August 2011 final
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August 2011 final






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  • Qwidget is available on many mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad, as well as many Android devices. This is a picture of what the library web page looks like on an iPhone. Instead of the Qwidget, the user sees a box which says “click here to launch our mobile chat widget”. The pictures show: (1) library webpage as it appears on an iPhone; (2) user clicks the arrow button to launch chat; (3) user is chatting with librarian; (4) when user completes the chat session, he can bookmark the Qwidget to his homescreen, so that chatting with a librarian is only a click awayIt’s better than an app: Before the user can use an App, they first need to download it, install it and then launch it. With the Qwidget you are just two clicks from chatting with a librarian. One click to open the mobile qwidget from the web page and one click to send your question.  
  • We have updated the instructions for adding the Qwidget to Facebook. This revision reflects Facebook’s recent change that allows apps like the Qwidget to load in a Facebook tab. This has been the #1 request since we first published the instructions! We now have two versions of the instructions, depending on the level at which you would like to integrate the Qwidget into Facebook. The basic instructions are available at requires the library to build a Qwidget and maintain it on a separate HTML page to build a Facebook application that can be loaded in a Facebook tab. The advanced instructions at requires the library to build a Qwidget and place it within a PHP file, and then use Facebook’s PHP Software Development Kit to build a Facebook application that can be loaded in a Facebook tab. This method will also allow other advanced Facebook features to be placed in the tab along with the app, such as tracking Facebook Qwidget usage, (see Facebook’s API documentation for more info).Note: Libraries that place the Qwidget on Facebook are still subject to Facebook’s terms, conditions, and availability, regardless of which version of the Tab implementation they choose.If you have any questions about the instructions, please contact
  • NOTE: Administrator needs to set local KB records to be viewed by the public, in the Administration module.
  • Provides instructions and HTML code for global and local KBAdd the HTML code to any web page where you would like to offer your patrons the KB search box Few customization options
  • If you have a configurable search engine on your site, you may be able to point the search engine at the knowledge base, so that you will get knowledge base records in your search results. This example is from AskScotland.
  • The next module I will discuss is the Knowledge base. Now, the knowledge base is available as a web service. If you have a configurable search engine on your site, you may be able to point the search engine at the knowledge base, so that you will get knowledge base records in your search results. This example is from AskScotland.
  • Here are the results of a knowledge base search – this is the end user view.
  • The user clicks on a record – this is directly from the QuestionPoint knowledge base.
  • In your question list, you will see a Search Box (this is new).
  • There is also an advanced search feature, so you can search for keywords in specific fields such as the patron info fields. You can also limit your search to type of session (e.g., email, chat)
  • Once you do the search, you will see a results list. You can also view the search criteria.
  • By clicking on an item from the results list, you will see the entire session. Once you are viewing the session, you can take action (provide an answer, follow up, refer)
  • You can also view multiple sessions at one time. Just select all sessions in your search results and click the View button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This allows you to scroll through the fulltext of each session in your search results.
  • To search older sessions, just go to Service History, where you will also see the search box.
  • This is where you add custom wait messages. Your codes can be in any language. You can do a message which contains both codes, or some of the messages can be Russian and some English – whatever you like. You have one chat queue for your group, so you will have one set of wait messages.For chat queues controlled by the group administrator (BME). For Qwidget, control is at the institution level. Can have different messages for Qwidget.

August 2011 final August 2011 final Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to the virtual user group meeting
    You are now viewing the slides. To hear the meeting, either:
    • Connect via your computer headset OR
    • Dial this toll-free number, depending on where you are, then enter this MEETING NUMBER: 714 951 342
    • (US/Canada): 1-866-699-3239
    • UK: 08-000288339
    • France: 0800-917733
    • Ireland: 1-800-663160
    • Spain: 900-971493
  • QuestionPoint Virtual User Group MeetingAugust 2011
    Carol Bonnefil
    Senior Product Analyst
    Susan McGlamery
    QuestionPoint Senior Product Manager
    Paula Rumbaugh
    Senior Product Analyst
  • Agenda
    • QuestionPoint community
    • August 2011 enhancements
    • Other recent enhancements: 2010-2011
    • What’s next
    • Questions, comments, discussion
  • QuestionPoint Community
    • 33 Countries, most recently: Costa Rica, Colombia, Ireland
    • Approx 2,000 libraries
    • Just over 24,700 records in GKB, in 11 languages
    See the QP monthly report in the blog!
  • Many channels, one reference service…
  • August 2011 enhancements
    • “Reports” in pull-down list
    • Policy Page fields linked to WorldCat Registry data
  • Reports added to navigation menu
  • Links to WorldCat Registry:Request correction if needed
  • New fields in Policy Page
    • eBooks – after Databases
    • Map*
    • Wifi Access?*
    *Linkable to the WorldCat Registry
  • Policy Page link to WorldCat Registry:Linkable fields are highlighted in Yellow
  • Link vs CopyExample: Telephone field
  • New map field
  • For more information about policy pages:
    Policy Page Guidelines in the QP wiki:
    QP online help
    Participate in Policy Page day – check QP blog for details
  • Policy Page Day, Friday, September 2
  • Other recent enhancements
    QP mobile: Qwidget
    QwidgetFacebook app
    Knowledge base as a web service
    Full transaction searching
  • The user experience: mobile Qwidget
    The QuestionPoint chat widget (“Qwidget”) is replaced by a button inviting user to click to launch optimized Qwidget.
    This example shows the Qwidget on an iPhone.
  • Updated Facebook instructions
  • Facebook instructions
  • Open your knowledge base to your users
    Two methods
  • Plug and Play:
  • KB search results
  • Advanced: KB as a web service
    Full documentation available on the Developers Network:
    Integrate the KB into your existing syndicated search box and web page
    submit the search term to multiple databases at the same time via an API for each of the databases
    Display lists of searches that continually update such as “What were the last ten questions added to the KB?” on your web page
    Not as easy to implement as the Plug and Play method
  • Knowledge base as a web service
  • Search results
  • Full Record
  • Full Transaction SearchingMay 2011
  • Advanced Search page
    • Indexes increase precision – descriptive codes, form fields, patron info, etc.
    • Transactions owned by us, by others, by the BME, etc.
    • Type: Chat only, Qwidget only, e-mail only, SMS texting only
    • Within last 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days
  • Results List with search criteria window
  • Full Question view
    Full Question view highlights search term
    Full Question view allows user to take action
  • Select multiple transactions to view
  • Viewing multiple transactions simultaneously
  • Searching Service History
  • Wait Messages for Chat and Qwidget:immediate; 50; 80; 120; 190 seconds
  • Queue closing and descriptive codes
    • Queue closing: close your queue while finishing up the last chat
    • Patron library descriptive code displays in chat monitor (was the descriptive code of chatting librarian’s library)
  • QuestionPoint plans for FY12
    July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012
  • Software plans for July 2011 – June 2012
    • Improvements to Forms:
    Optimized for mobile devices
    Forms Manager enhancements
    Form Field reports improvements
    • Integration with other OCLC products/services: use of OCLC Registry data
    • Additional texting options
    • Ability to receive and process e-mail attachments: pilot
    • Ability to forward e-mail into QuestionPoint: pilot
  • Further information
  • Questions, comments, suggestions?
    Carol Bonnefil
    Susan McGlamery
    Paula Rumbaugh