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  1. 1. Cookies: A Varied, Captivating, and Always Delicious WorldThe cookie will always be a favorite dessert of people young and old. However,there is no reason to limit yourself to the generic chocolate chip treats of yourchildhood. The world of cookie-baking is incredibly diverse, and the followingcookie variations are just a scattering of the many different recipes that chefs andcritics can sample.Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CookiesThe substitution of rolled oats for some or all of the flour in a typical chocolatechip cookie recipe instantly transforms this tried and true favorite into atantalizingly crisp treat. Copious amounts of butter and eggs give the cookies a richcrumb, which contrasts starkly with the deep sweetness of their chocolate chips.Chewy Sugar CookiesThere is an infinite number of sugar cookie recipes circulating amongst homecooks and professional chefs alike. For a refreshing change of pace, you can try achewy sugar cookie recipe rather than the traditionally crisp variety. Chewy sugarcookie dough tends to be moister and more elastic than traditional dough.Ginger-Spiced Molasses Sugar CookiesGinger and molasses give a mature twist to the basic sugar cookie recipe. With adeeper flavor than your average baked treat, ginger-spiced molasses sugar cookiesare ideal for wintertime get-togethers. Their relatively dense texture gives thesegoodies a pleasingly hearty dimension that will coerce even the most energeticdinner guest to curl up by the fireplace and relax.Oaxacan Cinnamon Chocolate MacaroonsThe Mexican city of Oaxaca is home to innumerable traditions and culturaltrademarks, the tastiest of which just may be the cinnamon chocolate macaroon.Savory almond flour, spicy Mexican chocolate, and warm cinnamon give thesecookies a bold pop of flavor.Zucchini-Lemon CookiesZucchini-lemon cookies capture the very essence of summer. Moisture from
  2. 2. shredded zucchini keeps these cookies soft and tender, while freshly-harvestedlemon juice and zest cut through the treats sweetness with just the right amount oftang. These cookies are the perfect conclusion to a celebratory barbeque or asummer picnic.Double Chocolate Espresso CookiesCoffee lovers are sure to adore the classic flavor combinations that can beencountered in double chocolate espresso cookies. A team of cocoa powder andchocolate chunks gives these treats an assertively sweet dimension, which istempered beautifully by the addition of bitter espresso.Salted Double Chocolate Peanut Butter CookiesSalted desserts are rapidly becoming the latest trend in the world of baked treats. Insalted double chocolate peanut butter cookies, savory, hearty peanut butterprovides a rich contrast to chocolates sugary profile. Each respective flavor standsout with greater dimension when the two are combined together.White Chocolate SnowflakesWhite chocolate snowflakes are festive, crispy, and light as air. These cookies aretypically prepared by combining melted white chocolate with toasted rice cereal,although some denser recipes feature a base made from flour and butter. Bakerscan personalize their white chocolate snowflakes with whatever extra ingredientssuit their fancy; for example, peanuts, pretzel bits, and chocolate candies arepopular add-ins.Brown Sugar CookiesThe simple substitution of brown sugar for white transforms the average sugarcookie into something truly outstanding. The molasses in brown sugar gives thesecookies a deep, homespun flavor that can be enhanced with autumnal spices suchas nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, or cloves.SpringerlesSpringerles are traditional German cookies that are commonly served during theChristmas season. A scarce amount of added fat gives these treats a very dense,crunchy texture, while anise oil and seeds create a distinct licorice taste.
  3. 3. Springerles are noted for their decorative designs featuring flowers, animals,architecture, and more; these pictures are applied to the cookies before baking withthe use of special molds or rolling pins."Oreo" MacaroonsThe traditional macaroon, composed of two almond flour cookies pasted togetherwith a sweet filling, is the perfect template with which to transform the ever-popular Oreo into a sophisticated dessert. "Oreo" macaroons feature chocolate-flavored cookies that have been prepared with an almond flour base to create alight, crumbly texture. The two cookies of each macaroon are held together with asweet butter cream filling, which is reminiscent of classic Oreo icing but is entirelyelevated in flavor.Fine dining connoisseurs and simple dessert-lovers alike will be enthralled by themany different textures, flavors, and aromas that can be encapsulated in a basiccookie. You should never hesitate to dive headfirst into the vast, spellbindingworld of cookie creation.