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Press release design2 web

  1. 1. Design2Web, LLC 123 24th Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114 Contact: Devin McCollam Phone: 888.420.4571 Manager E-mail: For immediate release BAY AREA VISUAL DESIGNERS SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND CREATIVE RESOURCES BY OUTSOURCING THEIR TECHNICAL WEB DEVELOPMENT San Francisco, CA, May 22, 2008 —Hard-working Visual Designers from San Francisco Bay Area marketing and advertising teams discover relief from technical Web development, with help from Design2Web. In today’s volatile economy, marketing and advertising managers are pressured to produce content rapidly, and deploy fresh, online campaigns with rigorous deadlines. Managers need this Web content designed fast, and then coded into various technical Web formats that look great in all Web browsers. Design2Web alleviates the time-consuming technical tasks that Visual Designers undertake, so they can focus attention on other creative projects instead. Existing in-house Web developers aren’t distracted from higher technical priorities as well. Instead of worrying about the technical Web production requirements, Visual Designers, and clients of Design2Web interviewed say their time and creative energy is conserved to focus on what they’re best at. “My team of Visual Designers was spending dozens of extra hours trying to code our Photoshop designs into tables-based HTML. What they coded was still full of errors and usability problems,” says Michael Carboni, Creative Manager for Revcube Marketing. “We tried outsourcing Web development with Design2Web, and were amazed to see coded landing pages and Websites returned in a fraction of the time it took us. You can’t even tell the difference between our original Photoshop designs and what’s in the Web browser. The code is completely without Web browser irregularities and bugs.” – more –
  2. 2. Design2Web, Add 1 Devin McCollam, Owner and Manager of Design2Web, said clients usually have questions about the purpose of standards-based coding, and why it’s better than table-based HTML. “The difference is absolute flexibility. Instead of having to re-code an entire Website when a simple design change is requested, the code can remain the same. Presentation is separate from the code, in standards-based, W3C-compliant XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets),” he says. Basically, standards-based XHTML and CSS don’t lock Websites into specific designs that can’t be changed easily. Design2Web is a San Francisco Bay Area company, established in 2006. Devin McCollam is the founder and Manager of Design2Web, LLC, which has over 250 regular clients based in the Bay Area. The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce have no registered complaints for Design2Web, and Yelp rates them as a five-star company. Design2Web may be found at or reached by calling (800) 555-1212. – 30 –