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Quintagroup Hosting


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Hosting from Quintagroup: Virtualization, High Availability, Geographical load-balancing, Computing in the Cloud

Hosting from Quintagroup: Virtualization, High Availability, Geographical load-balancing, Computing in the Cloud

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Hosting
        • Virtualization
        • High Availability
        • Geographical load-balancing
        • Computing in the Cloud
        • Myroslav Opyr, CTO
        • © Quintagroup, 2008
    • 2. Quintagroup Hosting
      • Types:
      • Shared Zope Instances
      • Standalone Zope Instances
      • Dedicated Servers and their clusters
      • Virtual servers
      • VM Clusters
      • Highly Available VM Clusters
      • Scalable HA VM Clusters
    • 3.
        • Virtual Servers
      • XEN paravirtualization (usually Linux on Linux)
        • virtualization-aware kernel on VM that communicates all hardware-related issues with hypervisor
      • XEN full virtualization (Windows on Linux)
        • hardware is emulated, native kernel is running on Ring1 thanks to VM extesnsions of CPU
    • 4. Typical Virtual Environment (VE)
      • Plenty of RAM
      • 256Mb Virtual machines
      • Tiny Dom0 (64Mb)
        • XM
        • IPtables
        • Tinc VPN
        • Munin
    • 5.
        • Resource management
      • In the case we are running out of resources in VE, VM is migrated to new one that satisfies requirements (has enough RAM, HDD, CPU). Migration is either off-line or live.
    • 6.
        • Typical VM cluster
      • frontend (Apache, Squid, AWstats)
      • backend (pound, ZEO clients)
      • manage (ZEO client)
      • storage (ZEO server)
    • 7. Highly Available VM cluster
      • Two almost identical VM Clusters
      • Single storage VM
      • RAID1, mirror over Network (drbd) disk of storage VM
      • High Availability software (heartbeat)
    • 8.
        • Visibility of HA VM Cluster
      • Hardware Load Balancer (NetScaler, etc.)
      • Caching CDN (RapidEdge, Peer1 – Squid Cache servers)
      • Geographically and availability aware DNS (GLOBAL, Peer1)
      • Round Robin DNS (and manual/automatic zone edits)
    • 9. Geographical Load-Balancing
      • True GeoLB via Multi-homing IP
        • Dedicated AS with Multi-homing IP
        • Carefully crafted BGP with limited propagation
      • GeoLB on DNS level (DNS via true GeoLB)
        • application requesting reaches closest DNS server
        • DNS server offer closest live server IP
    • 10.
        • Cloud Computing
      • We are doing computing on-demand, when there is need (load average on servers is more then servers can handle and site responsiveness is below preconfigured value).
      • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) platform, XEN VE
      • Pound
      • Tinc
      • Heartbeat OpenACS
    • 11. Computing in the Cloud (illustration)
    • 12.
        • Questions?
    • 13.
        • About
      • Quintagroup 7 Morozna str. 79066, Lviv Ukraine Email: Phone: +380.32.245-7622
      • Myroslav Opyr Chief Technological Officer Email: Skype: myroslav_opyr Mobile: +380.50.317-4578