Corporate Ethics

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Presentation on Corporate Ethics at Zigron Inc.

Presentation on Corporate Ethics at Zigron Inc.

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  • 1. Corporate Ethics A Challenge @ Zigron INC.
  • 2. The Fact
    • Feeling of discomfort …
    • But, WHY?
    • Reason:
    • “ Ethics are so often poorly used,
    • if used at all.”
  • 3. Ethics: A General Perception
    • Ethics means a set of principles of right conduct.
    • The right conduct is about making choices that may not always feel good or seem like they benefit you but are the “right” choices to make.
  • 4. Ethics @ Workplace
    • Ethics in the workplace in its simplest terms means doing the right things that guide your behavior at work.
  • 5. A Story to Remember
    • Golden Rules of Ethics @ Workplace
  • 6. Dos & Don’ts @ Zigron
    • Effective Communication
      • Reach
      • Clarity
      • Timing
    • Body Language
    • Avoid Creating Disturbance
    • Trust & Respect for Others Work
    • Don’t Interfere In Others Work
  • 7. Dos & Don’ts @ Zigron : Contd.
    • Respect the Privacy of your Co-workers
    • Avoid Ethnic & Gender Biasness
    • Improve Your Self Presentation
    • Avoid Lobbying
    • No/Least Personal Work During Work Hours
    • Maintain the balance between transparency/openness and confidentiality
  • 8. Benefits
    • The list of potential benefits:
      • Less observed misconduct at work
      • Fostering a more satisfying and productive working environment
      • Building and sustaining Zigron’s reputation
      • Maintaining the trust of staff to ensure continued self-regulation
  • 9. Benefits : Contd.
      • Providing ethical guidance for employees prior to making difficult decisions
      • Aligning the work efforts of Zigronians with the Zigron’s broader mission and vision
      • Greater likelihood of “feeling valued” by Zigron
  • 10. Conclusion
    • No one can make you ethical.
    • No one can make you behave ethically.
    • It must be a desire within you.
    • You must be fully persuaded to live your life with integrity, with excellence, and with pride in your work.
  • 11. Q&A
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