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Quickrecharge proposal

  1. 1. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. WELCOMEwww.htsm.in PROPOSAL FORwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.i RECHARGE PORTALnwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  2. 2. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Profile - HTSM Recharge Portal Distributor Modulewww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.in Agent Modulewww.birthdayreminder.in How to Applywww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.com Contact Uswww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  3. 3. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Profile - HTSM HTSM is a Web Development Company providing professional software and web development services for over 9 years. We deliver E-enabled services like Domain, Web Hosting, Web Site Design and Development, custom web applicationwww.htsm.in development, Portal Development, Search Engine, E-Commerce Solutions, Corporate Email Solutions &www.quickrecharge.in many more. Combining our solid business domainwww.birthdayreminder.i experience, technical expertise, profoundn knowledge of latest industry trends and quality- driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-www.cutratemart.com end web solutions.www.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  4. 4. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Recharge Portal QuickRecharge.in is a fully featured, robust and secure payment system providing single point recharge solution.  A fully automated platform which is available 24x7.  Most efficient issue tracking system.  Industry security standards compliant.www.htsm.in Service Family:www.quickrecharge.in Mobile Airtime - Prepaid Recharge of all telecomwww.birthdayreminder.i operators and all circles.n Direct To Home (DTH / D2H) - Prepaid Recharge of all DTHwww.cutratemart.com service providers.www.indiaadmart.com Data Card - Prepaid Recharge of all data card servicewww.canaukri.com providerswww.hakeemindia.com
  5. 5. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mobile Service Providerwww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  6. 6. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. DTH Service Providerwww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  7. 7. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Data Card Service Providerwww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  8. 8. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Coming Soon….www.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  9. 9. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Traditional Vs. Portal Recharge Traditional Recharge Portal Recharge Approach to service provider Here single approach for separately. multiple service provider. May not recharge for other Recharge for all circle mobile. circle mobile.www.htsm.in Only recharge locally. May recharge when you are abroad.www.quickrecharge.in Offline recharge. Online recharge.www.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  10. 10. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Distributor Module Responsibility : To appoint Agents in allotted area. Commission : 0.5% comm. of recharge amount , recharged by Agent.www.htsm.in Terms & Conditions:www.quickrecharge.in No Upfront money or Registration charge required.www.birthdayreminder.i Min. 10 Agents and/or accumulated usable amountn deposited by the agents should be more than or equal to Rs. 1.0 Lac to activate the distributor account.www.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  11. 11. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Agent Module Responsibility : To use the portal to recharge their customer’s Mobile, DTH and Data Card. Commission : 2.0% comm. will be paid of recharge amount.www.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.in Terms & Conditions: No Upfront money or Registration charge required.www.birthdayreminder.in Min. usable amount deposit should be more than or equal to Rs. 5.0 thousand to activate the agent account.www.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  12. 12. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. How to Apply Distributor Contact at distributor@quickrecharge.in Read our agreement paper, print 2 sets, sign both of them and send to us.www.htsm.in We will sign and send back one copy for distributorwww.quickrecharge.in record.www.birthdayreminder.i Agents :n Contact at agent@quickrecharge.inwww.cutratemart.com Company will suggest a distributor in that area.www.indiaadmart.com Have to sign an agreement.www.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  13. 13. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Contact Uswww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com
  14. 14. HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Thank Youwww.htsm.inwww.quickrecharge.inwww.birthdayreminder.inwww.cutratemart.comwww.indiaadmart.comwww.canaukri.comwww.hakeemindia.com