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Here's the powerpoint presentation from Qwirk's first "Design on a Dime" event: how to brand your business on a budget.

Here's the powerpoint presentation from Qwirk's first "Design on a Dime" event: how to brand your business on a budget.

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  • Burgers are a national rut. Tacos rock.


  • 1. Design on a dime
    How to get a solid brand with limited cash
  • 2. Plan the foundation
    Business positioning
    Strategy and creative brief for branding
    Why? Because the outcome of these exercises should drive EVERYTHING you create and your customers are exposed to.
  • 3. Positioning
    A Positioning Strategy Must Answer This Question: Why would I buy from you?
    By John Jantsch
    Answering the question above is the greatest marketing challenge facing the small business. Why would I buy from you is what your clients and potential clients constantly ask themselves when considering a purchase. Of course what they are really asking is "what's in it for me”
  • 4. Positioning
    Positioning: the battle for your mind
    By Al Ries, Jack Trout
    It’s 1984 and you’ve invented a new computer.
    You don’t even try to knock IBM from its position as a leader in computers for business people.
    Instead, you reposition the IBM PC as the square, boring, and hard-to-use computer for people who like accounting.
    In contrast, you position your invention as an easy-to-use computer for people who want to have fun.
    Say hello to Macintosh.
  • 5. Positioning
  • 6. Positioning becomes branding
    National example
    Think outside the bun.
    Local example
    2 BY 2012
    Live and let ride.
  • 7. Creative brief and brand strategy
    The creative brief – begin with the end in mind
  • 8. Get a good logo
  • 9. Good design and common pitfalls
    Make my logo bigger
    I love gradients: print vs. web applications
    Arial (this is not a print font)
    Resist the Frankenstein approach to revisions
  • 10. Define and produce collateral
    Identity packages
    Marketing components and sales collateral (how will you market and sell?)
  • 11. Define and produce collateral
  • 12. Build a web presence
    Know what’s out there
    Search Google
    Domains (
    Usernames (
  • 13. Master your domain
    Easy to find
    Easy to navigate
    Easy to maintain
    CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (All free)
    Hosting: Rackspace, GoDaddy
  • 14. Get listed
    Google, Bing, Yahoo!
    Local listings: Dispatch BizList
    Local social networks:
  • 15. Leverage social media
    Start by listening
    Check Facebook
    Find your audience
  • 16. Be worth talking about.
  • 17. Leverage social media
    Build a presence
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (if relevant)
    Use multimedia
    Video: YouTube, Vimeo (Try Pixability)
    Stay on top of the conversation,, Tweetdeck
  • 18. “80% of success is showing up.”
  • 19. Just dive in.
  • 20. Text my30to 88000.