Practicum Keywords Lesson Plan
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Practicum Keywords Lesson Plan



This was my fourth lesson with the third grade at Fisher.

This was my fourth lesson with the third grade at Fisher.



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Practicum Keywords Lesson Plan Practicum Keywords Lesson Plan Document Transcript

  • LESSON PLAN TEMPLATEYour name: Caitlin Bergan Cooperating teacher-librarian: Kelly FriedleinDate: 4/28/10 School & City: Fisher ElementaryLesson Title: KeywordsGrade level: 3rd Length of lesson: 30 minPurpose: (“why” of the lesson; where and how does it fit in the curriculum?)Students will be exposed to the idea of keywords to better understand how to access informationin reference and nonfiction sources.Learning Outcome(s): (what will students be able to do/know by the end of the lesson?) Students will…Begin to pick out keywords from a question.Illinois Learning Standard(s) Addressed:5.A.1a Identify questions and gather informationStandards for 21st Century Learner Addressed:1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.2.1.2 Organize knowledge so that it is useful.Materials: Needed by you: Needed by students: Questions White board and markersInstructional procedures: Focusing event: (how will you get the students’ attention?) How did we know what to look up in the Encyclopedia? Is everyone word in a question important? Input from you: (what are you teaching & how are you delivering the content?) When we looked at the index, how did we decide what to look up? There was one word that was important in each question, but it didn’t help us with find anything in the index (bees, but since the whole book was about bees, we needed another word). Those special important words are called Keywords. In that case, each question had 2 key words, bees and something else, like eyes or eggs or honeycomb. We’ going to practice find keywords in sentences. Guided practice: (application of knowledge by students) We’re going to have two teams – girls vs boys. You need one person to give the team answer. I’ll ask each team a question. As a team, you try to figure out what two words are keywords. If you get them both right, you get two points (one per word). If you get one right, you get one point, but the other team gets a chance to guess the other keyword for a point. If you get neither of them right, the other team has a chance to get both points.
  • Closure (how will you end the lesson?) Check for understanding (what questions will you ask andwhen to determine students’ understanding?) Was it hard to find the keyword? Was it sometimes harder than others? How would this help you next time you needed to looks something up?What’s next? (another related lesson, review, end of unit?)Atlases.
  • 1. How tall do giraffes grow usually?2. What is the fastest animal?3. How many eggs do ostriches lay?4. What did Galileo invent?5. Which states do the Rocky Mountains go through?6. What kinds of monkeys live in the rainforest?7. Which planet did William Herschel discover?8. What is the capital of Mississippi?9. What kinds of insects live in the dessert?10. What do wombats eat?11. Where do mongooses live?12. What country gave the United States the Statue of Liberty?13. What is the average rainfall for the Sahara Dessert?14. What kinds of feathers make up a bird of prey’s tail? View slide