <br />Process<br />The student is to take on the role of a 49er between the years of 1848 to 1855. Gather background information and write notes about:<br />The 49er daily life.<br />The labor the individual was involved in. <br />The individual’s motive for immigrating to California. <br />What skills did the individual have?<br />Does the individual have a family, and if so, did they come to California or go elsewhere?<br />What was the living conditions like for a 49er?<br />After gathering background information, please complete the following questions.<br />Were the immigrants accepted in California? <br />Were their jobs of equal difficulty as higher classes of society?<br />Economically, how did their income compare to other figures/groups of that time? <br />Did they experience any discrimination?<br />After accumulating all of the information that you gathered, write a letter to your family back home explaining what your life is like in California.<br />Resources<br />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Gold_Rush.<br />http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/californiagoldrush.htm.<br />http://ceres.ca.gov/ceres/calweb/geology/goldrush.html.<br />Group Discussion<br />The teacher will put the students in to groups of four (all with different identities that they have chosen). <br />Make sure the students have their website notes with them! <br />Be prepared to discuss which particular group made the biggest impact to the Gold Rush. Use the following questions as an outline for the discussion:<br />Who are you? A 49er, merchant, land owner, etc…<br />Did you stake your own claim or did you work for someone?<br />Where was the gold mine located that you found or worked at?<br />Were you discriminated against? If so, how? <br />Where was the biggest gold mine found?<br />What was the biggest impact of the gold rush on California?<br />Evaluation<br />Beginning1Developing2Accomplished3Exemplary4Score Researching Materials Did not take notes while researching websites Minimal notes lacking in detail.Sufficient notes, with adequate information, lacking some details. Excellent notes, great detail, appropriate information Participation in activities Not on task, no participation.Little participation, lacking adequate involvement.Good participation with acceptable contributions. Participated in all activities with enthusiasm for the subject. Involvement in small group discussion No involvement.Lack of preparation, perspective of group representation not apparentPrepared, did not always represent their group. Represented group, debated issues, fully prepared, and actively engaged.<br />Conclusion<br />    By studying the gold rush of 1848, you, as Americans, will learn a lot about the history of California. You will learn how the gold rush affected the settlers, its economy, and its immigrants, but most importantly, Native Americans. You will also learn the impact the gold rush had on California becoming a state. <br />Credits: This WebQuest may be used or altered by anyone who wishes to use it.<br />