Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics Application
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Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics Application

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http://www.qvidian.com/playbooks - Overview of Qvidian's cloud-based Sales Playbooks & Analytics application. Tightly integrated with salesforce.com. ...

http://www.qvidian.com/playbooks - Overview of Qvidian's cloud-based Sales Playbooks & Analytics application. Tightly integrated with salesforce.com.

Qvidian Sales Playbooks is a dynamic guided selling system that allows sales teams to quickly adapt to changes in the selling process by automatically updating guidance and resources as deals change and evolve.

With a deeply dynamic selling framework that delivers intelligent guidance, sales best practices, and selling content aligned to buyer stages and tailored to each unique selling situation, organizations are able to accelerate the ability for salespeople to close deals by replicating best practices across the organization.

Drive revenue by providing salespeople with the materials, coaching, and tools they need to advance and win deals. Qvidian Sales Playbooks aligns your sales enablement tools with your customer’s buying cycle and presents them to your salespeople within the context of a deal. Delivered through your customer relationship management (CRM) system, your sales team always knows what to do and when to do it, and leadership sees deep, integrated analytics to make critical business decisions.

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  • 1. SUCCEED FASTER WITH SALES PLAYBOOKS Quickly adapt to changes in the selling process by automatically updating guidance and resources as deals change and evolve. 1
  • 2. Sell smarter, not harder. 2
  • 3. The Qvidian Solution • Qvidian is helping over 1,200 organizations by setting them up for the win: • Increase productivity and accelerate sales ramp up time • Capture new business in cross sell and upsell opportunities • Optimize sales performance by closing the gap between strategy and execution • Ensure sales teams do what’s needed to succeed, by driving repeatable methodologies • Gain greater visibility into what’s working and what’s not and make the organization more agile to drive results • Provide value across entire Sales & Marketing organizations 3
  • 4. PROVEN RESULTS “On average, Qvidian customers increase their win rate by 28% and improve productivity by 40%” – Qvidian Customer Survey “Companies who support sales mobility see a 20% increase in quota attainment.” – Qvidian Customer Survey 4
  • 5. SUCCEED FASTER, DRIVE EFFICIENCY “Playbook usage correlates to a 2.5-times larger average deal size. Also, 85% of sales victories were from reps completing at least half of the playbook activities.” - CA Technologies “Qvidian is helping sales productivity by providing context that can help advance sales opportunities and provide guidance at any time throughout the sales process.” - Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
  • 6. What are Qvidian Sales Playbooks? Identify, simplify and repeat sales strategies that win with… 6 • Flexibility: Used with any sales process, any methodology, or any content — enabling sales teams to be agile and adaptable without disrupting selling time. • Ease: Simple administration tools for adapting to changing requirements or sales structures easily and without disrupting sales. • Speed: Get up and running in a matter of days to make an impact quickly. • Insight: Visibility into what is actually happening with your sellers. Integrated directly into Salesforce.com, gain new insights in existing reporting and dashboard capabilities. • Mobile capability: See sales cycles accelerated and more deals closed by ensuring that reps know what they need to do at each stage of the buying cycle. Sales Playbooks Mobile is available on the iPad
  • 7. Just How Do Sales Playbooks Work? 7 CRM Contextual Data Layer From CRM Control sales execution activities and guide your sales reps through each specific selling situation, leveraging your sales process, dynamic content, and best practices.
  • 8. Fix What’s Broken • Optimize and Personalize Sales Processes • Make selling resources more accessible • Enforce consistency across all documents • Onboard faster and more effectively • Scale to meet growth targets while increasing win rates • Make best sales processes more repeatable for new hires • Increase market penetration • Align value to your customer’s specific business drivers • Accelerate sales cycles With solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to use, you’re ready to maintain a keen focus on what matters most: the buyer 8
  • 9. What the Analysts are Saying “Qvidian makes it a point to be adaptive in meeting the variety of needs of sales organizations across industries and sizes.” - Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research According to The Aberdeen Group, companies who use playbooks in their sales methodology outperform companies that do not 9
  • 10. Sales Effectiveness – Arm Salespeople for Maximum Performance Buyers have evolved – and they’re savvier than ever. They want the right information at the right time and they expect it to be relevant and accurate. Do your salespeople know when and how to use the tools you’ve given them so they can be the trusted advisors buyers expect? • 53% of Companies Select a Vendor Based on Sales Experience. How effective are your reps? It’s time to SET YOUR SALES TEAM UP FOR SUCCESS 10
  • 11. Automated Guidance When You Need It Qvidian arms salespeople with a single easy-to-use solution for automated guidance, information, and sales best practices tailored each unique selling situation—all right where your reps work their deals, within your Salesforce.com CRM. 11 • Streamline sales complexity: Minimize the need for sales reps to chase information and build confidence • Transform static CRM data into an actionable sales process: Tight integration with Salesforce.com helps connect CRM data, sales processes, and sales training • Have confidence in your sales forecasts: Obtain unique insights for multiple stakeholders, uncovering how people, processes, activities and content impact the buying cycle.
  • 12. Powerful Analytics for ACTIONABLE Insights Qvidian’s sales execution software proves powerful analytics giving you the ability to confidently make impactful decisions – on the go. • See which reps are overstating (or understating) their pipeline • Compare sales rep projections against actual activity • Know where you can help move key deals along • Find bottlenecks in the sales process & address them • Identify what stage each opportunity is in the sales cycle 12
  • 13. Learn More About Qvidian Visit our Website: www.qvidian.com Contact us to learn how you can take your sales team to the next level. 1-800-272-0047 (North America) | +44 (0) 870-734-7778 (Europe) @qvidian facebook.com/qvidian linkedin.com/company/qvidian youtube.com/qvidian 13