Practicum Atlas Lesson Plan
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Practicum Atlas Lesson Plan

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This was my last lesson with the third grade at Fisher.

This was my last lesson with the third grade at Fisher.

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  • 1. LESSON PLAN TEMPLATEYour name: Caitlin Bergan Cooperating teacher-librarian:Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 School & City: Fisher Grade SchoolLesson Title: AtlasGrade level: 3rd Length of lesson: 30 minsPurpose: (“why” of the lesson; where and how does it fit in the curriculum?)Students will be exposed to atlases and what kind of information can be found there.Learning Outcome(s): (what will students be able to do/know by the end of the lesson?) Students will…Be able to find the key to maps, and understand some of the things that can be found in anatlasIllinois Learning Standard(s) Addressed:5.B.1a Select and organize information from various sources for a specific purpose5.A.1a Identify questions and gather information5.A.1b Locate information using a variety of resourcesStandards for 21st Century Learner Addressed:English1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.Social Studies17.A.2b Use maps and other geographic representations and instruments to gather information about people, placesand environmentsMaterials: Needed by you: Needed by students: Atlases QuestionsInstructional procedures: Focusing event: (how will you get the students’ attention?)How many of you have used a map? Anyone used an atlas before? Can everyone find Illinois on amap? Check in your atlas and try to find Illinois. Input from you: (what are you teaching & how are you delivering the content?)How do we know which direction is which? Compass rose or other indication of directionDo all the maps use the same symbols? What kinds of symbols are we seeing? How do we know whatthe symbols mean? Find different symbols and look them up on the map’s legend.Are all the maps the same color? What meanings are the different colors?1/20/09G. Burch
  • 2. Can we find maps that show mountains? Terrain map – topological mapCan we find maps that show states or countries in different colors? Political mapsCan we wind maps that show specific kinds of information? Population density, rainfall, climatemapsWhat if we’re looking for a particular city? Is there a way to figure out what page to look on? Hint:remember the parts of the book we looked at earlier! Guided practice: (application of knowledge by students)For each question students will have time to look at the atlas and discuss at their table. Then wewill discuss their findings as a group. Closure (how will you end the lesson?)What kinds of information can you find in an atlas?What’s next? (another related lesson, review, end of unit?)End of the unit.1/20/09G. Burch