Designing for the internet proposal


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Designing for the internet proposal

  1. 1. Designing for the internet K1130279 Rae Samuel Website concept
  2. 2. My Research • Looking at allot of McLuhan's writings as well as many interviews helped me grasp the idea that media in his time was in a stage of great evolution. • Digital media was increasing in availability and quality of content. It was becoming apparent that the digital media was growing rapidly at this time and still to this day has allot more to do. • ‘Global village‘ was the term that stood out for me when trying to find an effective ideology and stimuli for my website idea. I knew that whatever type of website I create there would have to be an aspect of the closeness of the world as a result of digital media. a place where media from all over the globe meets.
  3. 3. My focus • “All media is an extension of ourself” - McLuhan • Of all the texts and theories created by McLuhan this is the one that stuck with and is the quote that I have based my whole website around. • I have attempted to visualise and turn this quote into a real time interactive website which allows the consumer to fully understand that media becomes an extension of our communicative features. as well as through the freedom of the internet incorporate the idea of the ‘Global village’ too...
  4. 4. The layout of the website My Idea for the websites features a 3d model of a human. It will have simplistic design and feel. requiring some amount of wondering navigation for the user to understand the purpose at first. when the mouse rolls over certain features of the 3d model i.e eyes, ears or mouth and image video or sound will play! Not only will this media be randomised and change every time the user rolls over but the type of media will also be different depending on the feature the user decides to roll over at that moment; for example if the user was to roll over the models mouth they may be directed to a blog where they can type and vent their opinion.
  5. 5. Target audience The target audience for this website will be aimed at those 10+ tho it has no offensive content for any ages, i believe it would require the cognition of somebody around this age in order to operate the website efficiently
  6. 6. How it will work Radio show Video Photography Blog Skype iPad
  7. 7. A more detailed look....
  8. 8. Any questions...?
  9. 9. HopeYou Have enjoyed my presentation K1130279 Rae Samuel
  10. 10. HopeYou Have enjoyed my presentation K1130279 Rae Samuel