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World's most extreme bridges
World's most extreme bridges
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World's most extreme bridges


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Published in: Technology
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  1. World’s Most Extreme BridgesSome bridges, like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and LondonBridge, are world famous and instantly recognizable, but some lesser-knownstructures make them look like child’s play. Would you dare to cross one of theseextreme bridges?1. The Immortal Bridge, ChinaThis bridge is actually a convenient act of nature. Constructed when just the rightcombination of rocks tumbled down the mountainside, the Immortal Bridge fills achasm on Mount Tai, one of China’s sacred mountains.2. The Old Bridge of Konitsa, GreeceThis ancient, arched bridge has spanned the Greek river Aoos for centuries. Abrave villager hung a bell beneath the bridge at one time. When the locals hear thestrong winds ring the bell, they know that it’s too risky to cross The Old Bridge.3. The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, IrelandEach year, close to a quarter of a million visitors cross this bridge connecting thequaint Carrick Island to the mainland. When the winds blow, the trip is a heart-pounding experience, but adventurous tourists continue to traverse the 20 meters ofrope suspension bridge that hovers 30 meters above a surface covered with jaggedrocks.4. Royal Gorge Bridge, ColoradoFrom 1929 to 2003, this 1,260-foot-long plank bridge held the record as the highestbridge on Earth. Although a Chinese bridge has since surpassed the 955-footheight, the Royal Gorge Bridge still give visitors a thrill.5. Inca Rope Bridge, Inca Empire, PeruThe ancient Inca Empire included an extensive network of roadways that woundthrough the rugged mountain regions of this part of South America. Rope bridgeswere constructed from natural fibers by the local villagers to span the canyons toallow people and livestock to travel from one area to the next.
  2. 6. Pulau Langkawis Suspended Bridge, MalaysiaThis bridge appears to be placed at random in the middle of a jungle wilderness toallow travelers to traverse a gorge on the biggest island of Malaysia. In addition toproviding amazing views of the surrounding ocean waters and islands, thissuspended bridge is a unique masterpiece of engineering; it is supported by a singlesupport column and eight cables. If you dare to walk across this 136-yard-longbridge, it will definitely be the experience of a lifetime.7. Puente de Ojuela, MexicoDesigned by the same Roebling brothers responsible for the Brooklyn Bridge, thissuspension bridge was once the third longest in the world. This bridge fell intodisrepair after the nearby mining settlement exhausted the local ore, but it has sincebeen rebuilt.8. Vitim River Bridge, SiberiaThis single-lane bridge is the only way for the locals to cross the wide Vitim River.The rickety, wooden bridge is in terrible condition, and it usually takes a single carthree minutes or more to cross the 1,870-foot-long structure. While it’s tricky inthe summer, the locals don’t think twice about zipping across in the winter whenthe ice turns the bridge into a slippery, tractionless surface.9. Bryce Canyons Natural Bridge, UtahAs the name implies, Natural Bridge was made by environmental forces, but it’snot truly a bridge; it’s an arch spanning the popular Bryce Canyon.