KS1 History Florence Nightingale
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KS1 History Florence Nightingale






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KS1 History Florence Nightingale Presentation Transcript

  • 1. KS1 History
    Florence Nightingale
    Contains: Lesson and Qwizdom Quiz
    You will need: Qwizdom handsets and QwizdomActionPoint software
  • 2. Florence Nightingale
    Famous Nurse
    Born: 1820
    Died: 1910
  • 3. Florence Nightingale
    Her family were rich and she was taught at home by her father.
    She felt that God had called her to help others
  • 4. Florence Nightingale
    She wanted to be a nurse and disobeyed her parents wishes to train as one.
  • 5. Florence Nightingale
    In 1853 the Crimean War started.
    In Britain, newspaper reports told of the terrible conditions the wounded soldiers were suffering.
    Florence was asked to go to Crimea to help the wounded soldiers.
  • 6. Florence Nightingale
    Florence was based at the Barrack Hospital at Scutari.
    Thousands of sick and wounded men were at the hospital.
    There were not enough beds for all the men.
  • 7. Florence Nightingale
    The hospital was very dirty and smelly and there were rats running around the wards.
    Men were dying from the diseases that they caught in the hospital.
  • 8. Florence Nightingale
    When Florence and her nurses first arrived they were not welcomed by the male doctors.
    The nurses were not allowed to nurse the men. The only thing they were allowed to do was clean the hospital.
  • 9. Florence Nightingale
    More and more wounded soldiers arrived and the doctors were forced to ask the nurses for their help.
    The nurses were very disciplined and wore uniforms and a sash which said ‘Scutari Hospital.’
  • 10. Florence Nightingale
    The nurses fed the soldiers food such as mutton soup.
    The hospital was now a cleaner and healthier place.
  • 11. Florence Nightingale
    Florence Nightingale used a paper lantern and was known as 'lady with the lamp' because she use to walk around the hospital carrying her lamp.
  • 12. Florence Nightingale
    This was the medicine chest Florence travelled with. It included essence of ginger and powdered rhubarb.
  • 13. Florence Nightingale
    This is the shell of Jimmy the Tortoise.
    He was a pet on one of the wards at Scutari.
    The shell is now in the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.
  • 14. Florence Nightingale
    When Florence arrived back in Britain she was a heroine.
    She had songs written about her and received many awards including one from Queen Victoria.
  • 15. Florence Nightingale
    Florence continued her good work by writing letters to many important people asking them to make their hospitals better.
  • 16. Florence Nightingale
    She also set up a training school for nurses at St Thomas’s Hospital.
  • 17. Florence Nightingale
    Florence died in 1910 at the age of 90.
  • 18. Qwizdom Quiz
    Switch on your Qwizdom remotes.
  • 19. When was Florence Nightingale born?
  • 20. 1820
  • 21. True or False
    Florence Nightingale’s parents did not want her to become a nurse.
  • 22. True
  • 23. True or False
    Florence and her nurses were made very welcome by the male doctors
  • 24. False
  • 25. Which item of the nurse’s uniform was labelled ‘Scutari Hospital’
  • 26. Sash
  • 27. What type of food was served to the wounded soldiers?
    Mutton soup
  • 28. Mutton Soup
  • 29. What did Florence carry round the hospital to give her light?
    Paper Lamp
  • 30. Paper Lamp
  • 31. Which of the following were some of the ingredients in Florence’s medicine box?
    Essence of ginger and powdered rhubarb
    Lemon and honey
  • 32. Essence of ginger and powdered rhubard
  • 33. Which of these was a pet on the hospital ward?
    Jerry the Cat
    Jeff the Dog
    Jimmy the Tortoise
  • 34. Jimmy the Tortoise
  • 35. Yes or No
    Florence Set up a training school for nurses at St Thomas’s Hospital.
  • 36. Yes
  • 37. How old was Florence when she died?
  • 38. 90