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Press release golden giving

  1. 1. GoldenGiving 3993 24th Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114 Contact: Kevin Davison Phone: 888.420.4571 PR Manager E-mail: Public Relations For immediate release A New Golden Opportunity Arrives For Bay Area Non-Profit Organizations launches NPO Community Website on May 20, 2008 San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2008 —A new online community sheds light on hundreds of trustworthy Bay Area non-profits gone un-noticed until now. is a community-driven Website that helps its members find, support and review non-profit organizations (NPO’s) in the San Francisco Bay Area.’s mission is to stimulate active involvement in organizations endorsed by its members who may freely contribute their experiences, ratings, and encourage others to contribute in the organizations they personally endorse. recognizes that the San Francisco Bay Area is home to hundreds of trustworthy NPO’s that are trying to make a difference. The Bay Area community is invited to join, contribute, endorse and rate NPO’s that each new member has had an experience with. says it does not endorse any single NPO itself, and holds an objective and non-biased position. One beta tester, Mary Walker, from the Richmond District of San Francisco, said, “ helped me locate an organization that does just what I’m looking for, representing the values I personally believe in. Turned out, a friend of mine actually reviewed an organization that I felt like I would contribute to, as well as support with my time.” Many members have passionately reviewed their favorite NPO, while others have some negative experiences to share about organizations they don't personally trust. Dozens of members – more –
  2. 2. GoldenGiving, Add 1 interviewed said the rating system is setup to be collaborative and fair, reviewed by other members who have the option to dispute each claim democratically. “There is potential for the community to provide increased accountability and awareness to Bay Area NPO’s,” says Kevin Davison, founder of “ remains independent from financial evaluations, and depends entirely on its community to evaluate NPO’s instead.” The personal profiles of community members require an email address, and anonymous users are not allowed to contribute without an account profile. However, provides a free service, available for anyone to participate in online. encourages members of each NPO to join and contribute their opinions about their own organizations. Each member can identify themselves as NPO employees or individual contributors. More information about, and how to contribute, may be found online at is also a non-profit organization, and asks for on- going support to maintain its Web server and for Website maintenance. Kevin Davison, a former Web Developer and contributor to Bay Area non-profit organizations founded in 2008. will not accept any money to alter member comments and ratings unless other users collectively dispute them democratically. – 30 –