World's highest paid musicians


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World's highest paid musicians

  1. 1. Worlds highest-paid musiciansWorld-famous musicians, songwriters and recording artists are among the highest-paid celebrities in the world. With eight to nine-figure annual salaries, the artistsfeatured below top the charts in money as well as music.U2With humble beginnings that grew into superstardom, The Dublin-based rock bandU2 brings in $108 million a year, averaging roughly $2 million a concert. Needlessto say, their philanthropic efforts have gained attention.Bon JoviThe boys of Bon Jovi: Jon, Richie, David, and Tico, lead the frontier in hard rockmusic sales with an incredible $201 million dollars annually.Elton JohnHailed by his fans as an icon and an enterprise, Elton John earned $100 million in2010, averaging $2 million dollars a week. “Candle in the Wind" still stands as thebest selling single ever.Lady GagaOne of the most prolific, well-paid female singers of all time, Stefani Germanottagot her break when she signed with Akon’s label. At 25, she makes $90 million ayear, known to her immense fan base as Lady Gaga.Michael BubleTwo-time Grammy winner Michael Buble summons the sounds of past greats likeSinatra to bring in his annual salary of $104 million, respectfully re-mastering suchhits as “I Get a Kick out of You” and “Call Me Irresponsible.”Paul McCartneyRevered by many as the greatest songwriter of all time, Sir Paul McCartneyestablished his presence with a promising start with the Beatles in the 60s. He hassince coasted to his $67 million salary with a number of famous partnerships and
  2. 2. solo work.The Black Eyed PeasPossibly the most musically dynamic hip hop group of the new millennium, theBlack Eyed Peas employ a high-energy presence with lyrical genius to bring in $61million a year.The EaglesLA rock band the Eagles produced five number one singles such as “HotelCalifornia” and six number one albums to become one of the most commerciallysuccessful groups from the 70s to early 2000s, averaging $1 million a concert.Justin BieberCanadian-born pop singer Justin Bieber makes $53 million a year, wooing scoresof young girls all over the world with singles “Baby” and “One Time” amongothers.Dave Matthews BandIncorporating a number of sounds offered by their diverse lineup to create theirown brand of rock, the Dave Matthews Band earns $77.6 million a year. They werethe second band to ever put out five number one albums in a row.Toby KeithAccording to Forbes Magazine, Country singer and songwriter Toby Keith is oneof the highest paid musicians in the world, bringing in more than $50 million in2010.UsherR&B superstar Usher makes over $160,000 a day, averaging just under $60 milliona year as he turns out hit after hit like “Burn” and “Love in This Club.”Taylor SwiftIn 2009, country singer Taylor Swift made just over $17 million. The next year,
  3. 3. she earned $45 million with her "Speak Now" album.Katy PerryAfter her second single, “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008, Katy Perry’s incomeskyrocketed to 62,500 dollars a day on average or about $15 million a year.Brad PaisleyFinally, with an estimated net worth of $65 million from his seven successfulalbums, prolific country singer and songwriter Brad Paisley earned $40 million in2010.