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Cac event planning_guide

  1. 1. 1 | P a g eINTRODUCTIONSo you want to plan an event, but don’t know where to start? The Campus Activities Commission’s EventPlanning Guide is a resource that endeavours to provide any Queen’s student group with the resourcesnecessary to successfully plan and carry out an event, on or off campus.Part 1 of the guide is structured in a timeline format that keeps each section succinct, and includes anumber of cross-references: you will no doubt encounter sections that ask you to flip to a different pagein order to find the rest of the information you’re looking for. This has been done in an attempt tostreamline the information in the guide – instead of making you read long, elaborate explanations thatmay not be relevant to you, this format keeps everything brief, in chronological order, and easy to find.The appendices in Part 2 of the guide contain the most up-to-date forms for things like eventsanctioning and having a wet event on campus. You’ll also find a contact list at the end of both sectionsof the guide. It contains the contact information for any service or office mentioned throughout theguide. While the names will change from year to year, the rest of the information should remain thesame.It is my sincere hope that you find this guide helpful in your event planning process. If you have anyquestions, or find any contacts or information that is out of date please contact the CACat, call 613-533-6000 ext. 74819, or drop by the Campus Activities Commission inperson and the Commissioner will be happy to help!Happy planning!The Campus Activities Commission
  2. 2. 2 | P a g eTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction 1Table of Contents 2Who are you planning this event for? 3Selecting and Booking Venues – On Campus 4Selecting and Booking Venues – Off Campus 8Catering 10Alcohol 13Exemptions from the City of Kingston 14Event Sanctioning Process 15Safety and Risk Management 16Advertising 18Sustainability and Event Planning 24Miscellaneous Extras 26AMS Commissions and Offices 27AMS Services 28Appendices 29A: JDUC Room Booking Policies 29B: Common Ground Lounge Booking Form 32C: Event Services Room Booking Policies 33D: AMS Insurance Policy 34E: AMS Event Sanctioning Form 40F: AMS Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Guide 47G: ASUS Projector Screen Rate Card 52
  3. 3. 3 | P a g eWHO ARE YOU PLANNING THIS EVENT FOR?Before you begin planning your event, it’s crucial to sit down and determine exactly who your audiencefor this event will be. Often, people don’t think critically enough about the way their planning can affectpotential participants, especially in terms of the accessibility and equity of their events. As a result,people who would love to be part of an event find barriers, physical and otherwise, that prevent themfrom participating. To avoid these types of situations from happening, it’s great to get into the habit ofdetermining what you can do during the planning of your event to minimize or even eliminate thesetypes of barriers and open up your events to as many students as possible.The Social Issues Commissioner is an excellent resource to help you determine the areas of your eventthat can be altered and improved. The SIC office is located in the main AMS offices. You can contact theCommissioner at or at 613-533-6000 ext. 74816 to arrange a meeting!
  4. 4. 4 | P a g eSELECTING AND BOOKING VENUES – ON CAMPUSGeneral Tips for EventsThe type of event you put on will determine the type of venue(s) you need to book. This sectiondiscusses spaces on campus that are appropriate for different types of events. Also make sure you knowthe rules and policies that apply to your venue (ex. Catering exclusivity, room capacity, etc.) to ensureyou’re booking the right space for your needs. Regardless of your event, booking space as early aspossible is key, in order to ensure your event can run as you envision it.Once you’ve established where you want to hold your event, the first thing to do is to look at the risksinvolved in holding the event in your chosen location. See the section on Safety and Risk Managementon p. 16 for more information on how to assess risks. Also make sure that holding the event at yourchosen location does not transgress the terms of your insurance policy (for AMS insurance policyinformation, see Appendix E, p. 40). The safety of every person involved with the event should always beyour first concern.General Room Booking Information on CampusThe Queen’s University website has a very clear, easy-to-use table that directs you to the right bookingsites and resources, depending on what facilities you need to book. The link is below: Life Centre BuildingsTo book rooms in the JDUC, the Queen’s Centre, or Mac-Brown, use the online room request form ontheir website. The JDUC website contains all the information you need to know about room bookingpolicies and procedures. For a printed version of these regulations, see Appendix A, p. 29.The homepage for the JDUC, Queen’s Centre, and Mac-Brown bookings can be found here: on the rooms available in the JDUC, Queen’s Centre, and Mac-Brown is listed here: online room request form can be found here: form requires you to provide information on whether you are selling goods in the room, if you needelectronic equipment provided (data projector, screen, TV, etc.), if you’re providing food and/or drink,and whether you’ll need set-up. JDUC staff can set up and clean up the rooms prior to and followingevents. If there is any food or set up, you will be charged for either the staff’s labour or the increasedcustodial costs the building incurs. You also have to have an account to book the room. Creating theaccount is free, but requires contact information – check to see if your club or committee already has anaccount before creating a duplicate account.
  5. 5. 5 | P a g eCommon Ground LoungeThe Common Ground Lounge can be booked by anyone for free and is ideal for a range of group events,including committee meetings, presentations, coffee house and open mic style events.The following is a summary of pertinent information to consider if you want to book the CoGro Lounge:- You can book the entire Lounge, or just a section of it.- CoGro has a screen and projector and sound equipment for events requiring microphones.- You need to give at least two weeks notice to the managers at Common Ground if you want tobook the lounge. Seeing how popular it has become you’ll want to book as soon as possible!- You will need to fill out a Lounge Booking Form, found at Appendix B, p. 32 of this guide, or byemailing book the Common Ground Lounge, contact the Catering & Events Manager at 613-533-6000 ext.33109 or at you’re interested in having the Common Ground cater your event, please see the Catering section ofthis guide on p. 10.All other rooms on campusThe following link is from the PPS website, and lists all the facilities on campus that are available forbooking, along with their accessibility information (excluding the JDUC and Queen’s Centre spaces): you’ve selected your rooms, follow the directions on the Event Services web page provided below.It describes the procedure for student groups to book the rooms that are listed in the link above. You’llhave to book each room individually, so making a list or spreadsheet of rooms and times during yourplanning is a good idea. policies are also printed out in Appendix C, p. 33 of this guide.The form requires you to provide information on your event, if you need internet access or electronicequipment to be provided (data projector, screen, TV, etc.), if you’re providing food and/or drink, ifalcohol is being served, if you need Queen’s First Aid, and a number of other details. Be prepared withthis information before you begin filling out the required fields to ensure the process is as smooth aspossible.Booking Bars on CampusAlfie’sAlfie’s has an event booking policy guide and form of its own, which have been printed out from theirpage on the AMS website, The following list summarizes the most important points ofthe guide:
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e- Student Constables are not included when you book Alfie’s nightclub, so make sure to get asanctioning form filled out well in advance (see p. 15 for details on the Event Sanctioningprocess).- Events are either Wet and 19+, or Dry and all ages. You cannot have an all ages wet event atAlfie’s.- All events are charged a deposit of $200, which is payable by cheque (made out to ‘Alma MaterSociety’) or cash, and is refundable if you reach bar sales of $500 before tax, $565 with taxesincluded.- The deposit and the rental agreement are both due at least 2 weeks before the event, to theHead Manager of TAPS (go to QP to drop it off).- When booking your event, provide your top 3 dates for the event in your application.- For more information on event bookings at Alfie’s, email Hall PubIf you’d like to book Clark hall Pub for an event, all booking at the pub is done through the followingemail address: Here are a few quick facts about how it works:- The booking process is very personalized and does not involve any standard forms as they booksuch a diverse set of events.- Bookings are taken on first come, first serve basis at any time with the exception of theirregular operating hours (Wed. 9pm-2am, Thurs. 9pm-2am, Fri. 12pm-6pm). Just email themwith the date you’d like!- After a date is decided and the CHP Entertainment Manager knows all of the details of theevent, they will quote a deposit amount and a sales target based on the pub’s costs.- You must then send in your deposit, in the form of a cheque. If the event reaches the quotedsales target the deposit cheque is not cashed, making booking the Pub free!For more information on event bookings at Clark Hall Pub, or to book your event now,email Specific Bookings – On CampusThe following section discusses specific types of events and gives suggestions for selecting venues basedon the needs of each type of event. Refer back to the instructions on booking rooms on p. 4 once you’veread the sections that are pertinent to your event.ConferencesIf you’re planning a conference, chances are that you require a number of rooms of varying sizes. Incases like these, it’s best to try to book rooms within one building that ideally also has an auditorium, inorder to facilitate movement from one session to another. Use the links from PPS (p. 5) and the JDUCwebsite (p. 4) to determine which building best suits your needs. Keep in mind that if your conference ishappening during the week, the rooms you request may be in use for lectures and classes. Have back-ups!
  7. 7. 7 | P a g eBanquetsDepending on the size of your dinner event, you may want to consider Ban Righ or Grant Hall as banquetvenues. For both of these venues, Queen’s Event Services is the only catering option (see Catering, p.10). The link to view specifications for both venues is below: smaller banquets on a budget, Wallace Hall in the JDUC is a fantastic venue. The only fee for thevenue is the fee for increased custodial costs and more money can be saved by getting approval forexternal catering.Refer to the All other rooms on campus section of the guide on p. 5 to learn how to book either Ban Righor Grant Hall.Events using Fields/Outdoor SpacesIf you are running an event outside, you can take a look at the Event Services listings of availableoutdoor sites, which can be found here:, to book an outdoor space (either listed on the above site, or otherwise), you must contactEvent Services directly, as opposed to filling out a form.You can also book the corner of University and Union (in front of the JDUC or Stauffer) as well as theSesquicentennial Courtyard (between the JDUC and the old Physical Education Centre) through theStudent Life Centre (page 4).
  8. 8. 8 | P a g eSELECTING AND BOOKING A VENUE – OFF CAMPUSGeneral Tips for Events Off-CampusOnce you’ve ensured that your event is safe for participants, contact the business you’d like to workwith. Keep in mind that working with external companies can sometimes be very difficult andfrustrating. Groups planning events on campus benefit from the fact that events happen all the time, sothe procedures are well in place and easy to find and follow. However, external businesses may notalways have set procedures for student-run event bookings. For this reason, communication is key toyour event’s success. One of the worst things that can happen is to plan an event with an externalbusiness or company, only to find on the day/night of the event that you’ve miscommunicated and thatyour perceptions of the event don’t line up. It essentially nullifies your planning and hard work andleaves you stuck, trying to reconcile your different views on the event and the agreement to work withthe business in question.To ensure that you won’t run into any surprises or issues after beginning to plan your event with yourchosen location, during your initial discussion with external companies, ask questions on the followingaspects of your event:- Who is your point of contact at the business?- How accessible is the venue? What accommodations can be made to make it more accessible toall participants?- What are the terms of agreement between the two parties? (i.e. who will provide what?)- What are the costs associated with booking the venue for your purposes? When are paymentsdue and what are the penalties for missing a deadline?- Is there a written agreement, forms to be filled out, or any other documentation that yourgroup needs to provide the business with?- When can you expect to set up and clean-up for your event? Who from the company will bepresent during the setup, clean up, and event itself?Questions like these help clarify each party’s expectations for the event, and minimizes the chances ofhaving issues arise.Finally, if you’re going off campus to a venue that does not have its own security staff, please don’tforget to get your event sanctioned by the Student Constables! Student Constables are not required tobe at events held off campus in locations with their own security (think Stages, the Spot, etc.). Forinformation on the sanctioning process, please see the Events Sanctioning section (p. 15). Thesanctioning form is printed out in Appendix F, p. 46.Suggestions when using Off-Campus VenuesThis section of the guide gives you additional suggestions when you’re preparing an event at differenttypes of venues.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g eBarsGoing off campus to hold an all-ages wet event is usually much easier to organize. However, it may bemore difficult to get Student Constables to sanction and staff an all-ages wet event, so keep this in mindif you decide to look at off-campus locations for your event. Having a solid grasp of the risks inherent tothese types of events will place you in the best possible situation when planning and running your event,and filling out the Event Sanctioning Form (Appendix F, p. 46).To ensure the success of your event, it’s also worth observing the bar trends in Kingston’s DowntownHub. Find out which clubs are most popular and do your best to book one of those venues.BanquetsBefore making any final planning decisions or entering an agreement with a banquet hall, going to thevenue you’re considering is always a good idea. Not only does this allow you to visualize the layout ofthe room and identify accessibility barriers of the venue and ways to address them, it also enables youto discuss food and drink options with the venue’s caterer. If possible, sample the menu items you’reinterested in ordering for your event, and keep dietary restrictions in mind (see p. 10 for a list). For moreinformation on Catering, see p. 10. If you’ve selected your menu items before you’ve begun sellingtickets for your event, advertise the menu items and provide an avenue for special requests to be made.
  10. 10. 10 | P a g eCATERINGIf you are serving food during your event, you have lots of things to consider! This section is designed tohelp you make catering decisions that are sensitive to dietary needs and that comply with food-relatedregulations on and off campus.Dietary NeedsWhen you’re considering catering options for your event, keep dietary restrictions and allergies in mind.If you have registration forms for your event, make sure to include a space for participants to specify anydietary requirements. If there are no registration forms for your event, make sure that you provide forthese needs as much as possible, regardless of if you know if people with dietary needs will be attendingor not.As you select your menu, ask about the availability of options for the following diets:- Vegetarian- Vegan- Kosher- Halal- Allergy to nuts/peanuts- Allergy to gluten (Celiac)- Allergy to shellfish- Allergy/intolerance to dairy/lactoseChances are you will have little to no problem accommodating vegan and vegetarian diets, but you mayhave to work harder and be creative to ensure other dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Theideal solution to make your catering accessible to all participants is to have food options that take intoconsideration as many of the above dietary restrictions as possible, thus minimizing the need foralternatives.With all this in mind, unfortunately in Kingston, Kosher and/or Halal options are not commonlyavailable. If this is the case with the primary catering company you’re working with, consider making anagreement with the company whereby you and your committee reserve the right to outsource theKosher and/or Halal catering to another catering company better equipped to handle such needs.Options on CampusYou have two options for on-campus catering: Common Ground and Queen’s Event Services. Dependingon the venue, you may be restricted to using Queen’s Event Services – check your venue’s regulations tomake sure you’re abiding by them.
  11. 11. 11 | P a g eCommon GroundThe Common Ground is the AMS-run coffee shop on campus, and offers delicious catering options for awide variety of events!The following is a summary of the Common Ground’s catering policies:- You need to place your catering order at least one week before the date of your event. Thisensures that staff can be scheduled to prepare your food, and that the adequate amount ofsupplies can be ordered and received to accommodate your order. The earlier you place yourorder, the more certain you can be that it will be filled!!- There is no minimum order. Email for the Common GroundCatering Menu options.- All items needed to enjoy your food order are included: for example, an order of coffee willcome with cups, lids, sleeves, stir sticks, milk/cream, sugar, napkins, etc. Tables are supplied ifyour event is being held at the Common Ground Lounge (see p. 4 for details on how to book theLounge).- AMS clubs and committees are eligible for a 20% discount on orders.- The itemized catering form that Common Ground provides constitutes the written agreementbetween them and your organization, and should be approved at least one week before yourevent. Once you’ve approved it, the order will be put through.- There is no deposit necessary! You will receive an invoice for your order from the AMS.- There is now an online order form available on the Common Ground’s page on the AMSwebsite, book Common Ground for catering, e-mail’s Event ServicesQueen’s Event Services food options range from casual catering to banquet menus: you’re bound to findsomething that fits your event’s profile. Most of the information you need concerning Queen’s EventServices catering can be found here: is also a student group-specific checklist for planning events through Event Services, found here: following is a summary of the catering policies found on the Queen’s Event Services website:- Booking deadlines:o Banquets and served functions must be booked a minimum of 14 days prior to yourevent.o All other catered services, placed with Queens Event Services, require 5 business daysadvance notice to guarantee specific details and timing.o Due to the high volume of events on campus, certain dates may be sold out well inadvance of this required notice. The earlier you book your catering, the better!!!o Final numbers and special dietary requirements for banquets and formal functions arerequired 7 days prior to your event.o All other booked catering services, placed with Queens Event Services, require aguaranteed number of guests 3 business days prior to your event.
  12. 12. 12 | P a g e- Payment:o A 10% deposit of the estimated value of your event is required within 30 days ofbooking your event.o A 50% deposit of the balance is due 60 days before the function.o The balance is due upon receipt of your invoice.To book Queen’s Event Services for catering, call 613-533-2223 or e-mail on CampusBecause the University has signed an exclusivity contract with Coke, only Coca-Cola products areallowed on campus. We can thus have no Pepsi products or generic brands at events.
  13. 13. 13 | P a g eALCOHOLIf you plan on serving alcohol at your event, it is imperative that you follow the regulations of the LiquorLicense Board of Ontario as well as Queen’s Campus Alcohol Policy. You also must have your eventsanctioned by the Queen’s Student Constables, even if Event Services is providing the alcohol.The Queen’s Campus Alcohol Policy states that the following measures must be taken if you are holdingan all-ages, wet event, as deemed appropriate by those in charge of the event venue:- Request that the bar supervisor take extra precautions and inform bar staff to verify the age ofall patrons who appear to be under the age of 25.- Initiate a system of arm-banding those guests who are over the age of 19 (this is a practicefollowed by the campus pubs on all age nights).- Provide service in an area of the room that is restricted to those above 19 years of age.- Direct that student constables/Campus Security and/or additional bar supervision must bepresent at the organizer’s expense.When you are planning your event and meeting with the venue manager(s), make sure you askquestions about the above policies and ensure both parties are clear on what will occur. This isespecially important for off-campus venues, who may not necessarily know about these regulations.In this case, it is your responsibility to ensure you are following the policy!For on-campus events, no alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on Queens University propertyfor sale or consumption other than through Queens Bar Services. A description of Queen’s EventServices’ bar services can be found here: information at the above link is as follows:- Cash or host bar options are available to enhance your catered event.- Queens Event Services covers all of the bases from liquor licence application (a minimum of 14days’ notice is required), to ensuring student constables are on hand if needed.- Every bar is staffed with Smart Serve certified bartenders.- The website also has links to the Queen’s Event Services Wine and Bar lists. In addition to this,they can order any brand that is in stock with the LCBO to suit your specific needs. All liquorprices are subject to applicable sales tax.There is also some general information that should be noted when it comes to wet events:- During a licensed event, any violation of the Liquor License Act of Ontario will result in theimmediate cancellation of the event. Queens University will not be liable for any losses,financial or otherwise, as a result of such a cancellation.- As a general rule, only disposable wares are used at a licensed event. Glass is available for anextra charge.- Juice and soft drinks are always available as non-alcoholic beverages for all licensed events.- As part of Queen’s Events Services’ service to their customers, they schedule their bartender(s)a minimum of 1-1/2 hours to set up prior to, and a minimum of one hour for cleanup/inventoryafter each event held in any location.- Under the University Liquor License - Caterers Endorsement, Queen’s Events Services’ CateringServices will cater to your specific location (see Catering, p. 10 for more details).
  14. 14. 14 | P a g eEXEMPTIONS FROM THE CITY OF KINGSTONIf you are holding an event outside or in the evening, you may need to apply for a noise permit and/orroad closure permit to carry your event out legally. Make sure you fill out the necessary paperwork wellin advance of your event to avoid last-minute changes!Also be aware that you are responsible for:- The costs associated with advertising to notify the public of noise exemptions and/or streetclosures, as invoiced by the City of Kingston.- The costs of any damages incurred to City property.For more information on your responsibilities as an applicant and to ensure you are operating legally,familiarize yourself with the statutory requirements and municipal Bylaws of Kingston. The City’s Bylaws,including policies on noise and road use, can be found here: PermitsThe following information on getting noise permits is also available on the City of Kingston website.Noise exemption applications are available by contacting the Licensing officer at 613-546-4291, ext.3150. Applications take approximately six weeks to process. A $100 administration fee is payable withthe application.For more information, follow this link: ClosuresThe following information on street closure permits is also available on the City of Kingston website.The application for a street closure can be downloaded at the following link (bottom of the page): closure applications must be submitted to the Engineering Division 8 weeks prior to the streetclosure. Failing to do so may prohibit the street from being closed. There is an application fee of $228.50+ tax for road closure applications.You are also responsible for:- Installing ‘Road Closure’ signs at the point of closure and in advance of the location in bothdirections. Detour signs must be installed around the location of the closure.- Renting, placing, and removing the appropriate barricades and signage needed to fully close theroadway(s) affected and have flashing beacons attached if the road closure is after dusk.- Paying for all damage to City property however caused, arising out of or during the use of thefacilities under this application.
  15. 15. 15 | P a g eEVENT SANCTIONING PROCESSAny group planning to hold an event that involves student members of the AMS in an official capacitymust have its event sanctioned. This includes events associated with an AMS service, commission orcommittee, faculty society, ratified club, or departmental student council (DSC). Faculty societies includethe faculties of Engineering and Applied Science, Arts and Science, Commerce, Computer Science,Concurrent Education, Medicine, MBA, Nursing and Physical and Health Education and Kinesiology.So, chances are, your event must go through the Event Sanctioning Process, which is run through theQueen’s Student Constables (QSC)!The purpose of the event sanctioning system is to create an environment in which students can have funwhile under the protection of their student government. The process helps event organizers to managethe risks of their own events and provides the presence of Queen’s Student Constables or Queen’s FirstAid (QFA) if necessary. The system also protects students by insuring sanctioned events with the AMS,removing legal liability from event organizers for an incident that could not have reasonably beenforeseen and prevented.In order to have your event sanctioned by the Student Constables, you must fill out a form that asksquestions about a number of aspects of your event, including the number of attendees, location,transportation, presence of alcohol, and the type of activities that will occur during the event. Thisallows the Student Constables office to accurately determine how many Constables should be present atyour event (low risk events may not require any, while high risk events will need larger numbers).Also keep the following points in mind as you go through the sanctioning process and work with QSC toensure the safety of your participants:- You must pay to have Student Constables at your event, so make sure you include anapproximate amount for their fees in your budget. Contact for anestimate.- At all-ages, wet events, Student Constables policy dictates that underage participants will havetheir hands marked with an X and will be given a wristband. This policy is non-negotiable andvigorously reinforced, so keep this in mind and don’t be surprised when it happens at yourevent!- The QSC office needs to have your form 3+ weeks in advance, for scheduling purposes as well asto assess the amount of risk inherent to your event. Late forms will be subject to a late fee. Alsokeep in mind that the earlier you hand in your forms, the better off you will be, especially ifother events are happening on the same night as yours! Save yourself the headache and getyour form in earlier whenever possible.The form is available in PDF form online at or in the StudentConstables’ office, and should be handed in at the QSC office.Remember, this must be done at least 3 weeks before the date of your event!
  16. 16. 16 | P a g eSAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENTThis section is broadly split into two parts: the first part, Safety, discusses ways to keep your eventparticipants safe beyond having Student Constables and Queen’s First Aid at your event. The secondpart, Risk Management, discusses the way you as an event organizer should be assessing your event todetermine how risky it is, and how to mitigate and reduce the risks involved.SafetyWalkhomeIf you’re holding an event on campus that will be ending after dark, you can contact Walkhome and askthem to set up a satellite service at your event. This station will consist of a table and a few Walkhometeams, who will be able to directly walk event participants home from the event venue. Contact theWalkhome Head Manager at least 3 weeks prior to your event at or 613-533-6000 ext. 75061 to book a satellite service.TaxisIf you’re holding an event either on or off campus and are looking for ways to ensure your participants’safety as they leave the venue, you can contact Kingston taxi companies and ask them to send taxis toyour event’s location at a certain time. Thus, as your event is ending, participants can have easier andfaster access to taxis to get home safely.Amey’s Taxi: 613-546-1111 Kingston & Amherst Taxi:613-542-3333Modern Taxi: 613-546-2222Queen’s First Aid (QFA)Although the Student Constables office may not necessarily recommend that you have QFA teamspresent at your event, you may decide you’d like a team to be there. Their services are free of chargeand confidential. To find out if you can book a QFA team for your event, call 613-533-6000 ext. 75373.Risk ManagementWhen you’re working on your event, it is imperative that you do a full assessment of your event toidentify any possible risks and come up with preventative measures to minimize them as much aspossible. This will ensure that all individuals present at the event are kept as safe as possible.The following information can be found in the AMS Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Guide(2009-2010), and outlines the types of responsibilities you as an event organizer hold:- Remember that you as the organiser or organizing group can and should always assume youhave some degree of liability (especially if alcohol is involved) under civil law for the safety of
  17. 17. 17 | P a g ePROBABILITYthe event’s participants (in the case of alcohol, you are also responsible for the risks to thesafety of others caused by one of your alcohol consuming participants).- You and the organization you represent may be held financially liable for any outcome if yournegligence is determined as being a contributing factor. You cannot “waiver” away thisresponsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that all safety precautions are taken, and thatyour practices, actions and/or supervision (or lack thereof) do not contribute to the risk.- An event/activity/function, sponsored by you and/or your organization, without adhering to theprotocol, is not and cannot be an AMS sanctioned event/activity/function, thus you personallyand/or your organization assume all the financial risk of any injury claim arising at such anevent/activity/function.This is not an option for AMS committees.With these points in mind, you can begin to understand exactly why you must be adequately preparedto deal with any potential risk. While sanctioning your event will ensure that the Student Constables willdo their own risk assessment for your event, it is good practice for you to do your own, so that you areaware of all potential issues that could arise.When doing a risk assessment, you must follow these steps:1. Look at the event risk matrix to determine where your event lies on the risk spectrum.highlow high2. Identify any and all potential risks in these 5 key areas:o Facilities and Equipmento Trainingo Emergency Plano Documentationo Supervision3. Plan accordingly!For more information on insuring and managing high risk events (ex. White water rafting, polar bear dip,etc.) please refer to the AMS Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Guide (see Appendix F).AMBER ZONE RED ZONEGREEN ZONE GREY ZONESEVERITY
  18. 18. 18 | P a g eADVERTISINGOnce you have all of the groundwork done for your event, it’s time to start advertising for it! Rememberthat your event hinges on the success of your marketing campaign. Here is a short list of the variousavenues you have at your disposal when determining how to advertise for your event. The majority ofthe free opportunities listed are available through the AMS Communications Office, which is located inthe main AMS Offices. You can reach the Communications Officer at AMS GroupsAMS BulletinThe AMS Bulletin is a biweekly, full-page AMS ad that appears in the Queen’s Journal year-round. TheBulletin aims to provide students with AMS news, event dates, and free advertising for AMS initiatives.The Bulletin consists of three parts:1. The AMS Events CalendarThe AMS Events Calendar is a 14 day calendar that lists AMS-sanctioned events, conferences,promotions, etc. Appearing every two weeks in the Journal, students are able to consult theEvents Calendar to learn of upcoming events occurring on campus. Inclusion of an event is freeto students and space is allocated on a first come, first served basis so please email events tothe Communications Office as far in advance as possible. In your email, please include the eventname, time, location, and any logos you wish to appear.2. AMS News in BriefThe AMS News in Brief section of the Bulletin provides students with breaking AMS news andother notable events on campus. Inclusion of an event in the AMS News in Brief section is doneat the discretion of the Communications Office. To be eligible for the News in Brief section,please submit a 150-250 character write-up listing the event time, location, and necessarycontact information.3. Free Club/Committee AdvertisingThe AMS Bulletin contains a free 4.75” x 6.5” space for clubs and committees to advertiseupcoming events. To be eligible for this space, your event must be open to all faculties andgraduating years. Interested clubs and committees must submit an email to theCommunications Office expressing interest in the space at least 2 weeks in advance of theBulletin publication date. At that time, one submission will be chosen at random and that clubor committee is responsible for submitting their ad no later than one week before thepublication date or risk losing their spot.All submissions for the AMS Bulletin must be received one week prior to the publication date to beconsidered.
  19. 19. 19 | P a g eKeep in mind that if you want to pursue any of these avenues, they are not guaranteed! Getting yourevent advertised through the Bulletin requires advance planning.Facebook & TwitterSimilar to the AMS Bulletin, the AMS Facebook and Twitter pages are available to students to advertiseAMS-sanctioned events. To advertise an event on the AMS Facebook and Twitter pages, please email ashort blurb about the event including a time and location. The Communications Officer may edit thesubmission to fit AMS tone, or for brevity. Facebook submissions may include photos or links, whileTwitter submissions must be no longer than 140 characters.You can also use a committee-specific Facebook page or Twitter account, but remember you can reach amore diverse audience through a combination of your independent efforts and the AMS account.Maximize your potential!Queen’s Event CalendarThrough the Communications Office, you also have access to the Queen’s Event Calendar.Below is what the Queen’s Calendar looks like. You’ll notice the little drop-down menu near the top ofthe screen – these are different categories that the user can narrow down events by. For example, mostAlfie’s or Common Ground events will probably fall under “Arts, Entertainment, and Culture”.Any days with events in them will be highlighted and the date will become clickable, leading to thescreen you see above that outlines all the events for that day.If you plan on submitting an event, be sure to provide the following:- Date- Start and End Time- Organizers/Name- Title of Event- Brief Description- Location- Contact Information
  20. 20. 20 | P a g ePosteringPostering on-campus is probably the most common advertising/promotional method, as they are simpleto create, cheap to produce, and easy to distribute. But with so many posters littering our walls, it’s easyfor your poster to get lost and ignored. It’s also not the most sustainable method, which is something toconsider. In this section, AMS poster policies are outlined.AMS Poster Policy:1. All posters advertising for AMS services and commissions must have the AMS runneralong the bottom of the poster. Graphic files can be obtained through theCommunications Office.2. Posters must be free of offensive content (i.e. no swearing; no nudity; no depiction ormention of drug use; no racist, sexist, homophobic, or heterophobic content, etc.) andwill be approved at the discretion of the Communications Office.Example of the AMS Runner:The AMS runner is available in many different publication specifications – just ask for the dimensionsand file type you need when you email the Communications Officer at .General Advertising OpportunitiesPosters Elsewhere on CampusPostering policies on campus are confusing and different for almost every building, so including eachand every poster policy in this guide would be a bit crazy. However, if you’d like to put posters up inresidences or in the JDUC, this is how.Residence Poster Policy:In order to be able to put your posters up in residences, you must have them approved by Main CampusResidence Council (MCRC). This means you must fill out a MCRC Signage In Residence Approval Form,available at the following link: following information is found both on the form and on the MCRC website, :- Posters must be stamped with the MCRC stamp individually; posters with a stamp that are thenphotocopied are not permitted.- All posters must be removed within 24 hours of the termination of the advertised event or nolater than 3 weeks after the date approved, whichever comes first.- All posters must comply with the signage policy posted on the MCRC bulletin board outsideVictoria Hall, Room 106C. The abridged policy is as follows:o Posters cannot be posted on doors, windows, glass, or elevators
  21. 21. 21 | P a g eo Posters must be individually stampedo Posters with racist, sexist, homophobic or heterophobic content are not permittedo 19+ events are not permitted; all ages events will be approvedo Events that promote drinking or substance abuse will not be approved- You can submit a maximum of 50 posters.- If you are an AMS affiliated group, your poster must comply with the AMS poster policy above.You must submit your signed MCRC form and posters at least 5 business days before returning to collectyour posters (but, as when dealing with most university mechanisms, the earlier you send the posters in,the better). However, if you bring them in person and can wait, an MCRC member may be able to stampthem on the spot.JDUC Poster Policy:The following policies must be respected when putting up posters in the JDUC. You’ll notice that manyof these policies intersect with the AMS and MCRC policies – but while the standards are similar acrossthe board, this should not mean that you don’t take a close look at each individual policy’s tenets.- All materials posted or distributed shall comply with the Queens University Code of Conduct.Specifically prohibited, therefore, are any materials deemed:o to demean or expose to ridicule individuals or groups based on, but not limited to,ground of sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, creed or disability;o to be obscene;o to incite hatred or violence;- Advertising related to private, commercial activities shall not be permitted unless sanctionedunder university policies, contracts, licenses or other agreements. The design and location(s)must be approved by Campus Planning and Development.- Notices which advertise off-campus licensed events shall be permitted subject to the followingconditions;o the event is sponsored by a recognized university organization;o the event is held in a licensed room, admission to which is restricted to Queensstudents, faculty or staff and their guests;o the name of the venue is subordinate to the name of the sponsoring organization andthe title of the event; ando the poster complies with the regulations of the LLBO.- The posting and distribution of materials by candidates or their agents in federal, provincial ormunicipal elections shall not be permitted other than as required by law.- Individuals or groups wishing to post or distribute materials in a language other than either ofCanadas official languages must present an English or French translation of the text to theauthorizing office.- Materials shall be posted only on notice boards, in display cases or in other designatedlocations. Materials must not be posted on any other surface, including, but not limited to, walls,columns, doors, windows, floors, elevators, building exteriors, sidewalks, emergency telephones,light standards and trees.- Tape shall not be used to affix posters to any surface other than the designated corkboards.
  22. 22. 22 | P a g eThis policy applies to all printed materials, which the JDUC defines as including, but not limited to,advertisements, banners, posters, stickers, chalk markings or drawings, brochures and periodical(circulars, newsletters, newspapers, tabloids, and magazines).Other University PublicationsYou might want to expand your print advertising to these other on-campus publications. Email them forrate cards and ad size options.- To advertise with the Journal, email: To place an ad in Golden Words, email: biz@goldenwords.netYearbook and Design Services (YDS)This service, which was created in Spring 2010, is the amalgamation of the design service previously runthrough the P&CC, as well as the Guide to Queen’s Agenda and Yearbook services. If you need someoneto design an ad or poster for you, use TPS! Their rates are competitive and they will work with you tocreate a final product that fits your needs.To contact a TPS graphic designer to get started, visit their offices in the lower JDUC oremail .Queen’s TV (QTV)In addition to producing a weekly show, Queen’s TV has a VideoFactory service that can produce videosegments and advertisements for your event at affordable rates. If you’re looking for an interactive wayto advertise for your event, this is a great option!Contact the VideoFactory Head Manager at to talk about rates and aproduction schedule that suits your needs.Other Faculty Society OptionsIn addition to print resources, you can check these cool advertising options out! They are run bydifferent Faculty Societies on Queen’s campus.1. ASUS Projector ScreenYou’ve no doubt noticed the screen in the ASUS Core – well you can advertise on that too! Therate card can be found in this guide, in Appendix G, p. 53. Or, you can contact the ASUSMarketing Commissioner at .2. Commerce NetImp@ct Support Centre (NSC)The NSC is a collection of screens in Goodes Hall that offers extremely affordable advertisingopportunities for non-ComSoc specific activities, conferences, events, and committees. You canadvertise through unique desktop backgrounds or screensavers, or even have a banner on the
  23. 23. 23 | P a g eCommerce web Portal. For more information, including the rate card, you cancontact .Final Remarks on AdvertisingThe biggest thing to keep in mind is that your imagination and budget are the only limiting factors whenyou’re working out your advertising strategy. Consider original modes to advertise, like flash mobs orguerrilla marketing campaigns; the possibilities are endless!
  24. 24. 24 | P a g eSUSTAINABILITY AND EVENT PLANNINGAlong with the heightened awareness of environmental issues within the Queen’s community comes agrowing need to consider the sustainability of your event. Sustainability, in the most fundamental sense,is the state where we can strike a balance interacting in with natural world that fosters socialdevelopment and economic prosperity that can be achieved across generations.As organizers, it is important that you consider ways in which you can minimize the environmentalimpact of your event, while maximizing its social gain and economic viability. Regardless of the focus ofyour event, you can take strides to host it as environmentally-friendly as possible, withoutcompromising its success. Indeed, be creative: implement actions that complement your event.The first step is to evaluate your event in a comprehensive manner and look for areas that can beimproved upon. From here, research and discover alternative methods of meeting the needs of yourevent and your guests where possible. Outlined below are domains in which you might want toconsider to help you plan an event that is environmentally, socially, and economically responsible.1. Venue- Try and use venues that have sustainable or environmental policies of their own. Eventhough many venues might not have elaborate sustainability measures in place, it’s worthasking to demonstrate the growing demand for sustainable business practices. The followingare some questions to ask venue hosts:o Does the venue have waste diversion strategies, including composting? Provide clearly labelled recycling bins for different types of waste andadvertise this to all participants of your event.o Does the venue buy green electricity or generate its own renewable energy? Make sure that all electrical equipment can be turned off when not in use.o Does the venue have water conservation efforts?2. Catering- For smaller events on campus, you might be limited in terms of catering. It’s still worthasking these questions, to encourage businesses to consider these options:o Does the caterer use fresh, seasonal produce?o Are fairly-traded goods (coffee, tea, chocolate etc.) available?o Does the caterer serve food in bulk rather than individually packed?o Can the caterer serve tap water as opposed to bottled water?o Can the caterer provide reusable flatware/cutlery etc.? If not, are the disposalsbiodegradable or compostable? Can delegates/attendees bring their own re-usableflatware, cutlery and mugs? Is there space available to clean dishes?- Plan to provide the right amount of food, not extra, to reduce food waste.- Encourage participants to take home excess food, or arrange to donate excess food to alocal drop-in centre.3. Sponsorship:- If you are seeking sponsorship for your event, consider companies who have soundcorporate social responsibility records.
  25. 25. 25 | P a g e4. Transportation:- Try and find venues close to public transportation and promote public transit links todelegates.5. Marketing:- Inform participants/attendants of the measures you have taken to improve thesustainability of the event- Encourage participants/attendants to be supportive of the vision you have for the eventthrough positive attitudinal and behavioural changes.The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability is a resource to help you in executing yoursustainability goals. You can contact the commissioner at to arrange a meeting.
  26. 26. 26 | P a g eMISCELLANEOUS EXTRASDecorIf you’re planning a large and/or elaborate event and need decor, consider using Q Design’s services tomake it happen! Q Design is a Kingston-based decor company that has very strong, positive relationswith Queen’s Event Services. This makes them an ideal choice if your event is being catered by Queen’sEvent Services!Q Design Website: susan@qdesigncp.comPhone: 613-561-1736AthleticsAny AMS club or Golden Gaels team that groups with at least one additional AMS club or team to throwan event at Alfie’s (that is, at least 2 groups throwing a mutual event) will receive a special bookingdiscount of $100 off of the Alfie’s deposit fee.If you’re looking to partner up with an Athletics team to plan and run an event, check out the Athleticswebsite and find the team you’d like to work with. Each team’s coach’s email is listed on the site.Also make sure the benefits of the event will be distributed between your organization and theirs, toincrease the chances of them participating! (i.e. their presence increases the visibility of yourorganization, in exchange for a mention of their team on your website.)Queen’s Athletics website: www.gogaelsgo.comFun Extras!If you want personalized items for your event or conference (ex. Reusable water bottles, pens,notepads, etc.) then you can contact the AMS Tricolour Outlet to find out about what they can order foryou. Provide the design you want, and they will work with you to make it happen!Contact to begin working on your personalized items.If you’re planning festivals, fairs, or fundraisers and are looking for carnival-style games to add to yourevent, Kingston’s Par-T-Perfect has a large selection of games and junk food options. Examples includecotton candy machines, bouncy castles, face painters, bean bag tosses, etc.Par-T-Perfect website: 613-542-2631
  27. 27. 27 | P a g eAMS CONTACT LISTMany of the AMS Commissions, Offices, and Services have been mentioned in other sections of thisGuide, but are listed here. The AMS phone number is 613-533-6000, followed by the extension.AMS CONTACT LIST 2011-2012AMS Main Telephone Line 613-533-3991Emergency (Campus Security/Queen’s First Aid) 36111Walkhome Service 613-533-WALK (9255)Conference Room (Rm.067)/Board Room (Rm. 035) 75773/78209Fax Number (613) 533-3002Lounge 75075Position Name Email PhoneExecutivePresident & CEO Morgan Campbell president 32726Vice President (Operations) Ashley Eagan vpops 32728Vice President (University Affairs) Kieran Slobodin vpua 32729CouncilAcademic Affairs Commissioner Mira Dineen aac 74818Campus Activities Commissioner Stephen Pariser cac 74819Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability Adam DiSimine ces 78259Internal Affairs Commissioner Mark Preston cia 74815Municipal Affairs Commissioner David Sinkinson mac 75178Social Issues Commissioner T.K. Pritchard sic 74816Hospitality and Safety Services Director Gracie Goad hsdirector 77605Media Services Director Daniel Szczepanek media 75683Retail Services Director Jeff Heenan retail 74988ExtendedCouncilCommunications Officer Amanda Judd comm 75850Marketing Officer Andrew Baldanza marketing 75850Human Resources Officer Alex Miller hr 32737Information Technology Manager Chris Whelan Itm 32913Student Centre Officer Gillian Shields sco 78421Clubs Manager Craig Draeger clubs 74815Judicial Affairs Director Alison Sproat judicialdirector 74815*Orientation Roundtable Coordinator Rachel Shindman ort 74819PermanentStaffAccounting Assistant Janice Kirkpatrick janice 77495Controller Rodney Myers control 74813Retail Operations Officer John McDiarmid roo 33784General Manager Annette Bergeron gm 74812Information Officer Greg McKellar info 32730
  28. 28. 28 | P a g eFront Desk & Administrative Assistant Nancy Warnica frontdesk 33001Facilities Manager Meghan McDonald facilitymanager 78315Journal (Administrative Assistant) Gabe King gabe 36711CFRC Operations Officer Kristiana Clemens cfrcops 32121CFRC Business Manager Irina Skvortsova cfrcbusiness 32121CorporateServiceManagersPublishing & Copy Centre Head Manager Justin Brooks pcc 36543Tricolour Outlet Head Manager Dayna Shoot tricolour 32120Yearbook and Design Services Head Manager(Formerly Tricolour Publication Services)Alvin Suen yds 32738Queens TV Executive Producer Eugene Michasiw qtv.exec 36699Queens TV Business Manager James McArthur 36699Journal Business Manager Kevin Imrie journal_business 32800Journal EditorsClare Clancy, JakeEdminstonjournal_editors 36711CFRC Music Programming Manager Darren Springer cfrcprogram 32121CFRC Spoken Word Programming Manager Fraser MacPherson cfrcspoken 32121TAPS Head Manager Fay Yachetti taps 32740Queens Student Constables Head Manager Will Schwenger qsc 32734Walkhome Head Manager Lorin Adams walkhome 75061Common Ground Head Manager Sam Guertin commonground 33109SocietyServiceManagersAcademic Grievance Centre DirectorIn the summer please contact the Academic AffairsCommissioner.Elle Wayara agc.coordinator 74818Food Centre Director Laura Stairs foodcentre 74816Peer Support Centre Director Sau-Ling Hum peersupport 74816Speaker & Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Allin ceo 74815Chief Returning Officer Eni Rukaj cro 74815OtherContactsUndergraduate Student Trustee Lauren Long trusteeRector Nick Day rector@queensu.caChair of Board of Directors Mitch Piper board 74814Student Senate Caucus Chair Doug Johnson sscc 36258Accurate as of May 30th, 2011
  29. 29. 29 | P a g eAPPENDIX A: JDUC Room Booking PoliciesMandateThe Student Life Centre (comprised of the JDUC, Queen’s Centre, Grey House, and MacGillivray-Brown),as a community centre for Queen’s University, seeks:• to foster communication among and between students, faculty, staff and alumni;• to provide for the changing cultural, social, intellectual and recreational life of the University;and• to provide services and amenities for the convenience of its users.AccessSubject to the limitations noted, the following categories of users may book the Student Life Centrefacilities:Internal – Student• AMS/SGPS or recognized departmental student groupsInternal – Department• University academic and administrative departments subject to reservations policy.External• Individual members of the Queen’s Community – students, faculty, staff and alumni• Private organizations/businesses• Not for profit community organizationsNote: The Student Life Centre Information Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel a reservationshould it contravene the mandate of the Student Life Centre and/or University Code of Conduct.Usage• Student groups will be limited to one room and two table reservations weekly.• Athletic groups such as yoga and dance clubs will be restricted from reserving certain space inthe Student Life Centre if more appropriate space is available.• University academic and administrative departments may book space for their own use butcannot book space on behalf of an external group without prior approval (e.g. Event Services,Career Services)• Groups will be held liable for any damage to the space and/or equipment and are responsiblefor returning the room to its original state.Queen’s Centre specific2nd Floor Meeting Rooms• Student groups, departments, and external organizations will be assessed a reservation fee(please see fee schedule).• A food surcharge of $25 will be levied on the standard reservation rate if food service is held inthe room. No hot meal catering will be permitted.• Room set-ups will be limited to the furniture assigned to the room.
  30. 30. 30 | P a g e• An individual from the group will have to come to the front desk at the Information Office tosign out meeting room access card (meeting rooms will be locked 24hrs). If the card is notreturned in time for the following reservation or by end of day, the card will be deactivated anda new one created.• The primary use for rooms is to be meetings/interviews/training; any other request will bereviewed on an individual basis.• Meeting room doors are not to be propped open at any time.Club RoomsGroups assigned to the room will be guaranteed a three hour block of time once a week from the hoursof 6pm-9pm. Outside of these hours, groups will be permitted to sign up for additional hours on asignup sheet located just outside each room.• A House Manager at the end of each day will remove the next day’s schedule, type up and placeoutside the door for the following day.• Rooms will be accessible during regular building hours.• Only AMS/SGPS ratified groups will be permitted to sign out the space.Crossroads• The Crossroads area will contain six reservable table spaces down the centre. Students anddepartments will not be charged for these spaces, however, external users must pay a premiumfee of $200 a day per table with a 50% reduction for each subsequent day reserved (i.e.$100). A user will only be permitted to reserve up to five days in a week or ten over the periodof a month.FacilitiesSubject to the limitations noted, the following facilities may be booked through the Student Life Centreinformation office:JDUC:Inside:• Breezeway (table space adjacent to Sidewalk Café)• Ceilidh, Lower and Upper• John Orr Room• McLaughlin Room• Memorial Roomo Not available on November 11, Remembrance Day• Polson Room• Performance Lounge• Wallace HallOutside:• Sesquicentennial Court• Designated sidewalk areasMackintosh-Corry:• Student Street (table space)Queen’s Centre:• 2nd Floor Meeting Rooms
  31. 31. 31 | P a g eo The primary use for rooms is to be meetings/interviews/training; any other request willbe reviewed on an individual basis.• Club Rooms• CrossroadsMacGillivray-Brown:• Main floor stage area• Meeting Room B24• Only recognized student groups will be permitted to reserve spaceChargesFacility rental fees and direct costs will be levied according to a rate schedule approved annually byJDUC Council.Assignment of RoomsRooms will normally be assigned according to the capacity required by the user. The Student Life Centrereserves the right to set reasonable limits on advance, block and standing bookings. No user mayrequest space in advance of one year from the request date.University Code of ConductThe Queens University Code of Conduct specifically proscribes discrimination or harassment based on,but not restricted to, grounds of race, religion, gender, handicap, ethnicity, national origin or sexualorientation.All activities in the Student Life Centre must comply with this and all other provisions of the code.In case of an alleged violation, the Facilities Manager of the Student Life Centre or his or her designatewill investigate and may take interim action. Ultimate responsibility for the resolution of complaints,however, lies with the appropriate University grievance or judicial mechanism.FoodEvents involving the sale and/or consumption of food will be subject to the approval of QueensUniversity Food Services.Licensed EventsApplication to hold a licensed event in the Student Life Centre must be made at Queens University Foodand Beverage Services.Religious EventsReligious events must be sponsored by organizations recognized by the AMS, the University Chaplain orthe Interfaith Council.Sales of Goods or ServicesCommercial activities will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Student Life Centre’scommercial sales policy.Regulations and ProceduresRoom reservations and facilities usage will be subject to all regulations and procedures as implementedfrom time to time by the Student Life Centre or other governing bodies.
  32. 32. 32 | P a g eAPPENDIX B: Common Ground Lounge Booking FormCommon Ground Coffeehouse Lounge Booking FormName of event: _____________________Date of event: ______________________Set-up arrival time: _____________Time of event: _________________Type of event and description____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Equipment Required (please check off what is necessary)o Microphoneo Sound boardo Staff to work soundboardo Projectoro Tableo Venue to display art (if so, please specify size and type of venue)Additional Information________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Contact InformationName: ___________________________Organization: _____________________E-mail: __________________________Phone number: ___________________Manager approval Event Organizer approval_________________ _________________Date of Booking: ___________________*all events require at least one week’s notice for booking
  33. 33. 33 | P a g eAPPENDIX C: Event Services Room Booking PoliciesStudent ReservationsThis section is for use by student clubs and organizations to book rooms or tables.InstructionsAny AMS or SGPS approved club/organization or faculty society approved club/organization requestingthe use of University space for an event needs to follow this procedure:1. Review the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy and the complete the Event Sanctioning Form, ifrequired. If you have questions, please contact the Vice-President (Operations), Alma MaterSociety.2. If required, you can arrange for audio-visual equipment, public address equipment and/orCustodial Services. You will be provided with an estimate of all charges when your request hasbeen processed.3. If you answer YES to specific questions in the section titled "Event Review", AMS policy requiresthat you obtain the Constable Managers approval. Without this approval you will not bepermitted to book a room. Follow the instructions provided on how to obtain QSC approval.4. If a bar is requested, please take the completed REQUEST TO SERVE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ONCAMPUS form, which can be obtained at the Constables Office to the Residence Business Officein the basement of Victoria Hall.5. Cancellations must be made at Room Reservations within five (5) working days prior to thescheduled event. You also need to notify the Constables Office, Queens First Aid and theResidence Business Office if services were arranged through these offices 48 hours in advance.You will be charged for any services that have not been cancelled.Please note that due to the high volume of requests, it may take three (3) business days to reviewyour request. Your request will be in the queue and will be dealt with in due course.
  34. 34. 34 | P a g eAPPENDIX D: AMS Insurance PolicyAMS Insurance Coverage Risk Management Guide 2009-2010 (ver1.0) 1 / 5AMS INSURANCE COVERAGE & RISK MANAGEMENT GUIDE(In effect 1 May 2009- Version 1.0)INSURANCE COVERAGEThe Alma Mater Society of Queens University (“Society” & “AMS Inc.”) and the John Deutsch UniversityCentre & All Affiliated Clubs and Associations (Member Faculty Societies, Residence Councils etc) arecovered by three types of insurance: Property, Third Party Liability, Alcohol Liability, Crime, D&O, &Libel.Property:1. This covers AMS Inc. owned assets against loss by theft or damage by fire, flood and so on. Assetsinclude office equipment, computers, dark room equipment and the like. That is anything that WE own.This does not cover any thing owned by a group that is not a department of, or a service operated by,the AMS Inc. Therefore Alfies is covered but Clark Hall Pub is not. The Internal Affairs Commission’s stuffis covered but Queen’s First Aid’s stuff is not. Note also that the University covers only property ownedby the University (except for the Queen’s Band’s uniforms and CFRC equipment). Student facultysocieties or other organizations associated with the AMS or University should arrange for their ownproperty insurance through their own agent or as specifically set up through the AMS policy.2. As with all of these types of insurance there is a deductible, $2,500, for general items and computerequipment & portable items (radios, bikes, hoods & gowns etc) and, if we have too many claims, ourpremiums will go up. Therefore, it is probably better for us to payout for smaller losses.3. Vehicle Rentals: When anyone in the AMS or an AMS recognised group rents a passenger car or lightcommercial vehicle (i.e. rentable using general auto licence), our insurance covers collision andcomprehensive costs up to $50,000 of value of the vehicle with a $2,500 deductible. All groups, if theyrent vehicles under the auspices of the Society, MUST take out the rental company’s collisioninsurance, whenever possible to limit liability (establish a deductible) for a damage claim (usually to$1,000). Groups are reminded that, if the waiver(s) is not paid down and damage occurs, theorganization must be prepared to pay at least the cost up to the AMS $2,500 deductible and up to thefull cost of the damage should an accident occur. (Note: most rental agencies will hold YOU liable for100% of the costs of damage caused by striking overhead objects even with the waiver).Third Party Liability:1. General. The AMS insurance covers the Society, up to $5,000,000, if some third party sues us fornegligence. This is the policy under which all AMS student groups, activities, programs and services arecovered including all member Societies and all of the AMS Assembly recognized clubs and organizations.
  35. 35. 35 | P a g eThis would cover the AMS (or the Club, Residence Council or Faculty Society) if someone were hurt in aSociety sponsored/sanctioned event where the Society student members, employee, or volunteerorganisers were deemed to be negligent. As well, this basic liability coverage is supplemented by theAMS “Umbrella” coverage(s) - see below.2. Liquor. The AMS policy covers the AMS for negligence attributed to claims arising from the serving ofalcohol at or by AMS licenced (under the tripartite agreement) operations – specifically the Queen’sPub, Clark Hall and Alfie’s and you and/or your AMS organization; in the case of Sanctioned studentSociety, Faculty Society, Residence Council, Club organized/sponsored/sanctioned events/activities.Note: The AMS liquor liability insurance excludes liability arising from any injury claims arising fromthe sale, gift, use, serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages: that is in any way in contravention ofAMS Insurance Coverage Risk Management Guide 2009-2010 (ver1.0) 2 / 5the Liquor Licence Act; while the licence is suspended; and/or to a person who has not reached thelegal drinking age3. In addition, the AMS (Society & AMS Inc.) is considered an “additional insured” under Queen’sUniversity’s third party liability policy with CURIE. This policy provides coverage (up to $20M) for AMSmember students who are performing duties and holding events/functions (with or without alcohol) inthe furtherance of broader learning related to and sanctioned by the Society, Faculty Societies,Residence Student Councils and the University.4. All AMS employees and volunteers are covered if they are personally named in a suit along with theAMS.5. AMS employees renting vehicles are covered by AMS “Non-owned” auto liability in excess of a privateauto or the rental agency’s liability policy. If they have an accident in their vehicle or in a rental vehiclewhile on AMS related business, our insurance will cover any liability that the AMS is responsible for overand above the individuals or the rental agency’s third party liability. Users of private vehicles mustensure they have third party liability coverage of at least $1,000,000. (Note: this is different fromcollision coverage- insurance for physical damage of rental vehicles is addressed above)6. Special Exclusions: (i.e. coverage is not provided for claims arising froma. Terrorismb. Data (Virus)c. Abused. Bodily injury to entertainers engaged in any type of private or public performance.e. Claims arising from mechanical bulls or similar rides.f. Pyrotechnics7. Special coverage/extensions:a. After-hours Childcare.b. Volunteers as Additional Insureds: to cover volunteers supporting AMS sanctioned activities
  36. 36. 36 | P a g eCrime Insurance:1. This protects the AMS against employee theft, up to $50,000, and theft, or destruction of money andsecurities up to $15,000. For cheques to be covered there must be two signatures on the cheques. Thereis a $1,000 deductible on each loss.2. In the case of employee theft, we must take action to identify the employee(s) (including prosecution)to be covered for the loss. AMS Insurance Coverage Risk Management Guide 2009-2010 (ver1.0) 3 / 5Directors and Officers Liability:1. This insurance covers AMS directors (including Journal Board and CFRC Board and Radio Queen’sUniversity Board), officers, employees, committee members and volunteers who by virtue undertakingduties on behalf of the Society if they are sued for a “wrongful act” up to a limit of $5,000,000 liability.This coverage extends to executives, officers or directors and persons of AMS affiliated faculty societies,residence councils and/or clubs.2. In addition, the AMS (Society & AMS Inc.) is considered an “additional insured” under Queen’s errorsand omissions liability CURIE policy. This provides errors and omissions coverage (up to $20M) for ) forAMS member students who are performing duties and holding events/functions (with or withoutalcohol) in the furtherance of broader learning related to and sanctioned by the Society, FacultySocieties, Residence Student Councils and the University.Communications Errors & Omissions Liability (Libel):1. Publication libel & slander (Personal Injury) coverage of $1 million (subject to $25,000 deductible) tocover suits brought to AMS affiliated student organizations’ publishing (Newspapers, Magazines, Websites etc) activities i.e. Queen’s Journal, Golden Words, Ultra Violet, The Empress, The UndergraduateReview, Diatribe, Feminist Review,, CFRC etc.2. In addition, the AMS (Society & AMS Inc.) is considered an “additional insured” under Queen’spersonal injury CURIE policy. This policy provides personal injury coverage (up to $20M) for AMSmember students who are performing duties and publishing in the furtherance of broader learningrelated to and sanctioned by the Society, Faculty Societies, Residence Student Councils and theUniversity.Umbrella Liability:1. The AMS third party general liability insurance covers the first five million dollars of a claim (onemillion for publication libel). The AMS also has an additional five million dollar “umbrella” liabilitycoverage for claims that might arise in excess of its basic liability coverages; for all AMS operationsincluding the campus pubs run by the AMS.
  37. 37. 37 | P a g eRISK MANAGEMENTGeneral1. Insurance is only one means of handling financial risks and is only reactive to a claim. Proactivemeasures -PREVENTION and GOOD PRACTICES (due diligence, common sense, good judgement,training, prudence, supervision etc.) are more constructive ways to prevent and/or limit injury to peopleand loss of property- and to reduce the potential negligence liability. Remember YOU, as the organiseror organizing group, are running/organizing an event/activity, can assume you have some degree ofliability (especially if alcohol is involved) under civil law for the safety of the participants (and in thecase of alcohol the safety of others caused by one of your alcohol consuming participants).2. You and the organization you represent may be held financially liable for any outcome if yournegligence is determined as being a contributing factor. You cannot “waiver” away this responsibility. Itis YOUR responsibility to ensure that all safety precautions are taken, and that your practices, actionsand/or supervision (or lack there of) do not contribute to the risk. AMS Insurance Coverage RiskManagement Guide 2009-2010 (ver1.0) 4 / 53. The Society, with its Queen’s Student Constables ( and the Science Constableshas a unique capacity to promote enjoyable activities and events in a safe environment. Eventorganizers should note that: “Any campus group or organization carrying on any function, on or offcampus, which involves members of the Society, must notify the Chief Constable’s office at least oneweek prior to the event. Depending on the nature of the function, and in consultation with theorganizers, Queen’s Student Constables shall attend the function”.AMS/Faculty Society/Club Event/Activity Sanctioning1. ALL student Society, Faculty Society, Residence Council, Club organized/sponsored/sanctionedevents/activities, must adhere to the Assembly approved protocol to have the event sanctioned.Conversely an event/activity/function, sponsored by you and/or your organization; without adhering tothe protocol, is not and cannot be an AMS sanctioned event/activity/function, thus you personally and/or your organization assume all the financial risk of any injury claim arising at such anevent/activity/function. To have a sanctioned event you must complete the AMS/Faculty Society EventSanction Forms and provide, if applicable, the supportive licencing and insurance documentation.Licencing and Insurance Requirements for Events Involving Alcohol*On Campus:a. Sanctioned events and activities held on campus in a campus pub (only Alfie’s, Queen’s Pub & ClarkHall Pub) will be permitted at all times subject to the rules and regulations governing the operations ofthe pub.b. Sanctioned events and activities may be held, on campus in an unlicensed premises, only if theorganizing individual applies for AGCO Special Occasion Permit (SOP)* and the organizer arrangesthrough the AMS or Food Services for the “Catering” (i.e. placing under control) of the event by theLicenced operators.
  38. 38. 38 | P a g e2. Off Campus:a. Sanctioned events and activities may be held, at off campus at a licensed premises, (i.e. a restaurant,banquet hall, bar) ONLY if:i. a segregated room or the complete licenced facility is “contracted for” (Note: An event or activitywhere students commingle with other patrons cannot be insured and therefore cannot be a sanctionedevent.), andii. the liquor serving establishment gets their insurance company to provide a Certificate of Insurance(and/or name the AMS as an insured party) before the event.b. Sanctioned events and activities may be held, at off campus at unlicenced locations (i.e. in the eventorganizer’s and/or host’s home or leased dwelling, camping trip, retreat etc), ONLY if:i. the organizing individual applies for an SOP, andii. the event organizer gets their or their host’s or the location owner’s insurance company to provide aCertificate of Insurance (and/or name the AMS as an insured party) before the event; or the eventorganizer arranges through the AMS for University insurance (CURIE) coverage.* The AMS VPOps & General Manager will assist groups, faculty society or clubs in meeting thesanctioning & insurance requirements and the AMS Retail Operations Officer will assist groups, facultysociety or clubs in applying for an SOP. AMS Insurance Coverage Risk Management Guide 2009-2010(ver1.0) 5 / 5High Risk/Non-Sanctioned Activities/Events1. General liability Insurance coverage depends on the nature of the event and policy exclusions.Normally, the running of “high risk” activities (see risk assessment matrix), (i.e. pub-crawls, extremeFrisbee, polar bear diving etc) and/or running/ holding any event/activity that involves alcohol withoutobtaining the above required licensing/insurance ---will not and cannot be sanctioned by the AMS.However, even if insurance coverage and licensing can be obtained, if the other risk factors cannot beadequately managed the event should not proceed. If you are considering organising any of these typesof events and you want the event to be sanctioned and covered by AMS insurance, you or your facultysociety officers must explicitly and in writing both seek and receive approval from the AMS VP Ops priorto the event.2. If your faculty, council, organization, group, or club are running an event that is not sanctioned by theAMS or a faculty society then it is not covered by the AMS insurance. If you do not confirm that youhave other insurance coverage in place (Event Insurance, CURIE) for your event or function youpersonally could be held legally obligated to pay for damages arising from a claim.3. If your faculty, organization, group, club, or activity is planning to participate in a “high risk” event runby someone else (white water rafting, bungee jumping, paint-ball, sky-diving etc) you must obtain aCertificate of Insurance (proof of insurance) and/or a have them sign a Hold Harmless andIndemnification Agreement from the third party running the event (i.e. the company providing theevent) and you must arrange that the third party add the AMS as an additional insured with thirty (30)days notice of cancellation. (i.e. make sure the providing organization has at least $5M liability insurancecoverage and names the AMS to protect you from a negligence claim).
  39. 39. 39 | P a g eInformation & Support1. Do not leave yourself open for potential problems and personal exposure to financial risk. If you haveany question of property or activity/event liability or coverage, interpretations of inclusions orexclusions, releases/waivers, requirements for proof of insurance or liability endorsements etc. Pleasecontact the AMS VP Ops and/or General Manager at 613-533-3001 Ext. 74812 or by E-mail: at least 30 days in advance of the planned event, if possible.2. References:a. AMS Activity/Event Sactioning Formb. AMS Event & Activity Policyc. AMS Constitutiond. Chief Constable’s Office& Web sitee. Queen’s Alcohol Policyf. Queen’s Off Campus Activity Policy
  40. 40. 40 | P a g eAPPENDIX E: AMS Event Sanctioning FormWhat is the event sanctioning system and why is it important?The mission statement of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) of Queen’s University is to serve and representthe diversity of Queen’s students. To this end, its event sanctioning system creates an environment inwhich students can have fun and become engaged while under the protection of their studentgovernment. The process helps event organizers to manage the risks of their own events and providesthe presence of Queen’s Student Constables (QSC) or Queen’s First Aid (QFA) if necessary.The system also protects students by insuring sanctioned events with the AMS, removing legal liabilityfrom event organizers for an incident that could not have reasonably been foreseen and prevented.Who must sanction their events?Any group planning to hold an event that involves student members of the AMS in an official capacitymust have its event sanctioned. This includes events associated with an AMS service, commission orcommittee, faculty society, ratified club or departmental student council (DSC). Faculty societies includethe faculties of Applied Science, Arts and Science, Commerce, Computer Science, Concurrent Education,Medicine, Nursing and Physical Education.How do events become sanctioned?The first step in having an event sanctioned is to fill out an AMS event sanctioning form. This formrequires several lines and boxes to be filled in with all relevant information relating to the event. Thisinformation includes an itinerary and all details relating to group makeup, alcohol consumption ortransportation.The Chief Constable of QSC will review the form in consultation with the Duties Coordinator of QFA andthe Vice President (Operations) of the AMS. Together they assess the level of risk inherent to the eventand may prescribe steps that can be taken to reasonably manage this risk. This often takes the form ofassigning either Student Constables or QFA volunteers, or both, to events.When and where should I hand in an event sanctioning form?All sanctioning forms are to be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the date of their respectiveevents. Forms submitted after this date may be subject to a late approval fee. Completed forms shouldbe emailed to or dropped off at the Student Constables office in the John DeutschUniversity Centre, Room 37. Due to limited numbers of staff on certain days of the year and to ensurethat events have enough staff, we ask applicants to please avoid dates which conflict with ScienceFormal, Charity Ball, Art/Sci Formal and major holidays. Please contact the Chief Constable if you haveany questions or concerns regarding the sanctioning form.
  41. 41. 41 | P a g eAMS Event Sanctioning FormDate submitted: _______________________1. Organization InformationName of organization: _____________________________________________________Type of organization (circle one):AMS Commission Faculty Society AMS Ratified Club DSC Other: __________Name of primary event contact: _______________________Telephone number(s): ___________________ E-mail address: ___________________2. Event LogisticsTitle of event: ____________________________________________________________Date of event: _______________________Start time: __________ End time: __________Maximum number of people expected to attend: __________Note: If, for any reason, the number of attendees arriving to the event exceeds this expectedmaximum, this number may be designated as the limit to how many attendees will be permitted intothe event. This decision will be at the discretion of the Student Constables on-duty.Location (circle one):Alfie’s Pub Grad Club Queen’s Pub Clark Hall Pub Other: ________________Include this event on the AMS calendar (circle one): Yes NoThis event involves the consumption of alcohol (circle one): Yes NoThis event is intended to be all-ages with alcohol (circle one): Yes NoFood will be served at this event (circle one): Yes NoDescription of event (e.g. itinerary, attendee demographics etc.):2.1 Events involving organized transportationMode of transportation arranged: _______________________Note: If you are renting a vehicle, you must take out collision insurance.Transportation is provided to and from the event venue (circle one): Yes NoIf yes, return transportation operates during the event (circle one): Yes No
  42. 42. 42 | P a g e2.1.1 Events involving bus transportationNumber of buses: __________Name(s) of bus captain(s): __________________________________________________Do you need Constables to frisk before boarding? Yes No2.2 Events involving the serving of alcoholType of venue event is being held at (circle one):Licensed on-campus venue Licensed off-campus venue,without own security.Unlicensed venue with SpecialOccasion Permit (SOP)Description of alcohol service (e.g. who is providing service, nature of food service):Do you have Smart Serve licensed bartenders for your event? Yes NoIs there a locked room or storage facility in which alcohol can be locked up after last call? Yes No2.2.1 All-ages events involving the serving of alcoholExpected number or percentage of attendees under the age of 19 years: __________3. Agreement3.1 Bus captain(s)I, ____________________________, agree to serve as a bus captain during and at the conclusion of theevent in order to ensure that all riders behave in a safe and legal manner. I also agree to remaincompletely sober before and during the event.Signature: _______________________ Date: _______________________3.2 Primary contactI, ____________________________, as a member of ____________________________ and the primarycontact for this event, hereby agree that the above information that I have provided in this form is bothcomplete and correct.Signature: _______________________ Date: _____
  43. 43. 43 | P a g eQueen’s Student Constables Booking Contract1. Billing informationName of person to be billed: ________________________________________________Name of organization: _____________________________________________________Billing address: __________________________________________________________Telephone number(s): ___________________ E-mail address: ___________________2. Event InformationTitle of event: ____________________________________________________________Date and duration of event: ___________________Location of event: ___________________Would you like a yearbook photographer to take photos at your event? □Yes □ NoPreferred uniform for Student Constables at event (circle one):QSC Polo Shirt & Tag QSC Yellow Jacket & Tag Semi-Formal Attire & Tag3. Remuneration for services renderedThe charge out rate is based on a tiered charge system. Events which require seniors will be charged$13.50 an hour per senior. They will also be charged $12.00 an hour per junior constable.Charge-out fee = Number of StudentConstables workingх Number of hours workedper Junior StudentConstableх $12.00Charge-out fee = Number of StudentConstables workingх Number of hours workedper Senior StudentConstableх $13.50Note: An additional 15 minutes will be billed for every consecutive four hour block each StudentConstable works, if applicable. 13% HST will also be added to the invoice.Any estimate given by a representative of Queen’s Student Constables is to be considered a quote forthe projected cost of the forthcoming services rendered. This quote is subject to change based onvariables assessed by the Chief Constable. If you are a representative of a student club which may not beable to cover the cost of Student Constables, please contact the Chief Constable, who may discussalternate arrangements with you.4. Additional Terms4.1 DepositOrganizers must pay a deposit to book Student Constables for the forthcoming services rendered ifrequested by the Chief Constable. This deposit will be no less than 25% of the projected cost. Thedeposit will be returned upon payment.
  44. 44. 44 | P a g e4.2 Confirmation policyThis form must be completed and submitted to the Queen’s Student Constables office a minimum ofthree weeks in advance to the scheduled date of the event. Forms submitted less than 10 days prior tothe schedule event will be subject to a late approval fee of one hour per Student Constable assigned tothe event. Events submitted with less than one week’s notice run the risk of not being sanctioned.Organizers will be notified of the status of their event at least one week in advance.4.3 Cancellation policyIf organizers decide to cancel or modify an event such that fewer Student Constables are required thanare assigned, they must do so at least two business days in advance to the scheduled date of the event.If appropriate notification is not received, the Chief Constable will either cash the deposit or bill theabove person for the cost of the assigned number of Student Constables for two hours of servicesrendered.5. Agreement5.1 Sober contactI, ____________________________, agree to serve as the sober contact for the complete duration ofthe event, available to the on-duty Student Constables during and at the conclusion of the event. I alsoagree to remain completely sober before and during the event.Signature: _______________________ Date: _______________________5.2 Person to be billedI, ____________________________, as a member of ____________________________, understand theabove policies and procedures involved in booking the Queen’s Student Constables for this studentevent. I also understand that any breach of this contract and/or failure to pay for any services renderedcould result in the loss of the deposit (if applicable), additional costs, future loss of QSC services andpossible disciplinary action administered by the AMS Commission of Internal Affairs. I also understandthat the number of Student Constables required to attend this event is at the discretion of the ChiefConstable of QSC.Signature: _______________________ Date: _______________________5.3 Customer Satisfaction SurveyWe ask that all customers please fill out the customer satisfaction survey. This survey is designed togather useful information which can be used to help us evaluate our performance and see how we canbetter improve our service. Please follow the link below to access the survey.
  45. 45. 45 | P a g eQueen’s First Aid Coverage ContractPlease read through all this information carefully as there is very important information regardingQueens First Aid Coverage.By signing this contract I understand and agree to the following:1. Queens First Aid will consider coverage of an event if:i) it involves any or all of the following: over thirty (30) people attending, physical activity, alcohol beingserved and there is any first aid concern. andii) it is being held on Main or West Campus OR is being held off campus by a Department, Service, orClub of Queens University. andiv) it is a Queens University/Alma Mater Society sanctioned event. andv) Queens Student Constables or Science Constables are present if alcohol is being served.2. In order for Queen’s First Aid to consider coverage of an event, this form must be submitted at leastfourteen (14) days before the scheduled event. Requests made with less than fourteen (14) days’ noticewill be covered only if resources are available. Queens First Aid will be unable to provide coverage ifrequest is received less than seventy-two (72) hours before the event.3. If Queens First Aids coverage of an event runs for four (4) hours or more, event organizers arerequired to provide the Queens First Aid volunteers with a meal.4. Queens First Aid is run and staffed entirely by volunteers who are unable to accept any remunerationfor their services. However, should an organization wish to make a charitable donation, one may bemade after coverage of the event is complete by contacting Kevin McGill, Director of Queens First Aid.5. Event Organizers are required to provide Queens First Aid the name of a Sober Contact Person forthe event. This person is responsible for coordinating with QFA Responders at the event and ensuringthat they receive a meal (if the event contract calls for it – if event runs more than 4 hours). The SoberContact must be available to guide QFA to a pre-determined post location and to instruct Respondersprior to the start of the event. They are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who leave theevent do so safely (including coverage of cab fare if necessary).6. Submission of this form does not guarantee coverage of the event. The Director of Queens First Aidreserves the right to make all final decision regarding coverage of an event.7. Queens First Aid Responders at an event, in conjunction with Student/Science Constables, and/or anExecutive QFA Member may leave an event they are covering if, in their opinion, continuing coveragecould cause injury/illness to the QFA Responders/Staff/Volunteers/Patrons, the event is too dangerousto continue, part/all of this contract is broken by the requesting party, or the request form wasmisleading in its description of the event.8. The Duty Coordinator of Queens First Aid (Robyn Duffus) will contact you regarding receipt of thisrequest. You will also be contacted at least three (3) days before the event to confirm coverage.If you have any questions about this Contract please contact Daniel Quinn, QFA Director or RobynDuffus, Duties Coordinator at qfa@ams.queensu.ca_____________________________________Print Name_____________________________________ __________________________Signature DateSee over for Request Form
  46. 46. 46 | P a g eQueens First Aid Coverage, 533-6000 x 75373, www.queensfirstaid.comContact InfoEvent Organizer:Name ________________________________________________ Phone (Office) ____________Queens Email _________________________________________ Phone (Home) ____________Mailing Address (Queens Internal Mail, or AMS Mailbox are Acceptable)_______________________________________________________________________________Contact Person at Event: (Must be a sober contact if event involves alcohol.)Name ________________________________________ Phone ___________________________Queens Email _________________________________ Phone (at event) ___________________Event InformationName of Event __________________________________________________________________Queens/AMS/SGPS Organizational Group ___________________________________________Event Date DD/MM/YY Event Run Time ________ - _________ Expected Attendance _______Time QFA should arrive ________ Time coverage will end ______ MAX Pos. Attendance ______Location of Event ______________________ Meeting Place (if applicable) _________________Present at Event (Check all that apply)□ Alcohol □ Access to Water * □ Public Restrooms * □ Post Location for QFA□ Loud Noise/Music □ Meal for QFA ** □ All Ages Event* Required if event involves the serving of alcohol, or physical activity.** Required if QFA coverage lasts for four (4) hours, or more.Event DescriptionBriefly Describe the EventIs This the First Year the Event Has Been Run: Yes / NoIf YES, Have There Been Any Problems in the Past (Describe)If NO, Are There Any Perceived ProblemsOther Services Present□ Queens Student Constables □ Queens Science Constables□ Queens Campus Security □ Kingston Police Services□ Kingston Regional Ambulance □ Private Patient Transport Company□ Other _______________________________________________________________________This form must be submitted to Queens First Aid two (2) weeks prior to the event in order to ensure equal consideration forcoverage. Queens First Aid is an entirely student-run volunteer organization, and no fee is required for its services (thoughdonations are always accepted.) In order for this Request to be processed it must be filled out in its entirety, and the attachedContract must be signed. Incomplete, or unsigned applications for coverage will not be accepted. The Director of QFA reservesthe right of final say in the decision to cover/not cover an event.QFA USE ONLYCoverage Accepted Y /N RR Total QFA Hrs Cas. Treated# Responders Assigned Contacted By DonationEvent form □ D □ R Follow-Up By NQASee Over for Contract