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Developing Knowledge-age Skills
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Developing Knowledge-age Skills



Developing Knowledge-age Skills in a Teen Second Life Community. Paper presented at Handheld Learning conference, London 2007....

Developing Knowledge-age Skills in a Teen Second Life Community. Paper presented at Handheld Learning conference, London 2007.
This research was later extended, and written up as a book chapter. http://bit.ly/bugzPm



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  • Focus on learner being mobile, not the technology used to enable that mobility Mobility of access to SL – at home, at school, at work Mobile in 3 dimensions within the virtual world
  • How many people have AV in SL? Describe SL: 3D virtual world where you interact in real time through avatars. Over 18s only Not like Massively Multiplayer games cause no set objectives or quests ie WoW Also distinctive attribute is that it has money, Linden Dollars which has a real life conversion value. Islands Purchase land leasehold Avatars, flying and teleporting Prims Builds – complex like architecture in picture or simple like floating platform which is not poss in real life Look at web address for sl
  • Introduce the Schome project and why we took it in world Schome – looking at alternative approaches to education Goals - It will meet the needs of society and individuals in the twenty-first century and will be a system which values and supports people learning throughout their lives. Use new technologies as an enabler for personalised learning.
  • Some educational establishments reproduce themselves in Second Life That’s Ohio on the left and Princeton on the right
  • Teen Grid – Students aged 13 to 17 Aime to use the affordances of the virtual medium: Avatars fly in through roof Transparent walls & big doors Accessible meeting areas (Japanese garden) Objects accessed through panels
  • Very important both organisationally and from the point of socialisation Also important for people who may have problems getting inworld.
  • These are the knowledge-age skills we are teaching. NB Although we had physics, ethics and archaeology, what we were aiming for was the skills rather than the knowledge.
  • Who the students were. NAGTY pilot Students had never met face to face. From all over the country. Age 13 – 17 – spread of ages. Hard to distinguish between avatars of students and those of staff.
  • Physics, Ethics and Philosophy and Archaeology and Induction. Mention that we were still being constrained by real life. Needed a holistic approach rather than subject centred
  • Arrival of students – used environment in different ways Explored all 3Dimensions, building really high up PLAYFUL approach
  • Here’s an educational game the staff took in world for people to work on together. Conforms to conventional model. Developed by staff – took a lot of developmental work Students sign up for it and turned up and played
  • A traditional game a student chose to take in world. 13 year old Assembled team – shared work Distributed – students accessed external resources and brought them inworld Sideways seating and played as group Used IM to communicate within team.
  • Play acting and role play.
  • Murder mystery – link to title Built knowledge age skills, But – continued to leading to trial And punishment!
  • Competitive games and team work.
  • Access difficulties in 2 nd life. Overcome by a teenager. AjaxLife to allow access inworld. Restricted way in.
  • New approach to support and encourage the development of Knowledge Age Skills

Developing Knowledge-age Skills Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Developing Knowledge-age Skills in a Teen Second Life Community or Education can be Murder ;-) Gill Clough & Rebecca Ferguson [email_address] [email_address] http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/
  • 2. Agenda
    • Second Life
      • Second life and mobile learning
      • Education in second Life
      • The main grid and the teen grid
    • The Schome project in second life
    • Developing knowledge age skills through games in SL
    • Future
  • 3. Mobile Learning and Second Life
    • “ The focus should be on the learner being mobile, rather than defining ‘mobile learning’ as learning that takes place through the use of mobile devices.” (Taylor et. al.)
    • Second Life provides a constant virtual context that is independent of physical, social and temporal constraints
  • 4. Welcome to Second Life www.secondlife.com
  • 5.  
  • 6. Spot the difference
  • 7. Welcome to Schome Park www.schome.ac.uk
  • 8. Shot of wiki and forum Wiki Forum schome.open.ac.uk/forum/
  • 9. Knowledge-age skills
    • Communication
    • Confidence
    • Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Problem solving
    • Teamwork
  • 10. Who are the learners?
  • 11. Strand Slide
    • Pics of hadrians wall, physics and zen garden fade out to arial shot of skybase at twilight
  • 12. Welcome to Schome Park http://www.ncs-tech.org/
  • 13. Sudoku Creativity x Motivation x Leadership x Confidence x Problem solving  Communication  Teamwork  http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/
  • 14. Chess Confidence x Leadership  Teamwork  Communication  Motivation  Problem Solving  Creativity  http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials /
  • 15. Playacting Leadership  Teamwork  Communication  Motivation  Problem Solving  Creativity  Confidence  http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/
  • 16. Leadership  Communication  Motivation  Problem Solving  Creativity  Confidence  Teamwork x Trial… Punishment… Murder… http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/
  • 17. Regatta Leadership  Teamwork  Communication  Motivation  Problem Solving  Creativity  Confidence  http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/
  • 18. Using AjaxLife www.ajaxlife.net
  • 19. For the Future
    • Widening access :
    • Hospital patients
      • Providing mobile technology to students to enable them to get inworld during treatment
    • Geocaching in Second Life
      • You don’t develop the knowledge age skills unless you let the students lead
      • Plant the seed of the idea and watch it grow
  • 20. Gill Clough & Rebecca Ferguson IET, The Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
    • (Euphloozie Phlox and Fox Phlox)
    http://conclave.open.ac.uk/ResearchEssentials/ Acknowledgements The Schome Community Staff and students of Schome Park