Tumblr's best celebrity blogs


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Tumblr's best celebrity blogs

  1. 1. Tumblr’s Best Celebrity BlogsIf you take Twitters simple microblogging platform and throw in photos, videosand other media, you have Tumblr. These days, it seems like everyone has theirown Tumblr. Celebrities are no exception, and plenty of them have been getting onthe bandwagon. Learn about ten of the most interesting celebrity blogs on Tumblrbelow.Joe Jonas - FastLifeBlogThe former Jonas Brother - he is launching a solo career - named his Tumblr blogafter his upcoming album. He primarily posts Instagrams and videos to share partsof his fast-paced life with fans. Anyone who enjoys hearing more about his life andcareer will love his Tumblr.Lady Gaga - AmenFashionAs one of todays quirkiest celebs, Gaga has legions of fans. Her Tumblr reflectsher one-of-a-kind take on the world and boasts a behind-the-scenes feel. LadyGaga has never been afraid to make the most of social media, and she gives fansmore of what they want through this fascinating blog.Dianna Agron - felldowntherabbitholeFans of the wildly popular show Glee will thoroughly enjoy this Tumblr blog byone of its biggest star. Agron lets her creative juices flow on the blog, whichincludes many of her own musings on a wide range of different topics. This blog isless an advertisement for Agron than it is a sneak peek into her real life. You willfeel like you know her better after you visit.Anthony Bourdain - anthonybourdainIf you cant get enough of Bourdains popular show, No Reservations, youll get akick out of his Tumblr blog. The blog serves as something of an extension of hisshow, which revolves around his culinary-focused travels around the world.Bourdain includes plenty of extra information about the show too.Donald Glover - iamdonaldNo, hes not related to Danny Glover. Donald Glover, who is best known for his
  2. 2. role on the show Community, is also an accomplished comedian. His Tumblr blogreflects that with its hilarious posts and interesting highlights.Joseph Gordon-Levitt - hitrecordjoeGordon-Levitt is most famous for being an actor; Inception was his last big-screeneffort. In his spare time, he runs a production company and uses this Tumblr toshare its progress with the world. It offers a refreshing peek into the world of acreative young man.Britney Spears - britneyspearsBritney Spears Tumblr blog is essentially a huge ad for the pop star, but her fansarent going to complain about that. Tour dates and other info are showcased on theblog and interspersed with videos, photos and more.Paul Scheer - paulscheerFans of the stand-up comedian Paul Scheer will approve of his Tumblr. It not onlykeeps track of the comedian and where he will be performing, but it highlightshilarious things that he finds around the Internet.Pete Wentz - ahomeboyslifeThe Fall Out Boy keeps fans in the loop about his home life and his creativepursuits on his very own Tumblr. Youre as likely to find a photo of his vegetablegarden as you are of his latest jam session. His Twitter feed is also featuredprominently.Zooey Deschanel - zooeydeschanelThe popular actress gives fans a glimpse of her real personality on her Tumblrblog, which features photo posts, items of the day and pictures from her childhood.Theres never a dull moment on the blog, which is updated infrequently.