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QUOBIS corporate portfolio

  1. 1. Corporate Portfolio
  2. 2. In a few words.... QUOBIS is a leading european company in the delivery of carrier-class unified communications solutions with a special focus on security and interconnection. We are focus on Service Providers and Enterprises, working with technological and sales partners. Six years working on SIP projects. Two+ years developing own products.
  3. 3. What we do SERVICES PRODUCTS VOIP SECURITY ● Advisory services SECURITY ● ad-hoc developments ENCRYPTION AND ● SBC integration AUTHENTICATION INTERCONNECTION SIP INTERCONNECTION ● SBC and GW integration ● webRTC ad-hoc developments WEBRTC INTEGRATION VOICE APPLICATION VOICE SERVERS SERVERS ● Architecture design ● IPcentrex and voice app SOFTSWITCHES ad-hoc developments
  4. 4. ReferencesThese are some of our distinguished partners and end customers who seeQuobis as the solution for their Unified Communications challenges.
  5. 5. Our community QUOBIS LAB IS THE AREA WHERE WE DEVELOP OUR INTERNAL AND PERSONAL PROJECTS. Our efforts are focused on the development of new products using unified communications technologies, based on the utilisation of open standards (SIP, IMS, etc.) and the publication of results, following the premises of the open innovation. Get more info here: One of our results ¡s , an opensource JavaScript SIP stack for WebRTC that is being used by QUOBIS LAB the industry to create new webphones. MEET THE TEAM IN ADDITION, QUOBIS COLLABORATES WITH SOME OF THE LEADING OPEN-SOURCE VOICE SOLUTIONS.
  6. 6. SECURITY. Advisory servicesSecurity in VoIP networks is one of the networking hot topics for the following years, asvoice fraud, illegal interceptions and other issues are increasing problems these years.QUOBIS helps large network managers with these tests: ● Tests of Denial-of-service attacks and network load ● Call interception tests ● System identification and network topology visualization ● Security and operation tests.QUOBIS reports about tests results and makes recommendations to deploy stronger,more robust and safer Voice Systems. VISIT http://www.quobis.com TO ACCESS TO WEBINARS, WHITEPAPERS AND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SECURITY.
  7. 7. SECURITY. Protection against attacksTypes of attacks in VoIP networks: ● Externals: DoS attacks, SIP headers malformation, etc. ● Internals: endpoint resets or massive misconfigurations, SIP register avalanche, steal of credentials.Traditional firewalls are not valid to help with these problems. SBCs or any other borderelement are needed !!PHONE FRAUD: An attacker registers a phone in the softswitch with valid credentials(knows a user password, uses a fraudulent IP, etc) in order to make calls to internationalpremium numbers.
  8. 8. SECURITY. Encryption and authenticationQUOBIS knows how to bring security measures to voicesystems to avoid attacks and illegal interceptions:- Encrypting signalling traffic: using TLS- Encrypting media traffic: using SRTP, DTLS-SRTP or ZRTP DUAL FACTOR CALL AUTHENTICATION using smartcards (or digital certificates) and passwords to be sure of the identity of the person who is calling
  9. 9. SECURITY. IdentityCall
  10. 10. VOICE SERVERS. Open architecturesQUOBIS helps companies to design, implement and maintain voicenetworks based on opensource solutions to serve from hundreds tohundreds of thousands users.
  11. 11. VOICE SERVERS. IPcentrex and app serversQUOBIS, using Kamailio and other opensource voice solutions,develops ad-hoc voice servers with the following features: ● Interoperable with PBXs of different vendors ● Scalable solutions ● Virtualizable (just software involved) ● Voice applications as SaaS (optionally) ● Variable costs depending on concurrent calls ● Multi-tenant options for service providers Using opensource based solutions it is possible to deploy IPCENTREX servers to manage multiple users (residential and corporate) with all the features of large proprietary solution.
  12. 12. VOICE SERVERS. KamFree Carrier-calls VoIP solution designed for telcos and service providers ● Provides a clean & simple web UI. ● Systems admin do not need to learn about the internals of Kamailio & FreeSwitch, all configuration is done in the integrated web interface. ● Written in Django and is easy to extend Powered by Kamailio & FreeSwitch technology, so it can scale up to million of users.
  13. 13. VOICE SERVERS. VoiceInstant Click-to-call application server with fully integrable API and WebRTC ready.VoiceInstant (click2call) allow the integration with any type of application (ERp, CRM,POS, etc) through the API. In addition, its possible to integrate a click2call buttons onwebsites and intranet (including WebRTC based browsers) for: ● Customer care (new incoming call channel) ● Interactive internal directory
  14. 14. VOICE SERVERS. TalkStorage Affordable multi-platform and legal- compliance recording solution. ● Active or passive configuration (port-mirroring, non intrusive) ● Integrable with different-vendor platform. ● Configurable to record selective calls (number, route, code, on-demand) ● Option to implement the solution as a service by SPs with the possibility to offer legal validation of the calls.
  15. 15. VOICE SERVERS. MultipleTalk Multi-Conferencing solution for corporate multi-platform architectures.Multi-tenant graphical interface to allow: ● Integration with different vendor PBXs ● Could be deployed in-company or SAAS by a Service provider ● Integration with corporate agendas ● Automatic calls to participants
  16. 16. INTERCONNECTIONQUOBIS helps to solve the problems of interconnection within the SIPworld: ● Multi-platform architectures (Cisco, Alcatel, Avaya, etc) ● SIP to H.323 interworking ● Transcoding (G.711, G.729, etc) ● SIP trunk provisioning by telcos ● Interconnection with PSTN ● Interconnection with WebRTC ● IPv4 to IPv6 interconnection
  17. 17. INTERCONNECTION. TalkSetup Join a demo of WebRTC at http://TalkSetup.quobis.com
  18. 18. TIME TO ASK !! Pol. A Granxa P.260 36400 O Porrinho (Spain) Tel: + 34 986 911 644 info@quobis.com Twitter: @quobis