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Brochure rough golden giving


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  • 1. A Brochure for is a community-inspired Website that helps its members find, support and review charitable organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Panel 1 FEELING CHARITABLE TODAY, WITH DOUBTS WHERE TO GIVE? Youʼre not alone! Discover thousands of trustworthy non-profit organizations reviewed by Bay Area members at VISUAL: A confused-looking person holding a few gold bars, with hands reaching towards them from all directions. Your Golden Opportunity To Give Thoughtfully Panel 2 WHATʼS GOLDENGIVING.ORG ALL ABOUT? is a community-inspired Website that helps its members find, support and review charitable organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Itʼs possible to evaluate an organizationʼs financial information, and thatʼs no fun. Most prefer to avoid those colorful emotional appeals we get in the mail. Are we really expected to give so impulsively? VISUAL: A pile of random bulk mail. When you want to know about a restaurant, you read the reviews. So why not read reviews and ratings of charitable organizations too? 1
  • 2. Panel 3 GO AHEAD AND REVIEW THE ORGANIZATIONS YOU TRUST Donʼt stop at finding organizations you care about. Contribute your own reviews and ratings to help others connect with a cause you can all support together. “ helped me locate an organization that does just what Iʼm looking for, representing the values I personally believe in. Turned out, a friend of mine actually reviewed an organization that I felt like I would contribute to, as well as support with my time” Mary Walker, from the Richmond District of San Francisco VISUAL: Picture of someone handing a ready-made meal to an elderly woman at the door. VISUAL CAPTION: (Giving Is About More Than Contributing Cash) Panel 4 CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT ON GOLDENGIVING.ORG TODAY You donʼt need an account to read all the reviews on, but why not join the community and contribute something new? Itʼs easy to get started, so please follow these steps: • Visit online. • Click “sign up” at the top right corner of the Website. • Enter your email address, and create a password. • Thatʼs it! Youʼll get a confirmation email, and then you can start reviewing organizations, connect with community members, and even meet some new people like yourself. • Update your personal profile anytime, and keep as much privacy as you want. isnʼt just an informational Website. Itʼs a growing community of people like you, who contribute reviews, inspire each other to give, and work together to actively support local organizations. 2
  • 3. Panel 5 NO MORE DOUBTS ABOUT WHERE TO GIVE! GoldenGiving.orgʼs mission is to stimulate active involvement in organizations endorsed by its members who may freely contribute their experiences, ratings, and encourage others to contribute in the organizations they personally endorse. “There is inherent potential for the community to provide increased accountability and awareness to Bay Area non-profits. remains independent from financial evaluations, and depends entirely on its community to evaluate NPOʼs instead.” Kevin Davison, Founder, will not alter member comments and ratings unless other users collectively dispute them democratically. does not endorse any single NPO itself, holds an objective and non-biased position, and does not accept any contributions from any charities its members evaluate. Panel 6 WWW.GOLDENGIVING.ORG is a community-inspired Website that helps its members find, support and review charitable organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 3993 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Email: Phone: 888.420.4571 is also a non-profit organization, and asks for on-going support to maintain its Web server and for Website maintenance. 3