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ASTD ICE 2011 Expo Exposed
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ASTD ICE 2011 Expo Exposed


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Some sights and trends around the expo floor, as captured by A. Shea from QuickLessons.

Some sights and trends around the expo floor, as captured by A. Shea from QuickLessons.

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 2. Some sights around the Expo & environs...
  • 3. The tradeshow floor started out vast and a bit bleak:
  • 4. But quickly was populated—showing that hospitality Orlando is so well known for:
  • 5. The Global Village was a welcoming meeting point for delegates from abroad:
  • 6. People convened from around the world, with an especially large turn out from Brazil, Korea and Kuwait this year.
  • 7. National flags were a frequent element of booth design, representing the global audiences of tools and services in training today.
    The Training Associates
    Tell Me More
  • 8. International Communication by Design
  • 9. Even one charming interplanetary traveler in the house...
  • 10. There were Exhibitors from A to Z...
    2011 Exhibitor List
  • 11. Psycho-Geometrics® LLC
    Any real estate is fair game as amessaging space
    Citrix Online
  • 12. Displays with light boxes brightened up the floor
  • 13. Games of all typesplayed a prominentrole...whether as a training aide,
    Trainers Warehouse
  • 14. Or boothactivity
    Q Center
  • 15. Blackboard
  • 16. eLogic Learning
  • 17. Tailor-made games to mimic specific business processes, understand decision making and profit drivers...
  • 18. Could you guess the amount of cash in this jar?It went to the closest estimator.Lucky Tim, of Delta Airlines!
    Extended DISC
  • 19. It seems due to stress and overworked employees, Conflict Management solutions are big today...
    National Conflict
    Resolution Center /
  • 20. You can get “Have a Nice Conflict”for your Kindle
    Check it out on Amazon:
  • 21. Learning how to play well with others just can’t be emphasized enough!
  • 22. Being nice in many languages
    High Performance Learning, Inc.
  • 23. “THE” give-away for 2011 was an iPad.
  • 24. But as a consolation prize and afternoon pick-me-up, chocolate was never far off...
  • 25. A luxurious reward for stopping by a booth...a mini-massage
    The Energy Project
  • 26. A set of blank thank you notes was a thoughtful idea as a booth give-away and something to use for colleagues, staff, any anyone who deserves thanks.
    The Energy Project
  • 27. Recognizing employees is always important
    Trainers Warehouse
  • 28. Despite shortened attention spans, books are STILL relevant and were a verycoveted give away.
  • 29. And ASTD ICE was a jackpot for readers, with many hardbacks being GIVEN AWAY FREE!
  • 30. Some of the dozens of titles...(Hmmmn...common theme of how to have conversations! Good communication never goes out of vogue as an important skill.)
  • 31. Real, live authors were in the house to visit with us:
    Tim Scudder
    Mike Patterson
    Kent Michael
    That’s me,
    I’m not one
    of the authors!
  • 32. Winning smile AND an author!
    Marcia Hughes
  • 33. Onsite bookshops sprung up here and there...
  • 34. ...with titles mirroring popular booth themes and introducing games into training..
  • 35. ...many on being a compassionate leader and other relationship-building principles
  • 36. Embracing and creating change was another ubiquitous topic—printed book excerpts serve up a taste (and are less weightyin the luggage than hardbacksyet moretangible than an ebook )
  • 37. One of the best booth elements...genuine smiles!
  • 38. And if you’re really jonesing for more ASTD ICE action, you can take advantage of a virtual recap (recordings) of 2011’s program:or, get a jump start by submitting a proposal to speak at ASTD ICE 2012 !
  • 39. See you next year!