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Practicum Genre Lesson Plan
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Practicum Genre Lesson Plan


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. LESSON PLANYour name: Caitlin Bergan Cooperating teacher-librarian:Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 School & City: Fisher Grade SchoolLesson Title: Name That Genre GameGrade level: 4th Length of lesson: 30 minsPurpose: (“why” of the lesson; where and how does it fit in the curriculum?)The lesson will help students review the genres that have been covered and require them to applythe knowledge to a set of unfamiliar books.Learning Outcome(s): (what will students be able to do/know by the end of the lesson?) Students will… Be able to distinguish between the different genres we have previously covered.Illinois Learning Standard(s) Addressed:2.A.2a Identify definite feature of literary forms.Standards for 21st Century Learner Addressed:2.1.3 Use strategies to draw conclusions.4.1.5 Connect ideas to own interests and previous knowledge and experience.Materials: Needed by you: Needed by students: 3 sets of books with a variety of genres represented 1 set of cards with genres labeled 1 set of streamers color coded for each team A table for students to put categorized books on Something for the sets of books for each team to rest onInstructional procedures: Focusing event: (how will you get the students’ attention?)Review genres and criteria for identifying particular genres in a sort discussion. Input from you: (what are you teaching & how are you delivering the content?)Brief review and set up of rules of the game. Guided practice: (application of knowledge by students) All books for each team start with a color coded streamer put in them, identifying whichteam it “belongs” to. Students are divided into 3 teams. Students line up by team. The firststudent in line picks up the first book and must place it at the correct genre’s sign. Students canrefer to their teammates for help. If a book is placed incorrectly, another team has the chance to1/20/09G. Burch
  • 2. place it (changing the streamer color to reflect the change). The team with the most bookscorrectly placed “wins.” Closure (how will you end the lesson?) Go over any books that were misplaced. What clues would lead it to be placed incorrectly?Does it have more than one place it could belong? Does that tell us anything about the nature ofgenre? Encourage students to check out any books that interest them.What’s next? (another related lesson, review, end of unit?)End of the unit.1/20/09G. Burch