Self written epigrams


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Self written epigrams

  1. 1. Self-Written Epigrams(1) Good books are lifetime investments. For the vast amount of knowledge they offer, they are worth every penny you pay for them.(2) Wavering determination leads to a half-hearted effort and a failure to reach the outcome.(3) Genuineness is what comes straight from the heart.(4) The thing that comes disguised in the form of difficulties is “success in the making.”(5) The moment one feels being swept away by a situation, one runs out of ideas.(6) Make “success” a habit, and you will enjoy living with it.(7) Not believing in, loving, and respecting oneself is the highest form of “self-insult.”(8) Controlled aggression is a powerful force. It keeps you charged up and focused at the same time.(9 ) Education does not necessarily make people smart in their approach. Smartness comes only when you wear your thinking cap and have common sense.(10) Setbacks can make you feel disappointed, but they should never make you feel defeated.(11) Paying attention to small, important details in life is important in order to achieve worthwhile things.(12) People who fail to achieve success in their lives are those who are barking up the wrong tree.(13) Motivating people is an art. Motivation has to sink into the minds of people and not just be superficially felt.
  2. 2. (14) Be enthusiastic about achieving things, but do not be overly enthusiastic. Have the attitude of achieving a step at a time and not all at once.(15) Luck always accompanies the person who is industrious,dedicated, and has tons of patience.(16) It is always a better option to have a tiny number of bankable friends rather than a huge pool of fair-weather friends.(17) A person who keeps his words measured but excels in his actions sets an example for all.(18) Situations in life are not tailor-made. We have to constantly adjust and readjust.(19) Single-minded devotion to work is the best form of prayer.(20) A verbal tussle is a visual extravaganza for onlookers.(21) Choking under pressure means surrendering to the situation.(22) Unexpectedness is the second name of life. It gives you goose bumps every now and then.(23) Stand firm by your moral values even in times when you have to bear the pain of doing so.(24) Expectations cut two ways: They either lift you up or bring you down.(25) People with tremendous willpower never accept defeat in their lives. They rise from the rubble and come out firing on all cylinders.(26) In the face of difficulty, the courageous take the bull by the horns but the cowardly run for cover.(27) A strong ability to bounce back is necessary for a person’s self- renewal.
  3. 3. (28) When you make an achievement, take time to enjoy the moment. Soak in the momentous occasion.(29) No peace and harmony can exist in a family riven by jealousy, hatred, and bitterness.(30) Energetic people are like supercharged batteries that work without losing their strength throughout their lifetime.(31) Self-belief is a must-have if you want to achieve something in your life.(32) Complacency is the killer of quality performance.(33) Reaching the “top” is a challenging thing, but even more challenging is maintaining the numero uno status.(34) Self-realization should take place well before it is too late.(35) Inner awareness brings a marked shift in one’s attitude.(36) Healthy competition provides us with an opportunity to compete with our peers and to thus improve, grow, and succeed in life.(37) Never look at the future through the eyes of fear, for when you do so, you stop enjoying the present.(38) Creativity can be tapped by positive application of curiosity.(39) To face any situation, get your mind in proper shape.(40) Wise people are wise because they use their common sense more.(41) Failures help us to get into a “reality check” mode.(42) There is a strong nexus between money and moral decline.(43) People with a negative mentality have a limited social sphere.
  4. 4. (44) Inspiring books make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.(45) Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain.(46) Half-baked plans are tricky, dangerous things to implement. They have more chance of failing than succeeding.(47) Enthusiasm is a tool for a person’s physical and mental agility.(48) Parents should not cocoon their children away from the hard realities of life.(49) We all have the potential to succeed, if and only if we allow ourselves to do so.(50) Performers are goal oriented, action oriented, and result oriented people.(51) The lessons of smart, hard work are always self-taught.(52) The universal, clear-eyed truth is this: No one is untouched by the difficulties of life.(53) People are always heading somewhere in their lives. Some know the purpose of their movement, but others are simply moving for the sake of it.(54) Creativity cannot be forced. It has to come from within.(55) One-upmanship in relationships is always dangerous.(56) Move away from stereotypes and mundane ideas. Challenge yourself. Think differently.(57) Impatience makes a person embrace more miseries than his share of fun.(58) There are two types of people in this world: Those who talk about others’ achievements and those who create their own. What do you want to become?
  5. 5. (59) Each person has to run his own race in life. (60) Do not commit the same kind of mistakes on more than one occasion. Let them happen only once. Learn from them. Become smart. (61) Many people claim that everyday living would be impossiblewithout at least a few innocent fibs. (62) Let provocations be best answered by your tough, constructive actions and not by off-putting remarks. (63) Hopelessness is like a slow poison. (64) A person who has unshakable self-confidence can overcome any storm in the world. He is a supreme force by himself. (65) Take the road less traveled, and leave a trail. (66) Constructive engagement in work is the best antidote to most human worries. (67) A person grows according to the height of his thinking. (68) Thoughts are like a double-edged sword; they can be our best friends or worst enemies. (69) We are all living in an education-obsessed society, and we are more than happy about it. (70) There is no coaching for hard work. (71) Negative thoughts are “intrusive terrorists.” (72) In this day and age, old values are losing their luster. (73) Productive juices can flow by intelligent application of your energy. (74) Real champions set their own, new benchmarks.
  6. 6. (75) Children of today’s generation enjoy financial democracy and have a huge array of career choices.(76) Be a smart thinker. Know what to do on all occasions of life.(77) It is good to keep positive expectations, but that said, also be prepared for the surprises of life.(78) Some people sink to any level in order to achieve success.(79) It does not matter much whether you learn slowly or quickly in life. What matters most is to learn well about life.(80) Be an obedient student of life. You will learn many important lessons well.(81) Most of the time, we mistake situations for problems, only to repent later.(82) One’s personal growth is entirely dependent on the frequency of one’s ‘self-introspection.’(83) Problems give us headaches, difficulties give us shocks, and pains give us misery. For all the three, the end result is the same: mental discomfort.(84) A self-obsessed mentality robs you of devoting quality time to relationships.(85) If you want to climb the ladder of success, be ready to take on those who will try to pull you down.(86) Being an underachiever in life reveals only this: one’s desire to succeed was not strong enough.(87) If a person lacks self-belief, he can be trampled over by society.(88) There should always be a great temptation to do good things in a better way.
  7. 7. (89) It is never too late to gain the knowledge to which you aspire.(90) Workaholics offer prayers to God through their good works. No surprise, He is always impressed with them.(91) Any advice given should be realistic, filled with mature insight, and appropriate to the situation.(92) Close friends are those who do not necessarily agree upon each and every detail of an issue, but definitely agree on not to argue over their differences.(93) The only way you can solve an unsolvable problem is to wait for time to change.(94) Life can be lead systematically once you get your priorities straight.(95) Any unearthing of personal talent is an accidental discovery, but, boy, you can make a fortune from it.(96) Mature people speak less, think more, and work even more.(97) Mental comfort is affected if one does not have a relaxed approach to life.(98) No painkiller can heal a person’s psychological wounds. Developing mental strength is the only remedy.(99) There is no end to self-improvement. As long as you live, learn to live.(100) Successes and failures take turns in everybody’s lives.(101) Every person in this world has to digest the difficulties of life as a bitter pill and move ahead in his journey.(102) A person with great levels of tolerance can easily withstand the tests of time.
  8. 8. (103) “Decency” is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.(104) Difficulties are like traffic policemen. They stall your progress temporarily but cannot permanently hold you back.(105) Thinking big is not so big, but working toward it and finally achieving it is really big.(106) Success is a package of high-voltage efforts, and failure is a package of innumerable mistakes.(107) Fate is the emperor of life.(108) Some people do not change (for the better) throughout their lifetime, not because they do not know how to change, but because they are not willing to change.(109) A sleepy conscience is responsible for a person’s despicable acts.(110) Everybody has weaknesses. The key is to intelligently hide them.(111) A one-way friendship is like a dead investment. No matter how much you help your friend, the returns will be negligible.(112) Some people wait for an opportunity, some create their own, and others search for it everywhere, only to find later that it went past them unnoticed.(113) Life in a flash back looks like a mixed bag of positive and negative experiences. But do keep in mind that what you choose to reflect on (between the two) will have a strong bearing on your present as well as future.(114) Nothing in life happens all of a sudden. There is always a process that leads something to happen.(115) A witty mind is difficult to defeat.
  9. 9. (116) Engage in reading the minds of successful people. Soak in their good qualities. Apply. Reach the pinnacle. (117) Investing time in self-growth is the wisest of all things a person can ever do. (118) Life’s greatest lessons are all bundled together in the form of “pains.” They come to us, teach us, and make us wise. (119) Let your fighting abilities become stronger with each failure. (120) Band-aid solutions bring only marginal, momentary success. (121) Hard workers do not like to sit idle for a moment. They are always alert and active. (122) Bad experiences give us the best wake-up call, by indicating that life is not a bed of roses. (123) A razor-sharp memory is the passport to success. (124) Suffering lengthens our thinking period and shortens our life span. (125) The usefulness or uselessness of a friend becomes apparent during a time of adversity. (126) An experience is to be experienced and not to be thought as to how an experience might be. (127) A person on a quest for success is forever engaged in life. (128) A curious mind never reaches the saturation point. It keeps onasking one fundamental question: What’s next? (129) There will be number of occasions in life when you will feel disappointed, but do bear in mind that it is only temporary. Rise above the disappointment, recover quickly, and get going.
  10. 10. (130) Every individual thinks that he is a cut above the rest. But only when he competes with others does he know exactly where he stands in this world.(131) When an individual creates a personal mission statement and embarks on a journey, there will be no stopping him in life.(132) Nothing is impossible to a willing heart and determined mind.(133) Never look around to see what others are doing. Rely on your capabilities and do it in your own good way.(134) “Nursing grudges” suck out a lot of your emotional energy.(135) Arrogance is the highest form of stupidity.(136) Trash talk, unfair criticism, and rude behavior by people are three things that one should always ignore in life.(137) Good health is a priceless gift that one can benefit from and be proud of.(138) There can never be two opinions about a gentleman’s behavior.(139) The thing that comes in the form of a “problem” is an intelligent question asked by life.(140) Maturity is a continuously occurring process. One cannot at any stage of life claim to be completely mature.(141) Patience lost means trouble invited.(142) Winners are not those who necessarily win at all times. They carry the winning spirit with them, and because of that, more often than not, they win.(143) Let the world gain the benefit of your thoughts. Nothing can be more valuable than giving good thoughts to people.
  11. 11. (144) Every good thing starts from scratch. Have patience and persevere with it.(145) Hot-tempered people are always boiling inside. With the slightest irritation, they erupt like a volcano.(146) Making loads of money is not possible at a fast pace. It is always a gradual and long-term process.(147) If our thinking is not right, then we are our own enemies.(148) Nobody likes interference. You can neither indulge in it nor allow anybody else to dictate the terms to you.(149) A person’s experience in life is not determined by how many birthdays he has celebrated but instead by how many lessons he has learned in life.(150) Romance your work. It will give you a great feeling.(151) There is no medicine for “ego problem.”(152) Genius has the uncanny ability to think far into the future.(153) A fierce tongue is like a sharp-edged knife.(154) No talent can blossom without hard work.(155) There is always a price tag on the good things of life. You have to work hard to get them.(156) Those who possess self-confidence bordering on arrogance are destined to perish in life.(157) For some people, marriage is an anachronism from the days when women needed to be protected.(158) Bad manners reflect the cultural delinquency of a person.(159) Be the king of mea culpa.
  12. 12. (160) Sweet memories always have a good cushioning effect on the mind.(161) An inspirational role model is the personification of positive qualities.(162) Settling scores or arguing about a matter with somebody pays no return, as it is only carried out to prove some silly point.(163) Say goodbye to the visceral reactions you have shown towards your personal defeats/disappointments. Be mature enough to deal with them in a calm, phlegmatic manner, without causing harm to yourself.(164) The journey from a success wannabe to a success achiever involves covering long distances.(165) Every difficult experience in life has a “window of opportunity” in it. Be alert to see it and seize it.(166) Today’s youth are a cocktail of greed, ambition, and enthusiasm.(167) Creative people exploit their “fecund imagination” to the maximum advantage.(168) A person who leads an intelligent life has many reasons to smile.(169) Bitter feelings are never meant to have a good effect on the mind, body, and soul. Yet, people have such feelings, and that is really unfortunate.(170) There is no ceiling for a person’s profligate spending habits.(171) To gain a firm footing in one’s profession, it is a must to strive for perfection.(172) An innovative bent of mind is a God-given gift.
  13. 13. (173) Motivation is the central nervous system of success.(174) A young super achiever is light years ahead of his competitors.(175) It is never possible to make giant strides in life without tiny leaps.(176) An encouraging word is like a vitamin pill. It energizes the person to whom it is spoken.(177) A good idea always takes some time to sprout in one’s mind.(178) A “success team” is built through intelligent socializing and networking.(179) Sage advice is priceless.(180) Lessons learned at the cost of mistakes are never forgotten.(181) A “smashing success” can be achieved in an endeavor if one puts his heart and soul into it.(182) As long as a person has heavy-duty willpower, no negatives can shove him down.(183) Wherever there is royalty, there are always hangers-on.(184) Every talent has rough edges. It needs to be refined and fine- tuned by learning more skills.(185) A vacuous comment is a recipe for trouble.(186) The genuinely attractive quality of a person is his bonhomie nature.(187) Unforeseen dangers in life always keep us on our toes.(188) Love is the ointment for all your psychological and emotional wounds.
  14. 14. (189) Losers are crybabies.(190) Relationships can be on a friendly footing if there exists a psychological unity between the people involved.(191) Life is like a game of chess, in which you have to make the right moves to be in the right place at the right time.(192) Incompetent people can only envy and snicker at ambitious people.(193) It is the boundless energy of a supercharged person that makes him create one achievement after other.(194) The trivial occurrences of life should always be avoided. Otherwise, we get sidetracked from the “big picture” of life.(195) A person’s life consists of sad as well as happy chapters.(196) Self-contentment is the “magic word” for a person’s happiness.(197) Inspirational and motivational stories have a telling effect on the moral development of a child.(198) Perfection can be obtained only if you stick to one task at a time.(199) A flexible attitude rocks, for it helps a person change with changing times.