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Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Quiz



Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Quiz using Qwizdom's Audience Response Systems

Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Quiz using Qwizdom's Audience Response Systems



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Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Quiz Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Quiz Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome & thanks for coming!
  • Order of Events 8 rounds of 8 questions Scores reviewed at the end of each round Fun games between rounds Lucky Door & Winners Prizes Followed by… Booty Shaking!!!
  • HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS! Bilgola Plateau Public School Trivia Night Is Going Interactive With
  • Using Qwizdom … • Select your answer • Press the send key • Receive personal feedback
  • Qwizdom Scoring… Points for each question are based on the speed of correct answers submitted i.e. 1st correct = 1000 2nd “ = 950 3rd “ = 900 ...and so on to 50.
  • Practice Questions
  • Practice Question 1: Multiple Choice Which of the following is NOT a feature of the fabulous Bilgola Trivia nights? A. Spectacular dance techniques B. Amazing table decorations C. Well thought out team strategies and answers to questions D. Car park indiscretions
  • Practice Question 2: YES or NO You may need to do some calculations here… There are 74 students in the combined year 6 classroom. At any one time 28% have a cold, 12% have nits, 52% need to go to the toilet and 9% are pretending that they are on a train. Question: Is this a good time for Mrs McConaghy to take long service leave? (Yes or No)
  • Practice Question 3 - Sequencing: Place these in chronological order… 1. Child covers school desk in purple vomit 2. $10 liberated from wallet 3. Purchase of red Slushy from Bilgola canteen 4. 2 Slushies consumed in 12.3 seconds 5. Blue Slushy purchased in case red one is not sufficient 6. Bilgola parent turns back on child for 1.8 seconds
  • Are We Ready? Lets Play!
  • ART - LITERATURE 1. Which bush ranger did Sidney Nolan portray in a series of paintings he created in 1946-47? A: Captain Midnight B: Ben Hall C: Martin Cash D:Ned Kelly E: Captain Starbuck
  • ART - LITERATURE 2. Who wrote the children's novel's The Little Mermaid and the Ugly Ducking? A: Hans Christian Anderson B: Enid Blyton C: Roald Dahl D:Ian Fleming E: Stephen King
  • ART - LITERATURE 3. When was this famous portrait painted? A: 1753 B:1703 C:1659 D: 1503 E:1602
  • ART - LITERATURE 4.How many books are there in the bible?
  • ART - LITERATURE 5. Which of these famous writers was the only one born in Australia? A: Colleen McCullough B: Bryce Courtenay C: May Gibbs D: Paul Jennings E: Jane Austen
  • ART - LITERATURE 6. Which famous Author’s names were Herbert George? A: George Orwill B: H.G. Wells C: George Eliot D: George Sand E: Curious George
  • ART - LITERATURE 7. “When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning or in rain?” Is the opening line of which Shakespeare play? A: Macbeth B: The Merchant of Venice C: Hamlet D:Romeo & Juliet E: King Lear
  • ART - LITERATURE 8. The Archibald Prize is Australia's oldest and best-known visual arts award? How much prize-money goes to the winner?
  • ROUND 1 ANSWERS 1. (D) Ned Kelly 2. (A) Hans Christian Anderson 3. (D) 1503 4. 66 books in the bible 5. (A) Colleen McCullough 6. (B) H.G. Wells 7. (A) Macbeth 8. $50,000
  • SPORT 1. Which team in the NRL has won the most premierships? A: Dragons B:Eagles C: Roosters D:Rabbitohs C: Tigers
  • SPORT 2. What is the name of the Australian Women's basketball team? A: Diamonds B: Opals C: Emeralds D: Sapphires
  • SPORT 3. How many players on a team take to the diamond in a game of Baseball?
  • SPORT 4. What’s the maximum number of golf clubs that a player can carry?
  • SPORT 5. What is the most common colour for basketballs? A: Brown B: Orange C: Yellow D: Red
  • SPORT 6. Which of these drivers has won the Bathurst 1000 5 times or more? 1. Peter Brock 2. Jim Richards 3. Alan Moffat 4. Dick Johnson 5. Larry Perkins
  • SPORT 7. Which of these tennis players NEVER won Wimbeldon? A: LENDL B: HEWITT C: SAMPRAS D: AGGASSI (aka “The Iceman”)
  • SPORT 8. Place these countries in order (highest to lowest) based on gold medals won in all Summer Olympic games 1: Australia 2: Great Britain 3: France 4: Italy 5: United States
  • ROUND TWO ANSWERS 1. (D) Rabbitohs 2. (B) Opals 3. 9 Baseball Players 4. 14 clubs maximum 5. (B) Orange 6. 1, 2, 5 – Brock (9) Richards (7) Perkins (6) 7. (A) Lendl
  • ROUND TWO ANSWERS 8. 5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 1 United States – 929 United Kingdom– 207 France – 191 Italy – 190 Australia - 131
  • MOVIES 1. “Eye of the Tiger”, the theme song from “Rocky III” was performed by which American Band? A: Poison B: Survivor C: Motley Crew D: Chicago
  • MOVIES 2. Who plays the character Jake Sully in the recent block buster film “Avatar”? A: Hugh Jackman B: Sam Worthington C: Guy Pearce D: Eric Bana
  • MOVIES 3. In which movie does Julia Roberts play Kitty Kiernan? A: Everybody says I love you B: Closer C: Notting Hill D: Michael Collins
  • MOVIES 4. Which of these actors was not part of the blockbuster 1974 film Towering Inferno? A Paul Newman B OJ Simpson C Dustin Hoffman D Steve McQueen
  • MOVIES 5. What is name of Goldie Hawn's famous actress daughter? A: Kate Hudson B: Jessica Alba C: Reese Witherspoon D: Mischa Barton
  • MOVIES 6. What is Johny Depp’s character in the soon to be released film “Alice in Wonderland”? A: The White Rabbit B: The Cheshire Cat C: The Mad Hatter D: The King of Hearts
  • MOVIES 7. In what year was the original Star Wars movie released?
  • MOVIES 8. Which of the following movies have grossed more than $1 Billion in worldwide ticket sales? 1: Avatar 2: Titanic 3: Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone 4: Jurassic Park 5: The Dark Knight
  • Round 3 Answers 1. (B) Survivor 2. (B) Sam Worthington 3. (D) Michael Collins 4. (C) Dustin Hoffman 5. (A) Kate Hudson 6. (C) The Mad Hatter 7. 1977
  • Round 3 Answers 8. 1 / 2 / 5 1. Avatar – $2.467 Billion 2. Titanic – $1.843 Billion 5. The Dark Knight – $1.022 Billion 3. Harry Potter – $0.974 Billion 4. Jurassic Park– $0.914 Billion
  • HISTORY 1. Which event didn’t happen in 1990? A. Nelson Mandela was released from jail B. The Space Shuttle Discovery places the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit. C. Microsoft releases Windows 2.1 D. Margaret Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister. E. Princess Eugenie of York is born
  • HISTORY 2. What was the first name of Ned Kelly’s mother? A: Beryl B: Ellen C: Elizabeth D: Sarah
  • HISTORY 3. In what year was the Channel Tunnel opened connecting the UK and France? A: 1993 B: 1994 C: 1995 D: 1996
  • HISTORY 4. What year did the Titanic leave England on it’s fateful trip? A. 1910 B. 1911 C. 1912 D. 1913
  • HISTORY 5. The Middle Ages traditionally began with the fall of which empire? A: The Ottoman Empire B: The Roman Empire C: The Egyptian Empire D: The British Empire
  • HISTORY 6. In what year was gold discovered in both Bathurst and Ballarat? A: 1849 B: 1850 C: 1851 D: 1852
  • HISTORY 7. In what year was John Lennon assassinated?
  • HISTORY 8. At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, how many famous Australian sportswomen carried the torch around the arena prior to Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Flame?
  • 1. (C) Microsoft releases Windows 2.1 Round 4 Answers 2. (B) Ellen 3. (B) 1994 4. (C) 1912 5. (B) The Roman Empire 6. (C) 1851 7. 1980
  • Round 4 Answers 8. 6 Sportswomen carried the torch These included Betty Cuthbert, Raelene Boyle, Dawn Fraser, Shirley Strickland- Delahunty, Shane Gould & Debbie Flintoff-King
  • GEOGRAPHY 1. Which ocean is the deepest? A. Antarctic B. Pacific C. Indian D. Atlantic E. Artic
  • GEOGRAPHY 2. What is the capital of Latvia? A: Riga B: Vilnius C: Bratislava D: Tallinn
  • GEOGRAPHY 3. What is the longest river in Australia? A: The Murray B: The Murrumbidgee C: The Darling D: The Yarra
  • GEOGRAPHY 4. Which of these countries does not share a border with France? A. Italy B. Switzerland C. Austria D. Germany E. Spain
  • GEOGRAPHY 5.How many stars are there on the Chinese flag? A: 3 B: 4 C: 5 D: 6
  • GEOGRAPHY 6. Which ocean does the Zambezi River in Africa flow into? A: The Indian Ocean B: The Atlantic Ocean C: The Pacific Ocean D: The Southern Ocean
  • GEOGRAPHY 7. Which country has the largest population with 192m? A. Brazil B. Russia C. United Kingdom D. Germany
  • GEOGRAPHY 8. Which of the following flags is from Dominica? A B C D
  • 1. (B) The Pacific Round 5 Answers 2. (A) Riga 3. (A) The Murray 4. (C) Austria 5. (C) 5 Stars on Chinese Flag 6. (A) The Indian Ocean 7. (A) Brazil
  • Round 5 8. C - Dominica Answers Azerbaijan Bahamas Jordon
  • The Human Body ROUND 6 The Human Body
  • The Human Body 1. Where in the body is the macula? A:Ear B:Eye C:Nose D:Knee E: Stomach
  • The Human Body 2. In what body organ are the vitamins A, D, E and K stored? A. Kidney B. Pancreas C. Spleen D. Liver
  • The Human Body 3. Would you find your Philtrum under your… A: Nose B: Tongue C: Chin
  • The Human Body 4. What is the Glabella? a. The fatty tissue above the kneecap b. The tiny hairs inside the ear canal c. The bone immediately above the coccyx d. The space between the eyebrows
  • The Human Body 5. The smallest waist measured on a living woman is: A. 32cm B. 35cm C. 38cm D. 42cm
  • The Human Body 6. What causes dimples? A. A forceps birth B. Genetics C. Sex in the third trimester D. In-vitro spasms
  • The Human Body 7. Which of these senses deteriorates first with age? A. Smell B. Sight C. Hearing D. Taste
  • The Human Body 8. The TRICEP is located in the:
  • Round 6 Answers 1. (B) The Eye 2. (D) Liver 3. (A) Nose 4. (D) The space between the eyebrows 5. (C) 38 cms 6. (B) Genetics 7. (A) Smell 8. (D) Upper arm at back
  • ROUND 7 The Insular Peninsula
  • Insular 1. What are the names Peninsularclubs of the 2 located next to Palm Beach surf club? (Select 2 from the list of 4) 1: The Pacific Club 2: The Dunes Club 3: The Cabbage Tree Club 4: The Blue Oyster Bar
  • Insular Peninsular 2. YES or NO If I was driving past Flower Power (formerly Bonds) along Mona Vale Rd heading towards St Ives at 80km/h, would I be speeding?
  • Insular Peninsular 3. What is the name of the beach on the Pittwater side that runs parallel to Palm Beach golf course? A: Paradise Beach B: Tram Beach C: Carriage Beach D: Station Beach
  • Insular Peninsular 4. How many metres long is the Bilgola beach pool? A: 40 mtrs B: 45 mtrs C: 50 mtrs D: 55 mtrs
  • Insular Peninsular east 5. Put these Bilgola shops in order from to west 1. Vogue Hairdressing Salon 2. Plateau Pizza 3. Bilgola Cellars 4. 4 Seven Day Food 5. Bilgola Physiotherapy
  • Insular Peninsular 6. What was the name of the tribe of Aboriginals that inhabited Pittwater and the Northern Beaches before European settlement? A: The Eora B: The Garigal C: The Cabrogal D: The Bidjigal
  • Insular Peninsular 7. When did Jonah’s at Whale Beach first open to the public? A: 1924 B: 1929 C: 1932 D: 1935
  • Insular 8. Which words or Peninsular locations are missing from this sign? 1. Pymble 2. St Ives 3. Terry Hills 4. South 5. Gordon 6. North
  • ROUND 7 ANSWERS 1. 1 & 3 – The Pacific Club & Cabbage Tree Club 2. YES 80kms is speeding 3. (D) Station Beach 4. (C) 50 mtrs 5. 15342 • Vogue Hairdressing • Bilgola Physio • Bigola Cellars • 4 Seven Day Food • Plateau Pizza
  • ROUND 7 6. (B) The Garigal ANSWERS 7. (D) Jonah’s opened in 1929 8. 1 /3 /4 • Pymble • Terry Hills • South
  • MUSIC 1. In the song “Message in a Bottle” how many bottles does he see on the shore? A. A hundred billion B. A hundred million C. A hundred thousand D. A hundred trillion
  • MUSIC 2. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin: Who HASN’T covered this song? A. Rolf Harris B. Buena Vista Social Club C. Leo Sayer D. Dolly Parton
  • MUSIC 3. Tina Turner’s birthplace was Nutbush City; in which US State would you find it? A. Alabama B. Tennessee C. Arkansas D. Texas
  • MUSIC 4. Pinball Wizard was performed by which artist in the 1975 hit film “Tommy”? A. Rod Stewart B. Elton John C. Roger Daltry D. Eric Clapton
  • MUSIC 5. Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones Which statement is not true about this song: A. The song was penned during filming of the movie “Ned Kelly” in 1969 B. At Charles & Diana’s wedding in 1981 “Brown Sugar” was played as a special request by the new Princess C. The song was used in a Pepsi commercial in 1998 D. During live performances Mick Jagger would often change the lyrics “just like a young girl should” to “just like a young man should”
  • MUSIC 6. Which soundtrack had the highest worldwide sales? A: Saturday Night Fever B: The Body Guard
  • MUSIC 7. In what year did Richard Branson Establish Virgin Records? A: 1972 B: 1974 C: 1975 D: 1978
  • MUSIC 8. Place these albums in order based on the most copies sold in Australia? 1: Thriller – Michael Jackson (1982) 2: Bat Out Of Hell – Meatloaf (1977) 3: Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits (1985) 4: Innocent Eyes – Delta Goodrem (2003)
  • 1. (A) A hundred billion ROUND 8 ANSWERS 2. (C) Leo Sayer 3. (B) Tennessee 4. (B) Elton John 5. (B) Brown sugar not played at the royal wedding (shock!) 6. (B) The Bodyguard 44 million (SNF sold 40 million) 7. (A) Virgin founded in 1972
  • ROUND 2 ANSWERS 8. 2 / 3 / 1 / 4 Bat Out Of Hell – 1.61 million Brothers in Arms – 1.19 million Thriller – 1.05 million Innocent Eyes – 0.98 million
  • Thanks for Playing Everybody Dance Now!