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City & guilds    electroctechnical technology - installation & buildings

City & guilds electroctechnical technology - installation & buildings






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    City & guilds    electroctechnical technology - installation & buildings City & guilds electroctechnical technology - installation & buildings Presentation Transcript

    • Installation (Buildings and Structures) CERTIFICATE IN ELECTROTECHNICAL TECHNOLOGY
    • The statutory regulations that set standards which will reduce the risk of electric shock, burns and fire due to the use of electrical systems are
      • a. the Electricity at Work Regulations b. the IEE Wiring Regulations c. the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations d. the Health and Safety at Work Act.
    • Specific guidance is given to the selection of cable sizes, isolation and switching, and inspection and testing for electrical installations in
      • a. the Health and Safety at Work Act b. the Electricity at Work Regulations c. the Electricity Supply Regulations d. the IEE Wiring Regulations.
    • In high rise buildings lightning conductors must be bonded to the
      • a. building girder work b. water and gas supplies c. the installation earth d. earthing rod.
    • BSEN numbers on electrical equipment signifies compliance with
      • a. International standards b. European standards c. English standards d. Insulation standards.
    • Exploded views in manufactures manuals are generally used to show
      • a. complex components with many parts b. large machine parts c. wiring diagrams of machines d. machines having few parts.
    • An electrical contractor drawing up a list of materials and equipment required to complete an installation will need access to
      • a. delivery records b. drawings and specifications c. circuit diagrams d. day work sheets.
    • A drawing measuring 2m x 1m representing a site measuring 2km x 1km will be drawn to a scale of
      • a. 1 : 500 b. 1 : 1000 c. 1000 : 1 d. 500 : 1
    • To check the ongoing progress of a contract, the contracts manager would use
      • a. work sheets and time sheets b. operation and data sheets c. delivery records and reports d. operation sheets and memorandum.
    • Circuits used to measure and control temperature, air flow, and humidity in a building are called
      • a. emergency management circuits b. environmental control circuits c. power control circuits d. security control circuits.
    • A wiring system allowing easy replacement and addition of cables is
      • a. PVC conduit b. steel wire armoured cable c. mineral insulated cable d. metallic cable trunking.
    • In an installation where appearance is the most important consideration, the most likely choice of a wiring system will be
      • a. ladder racking b. mineral insulated cable c. armoured cable d. cable tray.
    • When calculations show that the voltage drop between the supply terminals and a load will exceed 4% of the supply voltage the action to be taken is to
      • a. limit the time the load is connected b. increase the supply voltage using a transformer c. increase the size of the cable supplying the load d. connect the load at off peak times only.
    • To comply with IEE Wiring Regulations the voltage drop on a three phase 400v circuit should not exceed
      • a. 5v b. 10v c. 20v d. 30v
    • Copper cored data communication cables are made up of pairs of conductors twisted along their length in order to
      • a. reduce electrical interference b. add strength to the cable c. reduce overall cable size d. increase the cable current rating.
    • A component designed to disconnect a supply under full load conditions is
      • a. a fuse b. an isolator c. a detector d. a switch
    • In situations where there is a risk of an explosion due to the presence of fumes and gases electrical switches and control equipment must be
      • a. remotely controlled b. mounted in flameproof enclosures c. placed outside the danger zone d. connected to a low voltage supply.
    • The TT system of earthing is usually used in
      • a. rural areas b. urban areas c. domestic installations d. industrial installations.
    • An earthing system that can only be used in special circumstances and uses a combined neutral and earth conductor in the supply and the installation is the
      • a. T T system b. T N-S system c. T N-C-S system d. T N-C system.
    • Isolators used to isolate electrical supplies are designed to operate under
      • a. full load conditions b. no-load conditions c. overload conditions d. short circuit conditions.