Create Content that Will Actually Convert


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Use this content marketing tutorial to learn the basics of how to create content that actually converts. and take you through how to create content that builds your brand, authority and credibility to both your potential clients and Google. By Jennifer Riggins & Daniel Duckworth

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Create Content that Will Actually Convert

  1. 1. How to Create Content That Converts
  2. 2. Jennifer Riggins
 Content, social media, start-up lover, for Quote Roller, PandaDoc, CBS SmartPlanet @jkriggins Daniel Duckworth Founder, formally known as DesignQuotes, top place for Australian Service comparison @servicecrowd_au
  3. 3. Content Marketing isn’t selling. It’s about building a relationship with your client or prospect.
  4. 4. Although buying them a beer couldn’t hurt…
  5. 5. If you’re B2C, an active blog will open up 7% more leads ! If you’re B2B, an active blog will get you 67% more leads!
  6. 6. Just one blogpost per week will increase your leads by 77%!
  7. 7. - Eye-catching headlines - In-depth, higher-quality, longer pieces - Engaging art - Ask open-ended questions that address targets’ needs Ingredients of a Great Blogpost - Sprinkle industry-specific keywords - Get team members to write specialized posts - Invite further discussion - Solve a problem
  8. 8. Great Headlines are written how you Google ! - “How to…” - “What’s the best way to…?” - “# Ways to get this done faster” - “# Tricks to…” - Focus on Trending (but related) Topics - SHOCK! (Our #1 post has "Kick Ass" in the title)
  9. 9. Good blogposts should have short, 
 informative URLs:
  10. 10. Enabling commenting helps build a community of repeat readers and social sharers.
  11. 11. And remind your readers that Sharing is Caring with easy-to-find, native social media plug-ins
 (don’t use a social sharing app that requires extra permissions)
  12. 12. Speaking of Social Media…
  13. 13. -Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Analytics Evangelist “Social Media is like teen sex.
 Everyone wants to do it.
 No one knows how.
 When it's finally done, there is surprise it’s not better.”
  14. 14. 55% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase.
  15. 15. Use Facebook for B2C LinkedIn is a must for B2B Twitter works for both
  16. 16. Companies that use Twitter DOUBLE their leads! ! Tweet something 4x in 36 hours for optimal awareness ! Each tweet acts as a separate backlink for SEO
  17. 17. 4 Social Media Musts ! - Share the Good, the Bad (maybe not the Ugly) - Engage your followers, asking open-ended questions - Always reply publicly, never delete - Share your clients: shows loyalty & they’ll RT you back! - Stay 75% on topic
 25% fun + trending
  18. 18. Check all social media at least once a weekday — people more and more go to it for Customer Support. ! Use a Social Media Manager like HootSuite to keep track of your Mentions & to schedule ahead.
  19. 19. Wait, what about a website? With a blog + social media, do I really need one?
  20. 20. Having a website significantly cuts down on your advertising costs. Up to 70%!
  21. 21. At a min, you should equip your website with: ! - Always up-to-date contact info - Functioning social share buttons - “Meet the Team” including name, position, fun photos, experience (bonus with Google+ & LinkedIn profiles) - A brilliant Call to Action (CTA)
  22. 22. Knock-out Webpage CTAs ! - “Click here to try us for free!” - Sign up for our newsletter - Request a sales quote form - “Buy it today!” - “Tell us when We can call You” - “Tell Your Friends!” with social sharing - Or anything that entices them to give you their info, like free content that solves a common problem for your client base
  23. 23. Just asking a lead for an email address has a significantly higher conversion rate. But, if you ask them for both their email and phone number, you have more ways to engage with them.
  24. 24. Examples of Content that Converts
  25. 25. Something that people need offline • What does someone in an office need? • What kind of material are they willing to download? • Does it solve an immediate problem? • Will it demonstrate expertise? • Does it fit in to their research cycle?
  26. 26. PROCESSpedia • Company sells process management software • Immediate content topics are about process software • Less obvious content topics are about process issues
  27. 27. BPM Roles and Responsibilities Blog post with opt-in offer Unbounce Landing Page Document community/the-roles-responsibilities- of-business-process-management/
  28. 28. Write about something that people are trying to do themselves • What aspects of your product or services are people trying to do themselves? • Do you know something about it that they don’t? • Can you demonstrate expertise? • Does the topic lend itself to a free offer? • Does you premium service offer a better solution to DIY?
  29. 29. • ServiceCrowd offers quote comparison for services • Immediate content topics are about services • Less obvious content topics are about what people are researching before they buy services
  30. 30. Top 10 Business Directories 2014 australian-business-directories-2014/ Blog post with opt-in offer High value offer = shares & opt-in
  31. 31. A car salesman has 15 minutes with the public. He can:
 a. Talk about the newest car + features b. Offer quick tricks to easily conserve fuel
  32. 32. - INTERRUPTION MARKETING is pushing the newest car - INBOUND MARKETING is establishing yourself as authority, offering useful advice over time, so you’re the first one they think of when ready to buy.
  33. 33. So, I’m like really busy. Why do I need to do all this content crap?
  34. 34. Dude, Content Marketing Rocks!
  35. 35. Why does Content Marketing rock, dude? - It’s basically free! - Google loves the stuff! It really helps your Search Engine Optimization - Offers you broad brand recognition - Generates loads more leads - Helps funnel and qualify those leads - Thus, generating more sales! - Legitimizes your biz as an industry expert - And it gives you more ways to connect with your audience!
  36. 36. 2% of sales are made in the first contact. 3% of sales are made in the second contact. 5% of sales are made in the third contact. 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact. 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.
  37. 37. Use sites like Unbounce & Wufoo to easily create & customize landing pages with web forms.
  38. 38. You’re only as good as your CRM Quote Roller integrates with 13!
  39. 39. Quote Roller Step #1: Your CRM Contact & Deal info 
 pour right into your Quote Roller Proposal. Use a Blank Proposal, reuse one you already created, or jumpstart your proposal creation with one of our 35+ industry-proven Proposal Templates.
  40. 40. Quote Roller Step #2: Add your Pricing Table
 The part your clients are spending the most time looking at! You can offer your clients pricing options, quantity options, & package deals. Build your own pricing table or reuse one from your Catalog.
  41. 41. Quote Roller Step #3: Use our WYSIWYG Editor Drag-n-drop Content Blocks, reusing content or creating new, showing how you can offer a solution to your client.
  42. 42. • You can use whatever you want to show off your business in the scope of being a solution for clients: videos, websites, photo galleries, HTML content, custom brand domain. • Quote Roller lets you reuse content, but makes sure you don’t make mistakes like reuse old pricing or the wrong name. • Quote Roller cuts your proposal creation down to about 15 minutes! • Just make sure, when you reuse proposal content, you take the time to customize to address your lead’s needs. Focus on Solving Client Needs
  43. 43. Quote Roller Step #4: Finalize Send your clients a secure link to your Proposal.
 Use legal Electronic Signature to close deals faster.
  44. 44. Average time it takes to create a quote with Quote Roller = 15 minutes ! ! Average win rate increase using Quote Roller = 28%
  45. 45. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, get out there and use Content Marketing to build your brand’s presence, credibility & authority online!
  46. 46. Go to to start saving time & money creating persuasive business proposals today! Go to
 to find & compare local Australian services today!