Q&A: on Search Engine Optimization: TechExpo Presentation


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Q&A: on Search Engine Optimization: TechExpo Presentation

  1. 1. Q&A on Search Engine Optimization Building High-Quality Natural Traffic to Your Website. This presentation and its contents are the Intellectual Property of Quenzel & Associates, Inc. Its distribution in written format is for the sole purpose of giving visibility into our proprietary approach & processes so that you may consider retaining our services. This document may not be copied or shared with anyone.
  2. 2. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization What is It & Why Should I Care About It? Q: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? A: The art & science of improving your website’s ranking in the natural or organic listings of the major search engines. Q: How Does it Help My Business? A: People use Search Engines much like they use the Yellow Pages… but with one BIG difference: The order in which businesses are listed is based on their Relevancy to each searcher’s particular query or question. People seldom get past the first page of listings, so if your business isn’t on the first page, you lose qualified traffic from potential customers. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 2
  3. 3. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization What’s the difference between an Organic & Paid Listing? Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 3
  4. 4. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization Q: What do I learn from an SEO Best Practices Audit? A: At a minimum, this detailed initiative should give you visibility into exactly how well your site is aligned to SEO Best Practices & processes. Metrics: visitors, top keywords, entry pages, etc. URL’s: what pages are top referring sites linking to. Search Engines: top keywords, number of pages indexed & un-indexed, backlinks, where we stand vs. competitors. Usability: navigation, broken links, browser view. Structure: site design, page loading times, layout, etc. Content: copy, meta tags, html validation, error pages. Keyword Research: optimum keyword and key phrases Competitive Analysis: sites with high search rankings. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 4
  5. 5. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization Q: What does a Strategic SEO Plan entail? A: Building off the Best Practices Site Audit, your Site’s SEO Strategic Plan should detail specific actions for: Index Coverage: How we will achieve index inclusion in the different search engines: site submission, sitemaps, robot indexing activity, indexing of dynamic content, etc. Content Optimization: Specific recommendations on content to ensure search engines will assess the page as being highly relevant to a particular search term. Link-Building: How to develop natural links via quality content, inbound-only links, directory listings with links, creating your own external links, & through PR. Site Architecture: Specific recommendations on how to ensure a search engine friendly site. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 5
  6. 6. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization Q: What Ongoing SEO Activities should you typically undertake each month to improve a site’s ranking in the key search engines? A: Specific actions to improve a sites ranking for the approved, targeted keywords typically include: Index Coverage: Site submission, sitemaps, robot indexing, dynamic content indexing. Domain strategy. Content Optimization: Ensure search engines assess page content ‘highly relevant’ to targeted search terms. Link-Building: Build inbound links from quality sites. Site Architecture: Implement technical changes. Performance Monitoring: Track key metrics. Prepare & analyze reports. Provide specific plans to address shortfalls & capitalize on opportunity. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 6
  7. 7. Q&A: Search Engine Optimization Q: What does a Monthly SEO Ranking Results & Performance Improvement Plan typically cover? A: On a monthly basis you need to analyze what’s working and what’s not. Based on the specific ranking results for your targeted keywords and key phrases you can prioritize specific actions to drive qualified traffic to your website, address any competitive in- roads and/or attack new opportunities. Each week, your agency should monitor your site’s ranking for your specific, targeted keywords & track improvements or drop-offs in your keyword rank (vs. previous period and year/year basis). Monthly or quarterly, report your individual Keyword Rankings as well as related SEO and Web Marketing results. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 7
  8. 8. Q&A Search Engine Optimization Delivering Top Web Rankings, so Our Clients Get More Customers. Quenzel & Associates SEO Clients Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 8
  9. 9. Q: Why Do Q&A Clients Get More Customers? A: Quenzel & Associates 4-Step Process to Higher Rankings. Measurable Increases in Clients Website Rankings. 4. Agency Presents Monthly Search Engine Rankings & Improvement Ideas Performance Improvements Ideas 3. Agency Implements Site Improvements Each Month. Performance Reporting Expand Index Coverage Site Metrics Rankings On-Page Optimization Performance Monitoring Copy/Content Technical Site Metrics Keyword Rank Build Quality Inbound Links 2. Agency Develops Quality Sites Directories Strategic SEO Plan for Site. 1. Agency conducts Q&A SEO Best Practices Audit™ of Site. Confidential Copyright 2009 - Quenzel & Associates, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Q: How Can I Get Higher Search Engine Rankings? A: Hire Quenzel & Associates for Your Web Marketing. 6-Month Action Plan: 3-Month Action Plan: Month 1: SEO Audit Month 1 – SEO Audit & Strategic Plan: Month 2: Strategic SEO Plan Month 3: Site Optimization - Index Month 2: Index & Content Optimized • Focus - Index Coverage • Focus - Index Coverage • Focus – Content • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Implement Identified Improvements • Implement Identified Improvements Month 4: Site Optimization - Content • Focus – Content Month 3: On-Page & Link Optimization • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Focus – On-Page Optimization • Implement Identified Improvements • Focus – Link Building Month 5 – Site Optimization: On-Page • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Focus – On-Page Optimization • Implement Identified Improvements • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Implement Identified Improvements Month 6 - Site Optimization: Links • Focus – Link Building • Monitor Results & Monthly Report • Implement Identified Improvements Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 10
  11. 11. Thank You. Confidential www.Quenzel.com 239.226.0040 11