Booklet brochure - seven tepees


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Booklet brochure - seven tepees

  1. 1. “Alex” enters the Seven Tepees Youth Program as a 6th grader. During the next seven years, Seven Tepees teaches Alex the life skills for academic and personal achievement. Follow this student’s journey… Developing Students For Success, One Year At A Time College? Career? Success? First, A Plan... Following seven life-changing years with the Seven Tepees Youth Program, young adults graduate from high school with a lifelong plan to create their own opportunities for success. Follow One Student’s Journey Through Seven Tepees Seven Tepees Youth Program 3177 17th Street San Francisco CA 94110 Phone: 415-522-1550 Fax: 415-522-1551 Email: Seven Tepees Youth Program Learn more about how your student can join the Seven Tepees Youth Program today! After seven life-changing years with Seven Tepees, students: 99 Develop academic and leadership skills 99 Meet personal challenges with confidence 99 Respect diversity and serve the community 99 Make positive life choices 99 Plan for success in college or a career 99 Respect nature and the environment 99 Earn a college or trade school scholorship
  2. 2. 12th10th9th 11th Why The Native American Tepees? An appreciation of the world’s many cultures is an important aspect of the program. The name Seven Tepees represents the vast human diversity among the seven continents, as well as Native American traditions of caring for the environment and connecting with nature. Sixth Year Graduation is only one year away, and Alex is interested in studying graphic design after high school. Seven Tepees helps Alex apply for college and financial aid, and regular tutoring in the Learning Center helps Alex earn a B average in math. Fifth Year Francis encourages Alex to apply for the Founder’s Grant to pay for a computer-designed art exhibit. Alex is awarded the grant, and the show is a big success! Alex realizes the potential for a career in graphic design. Seventh Year Alex is developing into a leader and speaks with middle school youth about how they can achieve their own academic and career goals. Alex begins CSU in the fall with a scholarship and a plan to succeed. ...withalife-planandacademicskills,thefutureisbright. 6th 7th 8th Mentoring | Academic Tutoring | Environmental Education | Skills Workshops | Personal Counseling | Service Learning | College Planning Fourth Year Alex has enjoyed many outdoor trips with Seven Tepees so far, but the ski trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains is special—Alex feels snow for the first time! Surrounded by the mountains, Alex says, “I’ve never felt so small.” Second Year Alex meets a dedicated mentor, Francis. They talk all the time about how Francis got into building websites, and Francis says the summer job that Seven Tepees helped Alex find is a good start for developing a professional attitude. First Year Alex, an artistic student who struggles with math, joins a dozen other new students from diverse backgrounds. Academic tutors at the Learning Center assist Alex with math. Third Year Alex worries about fitting in at high school next year. Seven Tepees counselors help Alex deal with these fears, both one on one and at group counseling sessions. Seven Tepees also assists Alex’s family to enroll Alex in a high school that is a good fit. Thepotentialmaybeunclearatfirst,but... GRADE